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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 10/28/11

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown on 10/28/11. This is the first full review of SD I have done in quite a while. So, how did the show fair out? Well, let's find out and start the review.

We open up the show with Teddy Long. He talks about the WHC situation until Christian interrupts. Christian says the Show/Mark Henry match was historic, but Show lost and they need a new #1 Contender, so he wants ONE MORE MATCH!!! This seriously should become a T-shirt on Anyway, CM Punk interrupts. Teddy says he invited a few of the Raw superstars to be apart of tonight's SD. Punk says it's good to be here and also talks about how much of a joke John Laurinaitis is as the Interim Raw GM. He also claims to be a long time fan of Christian, but is tired of Christian and his non-stop complaints. He even went so far to say Christian does nothing but bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch....

I like Punk, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear Parents of about how Punk exposed this language to their children. Then again, Punk likes to stick it to the man, which is why he's cool. Anyway, Christian thinks Punk isn't worthy of getting a title match and wants him to leave. Punk thinks about it, but since Houston loves him, he wants to have a match tonight. He wants to face off against Christian tonight and Teddy makes it official. Not a bad opening for the show. A scene like this shows me a Punk/Christian rivalry can really work if they ever decide to go down that route in the future. Reckon, this type of opening doesn't really do anything long term since both guys have separate feuds, but I don't have a problem with it.

Match #1: Awesom Truth vs Air Boom
This was a decent match for what it was worth. The finish comes when Miz and R-Truth hit Little Jimmy Finale (Combination of Facebuster and Skull Crushing Finale. I GOT COMBO'ED!!!) on Kofi Kingston and win this match cleanly. I can see people complaining in how this makes the Tag Champs look bad. Keep in mind Awesome Truth is going to go up against John Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series, so they need a big victory over the tag champs to make themselves look good. I wouldn't be surprised if after SS, Awesome Truth ends up going after the tag titles at TLC. Just throwing it out there.

Winner via pinfall: Awesome Truth

Backstage where the SD locker room is talking about Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Daniel Bryan talks about HBK being the best and how he trained him, while Tyson Kidd says the Hitman was the best. I bet CM Punk would like to get in on this conservation. Anyway, the locker room argues and Santino breaks it up. He says this isn't going to solve anything. The two end up making a match for later tonight. That isn't a bad argument, but imagine if they argued over Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog? I think the locker room would explode. Another backstage scene where Hornswoggle is dressed up as Zack Ryder. So, I guess Hornswoggle survived the ring collapse? Anyway, Vickie Guerrero's crew shows up. Dolph Ziggler talks about how Teddy failed to screw him over since he was able to retain his US Championship. Teddy says it will be Dolph vs Randy Orton tonight, but Jack Swagger is banned from the match. Once the heels leave, Aksana arrives. Does she just come with her own soundtrack? Seriously, what's up with that? Anyway, her and Teddy leave together. You know what that means......BOING!!!

Match #2: Wade Barrett vs Trent Barreta
What? No John Morrison whooping tonight? I guess they gave him the night off. This was your basic semi jobber match. Trent gets a few moves in, but he just can't take down the bare knuckle fighter. Wade hits Wasteland and wins this match cleanly. Well, they seem serious about pushing Wade this time around. I really hope they continue with this since I think Wade has tons of potential. There is just something about this guy that works for pro wrestling.

Winner via pinfall: Wade Barrett

Match #3: Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton
Cody Rhodes was on commentary for this match. This was a very good match. It was very well paced and both guys looked really good in this match. It's amazing how a year ago, I thought Dolph would go no higher than mid card status, but the guy really has improved during that time. He is getting better on the mic and is starting to get an identity. Might want to keep your eyes on Dolph for 2012. Dolph almost had this match, but just wasn't able to overcome the might of Robo Orton. The finish comes when Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere and wins this match cleanly. This is another one of those matches I can see people complaining about. Keep in mind that Dolph is the heel and this is how the booking for wrestling has been for years. Maybe down the road, Dolph can start picking up some heelish victories over this bigger main eventers, but his time isn't right now.  I'll admit Orton isn't one of my favorites since his monotone promos are just straight up boring, but I will never question his work inside the squared circle. This was a really fun match to check out. After the match, Cody walks away and mocks Orton with one of his paper bags. Yeah, that will show him? This pretty much continues the Orton/Rhodes feud, and really it should. I hope at somepoint, Rhodes picks up that victory, but don't you think Rhodes should be doing something with the IC Championship? He wins the title, brings back the old school look and claims he will bring honor to the title. He brings so much honor that the title hasn't been defended since Night of Champions. That makes perfect sense...

Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton

Backstage where Sin Cara Negro is getting interviewed. He isn't wearing the mask anymore and looks like he just got out of a Cheech and Chong convention. Anyway, he talks about how angry he is at the original Sin Cara for making him lose his mask and he will get his revenge. Damn, I guess Sin Cara Silver won't happen until next year. Dammit, and I wanted the newest Sin Cara mask. There was also another Brodus Clay video package. I think this guy will be appearing really soon with Survivor Series on the way. The guy has the size for this business, but I still think he looks like Donkey Kong. All he is missing is the tie.

Match #4: Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd
Michael Cole cuts down Tim Tebow, which means Bronco and Gator fans will hate Cole for the rest of their lives. The match was short, but it was okay. The finish comes when Bryan wins with the Le Bell Lock. Part of me doesn't like the booking here. While Bryan winning means the losing streak is over, don't you think they would invest more time and energy for Bryan to finally overcome his losing ways? It just seems cheap and not very well thought out. It really isn't good storytelling when you think about it. You can argue that Bryan is showing more of a mean streak in his recent matches, but I think this wasn't put together in the best fashion. I think if they had Tyson win this match, they could've made Bryan snap. That would make for an interesting plot twist, but they go down this route and I don't really like the direction. It is possible that with Bryan winning that this is the start of things to come (The guy does have MITB, so they really need to get on this build up), but it really doesn't make much sense to build up a losing streak and have it end in such a lazy fashion. Just have to wait and see where they go from here.

Winner via submission: Daniel Bryan

Cole once again talks about the Michael Cole Challenge set for this Monday on Raw. He also shows the exact same photoshop photos of Jim Ross from Raw this past week. I guess Cole ran out of jokes, so he recycled the same ones. It was also announced that the Rock will make his announcement if he will accept John Cena's proposal. Hooray for what will be another via satellite segment.

Back in the ring where Big Show talks about his match with Mark Henry. He says that Teddy informed him he will get another title shot in the near future. Henry interrupts and says Show failed to get the title and he is done with him. It appears both guys are ready to fight, but Henry walks away in typical heelish fashion. I would like to think more people are interested in this rivalry after the events of Vengeance. Seriously, their match at Vengeance was surprisingly good.

Match #5: CM Punk vs Christian
How many times do you think you will hear Booker say "Ooooooooooohhhhhh, here we go!!!" in a week? Anyway, this was an okay match up. I think I had high expectations for this match. This kind of match could have been given a lot more time, but I suppose there isn't any harm in that. Punk was about to end this match early with the GTS, but Alberto Del Rio shows up and this allows Christian to counter and get back in the match. After the last commercial break, Christian is in control of this match while Del Rio is looking on. Punk once again fights out of the predicament and is about to hit the Macho Man Flying Elbow, but thanks to Ricardo Rodriguez distracting the referee, Del Rio pushes Punk off the ropes and he is in trouble yet again. The finish finally comes when Sheamus comes out and decides to even the playing field. With Christian taking his eye off the ball, he walks into a GTS and Punk picks up the victory. I wasn't the biggest fan of the ending, but it wasn't that bad. I would've like to see Punk get a cleaner victory, but I guess they have to put something in all of this so Laurinaitis has an argument for selecting/not selecting Punk as the new #1 Contender. This also means things between Sheamus and Christian will continue. Realistically, the feud should be over, but with SS already set up, expect these two to be involved in some sort of Traditional SS match.

Winner via pinfall: CM Punk

Overall Impression:
Even though this was an episode most people skipped out on because of the World Series, this wasn't too bad of a episode. I wouldn't call it groundbreaking wrestling, but I would say it was entertaining for what it was worth. There was some pretty good wrestling quality for SD and some of the promo segments were not too bad. I think for a second straight week, SD was the best wrestling show of the week. While there wasn't much new in the table for SD this week (For the most part, SD has most of the same storylines and not much new stuff going around) and this was a very filler type showing, it was entertaining. At the end of the day, isn't that the most important thing? Being entertained? Anyway, time to rank the shows, In terms of wrestling quality, I rank it SD, Impact, and Raw. In terms of promos/segments, I rank it Raw, SD, and Impact. This is going to be a strange choice for MVP of the week. I was thinking of giving it to Dolph Ziggler, but I don't think I will get another chance to give it to this person, so better take advantage while I can. I give it to Kevin Nash....or the Super Shredder. I really liked the attack he laid on Triple H this past week and it does make things interesting in WWE land. At the same time, it isn't the major focus of the show, and it shouldn't be. That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time and Happy Halloween.

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WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 10/27/11

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling on 10/27/11. After the "groundbreaking" edition of TNA in which we got less than 8 minutes of wrestling, how would this week fair out? Well, let's find out and start the review.

