Saturday, October 13, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 10/12/12 (Sheamus vs Ivan Drago)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown 10/12/12. How does SD turn out this week? Let's find out and begin. 

We open up the show with Booker T. We have a PSI challenge between Big Show and Sheamus. This is to prove who has the most devastating finisher. I understand the reasons for doing this, but do you really care about the PSI power of a punch/kick? Anyway, there's something very "Rocky 4" about this entire scene. When do we see Sheamus running up a mountain? Is that reserved for next week? Anyway, it turns out Show threw a stronger punch. I really don't know what to make of this. This easily could've been manipulated, so I don't really think it accomplished much. Oh yeah, I'm bringing up that wrestling logic again. Well, if you choose to ignore all of that, it showed that Sheamus is gonna have a tough time against Show…..Which we already knew before they brought all this up. Sheamus decides to resort to talking about seconds since that's his new gimmick. Tensai decides to run out there since he's desperate for food. Tensai will lose a match for a sandwich. 

Match #1: Sheamus vs Tensai
I think Tensai has a fetish for Irishmen. Why else would he love to get his ass whipped again and again by the same guy? I hope that sandwich was worth it. Sheamus wins with the 1322 Brogue Kick. 

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

Ricardo Rodriguez is paranoid that Randy Orton is gonna cut off his only source of income, so he searches for him. Throughout the night, Ricardo would be searching for Randy, but would run into forced comedy, also known as Santino and Hornswoggle. You son of ma gun!!!

Match #2: Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal vs Comedy Jobbers
I find it funny that Ryder and Santino were in the semi-finals of the tag tournament, but couldn't beat a couple of guys who have been highlighting Superstars for months. I know, it's wrestling logic. Before the match, Slater explained that his guys are apart of his new band/crew. Well, we kinda figured that. They call themselves "The Band". Yeah, how original. Let's hope they come up with a better name. Anyway, Slater gets the victory because of all the shenanigans. 

Winner via pinfall: Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal

Match #3: Kane vs Dolph Ziggler
This match wasn't too bad, but I don't feel it was given a fair amount of time. The finish comes when Dolph uses the MITB briefcase on Kane. After the match, Daniel Bryan arrives and "helps" Kane, but it doesn't go very well. The two end up arguing until Matt Striker arrives to cut a pointless interview. These guys have anger problems and you're wanting to cut an interview? School teacher, my ass!!! Sure enough, Striker ends up getting the No Lock and a Chokeslam. What a dumbass. Even after all that, Bryan and Kane still can't get on the same page. This little scene was slightly amusing, but you can't top that Skeletor line. 

Winner via DQ: Kane

Match #4: Big Show vs Kofi Kingston
You put him in a scene with Larry King and a match with Show all in the same week? This might be the weirdest example of a "push" I've seen in a while. Oh, there's that smark comment of the night. Who knows if this will help out Kofi in the end. Kofi puts up a fight, but Show ends it with a KO punch. After the match, Miz gets in the ring and claims Kofi always comes up short. I find that funny since Kofi has held countless mid-card titles, so take of that what you will. Apparently, the two will have an IC title match on Main Event next week. Yeah?

Winner via pinfall: Big Show

So, we find out Eve has a blonde wig, but continues to frame Teddy Long in the laziest way possible. Seriously, the whole notion of Eve is just her saying, "I didn't do it. Umm…..He did it". Try that on CSI and see how that goes. 

Match #5: Damien Sandow vs Sin Cara
I'm convinced that Sandow lost because he looked into the lights and was hypnotized by it. Sin won with a hurricanrana. Oh, the internet isn't gonna be happy with this outcome. Well, think of it like this. Sandow didn't get knocked out for a three count and really loss in quick fashion, so it makes it look like Sin got lucky. I'm okay with Sandow losing in this fashion. 

Winner via pinfall: Sin Cara

Match #6: Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan
Daniel wanted to prove he isn't the weak link in his team, but ended up losing. Well, that doesn't help your argument. I thought this was the best match out of the night. The finish comes when Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker for the victory. After the match, Del Rio continues to mock Randy. I love how he does the Orton stomping and Randy is right behind him. I thought it was a nice touch. Randy proceeds to beat the crap out of Del Rio, but Ricardo ends up taking the bullet. Ricardo will do anything for that paycheck. The show ends with Randy hitting an RKO on Ricardo. It's a battle of who's the most boring character in the WWE. Who will win….*yawn*?

Winner via submission: Alberto Del Rio

Overall Impression:
Another week of SD, another week of filler. This show had a heavy emphasis on Sheamus/Show and Del Rio/Randy, but I'm not really big on either of these rivalries. There was hardly anything worth mentioning with this show. In fact, there was so much filler that it was almost pointless to review it. The show isn't bad, but you aren't missing much by skipping this one. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time. 


  1. Jindar Mahal playing the air guitar with Heath Slater... no
    Just no

    The WWE have completely and utterly ruined him by that one action, and while I know he didn't have much going for him at the moment I thought he had the potential to be a very solid upper mid card heel but they've ruined that now.

    Sandow losing the way he did makes plenty of sense from a storyline perspective leading up to the tag tournament final so the IWC shouldn't complain even though we both know they will.

    And I thought the final segment of the night with Del Rio mocking Randy was done brilliantly and I will admit to marking out slightly when Del Rio dropped to the mat like Randy just to end up being face to face with him.

    1. To me Jindar fell in two categories based on personal preference; potential or waste of time. I think people didn't take serious after the Great Khali feud and he then almost became a carbon copy of Muhammad Hassan (I say "almost became a carbon copy" since there are some differences between the two aside from similarities).

      It is still is likely if this new stable goes nowhere ala X-Factor (remember them?), there is a chance Jindar and Drew (maybe even Heath) can still find success.

  2. I can hear the TNA fanboys now tearing apart WWE for stealing the name of an NWO spin-off group. Actually, before they would be named The Band, the group toying around with The Encore and International House of Hits. I guess the guys in that creative department are running out of unique names.