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WrestlingNerd's Running Diary for WWE Smackdown 10/21/11 & WWE Vengeance Thoughts

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another edition of the Running Diary. This time around, we take a look at WWE Smackdown on 10/21/11. With a second taping of WWE taking place in Mexico City, how will it do with Vengeance set for this Sunday? Well, let's begin.

-Alberto Del Rio comes out to a thunderous ovation from his fellow countrymen, but you already knew that.

-Clip of John Cena counting to ten from Raw this past week. I guess the Count from Sesame Street had a previous gig.

-Del Rio says he can't compete against Big Show because of the Cena attack. Teddy Long comes out and says Del Rio has been cleared to compete and thinks Del Rio is afraid. Del Rio gets angry and says he will make him tap. Show vs Del Rio later tonight.

-Mark Henry vs John Morrison. Yeah, this will surely be a classic...a classic train wreck.

-Well, Morrison managed to hit Star Ship Pain, but didn't get the job done. The glorified jobber strikes again.

-World's Strongest Slam on Morrison for the clean win. I kinda feel bad for Morrison since he has to take the fall on both shows.

-A business relationship with Vickie Guerrero. In the confines of kayfabe, you know where this is headed...

-It will be Christian vs Sheamus at Vengeance. Kinda disappointed they didn't make this some sort of gimmick match.

-Teddy also makes it Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder for the US Championship at Vengeance. I think the IWC just came.

-Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan up next.

-The great Barrett uprising? How many times will they come up with phrase to slap on Barrett? Sorry, but this seems like something we have seen before. Well, let's see if they can pick a direction with Barrett and STAY with it.

-Pretty good match between Barrett and Bryan. Wasteland for the victory.

-Bryan loses again. So, why did this guy get the MITB again? Don't be surprised if this losing streak leads to a Bryan heel turn. At this point, it couldn't hurt.

-Vickie sent John Laurinaitis a box of chocolates. Wouldn't he prefer a pack of Marlboros?

-Sheamus and Ryder vs Ziggler and Christian.

-Damn, Booker T should pay attention to what's going on in the company. Michael Cole is right. Book struck out during this bit.

-BrogueKick on Ziggler for the win.

-Oh no, Cody Rhodes just bagged a camera. Maybe this is what they should do on TNA?

-Rhodes talks about being mistreated during the Legacy days. In many ways, Rhodes has more than a convincing argument to dislike Randy Orton. Remember the Legacy days? Orton was a dick.

-Orton promo time...

-Brawl breaks out between Orton and Rhodes. Orton gets the upper hand and Rhodes retreats. Orton ends scene by hitting RKO on one of Rhodes' paper bag handlers.

-Another WWE exclusive. I wonder if this will become a normal thing with WWE programming? Interesting interview with both Sin Caras

-Sin Cara Azul vs Sin Cara Negro in a Mask vs Mask Match.

-I think they are rushing a mask vs mask match. This is the kinda thing you put a lot of time and energy to build up. I guess this gets rushed because they wanted to do this for Mexico.

-Ironic this is taking place in Mexico since Mexican wrestling fans see about as many Mask vs Mask matches as you see John Cena's Superman act.

-Mexico pretty invested in this match. Just have a strange feeling that this wouldn't get the same response in the States.

-Very technical based wrestling match.

-I think Cole had a brain aneurysm during this match. What the hell is he talking about?

-Original Sin Cara locks in the Fugiwara Armbar for the submission victory. Not a bad match if you like technical wrestling.

-Fake Sin Cara refuses to unmask. The two fight and original Sin Cara is finally able to take the mask off of the fake Sin Cara. The guy covers up, so it was difficult to see his face for the most part.

-This might be the end of Sin Cara Negro. Next week, Sin Cara Rojo shows up.

-Beth Phoenix and Natalya talk about how they don't dislike the barbiedoll divas. They dislike the fans for wanting to see those women as opposed to them. Funny since the WWE Universe seemed to really care about Kharma when she was destroying women left and right. Wrestling logic?

-Eve says she is not a barbie doll. Umm......yeah, you kinda are.

-After the scuffle in which Eve stands tall, Beth grabs her dress as if there was a wardrobe malfunction. I wouldn't be surprised people are disappointed that this wasn't the case.

-Del Rio vs Big Show up next.

-Consider the size difference, this is a pretty tolerable match.

-Want to know what's ridiculous? This match was longer than the total combine time of wrestling on TNA Impact this week.

-Ricardo Rodriguez interferes and the match is called off.

-After the match, Show takes out Rodriguez and Del Rio with the punch. Henry arrives and Show takes him out with the punch as well. There's only one punch that can take that thing out...