We open up the show with the new TNA World Champion, James Storm. He talks about his father and how he appreciates the fans that have stood by him for all these years. He calls out 4Tune so he can talk to them. He only talked to Robert Roode in this scene, so it made no sense for AJ Styles or Kaz to be there. I guess these guys get paid per appearance? Yeah, they're in the same stable, but it's still pretty silly for them to be out there. Storm talks about how Roode got screwed over at BFG and wants to give him the first title shot. Roode accepts until Samoa Joe interrupts. Joe starts in on a conspiracy in which Storm would only give title shots to his 4Tune members and thinks they are another Immortal in the works. Since his thought process makes no sense, he throws his hat into getting a title shot. Storm says Joe hasn't done anything to deserve a title shot (Nice to see SOMEONE is actually paying attention to the rest of the show) and his window has been shut for a long time. Sting shows up and claims both guys make a great argument (Roode does, but Joe doesn't. Who cares, we need an excuse for a wrestling match) and it will be Roode vs Joe in a #1 Contender's match, where the winner gets a title shot on next week's show (By the way: next week's show has been taped and I asked that you DON'T POST SPOILERS!!! I am aware they are out there, but I don't tolerate spoilers on this show). What makes no sense in this scene is Joe. He has no purpose or argument to get a title match. What has Joe done in the last year to deserve a title shot? Heck, I'll go a step further. What has Joe done in the last two years to get a title shot? What did he do to get a title shot, win a pie eating contest? What's hilarious about all of this is if you watched BFG, I recall Mike Tenay saying the winner of that Triple Threat match has a strong claim in getting a future title shot. Well, Crimson won, so logic shows Joe would get a title shot. That makes perfect sense....ugh. Other than Joe being involved in this scene, nothing else was wrong with it and it was a tolerable opening. I guess if Joe gets a title shot, I guess that means Shark Boy is a shoe in for future world champion.

Match #1: RVD vs Christopher Daniels
Well, at least TNA put more than 8 minutes of wrestling for this week, so that's a positive. Styles joins Tenay and Tazz on commentary for this match. The match was okay, but nothing about it stands out. The finish comes with Daniels pulls a Home Improvement and uses a tool box on RVD, which causes a DQ. Come on, we established that water bottles are the ultimate weapon in pro wrestling. A tool box is for pussies. After the match, Daniels takes a screwdriver out of the tool box and is about to use it on RVD. Hooray for attempted murder!!! Styles runs in for the save and Daniels runs away. After BFG, the Daniels/Styles rivalry didn't end, so I guess we get more build up for this rivalry. Oh, goodie!!!

Winner via DQ: RVD

Back in the ring where Gail Kim is with Karen Jarrett, Madison Rayne and Traci Brooks, which is probably every TNA fan's wet dream. Gail cuts a heel promo in which she says she is tired of getting stepped on and it's her time to shine. I just have a hard time buying Gail as a heel. She has played the role before, but it's very generic. I personally think Madison is a much more marketable talent, but TNA loves those WWE rejects. Anyway, Karen rewards Gail with a title match against Velvet Sky at Turning Point. Oh no, Karen just called the KOs prostitutes once again. She needs some new comebacks. As I said last week, why haven't Dixie Carter or Sting bothered to do anything to stop Karen's treatment? This is wrestling logic if I ever saw it. Then again, maybe they just don't care.

Match #2: Gail Kim vs Tara
Not sure if I agree with sending Tara out there as Gail's first opponent. I would have sent out there Tessmacher since it wasn't really wise to make Tara look this weak. Then again, this also shows what Gail brings to the table and how dominate she is, so that's a step in the right direction in terms of establishing a new character. I still think Gail leaving WWE and showing up in TNA isn't that big of a deal. She is talented at what she does, but isn't going to turn that many heads with her presences. Gail wins this match with a move that looked like the Code Breaker, but done with her legs as opposed to her knees. I bet someone out there knows the name to this move. Hey, maybe Gail can reestablish her relationship with Bischoff? Anyone remember that back in their WWE days? Giggity, giggity.

Winner via pinfall: Gail Kim

Match #3: Eric Young vs Robbie E for the TV Title
They should start calling it the Worthless Championship because this title is nothing more than a sideshow act. The match didn't last long and Eric wins the match with a roll up. I wasn't fond of the move, but considering what would happen next, I suppose it makes sense to end the match like this. Robbie is just not appealing and is really a poor man's Zack Ryder. Woo woo woo, you know it. After the match, Rob Terry attacks. They are about to leave until Young gets back up and announces that Ronnie from Jersey Shore will be on next week's show. My first question is who the f*** is Ronnie? As I have stated many times, I don't watch JS and consider it the worst source of entertainment possible. How in the world does TNA keep bringing in these Jersey Jackoffs? Well, I guess I should be somewhat positive in TNA bringing in some media attention. Then again, TNA has done this before and it really hasn't helped.

Winner via pinfall and still TV Champ: Eric Young

A wave of backstage scenes. Daniels on the phone. He wants a title shot because of his RVD attack until Kaz walks in and tells him he and AJ need to end this. I guess this will be addressed on a future episode. Bully Ray cuts a promo on Jeff Hardy, who he will be facing later tonight. There was even something on Garrett Bischoff. If you don't care about Garrett, chances are you are going to hate the rest of this show. You will see what I mean in a moment.

Eric Bischoff is in the ring and calls out his son in Darth Vader fashion. He talks about how he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but he disappointed him along the way. Eric claims Garrett has disgraced the Bischoff name (Oh yeah, and Eric had nothing to do with disgracing the Bischoff name already?). He wants Garrett to apologize, but his son does nothing. He finally tells him to think about apologizing to him, or he will kick his ass. That's Parenting 101 for you. After a commercial break, Garrett is confronted by Ric Flair backstage. He says he isn't man enough to face his father and tells him to do the right thing, or else he will have to deal with God. By the way, did anyone catch the line where Flair said this business needs young men? You know what, that's too easy.

Back in the ring where Jeff Jarrett talks about how much of an embarrassment Jeff Hardy is. Hardy arrives and the two start to fight. Security shows up in seconds to break it up. Bully arrives and attacks Hardy from behind. The ring clears and the match beings. What was the point of this scene? Why couldn't they just go straight into the match? Especially since they would do the exact same thing after this match. This is just poor planning on TNA's part. Then again, what else is new?

Match #4: Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy
This actually wasn't too bad of a match. I wouldn't call it good, but I enjoyed it for what it was worth. See, now I'm entertained. The finish comes when Hardy hits Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for the clean victory. While I enjoyed the match, I don't think Hardy should've gone up against Bully and probably shouldv'e gone up against a softer opponent (Gunner). You can argue that Bully is the best heel on this show, and this is coming from a guy who hated Team 3D/Dudley Boyz and thought they were completely overrated. After the match, Hardy is doing an interview until Jarrett attacks him....again. Which makes the early scene entirely pointless...

Thank you, Steve Martin. I love that movie. Anyway, they are about to powerbomb Hardy through a table until Mr. Anderson runs out for the save. Kinda odd they didn't have some sort of exchange between Hardy and Anderson since TNA wants to know what everyone is feeling with Hardy's return, but no matter. By the way, anyone else feeling this show is going by really fast tonight?

Winner via pinfall: Jeff Hardy

Match #5: Samoa Joe vs Robert Roode in a #1 Contenders Match
This was a pretty decent match between Roode and Joe. Probably the best match of the night. The finish comes when Roode hits a Fisherman Suplex for the clean victory. I guess there won't be a title match for King Hippo this time around? After the match, Storm is on the entrance ramp looking at his new opponent. Remember back to my BFG review? Well, I advise going back and looking at what I said after Roode lost the title match. It could be an interesting read....

Winner via pinfall and NEW #1 Contender to World Title: Robert Roode

Time for the final segment of the night. Why didn't the match end the show? Does anyone really give a s*** about Garrett Bischoff? This guy makes Jinder Mahal seem interesting. Bischoff talks about how great he is and wanting to patch things up with his son while Garrett isn't saying anything. Oh yeah, dedicating an entire storyline to a guy who can barely talk. That will surely get ratings up. Garrett continues to ignore his father and he slaps his own son. Garrett gets angry and his about to deck his own father until Flair arrives. He orders Garrett to apologize or else he will kick his ass. He continues to push him like he did earlier. Garrett finally has had enough and punches Flair. Garrett is a dumbass. You think he would have learned something from the last year of taking his father's orders. You know Immortal doesn't fight fair, so what the hell did you think was going to happen? As you would've guessed, Garrett gets the crapped kicked out of him, which ends the show. I don't see how the Impact Zone is eating up this kind of stuff. I just don't find Garrett interesting, and this whole thing feels very forced since they sprung that plot twist on you at BFG. Why is TNA wasting their time on Garrett, a guy who goes from a referee to a wrestler? Oh, I know, because Hulk Hogan will probably end up being the saving grace for this scene, and Hogan must always put the attention on himself. I don't know? Maybe I am being too harsh on this scene, but I would rather see them use this time for future talent as opposed to uninteresting people who happen to share a last name. This whole thing would've worked a lot better if we knew more about Garrett Bischoff. All we know is he is Eric's son and worked as a crooked referee for the last year. Yeah, that's the marks of a terrific storyline *can you sense the sarcasm here?*. Then again, it's always possible that Garrett is gifted wrestler, but I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't the case and this is all an excuse to give a man with a destroyed back one more chase to pose with his 24 inch pythons. In order for TNA to go far, Hogan can't be the center of attention. How will the company move forward when they continue to rely on stars from back in the 80s? Reckon, Hogan isn't putting himself in any title matches and just a random throwaway feud, but the fact that THIS got more screen time than your world champion/#1 Contender's Match isn't a good sign. Now, it's always possible this sort of thing can become interesting, but right now, it has zero appeal at the moment unless you crave Hulkamania. Hey, I was a big Hulkamanic back when I was a kid, but that was then and this is now.

