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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 6/29/12

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown 6/29/12. With one Money in the Bank match announced, would we find anything out regarding the WHC MITB match? Let's find out and start the review. 

Match #1: AJ vs Layla
We open up with a diva match. A diva match to open up WWE programming? When was the last time this happened? What's going on here? Layla comes out to a new entrance theme. It was about time she got a new theme. Every time I hear that turn, I thought Michelle McCool or Torrie Wilson were gonna show up. This match was okay. The finish comes when AJ gets a taste of her own medicine. Daniel Bryan comes out and distracts AJ with 'Yes' chants. Who wouldn't get distracted by the orgy chant? Layla gets a rollup victory because of the distraction. After the match, AJ snaps and attacks Layla. I guess being Divas Champ DOESN'T have its perks. 

Winner via pinfall: Layla

With Layla out of the way, Bryan and AJ are still in the ring. Bryan calls out Vickie Guerrero to do the right thing. And the right thing would be for AJ to appear on my doorstop tomorrow morning……please? No, it turns out that Bryan wants AJ banned from the WWE Championship match at MITB. Once Vickie shows up, Vickie says that the BOD put a poll on to determine AJ's role at MITB. By an overwhelming response, AJ will be the special referee in the CM Punk/Bryan match. Bryan is pissed. No, let me rephrase that. Bryan is having a nervous breakdown. NO NO NO NO!!! I love it when Bryan's over the top. Yeah, so AJ just got herself a prime roll at the upcoming PPV. It will be interesting to see what she does in the WWE title match. We also find out that for the next two weeks, we will have qualifying matches for the WHC MITB ladder match. What? You actually have to EARN the right to compete in MITB? As opposed to just handing it to you like Raw this past week? What is this madness? Then again, I like seeing qualifier matches since it shows people fighting for the match as opposed to just being lazy and handing out the invitations. Seriously, I want more qualifier matches. I kinda miss the days when we had Royal Rumble qualifying matches. Anybody remember those? 

Match #2: Zack Ryder vs Damien Sandow; WHC MITB Qualifier
Michael Cole talked about how you shouldn't watch certain people on Youtube. Are we talking about Ryder or Fred? The finish comes when Damien hits the Straight Jacket Neckbreaker for the clean victory. With the victory, Damien moves on to MITB, while Ryder will go back to Youtube and ponder on the fact that the online show has pretty much made him a sideshow attraction. Your welcome. 

Winner via pinfall: Damien Sandow

Match #3: Jack Swagger vs Tyson Kidd; WHC MITB Qualifier
This was a pretty good match. I really enjoyed this contest. The finish comes when Tyson hits the Code Blue for the victory. That's right. Tyson is now in the MITB match. Even though his chances of victory are slim, I think it's pretty cool to give him a shot at the PPV. As for Swagger, he seems to be undergoing a losing streak. Things are pretty rough for Mr. Biff Tannen at the moment. 

Winner via pinfall: Tyson Kidd

Match #4: Santino and Christian vs Cody Rhodes and David Otunga; WHC MITB Qualifier 
My name is Hanz and Otunga and we are here to pump *CLAP* you up!!! Seriously, what's with the pose down? I think Cole had an orgasm from Otunga's show. And people wonder why Cole gets so much crap? The finish comes when Christian hits a Spear on Otunga. With the victory, Christian and Santino are in the MITB match. Cody complained about not losing the match, so they will probably follow up on that next week. Oh, and there was some friction between Vickie and Dolph Ziggler in a backstage scene. Apparently, Dolph wanted the Brogue Kick and Cross Armbreaker banned, but Vickie wouldn't allow it since Dolph never took her out to dinner last night. Gotta keep your cougar happy at all times. Did I really just say that? 

Winner via pinfall: Christian and Santino

Match #5: Ryback vs jobbers from Vanilla Ice
In a backstage scene, Bryan catches up with AJ and tries to be a nice guy. AJ is really happy, but is mostly mocking Bryan with her own version of the 'Yes' chant. She may be crazy, but she's still my favorite diva. The jobbers were named Dan Barone and Brendan Burke. This is the same match you've seen for the past month. We are gonna see something different…….right…….right……RIGHT!!!

Winner via pinfall: Ryback

Match #6: Justin Gabriel vs Tensai; WHC MITB Qualifier
Antonio Cesaro and Aksana are making out in a backstage scene. Teddy Long interrupts and informs the couple he will be the GM of Raw and SD next week. Aksana tries to use her charm on Teddy, but since the music doesn't play anymore for Aksana, it doesn't work. We also find out that it will be Antonio and Aksana vs Great Khali and Layla in a Mixed Tag match on the Great American Bash live SD next week. This Antonio character is pretty underdeveloped at this point. Don't you feel the same way? I like the look and skill set, but they haven't done much with him. Hopefully, they can actually do something with him next week. So, remember when Tensai was tough as nails against John Cena and CM Punk? Well, it's that same Tensai that has issues against Gabriel. You know the character is probably on its last few strings when they pretty much send you to SD without any explanation. If this fails for Tensai, he will be the poster boy for NXT. And for some reason, Sakamoto was there. Didn't Tensai kill him off? I guess Sakamoto had a Phoenix Down on him. Tensai wins with the running back splash. I'm not big on all the names in the WHC MITB ladder match, but I'm enjoying this line-up a lot more than the WWE version. Probably because you have a lot of people who have never won a world title involved with that MITB match and I like the unpredictable nature that the WHC MITB features. I do wonder how many more people will get to qualify for the MITB matches. Hmmm……Wade Barrett? How about Rey Mysterio? Then again, they can technically use Rey for the WWE MITB match. Well, I guess we will see who gets the remaining spots next week. 

