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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 10/19/12

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown 10/19/12. How are things in the blue brand this week? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with Miz TV. If you missed Main Event this week, then you would've known that we have a new IC Champion. Wow, this makes the match they had on Raw even more pointless. Seriously, what were they thinking? I love how Kofi Kingston cut a promo as if he just won the IC title for the first time. Isn't this the fourth time he's won the IC title? Then again, I get what WWE is trying to do here. I personally feel this is Kofi's last chance to get over the mid-card hump and jump in the main event. After all, he's had plenty of opportunities. Only time will tell if Kofi can come out of this stronger than before. Oh, and the match is at least worth checking out. Still, I find it funny that the main event on Main Event is technically never the main event. I think I just blew my mind. Anyway, Miz invokes his rematch clause for Hell in the Cell. It seems appropriate, but Miz's career just continues to go downhill….Which doesn't really surprise me. Miz isn't bad, but there's just other people that stick out a lot more than him. 

Anyway, Miz's guest turn out to be Team Hell No. Miz blames Daniel Bryan for the tag team's problems, while Kane thinks nobody cares about Miz. Did the creative staff's real feelings just make it on the air? As Bryan brags about being the world's toughest vegan, Big Show interrupts to speak up about his previous world title win. Show picks on Bryan, but Kane wants to fight tonight. Awww….How cute!!! When do Bryan and Kane officially go steady? Dolph Ziggler comes out and talks about being the future world champion. Booker T comes out to make a couple of matches. So there was a lot of activity going on in the opening. For the most part, I enjoyed it. 

Match #1: Miz vs Randy Orton
This was Miz's punishment for calling out Booker's predictability. Well, it still shows Booker's predictability since Booker always seems to go back towards Randy as punishment. In a fair match to watch, Randy hits the RKO for the clean victory. Del Rio declines to get in the ring with Randy. I think he was gonna get that life insurance policy. 

Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton

Match #2: Rhodes Scholars vs International Highflyers
Cody Rhodes ends this match with the Beautiful Disaster. We get no follow-up with the Mask Duo. I know Mysterio is sick, but you can at least have Sin Cara do something. I guess Sin Cara had something to take care of in Angel Grove. 

Winner via pinfall: Rhodes Scholars

Earlier in the evening, Teddy Long and Sheamus came up with a match between Sheamus and Wade Barrett. Eve just happens to overhear this and runs over to Principal Booker to take credit for the match…

Because of this, Teddy is upset with Eve. In the meantime, Booker continues to be tricked easily. Well, it just so happens that the master manipulator left her Ipad behind. Teddy decides to look through it to find some information. Later on in the evening, Teddy would find Kaitlyn and they believe they have some evidence to dethrone Eve. As of right now, Kaitlyn has the information, but we won't know until next week what it is. And I bet you Eve's punishment will be she has to defend the title. Progress?

Match #3: Team Hell No vs Big Show and Dolph Ziggler
This was another decent match. Kane and Bryan work together and Bryan wins this match with the No Lock. Hey, at least Dolph won on Main Event….Just thought I would let you know. Bryan and Kane still argue, but manage to pull through when they are in a match…Just like a Hollywood marriage. After the match, Rhodes Scholars attacks Hell No. Yeah, I'm convinced Rhodes Scholars is gonna win the tag tournament. Then again, they were my pick from the very beginning. 

Winner via pinfall: Team Hell No

Match #4: Antonio Cesaro vs Ted DiBiase
It looks like DiBiase has finally returned from injury. Woo hoo? Yeah, I don't care. DiBiase isn't bad, but he hasn't done a lot to impress me. Still, I think he was on to something with the DiBiase Posse. Antonio wins easily with the Neutralizer. Again, how about giving him a rival? Then again, the question becomes who's fit for the job? I think Kane fits the bill, but he's currently busy. I believe Christian is the plan….Whenever he returns from injury. Antonio/Christian isn't a bad idea. In fact, I kinda want to see it. At this point, I would take somebody like Alex Riley or Justin Gabriel. It wouldn't be much, but at least it's something to pass the time. 

Winner via pinfall: Antonio Cesaro

Match #5: Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater
I like 3MB as a concept, but does anybody else think Jinder Mahal totally clashes with this group? I guess you can argue that Drew McIntyre clashes as well, but he at least looks and sounds the part. Jinder just looks…..weird. It's just weird. Well, I'll get used to it. Due to shenanigans, Slater is able to pick up a victory over Brodus. Don't worry, Brodus. You will always have Saturday Morning Slam to pick up victories. My bad!!!

Winner via pinfall: Heath Slater

Match #6: Natalya vs Layla
Layla wins…..Let's move on. 