Overall Impression:
I'm not sure about this one. This was a huge improvement from last week's show. The show featured a lot more wrestling and featured a lot more balance between promo time and action time. Then again, there is some things that TNA is doing that I am having a hard time getting interested in. I don't really care for this whole Garrett Bischoff deal and Jarrett/Hardy brawling for the one millionth time isn't helping anything. We get it, they hate each other, but try to make me care. Styles/Daniels isn't something I am interested in because it has been done before. Well, I will be fair and say the KOs actually got a little more interesting, but I do get tired of Karen resorting to the same insults. It just shows a lack of creativity. With Roode vs Storm set for next week, it does make for an interesting show. The show is taking place outside the Impact Zone. It's nice to see this company do more shows outside Orlando and take this show on the road. I can't overly recommend this show, but based on TNA's past episodes, this one was very tolerable and you might get an entertainment value out of it. Then again, you will only be as interested in this show as you are with the storylines. Like I said, some of these storylines I don't really care for, but let's give them a chance. Maybe we will find that gold mine storyline.....or another s*** stained one, but we will wait and see. That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Not one of my best reviews, but I kinda just wanted to get this one out of the way. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw Review 10/24/11

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw on 10/24/11. With Vengeance over and done with, how will the WWE move forward with Survivor Series the next big PPV? Well, let's find out and start the review.

We open up the show with Triple H. He talks about how he was taught to either go for money or for friends in this business. He says he got lucky along the way and was able to have both. He talks about some of this best friends and brings up Kevin Nash. He thought he knew Nash, but Nash has always been about one Trips gets overly corny and says Nash broke his heart because he considered him a best friend, but can't accept his recent actions. He feels betrayed, but wants to deal with Nash the only way he knows how....with a fight. He calls out Nash to show his face and setting this in the ring. John Marlboro comes out and says Nash is at home and won't be appearing tonight. Triple H doesn't buy this and is very pissed off. He warns Laurinaitis to NOT get in the ring or he won't be sorry for what happens next. Laurinaitis tells Trips to not do anything to embarrass the company. Trips says if he can't get Nash tonight, he will go find him in the public and probably get arrested for his actions, which would be even worse for the company. Laurinaitis thinks Trips is being unreasonable, while Trips tells him to get him Nash or else. Trips is about to leave the arena until Laurinaitis has something to say. With his back turned on the entrance ramp, Nash takes out Hunter with a sledgehammer. Watch Laurinaitis freak out and order Nash to leave the building? Man, this guy can't give a proper emotion to save his life. Toilet bowls make a more lasting impression than Laurinaitis. Anyway, security shows up and instead of restraining Nash, they surround him only for him to walk out of the building and not pursue him. Yeah, nothing is going to go wrong here? Once Nash leaves, they take a look at Triple H, who is selling the hell out of the attack. Trips tries to walk out on his own power, but collapses and the medics prepare to help Triple H. One commercial break later, Trips is on a stretcher and being loaded into the ambulance until Nash shows up...

Oh no, it's a Super Shredder. Sorry I couldn't find the movie clip, but what are you going to do? Damn, Nash is scaring the s*** out of everyone tonight. Look at this scene? He looks like a serial killer with that sledgehammer in hand. You would think the WWE security staff would, oh I don't know, do their job. Anyway, the medics run away as Nash picks up Trips (Who is still on a stretcher) and props him up. He is about to hit him again with the sledgehammer until security shows up yet again. Before they corner Nash off, he was able to land another sledgehammer shot. Security once again let Nash walk away as opposed to arresting him. This is clearly wrestling logic because any other situation would have the person behind prison bars. Medics once again get Trips back in the ambulance, who isn't moving at all...

So, Nash basically murders Trips on live TV, and he isn't arrested? Makes sense to me. There's no storyline anymore, he's dead. Might as well pack it in folks, because he's dead. Game over, man!!! Game Over!!! Joking aside, this was brutal attack. Triple H sold the hell out of this and you got the feeling that the attack as almost legit. This was a very long opening. It went on for over 22 minutes and we didn't get to the first match until the half hour mark of the show. I bet TNA fans are already going to start throwing this as an excuse. While I admit the opening was long and could've been shorten up, it didn't go for three commercial breaks and we got more than 8 minutes of wrestling tonight. This basically does one of two things. Trips took a bad fall, so they could've wrote this into the show to write Trips off of TV for a while. If Trips is more than fine after the Jack Knife Powerbomb from last night, this was written into the show to really build the tension between Nash and Trips, which would lead to a match at Survivor Series (I think that's the most likely outcome). I normally don't like long openings, but I really liked the attack and how the people involved sold the emotion. You almost get the sense that Nash wants to kill Hunter and Hunter is super pissed off. There is so much sense of realism after this attack, which is what I did like about this scene. Still, they probably could've gotten the same reaction by not investing the first half hour into Nash/Triple H. Other than it being a little long, I enjoyed this.

Match #1: Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes and Christian
This was a pretty long match. I honestly thought this wasn't too bad of an opening match. This might be one you might want to watch. The finish comes when Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick while Rhodes was attempting that springboard kick. The timing was off because Sheamus ended up kicking Rhodes in the knee. He picks him back up and hits High Cross/Celtic Cross for the clean win. Other than that miscue, there wasn't anything wrong with this match.

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus and Randy Orton

Backstage where Laurinaitis is on the phone with Stephanie. She wasn't happy about how her husband, Triple H, was handled earlier tonight. John Cena interrupts and talks about how Miz and R-Truth screwed him over last night. Laurinaitis realizes this and decides to make a match. It will be Awesome Truth vs Cena and a partner of Laurinaitis' choosing. By the way, has Cena been looking at my reviews? I was the one who talked about how David Otunga looks like Carlton Banks with that sweater. Now everyone is going to think I'm copying Cena. I can never win. Maybe Charlie Sheen can help me out with that?

Match #2: Santino vs Dolph Ziggler
In the early going of this match, Dolph wasn't taking Santino seriously. Then again, can you really blame him? After a Cobra attempt, Dolph starts taking this match seriously. This was a short match. After Jack Swagger got on top of the rope for a slight distraction, Dolph hits Zig Zagoon for the victory. I would have preferred for Dolph to win this match cleanly. Having shenanigans against Zack Ryder is understandable since you're testing something with him, but Santino is a comedy player and shouldn't need help against this guy. What this also shows is the power of Vickie's stable....even though they didn't win the tag titles. After the match, the heels continue the attack until Mason Ryan comes out for the save. Vickie's crew retreats. Damn, this Mason is freakin' huge. He just has this look towards Dolph that says "I'm gonna rape you, bitch". Either way, it appears they are trying something with Mason. I still feel he is very green at this point, but maybe having Batista's look will be enough for him? I expect the IWC to hate Mason for a really long time.

Very quick backstage scene where we find out Zack Ryder will be Cena's tag partner later tonight. Ryder teaming with Cena?

Winner via pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

Back in the ring where Alberto Del Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! He talks about beating Cena last night and says he is done with Cena and looking for new challengers. He also says there are no good challengers left because he is better than anyone in the WWE. This cues Mr. Pipebomb himself, CM Punk. Punk says Del Rio is tough, but he has beaten him before and never got his one on one shot for the WWE Championship and feels he deserves it. Del Rio says Punk isn't worthy of a title shot because he lost last night and tells him to come back when he has won a match. Punk thinks for a while and says maybe he doesn't deserve a title shot, but he will still put Del Rio to sleep. Laurinaitis interrupts and says it will be Del Rio vs Punk for the WWE Title at Survivor Series, IF Punk can say he respects Laurinaitis. Punk tells him you need to earn respect, and Laurinaitis hasn't earned it since he is doing a worse job than Triple H as the Interim GM. Punk eventually "apologizes" by mocking Laurinaitis' cigarette voice. Laurinaitis says that isn't good enough, but he will give him one more chance. Punk finally buckles down and says he respects Laurinaitis....he respects him for his deer caught in a headlights look every week and how he is one of the best brown noses possible. He even went so far to talk about how Laurinaitis wasn't very good as a wrestler and respects the fact that a guy with no talent managed to get so far in the wrestling business. Laurinaitis thinks for a second and says this wasn't good enough either, but he will think about it for the next week. Punk tells him to think about this, and ends up attacking Del Rio. He is about to hit GTS on Del Rio but Ricardo Rodriguez saves his friend and ends up eating the GTS. Ever feel bad for Rodriguez? This guy is a punching bag every week and still does his job. That guy is a trooper. One of the reasons a guy like CM Punk is connecting so well with casual fans is because he is a rebel. He doesn't like to do things by the book and likes to talk about changing things for the company he is working for. One thing I have learned from being a wrestling fan for all these years is people like rebels or guys that don't take s***. Stone Cold Steve Austin was a prime example of that. Punk is doing it in a different style, which is why he has picked up quite a following ever since he cut that shoot promo back in June. CM Punk, a man who just simply wants to stick it to the man. Many people who work for a boss they hate can relate to Punk, which is why he is so likable as a character. There are other attributes that make Punk stand out, but I think this is a big contributing factor since casual fans and IWC fans are different types of wrestling fans and both seem to like Punk in their own ways. Anyway, it appears Punk vs Del Rio is on the way. So people who don't like Cena getting title matches, REJOICE!!!