Overall Impression:
Compared to everything else that was out there for pro wrestling this week, SD wasn't too bad and might be considered the best wrestling show this week. I liked the balance between the promos and wrestling for this showing. Then again, coming off of the last episode of TNA, this was a vast improvement. I enjoyed the Barrett/Bryan and Sin Cara match. Hell, even the Del Rio/Big Show match was fair to watch. So the action was definitely there for this week. There was also a continuation with the current storylines on the show. I enjoyed Rhodes' promo and I really want to see how they handle Rhodes now that he is going up against Orton. I know some people will be worried since WWE has a habit of protecting their veterans more than the up and comers, but I think they will find a good balance between Rhodes and Orton. Not sure where this whole Sin Cara thing goes after this. Will Sin Cara Negro still wear the mask or will he just leave WWE television to get repackaged? I still think this sort of thing is best reserved for a little more build up and felt they only did the match tonight because they were in Mexico. Then again, I have stated in the past that Mexico was the most invested in the Sin Cara feud because they knew the story a lot more than other nations of wrestling fans. They did make a few more announcements for Vengeance. I think the overall show did a decent job in putting some hype in Vengeance. The card for Vengeance isn't what I would call strong, but it does have potential. I wouldn't call this a groundbreaking edition of SD. If you missed it, you didn't miss a ton of stuff, but I think you will get an entertainment factor from watching this episode. Okay, time to rank the shows. In terms of wrestling quality, I rank it SD, Raw, and Impact. SD had a few good matches this week while Raw pulled in average material. Impact.....EIGHT F***ING MINUTES!!! Speed runs of Super Mario Bros 3 take longer than this. In terms of promos/segments, I rank it SD, Raw, and Impact. Really, nothing in this department stood out this week. You would think with all the promos TNA did they would excel in this department. Sadly, that wasn't the case since a lot of the scenes weren't interesting. The only good thing about Impact was James Storm winning the world title. MVP of the Week, hmm. I was thinking of giving it to Storm for winning the world title, but the way it was won wasn't done in the best fashion. Then again, I shouldn't punish him for that since it was because of Kurt Angle's injury the match was short. I think for this week, I am going to give it to Sin Cara...the original one that is. I can definitely get a difference of opinion for this one, but there's nothing wrong with that. No Vengeance Rundown for this week, so here's some quick thoughts and predictions for the PPV.

Beth Phoenix vs Eve for Divas Title: Beth is still early in title reign and needs to win. I will pick Beth to win.

Air Boom vs Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger for the Tag Team Championships: This one is interesting. They seem to be trying something with Vickie's stable, but also might want to keep the belts on the current tag champs. This one can go either way, so I will say Air Boom at this present time.

Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder for the US Championship: Dolph can either have a great night, an average night, or a terrible night. With the way things are looking for Dolph, he might be in for a terrible night. At the same time, I don't think Ryder is quite ready for this championship. The guy is slowly growing on me and has lots of potential, but I think it might be a little too soon for the belt. Maybe in an another month or two, things will look a lot better for Ryder. For now, I will say Dolph retains the title.

Christian vs Sheamus: Still disappointed in the fact this isn't a gimmick match. Oh well. I don't think this is one of those long terms rivalries (even though this is the second PPV in a row this match has happened). WWE seems hell bent on pushing Sheamus hard. With that being the case, it seems Christian is in this match to put over Sheamus. It is also possible for Christian to steal this by cheating or shenanigans to keep this rivalry going into Survivor Series. I will still pick Sheamus to win.

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes: This has been an interesting little rivalry. Rhodes has made some strides to move up the pecking order of the WWE ladder. Working with an established main eventer like Orton can do wonders for his career......or it can also spell disaster for his career (Talk to Kofi Kingston about that). I would like to see Rhodes steal this match, but I have a hard time buying the WWE having Orton lose at three straight PPVs. I think Orton ends up taking this one.

CM Punk and Triple H vs Miz and R-Truth: A match that could further the main storyline of the WWE. Even though this might not be the most interesting match, I find myself very invested in this match. I just feel we will get some other cast members sticking their nose in this match (We haven't seen Kevin Nash in a while, hmmm....). Like Orton, Punk has been losing at the PPVs lately and a win here has to be on the WWE's mind. I pick the Best in the World and the Cerebral Assassin for this contest.

Mark Henry vs Big Show for the WHC: I see this one ending with some sort of countout or disqualification to keep things going between the two. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't be shocked to see this rivalry last all the way till TLC. Based off of that, I have Henry walking out with the title.

Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship: Logic and history is against Del Rio in this match. Everything is pointing towards Del Rio losing the title, but I think he's going to win. Can't really explain it. It's a gut feeling. Maybe Del Rio will use duct tape to win this match....

That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. I admit, not one of my best articles written. Tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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