Winner via pinfall: Layla

Match #7: Sheamus vs Wade Barrett; Lumberjack match
So, the solution to get a winner between Sheamus and Wade is to make a lumberjack match? Oh, that's a good one. Reckon, it gives us a winner, but not without shenanigans. This match was decent, but the ones they've had on Raw were better. The finish comes when all the lumberjacks start attacking one another. Team Hell No even showed up and chased after Rhodes Scholars. Because of all the shenanigans, Wade got distracted long enough for Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick. This was the best thing they could've done, booking-wise. It doesn't make Wade look weak, while keeping Sheamus' dominance. After the match, Dolph hit the Zig Zag on Sheamus and is about to cash in the MITB. It appears we are gonna have a new World Ch-KO PUNCH!!! Show knocked out Dolph because….Well, why did he do that? I understand Show wants to embarrass Sheamus and prove he's better, but his goal is to win the world championship. In the greater scheme of things, Dolph would've been a softer opponent. Oh, there's that wrestling logic again. The ending was about what I expected. They really have been hinting a lot of Dolph's possible cash-in. Remember when the MITB cash-in was a surprise? Seriously, they toss around so many clues that I just loss interest with it. Then again, I think all these clues is WWE's way of trolling you since the cash-in won't happen. Subtly? What's that? 

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

Overall Impression:
Tonight's SD wasn't too bad. In fact, I found this show a lot more enjoyable than Raw this past week. I said that Raw had no flow/direction to it whatsoever, but SD at least tried to do something this week. Then again, I can see some people not liking this episode since it really didn't introduce anything new. You can regard this as filler, but this is filler that's done right. Other than that, there isn't much to say. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of this article or the show. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. See you next time. 


  1. I thought the opening segment was fantastic, everyone involved played their part brilliantly. Perhaps this is a sign that Vince going apeshit and firing writers a few weeks back has had a positive effect but only time will tell there.

    And on Kofi, I think he has gone as far as he is going to go. Unless he undergoes a major character change I don't see him ever getting out of mid card, that's just how I feel about him.

    And it's Jinder's turban that makes him look out of place, that and the whole being Indian nobilty the entire time he's been there and then suddenly becoming a rocker. Jinder's gimmick change is so severe I think it gave me whiplash.

    I've had an idea as to how Dolph could cash in his MITB contract at HITC, have Sheamus come out first and as he's about to enter the cell have Dolph jump him from behind, take him out with the case, win the title and bugger off before Big Show can murder him. And then later on you have segment with Big Show yelling at Booker T demanding his title match and then have Sheamus come in saying the same and make it a triple threat match for the title and ideally have Dolph steal the win and keep the title.

    1. It's easy to point towards Jinder's turbin (I apologize to my India readers since I know it isn't the technical term to Jinder's headwear) that makes him stick out or clash with this group, but I'm also referring to his voice/promo style. I don't get rockstar when Jinder talks with this current gimmick. What I get is Jinder's nobility gimmick trying to be EXTREME and RADICAL!!! It just looks like a Indian guy who's trying to "fit in". To be fair, it isn't his fault since he's trying to play it, but he isn't adjusting as well as McIntyre. I'll definitely agree that this is a drastic gimmick change for Jinder. In fact, it's obvious. With Drew, I can buy rockstar, but not with Jinder. Since Jinder isn't doing a whole lot, it was either take this rockstar gimmick or stay on Superstars and continue to be irrelevant. Sometimes, you gotta play the hand that you're dealt....Even if you will end up the loser. The only advantage for Jinder is his age. He's still young and there have been plenty of other guys that started their careers with a silly gimmick, but eventually got a chance to play a better role. The same could happen to Jinder, but I really wouldn't know.

    2. I am Indian I agree with the turban thing though. The main motto behind this 3MB is just to give these guys some more time on T.V. These guys are in WWE since quite a long time time now and are still jobbers, so the creative team just wanted to give any kind of role to these guys and i think thats how this 3 M B gimmick came up. I know it is not one of the best gimmick that WWE has ever created but it is at least creating some vibes though.

  2. Here are my early predictions for HIAC; a triple threat match for the Diva's title with Eve stealing the win and Sheamus beats Show only for Show to KO Sheamus post-match and Ziggler cashes in the briefcase.

    Also, I can see a 6-man tag match this Monday night between 3MB and The Comedy Club (Marella, Ryder, and Clay). I can see Cesaro holding the US title until Christian returns since Christian seems to be only established face who the crowd can cheer against Cesaro. Of course, this will upset the Christian marks who are still furious at him not being in the main event picture.

    And a final reminder is to never fist bump with Sheamus.

  3. When was the last time a lumber-jack match actually finished the traditional hit-all-4-corners way? Now THAT would've been a good way for SHeamus to win while Barrett still looking strong, because he wouldn't even be pinned. They are rapidly dropping the ball with Barrett. I had high hopes for his return. This fued with Sheamus could have been a good 2 to 3 PPV program in and of itself, and between two young, intimidating big men who can actually also work good matches with each other. Waste. What a waste.

    1. I think you may be confusing a lumberjack match with a bull rope match. In a bull up match, you have to touch all four corners of the ring consecutively (while holding a bull rope) in order to win the match. I just wanted to get that out there.

  4. Really enjoyed Smackdown this week. Brownie_the_third, agree with 100% expect your WHC prediction. Sounds good but i wouldn't mind Show to have decent reign before retires (maybe 100-150 days).
    What if Eve was leaving a red herring and it backs fires on teddy?
    Good idea on bleacher report, get Jack Swagger to return for the US title. americano vs foreigner, oldest trick in the book. Hopefully a 200 day reign for the all-american american. Failing that, Heath Slater would be a good second.

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