Winner via pinfall: Tensai

Match #7: Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio; WHC
For a world title match on free TV, this was pretty good. It was given a fair amount of time and I liked the pace of the match. Del Rio and Dolph worked together….For about five minutes. The finish comes when after a bunch of near falls, Dolph is about to get a rollup on Del Rio. Sheamus arrives out of nowhere to hit the Brogue Kick on Dolph for the victory. With the way this match ended, it pretty much takes Dolph out of the WHC picture….At least for the time being. I think they will roll with Sheamus/Del Rio for the next PPV. I hope they use Dolph for the WHC MITB match. I think it can be perfect for him. Then again, I'm just a random fan and not part of the creative staff. This should be interesting. 

Winner via pinfall and still WHC: Sheamus

Overall Impression:
I once again found SD to be the more entertaining show out of the week. I felt they progressed the storylines very well and I liked most of the action SD brought tonight. I definitely recommend this show since I found it the most entertaining wrestling show between the major companies. I'm looking forward to the WHC MITB ladder match, but it's mainly because of the newer guys (for the most part) competing for the match. I generally think the MITB match should be for talents to get over that hump. With the WWE MITB being restricted to former WWE title holders, it makes it a little less intriguing. Then again, I'm sure plenty of casual fans would disagree with me on that one. Then again, it also depends on who fills out the remaining slots. If you were disappointed with Raw this week, you might get an enjoyment out of this show. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time. 

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WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 6/28/12

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling 6/28/12. After the events of the storyline THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED, how can TNA recover? Let's find out and start the review. 

Match #1: Mr. Anderson vs RVD; BFG Series
We open up the show with a BFG Series match. There was some mention of the storyline THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED, but I'll get to that later…..unless one of YOU fine folk want to tackle that segment? I'll take any volunteers……somebody……anybody…..PLEASE!!! Dammit!!! Anyway, this was a short match. It was okay, but nothing to write home about. The finish comes when RVD gets a rollup victory. With that, RVD gets 7 points. It was at this point that I realized something different about the BFG standings. When did Samoa Joe get 17 points? How did James Storm go all the way up to 36 points? What the hell is going on here? Did somebody do a line of cocaine before going on the air? Well, I'll explain all of this in the next BFG Series match. I will add that it's something that I'm not happy about since it was one of my issues with the BFG Series from a year ago. Oh goodie. 

Winner via pinfall: RVD

Austin Aries comes out and still appears to be the X Division champion. It appears he gets to be the champion until the PPV. Either that or Hulk Hogan already forgot the entire stipulation. At his age, it wouldn't surprise me. Aries announces a X Division tournament to determine the new X Division Champion. Robert Roode interrupts and thinks Aries is full of himself. He also thinks the idea of the Dest X PPV/World title is a terrible idea since it will crush the division. Aries is ready to fight, but not before Bobby decides to chicken out. So, they explain what happens to the X title and get more tension between the #1 Contender and the world champion. Personally, I enjoyed this segment. 

Match #2: Sonjay Dutt vs Rubix; X Division Tournament
We get some follow-up with Claire Lynch. Oh Jesus. We also get a backstage scene between Kaz and Christopher Daniels. Kaz is upset that he turned his back on his friend because of Daniels' actions. Well, what do you expect? He's f***ing evil!!! So, we get a former performer from the past to compete against a 4Kids television show? I never thought that would happen. Yes, I know it's called Cubix. For a moment there, I thought it was a luchador version of Amazing Red because of the red attire. Then again, we already had a failed luchador played by Red once in this company, so we don't need another. Plus, I hear Red could be getting another job. Then again, I don't really do online reporting. Anyway, this was a short, but good match. It was short, but it was fun to watch. If you like highflying wrestling, you might get a kick out of this. The finish comes when Sonjay hits a moonsault into a double foot stomp for the victory. I have to admit, that was a cool finish. 