Match #3: Natalya vs Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix was on commentary for this match. WWE is doing the exact same formula for this entire diva rivalry. The only thing they do differently is substitute another diva. In this case, it appears Alicia will be the next in line. The match featured Natalya dominating the majority of it, but Alicia sneaks a roll up victory and steals the match. I am not very fond of the choice to put Alicia as the new #1 Contender. Then again, look at the rest of the roster and tell me who would be a better choice? Maybe they should just blow up this storyline and start from scratch because it's only getting worse. At this point, the only diva that can make this somewhat interesting might be Layla, but she is still injured. Kharma could help as well, but she won't be back for quite a while now. Either way, this division is on life support.

Winner via pinfall: Alicia Fox

Match #4: John Morrison vs Wade Barrett
For being a play by play commentator, Michael Cole doesn't really do play by play and acts more like a color commentator. Wade was pretty much dominating this match. Morrison did fight back, but this went the same as some of Morrison's previous matches. Hey, Morrison has to work hard to keep that glorified jobber role in tact. The finish comes when Morrison goes for the Flying Chuck, but Wade grabs him and slams him down. You can tell the planned finish was for Wade to his Wasteland during this part, but he didn't quite get the grip on Morrison and just sort of dropped him to the ground. He picks him back up and hits a proper Wasteland to win this match cleanly. Well, they are giving Wade some clean victories as of late. Maybe they have finally picked a direction for Wade and will continue to build him up. It just hasn't been the same since the Nexus days. Personally, I think Wade has the tools to go pretty far in the business. They just need to not flip flop so much with him or else it will be difficult to anyone to take Wade seriously.

Winner via pinfall: Wade Barrett

After a replay of the opening from earlier, Cole talks about how he can't stand JR. Apparently, he was exchanging some words with JR over on Twitter and Cole snaps. He shows a bunch of photoshop photos to embarrass JR. He proposes a match for next week's show. He says if JR wins, he will get his seat back on commentary. If Cole loses, he quits commentary. Some pretty high stipulations for this match. Even though most people want JR to win, chances are Cole will end up cheating to get this match. Then again, if Cole loses, they can always put him in a manager role or make him the GM of the show. Unlike Laurinaitis, Cole can actually talk and the guy has a character. It just might be his calling card because many people can't stand the guy, which is perfect for a GM role. Oh, and Ryder cut a promo backstage. He talks about his match until Awesome Truth shows up and attacks him. Well, I can see the IWC ready to break something. Keep in mind that it makes no sense for Ryder to be in this type of match and should be working on mid card level stuff. Awesome Truth come to the ring and talk about starting a revolution with their tactics and Cena is gonna get GOT!!! I think I know what Booker T would say regarding this situation, but then I might be accused of being called a racist if I post that clip (Which I am not by any means). Long time wrestling fans, you know where I was going with this.....we comin' for can finish the rest.

Match #5: Awesome Truth vs John Cena
I like the fan interaction with Cena and the guy wearing a "We hate Cena" T-shirt. Since there was no "Oh Radio" for this match, Cena has to go in alone. It works just like any other Cena match. He gets his ass kicked for the majority of the contest, but still manages to overcome the odds and almost magically pulls this one out of his ass. The finish comes when Cena goes for AA, but Truth uses a water bottle on Cena and the referee calls for the bell. Hey, you gotta watch out with those water bottles. We have established they are the ultimate weapon in pro wrestling. Tables, chairs, kendo sticks, that's for pussies. A water you're hardcore. After the match, Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale and Truth hits the Facebuster on Cena. Laurinaitis shows up and orders Awesome Truth to stop this attack and wants them to leave. They start to leave, but Laurinaitis has an idea. He decides to make a rematch here, but Cena can choose his partner for this SS match. Cena hates the idea at first, but starts to think and has an idea. He says if he can pick anyone and if he accepts, he picks.......THE ROCK!!! I think this happened to your head when you heard this news....

This ends the show. So, did anyone catch Cena slobbering all over the mic when he announced the Rock's name? Is he trying to tell us something? Well, that's one way to prevent one of CM Punk's pipebombs. Anyway, this rumor of Rock teaming up with Cena has been going around for a while. As I have stated in the past, I don't like to rely on those reports since they can be false and a report like this would be considered a spoiler. And you know how I feel about spoilers on this show. Well, since it has been thrown out there in kayfabe, now I can finally talk about it. I think either way you look at it, this will be a pretty big moment for Survivor Series. The match can suck, but since the Rock is involved, it will be considered a classic. That's one way to get PPV buyrates up, and I wouldn't be surprised to see WWE cash in big time with the Rock wrestling at SS. It should be an interesting match.

Winner via DQ: John Cena

Overall Impression:
I thought this was a pretty average showing of Raw. I didn't expect the show to be nowhere near the level of Vengeance, but I think they spent a lot of time tonight establishing the new storylines/rivalries and getting Survivor Series on the right track. Keep in mind that the Muppets will be on the show next week, and I think they will resort to the comedy gags as opposed to building up the PPV, so it was good they got a good chunk of it out of the way tonight. Despite the fact the majority of the show was spent on storytelling, there was action on the show. I wouldn't say any of the matches were watchers, but some of them were enjoyable for free TV standards. They really didn't talk about next week's show that much, but they did announce the Muppets would be on the show. As I said in the past, I don't have a problem with this move, but I can understand people's displeasure with this news. It's amazing how when Punk gets in the title picture that I am somewhat interested in the rivalry. I had a hard time getting invested in Cena/Del Rio, but maybe the substitution of Punk can make things a lot more exciting. The opening attack was pretty brutal and told a very good story. You can almost buy the tension Nash and Trips have towards each other. Laurinaitis continues to be drunk with power and I wouldn't be surprised to see his reign as GM be over at SS. Don't be too surprised if the reason for Cole's match is to write him off of commentary and for him to play the GM role on Monday Night Raw. Like I said, this was a pretty average night of WWE programming, but I thought it was just an okay show. I can't really recommend it since the majority of the show was dedicated to building up SS, but there is certainly nothing wrong with that. That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

Monday, October 24, 2011

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Vengeance 2011 Review

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Vengeance 2011. So, how did the evening fair out? Well, let's find out and start the review.

Match #1: Air Boom vs Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler for the Tag Team Championships
We are opening up with the tag title match. It appears Evan Bourne is more than 100% after tonight. WWE greets this by.....making Bourne the punching bag in this match. Seriously, he was either on this back or getting the crapped kicked out of him the majority of this contest. No easy paychecks around here. This match was given a lot of time, which is good because all four guys had a chance to show off their talents. For an opening contest, this was pretty good because this kind of match gets you pumped up for the rest of the evening. So, right off the bat, we are off to a decent start. The finish comes when Kofi Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise on Dolph, followed up by Air Bourne for the clean win. Someone must hate Dolph because it was announced that his US title match would be after this match. Then again, maybe it shows the WWE is trying something with Dolph by making him pull double duty tonight.

Winner via pinfall and still Tag Champs: Air Boom

Match #2: Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder for the US Championship
We immediately go right into the next match. Air Boom and Swagger are still at ring side for this match. Ryder immediately goes for the kill. The match was short, but I think it was a decent 5 minute contest. There was a moment where Dolph ended up on the outside and Air Boom tossed him back in the ring. The referee tosses Air Boom out of this match. It makes total sense consider this isn't a Lumberjack match. Ever notice how Dolph's hair during a match goes all over the place? It's like he's turning into Doc Brown during the course of the evening...

The finish comes when Swagger causes a slight distraction. This buys Dolph enough time to hit a Super Kick on Ryder for the victory. I know some people are disappointed that Ryder didn't win, but as I said last week, I just think Ryder isn't ready for this title. If WWE continues to give Ryder something these next 4-8 weeks, he will definitely be ready by that point. Right now, Dolph has got some interesting things going for him (His mic skills have improved by tons this year) and it makes sense to make him retain the title. Keep in mind that while Dolph is improving, he's still not ready for the main event. If things keep going this well for Dolph, we could be looking at a big time player for 2012.

Winner via pinfall and still US Champ: Dolph Ziggler

Match #3: Beth Phoenix vs Eve for the Divas Title
There was a backstage scene with CM Punk and Triple H, but it was just them getting on the same page. They also showed a exclusive in which Beth and Natalya attacked Kelly Kelly. Because of the attack, Kelly and Natalya were banned from this match. I have to be fair here. In terms of divas matches, this wasn't too bad. I have thought for a while now that Eve brings more to the table than Kelly, and that really is the case. She is a lot more put together in the ring and doesn't seem to make as many mistakes as Kelly. There was a moment where Eve took part of Beth's outfit and used it as handcuffs on the ropes. I didn't really see the point to this....unless it was to put some sort of crazy fetish together. After a few counters, the finish comes when Eve misses the Moonsault and Beth hits Glam Slam. After the match, Beth starts stroking her hair. Is she taunting her or becoming a sexual predator? You be the judge?

Winner via pinfall and still Divas Champ: Beth Phoenix

Match #4: Christian vs Sheamus
In many ways, this was similar to the match they had at HIAC, but it was not a bad match. These guys work very well together. Both guys had the chance to show what they can bring to the table. There was a ton of near falls in this match. I liked the match for what it was worth. The finish comes when Christian is about to go for the Spear, but ends up walking into the Brogue Kick and Sheamus picks up the victory. This most likely ends things between Sheamus and Christian, but they might be able to milk something out of this at Survivor Series since we normally get a traditional Survivor Series at that particular PPV.

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

Backstage where John Laurinaitis is talking to Miz and R-Truth. Awesome Truth wonders why they brought them back to WWE, while Laurinaitis says they are too talented to be free agents and considers them World's Greatest Tag Team. Really? Somewhere out there, Shelton Benjamin is saying "what the f***?". Once the Interim GM leaves, Awesome Truth talks about whom is a greater suck up. Umm....really bad choice of words for this scene. Once they shut the suck up, they talk about how Punk and Triple H suck and will teach them a lesson tonight. We also get a video package of everything that has happened in this storyline. From all the way to Vince McMahon getting fired to right now. Who did the voice over for this, James Earl Jones? Seriously, it sounded like Darth Vader was giving the narration.

Match #5: CM Punk and Triple H vs Miz and R-Truth
This was personally the match I was looking forward to the most going into tonight. You can imagine my disappointment when I got to see the match. It wasn't bad or anything, but I just felt it could've been a lot better. I wouldn't call this a bad match, but I also can't call it a good match. I would say it was more average or mediocre than anything else. All four guys had a chance to show what they had the ability to do in the ring, so that's a positive. While the match might have been a disappointment, there was an interesting series of events for this match. After Punk hit the Flying Elbow on Miz, Kevin Nash shows up and attacks Triple H. With the Game taken out, this allows Truth to get back in the match. He saves his partner from getting the GTS and both Truth and Miz hit their finishers on Punk at the same time (Which they called it Little Jimmy's Finale, according to Michael Cole). After the match, Nash continues the punishment on Trips. He hits the Jack Knife Powerbomb on Hunter. This wasn't a very good finisher by Nash. It just seemed like he lost control of it midway. If you look at the replay, Trips might have gotten a serious bump after this attack. I think some people were disappointed that Punk lost yet again. That's three PPVs in a row Punk has lost. Reckon, there has always been some weird s*** that prevents Punk from winning these matches. Some people might also be disappointed that Nash didn't seem to go after Punk and instead focused on Trips. Well, kayfabe shows that Nash would have bigger beef with Triple H than Punk, considering that Trips fired Nash. Plus, I am glad they did this because I would rather see Trips vs Nash than Punk vs Nash. It was appropriate for Punk to lose to Miz and Truth so he can be focusing on talents around his age as opposed to older veterans. I think based off of tonight that there will be some sort of Survivor Series style match. Not sure who will be in this match, but I can see Miz, Truth, and Nash being on the same team.

Winner via pinfall: Miz and R-Truth

Match #6: Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes
This was a match a lot of people had mixed feelings on. Some people actually liked the storyline here while others felt it was rushed or uninteresting, which is why some of them can't get invested in this rivalry. This was a pretty good match between Rhodes and Orton. I was really impressed by Rhodes in this match. He went to the top rope not, but twice, and delivered a moonsault. He did crash and burn on one of them, but you don't see that too often from Cody. I think both guys looked very good in this match. After a couple of near falls and Orton dodging bullets and surviving Cross Rhodes, the finish comes when Rhodes walks into an RKO and Orton wins this match. Some people might be pissed off that Rhodes didn't get the win here. While a victory would have done wonders for Rhodes, I think it made sense for Rhodes to really push Orton to the limit, but just falls a little short this evening. I don't think things are over between the two and we will most likely see a rematch, depending on what they decide to do with these two at Survivor Series. If you're upset that Rhodes didn't win, you aren't the only one since I feel the same.

Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton

Match #7: Mark Henry vs Big Show for the WHC
What I'm about to say here might make me lose any credibility as a reviewer (what credibility?), but I am going to say it. What most people decided to skip consider the size by both guys, I think you missed out. If you came into this mindset going into this match, you missed out on what I would call the Match of the Night. You think I am joking here or I am completely insane, but if you saw the match, I think most of you might have been impressed with the match. Oh well, that probably doesn't change the fact that I am completely insane. I didn't think this would go over as well and I expected average, but both guys really went the extra mile tonight. This has been the best performance I have seen out of Big Show since.....maybe even as far back as his early WCW days. Both guys told a very good story during this match. Show was dominating early and it seemed Henry was going to run away, but that wasn't the case. The contest would keep going and we see some impressive agility from Show during this match. Henry would be working the leg with....a submission hold? Yeah, he did go there. Show hits Chokeslam, but only a two count. Henry hit World's Strongest Slam, but only a two count. Show would then manage to hit CS from the top rope, but still only a two count. Again, I like the story being told. It was as if both guys met their equal and both were running out of ideas and were thinking of new ways to win this match. The finish finally comes when Show is on the top rope. Henry joins him and hits a Super Plex. Here's a reenactment for you...

Well.....I guess Hornswoggle's dead? Anyway, the medics would attend to both guys. Show gets taken away on a cart while Henry limps to the back with some help. Both guys got a round of applause. Reckon, this moment has happened before (based on the clip I posted), but I still freak out over this when this happens. Ironically, both times I've seen this was when Show was in the match. Even if you seen it once, you still go ape s*** when you see it. The match was called off, so I guess we can make it a no contest. I am normally not a big fan of a no contest on PPV, but after seeing that, I think we'll let it slide. After tonight, I am glad they ended it like this. It showed both guys nearly killing each other, but not setting one damn thing. This will definitely make the rivalry continue, and I want to see what they can do in their next matchup. Honestly, great effort by both guys.

No Contest; Mark Henry is still WHC

Match #8: Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena; Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
The ring is still destroyed from the previous match. Kinda wreckless and a safety hazard to work under those conditions. And the WWE Superstars felt Triple H was unsafe? Oh, wrestling logic never fails to make an appearance. Cena is sporting a new T-shirt. He is going back to black for the meantime. You know what that means for WWE....cha ching. A good chunk of this match took place inside the busted up ring. They would eventually fight in other parts of the arena as the match continued. I can see some people loving this match, but I really didn't get into this match until the last 10 minutes. This match was nearly 30 minutes long and I just couldn't get interested in the first half. It just seemed boring. Ricardo Rodriguez would get involved on several occasions. To me, this match got interesting when the two fought backstage. This is again one of those matches where you throw everything imaginable at Cena, but the guy just can't stay down. I think this is one of the contributing factors to Cena getting a lot of fans angry. People just get tired of the super power crap and how WWE over protects Cena by making sure he has a out/excuse so his fans won't lose faith in him. I joke how WWE acts like the world will blow up if Cena loses a match cleanly, but that isn't too far fetched based on Cena's booking. Del Rio tosses a bunch of screen doors on Cena, but still gets up. He pushes him through a giant V (WWE's prop for Vengeance), but Cena still manages to get up. Now, to their credit, they didn't make Del Rio look like a total pushover. Cena actually tossed Del Rio through a table, but the Mexican JBL managed to get back up. I thought that was interesting since that would normally be the end of the match, at least in Cena's case. They are back near the ring to where we get a few more near falls. The finish comes when Cena hits AA on Del Rio through the Spanish announce table. The ref is starting the count, but Truth and Miz arrive and hit their finishers on Cena. The referee starts the count over again and Del Rio gets back up. Cena looks like he's done but......he's still up? Are you kidding me? I swear, you can shoot Cena in the skull and he would still find a way to win a freakin' match. Del Rio gets back in and hits Cena with the WWE Championship. This time, Cena is down and Del Rio retains the title. You know, I understand Cena is the face of the company and they need to write a plot device in order to justify Cena's loses, but some of these outcomes are getting ridiculous. They put Cena in all these really far fetched positions and still manages to find a way to fight back. Not even Hulk Hogan in his glory days got this overpowered. This is another reason why people dislike Cena, WWE overprotecting Cena way too much. Cena won't lose any credibility if he loses cleanly here and there. Reckon, it's normal for the face to have something or someone in a match that prevents him from winning all the time, but this is pushing it. Either way, the bigger picture here is Cena is most likely out of the title picture and they can finally focus on someone else, primarily CM Punk since he's the next big face on Raw. Del Rio does gain some stroke for this victory. He did show some toughness, which I haven't seen out of the guy for a while. I still think he's a generic heel champion, but he gained a little more after tonight and this can help him as he continues his championship reign. This is probably the first time Cena has lost a LMS match. That has to be worth something in Del Rio's case since nobody had him winning....except for me. Ha, now I don't seem so crazy now, do I?

Overall Impression:
I really didn't have high expectations for Vengeance this evening, but I was surprised. This show exceeded my expectations and this is probably the best PPV I have seen since SummerSlam. Just about every match on the card was watchable. There was a lot of good wrestling to witness this evening. There was even a few matches that surprised me. I didn't expect Match of the Night material out of Henry/Show and we even got a Diva match that was very watchable. I can see some people not liking the show because of some of the booking decisions tonight. Even thought I might have done things differently booking wise, you can't grade a PPV on just booking alone. I look for things like wrestling quality, good storytelling, and solid entertainment....along with some of the booking decisions. So, you can't just grade a PPV on booking alone. That's at least what I have always felt. Besides, there's always going be be something you don't like booking wise and if you think like that, chances are you're going to hate every PPV and end up becoming on the those IWC folks who complain about 90% of wrestling as opposed to enjoying the entertainment. Isn't wrestling just another source of entertainment at the end of the day? I swear, some people lose sight of this along the way. Anyway, one of my grips with tonight's show is that I felt it was a tad too predictable. If you saw my picks in the SD review last week, I got 7 out of 8 correct. Most of the time, I would rather get my picks wrong so it shows unpredictability and trying to pull a fast one on the smarks. I felt that didn't happen tonight and that might ruin the value of the PPV. Still, I felt Vengeance was a solid evening of wrestling entertainment and keeps a lot of things interesting in the WWE. We get more light shed on the major storyline with Nash's return. I think he will either face off against Triple H at SS or he will be part of a SS team. While some might be disappointed with this, I would rather see Trips vs Nash as opposed to Punk vs Nash since I want to see Punk focus on talents his own age as opposed to veterans. Besides, Punk is still massively over with the live crowds and maybe big things are on the way for the Best in the World. The victory for Awesome Truth also puts them in contention to get another tag team title shot, so maybe Awesome Truth winning was the best outcome possible. Time to grade Vengeance. On a scale of 1-10 and 5 being average (as always, I do my rankings differently as opposed to the wrestling websites. I don't grade matches and I don't use decimal points because decimal points are for people who can't make up their minds), I have to give Vengeance a 7 out of 10, meaning it was a pretty kick ass show. I can recommend watching the replay for this showing and this might be a show you might want to add to the DVD collection once it comes out, that way you can relive Hornswoggle's death over and over again. That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

WrestlingNerd's Official Score of WWE Vengeance: 7 out of 10

Saturday, October 22, 2011

WrestlingNerd's Running Diary for WWE Smackdown 10/21/11 & WWE Vengeance Thoughts

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another edition of the Running Diary. This time around, we take a look at WWE Smackdown on 10/21/11. With a second taping of WWE taking place in Mexico City, how will it do with Vengeance set for this Sunday? Well, let's begin.

-Alberto Del Rio comes out to a thunderous ovation from his fellow countrymen, but you already knew that.

-Clip of John Cena counting to ten from Raw this past week. I guess the Count from Sesame Street had a previous gig.

-Del Rio says he can't compete against Big Show because of the Cena attack. Teddy Long comes out and says Del Rio has been cleared to compete and thinks Del Rio is afraid. Del Rio gets angry and says he will make him tap. Show vs Del Rio later tonight.

-Mark Henry vs John Morrison. Yeah, this will surely be a classic...a classic train wreck.

-Well, Morrison managed to hit Star Ship Pain, but didn't get the job done. The glorified jobber strikes again.

-World's Strongest Slam on Morrison for the clean win. I kinda feel bad for Morrison since he has to take the fall on both shows.

-A business relationship with Vickie Guerrero. In the confines of kayfabe, you know where this is headed...

-It will be Christian vs Sheamus at Vengeance. Kinda disappointed they didn't make this some sort of gimmick match.

-Teddy also makes it Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder for the US Championship at Vengeance. I think the IWC just came.

-Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan up next.

-The great Barrett uprising? How many times will they come up with phrase to slap on Barrett? Sorry, but this seems like something we have seen before. Well, let's see if they can pick a direction with Barrett and STAY with it.

-Pretty good match between Barrett and Bryan. Wasteland for the victory.

-Bryan loses again. So, why did this guy get the MITB again? Don't be surprised if this losing streak leads to a Bryan heel turn. At this point, it couldn't hurt.

-Vickie sent John Laurinaitis a box of chocolates. Wouldn't he prefer a pack of Marlboros?

-Sheamus and Ryder vs Ziggler and Christian.

-Damn, Booker T should pay attention to what's going on in the company. Michael Cole is right. Book struck out during this bit.

-BrogueKick on Ziggler for the win.

-Oh no, Cody Rhodes just bagged a camera. Maybe this is what they should do on TNA?

-Rhodes talks about being mistreated during the Legacy days. In many ways, Rhodes has more than a convincing argument to dislike Randy Orton. Remember the Legacy days? Orton was a dick.

-Orton promo time...

-Brawl breaks out between Orton and Rhodes. Orton gets the upper hand and Rhodes retreats. Orton ends scene by hitting RKO on one of Rhodes' paper bag handlers.

-Another WWE exclusive. I wonder if this will become a normal thing with WWE programming? Interesting interview with both Sin Caras

-Sin Cara Azul vs Sin Cara Negro in a Mask vs Mask Match.

-I think they are rushing a mask vs mask match. This is the kinda thing you put a lot of time and energy to build up. I guess this gets rushed because they wanted to do this for Mexico.

-Ironic this is taking place in Mexico since Mexican wrestling fans see about as many Mask vs Mask matches as you see John Cena's Superman act.

-Mexico pretty invested in this match. Just have a strange feeling that this wouldn't get the same response in the States.

-Very technical based wrestling match.

-I think Cole had a brain aneurysm during this match. What the hell is he talking about?

-Original Sin Cara locks in the Fugiwara Armbar for the submission victory. Not a bad match if you like technical wrestling.

-Fake Sin Cara refuses to unmask. The two fight and original Sin Cara is finally able to take the mask off of the fake Sin Cara. The guy covers up, so it was difficult to see his face for the most part.

-This might be the end of Sin Cara Negro. Next week, Sin Cara Rojo shows up.

-Beth Phoenix and Natalya talk about how they don't dislike the barbiedoll divas. They dislike the fans for wanting to see those women as opposed to them. Funny since the WWE Universe seemed to really care about Kharma when she was destroying women left and right. Wrestling logic?

-Eve says she is not a barbie doll. Umm......yeah, you kinda are.

-After the scuffle in which Eve stands tall, Beth grabs her dress as if there was a wardrobe malfunction. I wouldn't be surprised people are disappointed that this wasn't the case.

-Del Rio vs Big Show up next.

-Consider the size difference, this is a pretty tolerable match.

-Want to know what's ridiculous? This match was longer than the total combine time of wrestling on TNA Impact this week.

-Ricardo Rodriguez interferes and the match is called off.

-After the match, Show takes out Rodriguez and Del Rio with the punch. Henry arrives and Show takes him out with the punch as well. There's only one punch that can take that thing out...

Overall Impression:
Compared to everything else that was out there for pro wrestling this week, SD wasn't too bad and might be considered the best wrestling show this week. I liked the balance between the promos and wrestling for this showing. Then again, coming off of the last episode of TNA, this was a vast improvement. I enjoyed the Barrett/Bryan and Sin Cara match. Hell, even the Del Rio/Big Show match was fair to watch. So the action was definitely there for this week. There was also a continuation with the current storylines on the show. I enjoyed Rhodes' promo and I really want to see how they handle Rhodes now that he is going up against Orton. I know some people will be worried since WWE has a habit of protecting their veterans more than the up and comers, but I think they will find a good balance between Rhodes and Orton. Not sure where this whole Sin Cara thing goes after this. Will Sin Cara Negro still wear the mask or will he just leave WWE television to get repackaged? I still think this sort of thing is best reserved for a little more build up and felt they only did the match tonight because they were in Mexico. Then again, I have stated in the past that Mexico was the most invested in the Sin Cara feud because they knew the story a lot more than other nations of wrestling fans. They did make a few more announcements for Vengeance. I think the overall show did a decent job in putting some hype in Vengeance. The card for Vengeance isn't what I would call strong, but it does have potential. I wouldn't call this a groundbreaking edition of SD. If you missed it, you didn't miss a ton of stuff, but I think you will get an entertainment factor from watching this episode. Okay, time to rank the shows. In terms of wrestling quality, I rank it SD, Raw, and Impact. SD had a few good matches this week while Raw pulled in average material. Impact.....EIGHT F***ING MINUTES!!! Speed runs of Super Mario Bros 3 take longer than this. In terms of promos/segments, I rank it SD, Raw, and Impact. Really, nothing in this department stood out this week. You would think with all the promos TNA did they would excel in this department. Sadly, that wasn't the case since a lot of the scenes weren't interesting. The only good thing about Impact was James Storm winning the world title. MVP of the Week, hmm. I was thinking of giving it to Storm for winning the world title, but the way it was won wasn't done in the best fashion. Then again, I shouldn't punish him for that since it was because of Kurt Angle's injury the match was short. I think for this week, I am going to give it to Sin Cara...the original one that is. I can definitely get a difference of opinion for this one, but there's nothing wrong with that. No Vengeance Rundown for this week, so here's some quick thoughts and predictions for the PPV.

Beth Phoenix vs Eve for Divas Title: Beth is still early in title reign and needs to win. I will pick Beth to win.

Air Boom vs Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger for the Tag Team Championships: This one is interesting. They seem to be trying something with Vickie's stable, but also might want to keep the belts on the current tag champs. This one can go either way, so I will say Air Boom at this present time.

Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder for the US Championship: Dolph can either have a great night, an average night, or a terrible night. With the way things are looking for Dolph, he might be in for a terrible night. At the same time, I don't think Ryder is quite ready for this championship. The guy is slowly growing on me and has lots of potential, but I think it might be a little too soon for the belt. Maybe in an another month or two, things will look a lot better for Ryder. For now, I will say Dolph retains the title.

Christian vs Sheamus: Still disappointed in the fact this isn't a gimmick match. Oh well. I don't think this is one of those long terms rivalries (even though this is the second PPV in a row this match has happened). WWE seems hell bent on pushing Sheamus hard. With that being the case, it seems Christian is in this match to put over Sheamus. It is also possible for Christian to steal this by cheating or shenanigans to keep this rivalry going into Survivor Series. I will still pick Sheamus to win.

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes: This has been an interesting little rivalry. Rhodes has made some strides to move up the pecking order of the WWE ladder. Working with an established main eventer like Orton can do wonders for his career......or it can also spell disaster for his career (Talk to Kofi Kingston about that). I would like to see Rhodes steal this match, but I have a hard time buying the WWE having Orton lose at three straight PPVs. I think Orton ends up taking this one.

CM Punk and Triple H vs Miz and R-Truth: A match that could further the main storyline of the WWE. Even though this might not be the most interesting match, I find myself very invested in this match. I just feel we will get some other cast members sticking their nose in this match (We haven't seen Kevin Nash in a while, hmmm....). Like Orton, Punk has been losing at the PPVs lately and a win here has to be on the WWE's mind. I pick the Best in the World and the Cerebral Assassin for this contest.

Mark Henry vs Big Show for the WHC: I see this one ending with some sort of countout or disqualification to keep things going between the two. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't be shocked to see this rivalry last all the way till TLC. Based off of that, I have Henry walking out with the title.

Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship: Logic and history is against Del Rio in this match. Everything is pointing towards Del Rio losing the title, but I think he's going to win. Can't really explain it. It's a gut feeling. Maybe Del Rio will use duct tape to win this match....

That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. I admit, not one of my best articles written. Tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

Friday, October 21, 2011

WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 10/20/11 (Sorry about your damn luck)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling on 10/20/11. After the events of Bound for Glory, how will Impact move forward? Well, let's get this over with and start the review.

A fair warning to people. Now, it's pretty custom for TNA to have really long openings after a PPV or a show dedicated to a lot of talking. To be fair, WWE does this as well after a PPV or a big developing storyline. Even with that said, what the hell was TNA thinking? I will explain this as I move forward. Then again, I can already see the TNA fans already lining up several messages and complaints towards me since in their eyes, TNA can do no wrong. Anyway, we open up the show with Sting. He talks about getting this company back to Dixie Carter and bringing back the real Hulk Hogan. He restates everything he just said and finally introduces the real Hogan. Hulk comes out in the traditional yellow and red. The Impact Zone is going nuts for Hogan making his 40th face turn. Damn, you think Hogan walks slow to the ring? Well, take a look at this? Hogan is hobbling to the ring. Can't you give him a wheelchair or a skateboard to get there faster? Come on, we only have a two hour show. Hogan talks about how he has done a lot of wrong for the last year. He said Eric Bischoff persuaded him to do a lot of bad things, but he blames himself. He thanks Sting for making him realize the truth. In fact, Hogan was so fond of Sting that he thanked him two more times. Are you noticing a theme here?  Hogan finally leaves the ring and Sting now calls out Dixie to the ring. We also hit our first commercial break. If you check out my reviews on a weekly basis, you know I have a habit of talking about the entire opening scene and then expressing my thoughts. Well, I am going to break down the opening into four parts. If you watched the show, you will see why I had to do this. I expected there to be a scene in which Hogan expresses how he screwed up yet again and how he turned on the fans, but realizes he was wrong and is now a good guy again. So far, this part of the opening seems harmless. It wasn't great, but I think nostalgia/Hogan marks are going ape s*** for this part. By the way, a TNA Best of Jeff Hardy Volume Two on DVD? That's hilarious since you can argue most of his best moments are with the other company.

Back from our first commercial break, we are back with a continuation of the opening segment. Sting says this is her company once again, but this would've never happened if Dixie listened to Sting 18 months ago. Sting talks about how he loves working for TNA and Dixie cannot allow for another takeover of her company once more. Dixie apologizes for not listening to Sting and says even though she has the company, she needs to do stuff in the front office and ask if Sting would be interested in handling the day to day operations of TNA. Sting eventually accepts the position until Kurt Angle interrupts. We go to a second commercial break during this part. By the way, if you are keeping track at home, this opening is at about 20 plus minutes. Again, it might be long, but WWE has had openings of that length before, so I can't fault the company......YET!!!

Back from another commercial and Kurt is going off in how he hates the fact Dixie and Sting are back in control of things. Even though they are back in power, Kurt is still the champ, despite how TNA was giving Robert Roode the extra screen time. Kurt does have a point here. TNA was building up Roode's march into BFG as if it was the second coming of Jesus. Anyway, Roode arrives and talks about how Kurt cheated in order to keep the title. He said what Angle did at BFG was bulls***. You know, I have no idea if Roode is expressing his thoughts or giving the response people had who watched BFG? Come on, it's only a joke. Besides, I already said BFG wasn't that bad, just a bit disappointing. Anyway, Sting steps in since he is basically the GM of this show and wants to make it Roode vs Angle for the TNA World Title tonight. Kurt starts to laugh and states when Roode signed the title match contract, Bischoff put a special stipulation in which Roode would only get ONE match against Angle. Angle says Immortal did this because they realize Roode is a threat. Angle is about to quote James Storm until Storm arrives. We go into a third commercial break. Let me state that again. We are still in the opening and it isn't not over yet. This opening ate up three commercial breaks. One commercial break is okay. Two commercial breaks is pushing it, but it can be acceptable depending on the situation, but three? Damn, do you think that was enough? If your opening segment has to go into commercial break three times, it's too f***ing long!!!

So, we are back from commercial (or a brain aneurysm) and Storm says if Roode can't challenge for the title, maybe he should get a shot. Angle says there is ten guys who deserve a shot at the title. I know this is typical heel thought process, but ten other guys in TNA better than Storm? You would have to start pulling people out of your ass for fill that list. Sting tells Kurt to shut up and it will be Angle vs Storm for the World Title tonight, which FINALLY ends the scene. Anyone who is still here deserves a standing ovation...

Come on, TNA. That seemed like an endurance test. Reckon, WWE has had some long openings during it's days, but 40 plus minutes? That's right, 40 minutes. Oh, and now that I am on this, I bet those TNA marks are already getting ready to show me clips, scenes, and/or moments of when WWE did ridiculously long openings from 1-2 years back. Seriously, some of them might even go as far back as 10 years ago. To those people who will start with those types of complaints....

Save it, because I just don't care. I don't care what happened then. That was then, this is now; and this was just madness. No wrestling show should ever push 40 plus minutes to get through their opening. Not only that, but 40 minutes and not one shot of some action during this part. 40 minutes is just ridiculous and you know it. I am sure WWE has done it, but it isn't coming into mind at the moment. Then again, I don't care. I look at this opening and they could've easily taken a break in the middle of it. In fact, after Dixie and Sting were done talking, they could have ended the scene and put on a match. Then they could've had Angle come out bitching about Dixie and Sting. Hell, Dixie doesn't have to show up for this part since she barely said anything towards Angle during this bit. At some point, Sting could have shown up on the entrance ramp and made the championship match. I think that's what they should have done so they could give people a break from the heavy amount of talking. Reckon pro wrestling is storytelling and storytelling is best expressed through promos and segments; however, we need a break from that and need to start showing some wrestling action. Oh, and there was a backstage scene where Hogan ran into Immortal and Bischoff. They were about to attack him, but they want to face him in the ring later. Oh, that will be fun.....

Match #1: Tara and Miss Tessmacher vs Angelina Love and Winter for the KO Tag Team Titles
So, let me get this straight? After a 40 minute opening, you are going to open up with a KO match?

Again, I want to be the guy who can be positive for TNA every week, but how can I with planning like this? To be fair, the match was tolerable for KO standards. The match lasted about 3 minutes. Because of the long opening, we are going to be keeping a tab on the Wrestling Matters Time Limit this evening. Tessmacher wins the match with a crossbody for the win. Why do these belts still exist? They are barely on the show and nobody seems to care about the titles. Heck, even Mike Tenay and Tazz have no idea what to say to these unholy signs of abomination. That should be a cue to get rid of them.

Winner via pinfall and still KO Tag Titles: Tara and Tessmacher

Back in the ring with the Jarretts. Jeff Jarrett calls out Jeff Hardy. Jarrett talks about how Hardy has been a screw up all his life and how he doesn't want him here in TNA. Hardy says the fans want him and he thinks Jarrett is jealous because he will never be bigger than Hardy. The two start to fight. Security arrives to break it up. Referees and road agents arrive to get involved as well. For some stupid reason, there was a face off between agents Al Snow and D'Lo Brown. I guess we are supposed to care since some people are siding with Hardy and some with Jarrett, which I can understand. Ever wonder how D'Lo Brown's head hasn't popped off his neck yet? He really is the human bobblehead. This scene ends with Jarrett sneaking in a kick to the balls on Hardy. This scene wouldn't have bothered me so much if it wasn't a re-hash of the Jarrett/Hardy scene at BFG. So, a 40 minute opening, a 3 minute KO match, and a replay of the same brawl from the PPV a few days ago? Oh yeah, PLEASE tune into Impact Wrestling for more of this....

Oh, and there was a backstage scene with Jersey Shore rip off, Rob Terry, and Eric Young. Robbie E wants another shot at the TV belt while Eric needs to talk to Sting to okay this. He also says if Terry gets involved, he has connections with some idiot from Jersey Shore. If this is a possible angle where another Jersey Shore cast member appears on TNA, how does TNA keep getting these people? Oh well, I guess it's publicity. Now if you excuse me, time to jump off of something....

Match #2: Gunner vs Abyss
Gunner cuts a promo in how Abyss is trash and how you have to prove yourself in Immortal. Damn, Gunner makes no impression on the mic. More of that, please? This match might have been shorter than the KO match. So, I guess we will move the Wrestling Matters Time Limit to roughly 6 minutes. Gunner didn't seem to be able to do anything now that Abyss has lost it. Abyss goes on a mean steak and Gunner ends up walking out of the match. Wow, a countout. This is just screaming for more people to watch TNA. I can see some people liking this part, but Abyss is like Kane in so many ways. Even when you turn them face, they have been around so long that some people will just not care anymore, similar to Kane.....sorry, fans of Kane. There was a short backstage scene in which Gunner was explaining to the rest of Immortal that maybe they should keep Abyss with them because of his new attitude. Bischoff says they will deal with Abyss at another time because they need to deal with Hogan tonight. Why do I get the feeling Hogan and Abyss will reform their pack. Oh no, not Abyssamania again!!!!!

Winner via countout: Abyss

Back in ring for more promos. What, you expected another wrestling match? Velvet talks about winning the KO title and thanks the support of her fans until Karen Jarrett arrives with Traci. This is one of the things that doesn't make any sense. If Dixie and Sting are controlling this company, how can they allow for Karen to do this sort of thing? Maybe they just don't care? Anyway, Karen thought about firing them both, but wants to make their lives a living hell. She tells security to take Traci out of the arena and she will deal with her later. Once that has been dealt with, she addresses Velvet. She even thought about stripping her of the title. Damn, Vince McMahongina must be dealing with a personal matter to be this much of a bitch. She says this person will deal with her. Madison Rayne walks to the ring very slowly as Velvet waits and isn't aware of what's happening behind her....

Out from behind, Gail Kim makes her return to TNA and attacks Velvet. Madison joins in the attack. This scene ends with the heels standing tall. Well, Gail Kim is back in TNA. Are you really surprised? Her return doesn't really mean anything for this company. I bet the IWC would like to differ.

Back in the ring for......more promos? Are you serious? This time, it's Bischoff and Immortal. He calls out the Hulkster. We have had more Hogan appearances tonight than total wrestling time. What does that say about this show? Bischoff wants to know how Hogan could turn his back on Immortal and Bischoff. Bischoff was also upset that Hogan interfered between Bischoff and his own son. Hogan says Garrett Bischoff (aka: referee Jackson James) is more of a man than his own father. Bischoff punches Hogan, but of course Hogan no sells it. He is about ready to attack until Immortal arrives to do a group attack. Sting arrives in a hurry with two baseball bats, one for him and Hogan. Immortal runs away like a bunch of pussies. During this time, Bischoff is shouting Joe Peschi talk until Garrett is standing behind his father. He sees his son and talks about how much of an embarrassment he is. Garrett punches his father. Does this mean Garrett will be getting a bigger role with this company? Then again, does anyone really care anymore? All I know is with all the talking scenes TNA has done tonight, your brain can easily be mush at this point. Oh, and Roode gave a speech towards Storm in order to fire him up for his world title match. I have to be honest, this was the best promo I've heard all night long. Good job.

Match #3: Kurt Angle vs James Storm for the TNA World Title
That's right folks, only three matches this evening. I don't know if I should laugh, cry, or start swearing. The match was a total joke. Angle gets a couple of shots, then Storm sneaks in the Super Kick out of nowhere and wins the match. We have a new world champion. The place is going nuts as Storm has finally gotten the brass ring. He celebrates in the audience for a while until Roode, Kaz, and AJ Styles arrive with beer to celebrate. Storm talks about how this was a long journey to get to the top, but Roode is his best friend and he wants to give the championship to him. Roode looks at it for a while and says while it looks nice, Storm deserves this. The show ends with more 4Tune celebrating as Storm is crowned the new world champion.

Winner via pinfall and NEW TNA World Champion: James Storm

Now, normally I would complain or bring up the fact the match was short. Well, Kurt was banged up going into the match against Roode at BFG. It also turns out he left that match in worse shape. If you watched this match, you would see Angle's leg taped up. That basically told me the match was cut short because of the safety of Kurt. In that case, I actually commend TNA for making the match short. The guy is already banged up and you don't want to make things worse for him, so it made sense to do what they did. I would have love to see a longer match between the two. In fact, I know the two can put forth a good wrestling match, but the safety of the wrestlers needs to come first. As for Storm winning the title it. I have said in the past that I am a big James Storm fan. The guy has a great character, good charisma, solid catchphrase, and a good wrestler. Really, he's a complete package and interesting to watch. I have been saying for a long time that I felt Storm is a lot better than Roode. Nothing against Roode because he's good too, but I just think Storm is the more complete talent. Now we can see a little more clearly as to why Roode lost at BFG (To a degree that is). I think what they were doing after the BFG Series wasn't to focus on Roode, but to focus on both Roode and Storm. During the time in which TNA was investing a lot of stock in Roode, they were slowly working on Storm as well. Reckon, this entire thing wasn't done perfectly (Storm could've used a few more matches. And not using him at BFG was a mistake). If they felt Storm was the more complete talent, they they should've had him win the BFG Series back when they had the chance, but I think they wanted to establish both Beer Money members. With Angle injured, Roode still having plenty of stock, and Storm as the new world champion, this opens the door for a couple of things. We can see Storm vs Roode in a friendly least at first. I think at some point, one of them will turn heel and based on how things have played out, logic shows that Roode would be the one to turn heel. I was looking back at what happened to Roode at BFG and I asked myself, "Can Roode walk away from this stronger than before?". I think if done correctly, he can walk away from this better than before. What I want to see TNA do now that they have made this move is to give both Roode and Storm the proper exposure to turn them into complete main eventers. I may have been disappointed with how TNA handled Roode at BFG (You have to admit that people were expecting the payoff, which is why people were angry), but they might be better now they before. It is just a shame Storm's title victory happened on a night were it was likely possible a lot of viewers stopped watching the show because of the massive amounts of promos. Then again, this was the payoff for all the crap you had to sit through tonight. That has to be worth something, right?

Overall Impression:
In terms of the overall show.....IT WAS F***ING AWFUL!!! Let's take a final look at the Wrestling Matters Time Limit. This show didn't hit anywhere near 10 minutes. It was about 7-8 minutes of actual wrestling tonight. For a two hour wrestling show, that is a joke and TNA should be ashamed of themselves for allowing so little action for one night. They could have saved some of the segments for next week. The Hardy/Jarrett scene had no business on the show since it was a replay of what happened at BFG, so they could have done away with that and put forth another match or two. They could have saved the KO segment for next week. I realize promos and storylines are very important to a wrestling show, but there has to be a better balance. Even you, TNA marks, have you believe that only 8 minutes of wrestling tonight was ridiculous. Then again, TNA fans are very defensive about their product, at least that's what I've learn for writing reviews for the last year. With that said, you might think I hated this show. With Storm winning the world title, I think it was worth sitting through this pretty bad episode. It's kinda like watching a really bad action film, but waiting til the end for the mother of all climaxes. That's what I felt after tonight because I really enjoyed the ending of this show. I didn't like the match, but it is forgivable because Kurt has a legit injury and they needed to do something. I think Storm can be a great world champion and I still think things are not completely done with Roode as of yet. I think both guys have big things coming, which is good for the sake of this company. I am interested to see where Storm's championship victory leads to. See, I am interested in a storyline TNA is doing. Yeah, I must hate TNA, even though I practically say every week I want this company to succeed *rolls eyes*. I still can't recommend the show because there was just too much talking going on tonight, but Storm winning the title at least makes it worthwhile. Still, I don't recommend watching the whole show and just the final segment. I can see some people defending this show. If they want to, there's nothing wrong with that. Anyway, that's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I will see what I can do about Smackdown this week. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time and sorry about your damn luck!!!