Winner via pinfall: Sonja Dutt

Match #3: Bully Ray vs Samoa Joe; BFG Series
Okay, so I guess I should explain what happened in the BFG Series and where these mystery points came from. Well, just like a year ago, TNA is doing BFG matches in house shows. As I mentioned last year, I don't like this idea. All BFG Series matches should be shown on free TV or PPV. I kinda feel like people are getting cheated out of it since we see these metrics pop up out of nowhere without much of an explanation. I like the BFG Series as a concept, but it does have some flaws. Well, it's just something we should get used to as the series continues. This was a great match. It was given a lot of time and I liked the pace that Bully and Joe put forth in this match. Bully was targeting Joe's arm in this match and Joe sold the injury pretty well. The finish comes when the referee checks up on Joe. On the other side of the ring, Joseph Parks arrives and BITCH SLAPS Bully in the face. Joe locks in the Rear-Naked Chokehold for the submission victory. Joe is only 9 points away from Storm…..I guess? After the match, Joseph goes on a speech how he's tired of bullies and is gonna stand up to the bully. He wants a rematch with Bully in two weeks. So, I guess in two weeks, we will see a pile of broken bones. It was nice knowing you, Joseph. 

Winner via submission: Samoa Joe

Lynch is tying up the loose ends in the AJ/Dixie stuff. You know what, CHAOS CONTROL…..

Yeah, I don't care anymore. Hogan and Kaz are talking. Kaz doesn't want to be teaming up with Daniels, but Hogan thinks Kaz is full of s***. If Kaz is serious about repaying his sins, he will prove it later tonight. In other words, let's see how we can make this storyline even more stupid. TUNE IN FOR THIS!!! Madison Rayne is talking to Garett Bischoff about her secret crush. Anybody else thinking its going to be the referee? It will be Tessmacher vs Gail Kim for the KO title next week…..what? You expected more? Well, I got no more. BLAH!!!

Match #4: Rashard Cameron vs Mason Andrews; X Division Tournament
So, we have a guy in Yoshi Tatsu tights vs a guy with a ridiculous fro. Alright, let's get this party started!!! Speaking of party, that familiar Impact Zone chant makes a return. Yes, that was a terrible segway, but I don't care. Not sure why it was this match got the chant, but it's back….


The finish comes when Rashard hits a Facebuster for the victory. For WWE fans, he hit the Little Jimmy. I guess Rashard did NOT get got. Rashard cut a promo after the match. I like his look. I think the guy has potential. Still, only time will tell if Rashard can go far or not. And before I get bitched out by Indy fans, I don't know any of the guys competing in the X Division Tournament…..with the exception to Sonjay. Sorry, but I rarely watch independent wrestling.

Winner via pinfall: Rashard Cameron

Uh oh. For some reason, you made Hogan upset since he only made one appearance. There we go!!! TNA had to let Hogan make that appearance or else he wouldn't be counting his money anymore. It will be Storm vs Hardy next week in a BFG Series match. Hogan made his two appearances of the night, so now he goes back to counting his money. 

Time for the Gut Check segment of Taeler Hendrix. Still a strange way to spell her name, but that's the power of copyright. Joey Ryan interrupted this segment and ended up arguing with Tazz on the outside of the ring. I swear that it's only in the Gut Check where you see Tazz act like a human being. Yes, his commentary isn't of a human nature. If that's the case for Tazz, I really don't know what I can say for Tenay's commentary. Tazz votes yes and Al Snow votes no. Funny how the vote is always split going into the final judge. Bruce Pritchard votes yes, but not before an orgy of Yes chants. Daniel Bryan, what the hell have you created? Anyway, Hendrix gets a job with TNA. I was hoping she would get a job for this company. Hopefully, she will make more appearances than Alex Silva…..LOL. Oh…..I'm a jerk. It's still sad that the guy "without" a contract has made more appearances than a guy with a contract. 

Match #5: AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs Christopher Daniels and Kaz; Tag Team Championships
During this match, Kaz and Daniels had friction between them. This was a decent match, but I can see a lot of people not caring about this match because of the storyline. Claire and Dixie Carter are watching this match at ringside. The finish comes when a ref bump happens and Daniels is gonna use a chair on AJ. Kaz intercepts the chair and tells AJ to finish Daniels. Well, it appears Kaz has done the right thing. I guess he realized that after all the months of bulls***, it's time to change his ways. I think we all can learn something from Kaz. In fact, I say we dedicate an entire day towards…….he's gonna hit AJ with the chair, isn't he? Yep. Forget everything I just said. What an asshole!!! Kaz attacks AJ and helps Daniels because of……bromance? Yeah, I have no idea why……WRESTLING LOGIC. Daniels covers AJ and we have new tag champs…..again……I think. You know what? I just don't care about the tag belts. At this point, I figure why not? After the match, Daniels says Claire explained the truth, but not the whole truth. Daniels reveals that Claire is pregnant with AJ's child. DA DUH DAAAAAAA!!! The show ends with Dixie freaking out while Claire is crying. I don't know what to make of this. I had a feeling they were gonna bring up Claire's pregnancy at some point. I mean, why else would they hire a terrible actress that's currently pregnant? Then again, the pro wrestling world has hired some really bad actors in the past. Wait, so how does Daniels know that AJ is the father? Did he get a camera in on one of AJ's X Rated Adventures? I want to know more about how Daniels found out. This show is turning into a bad episode of Jerry Springer. It makes things a little more interesting, but it also makes things more complicated. Most of you know how I feel about overcomplicated storylines. It's pro wrestling, so they should have simple storylines, not stuff that a nuclear physicist would need to figure out. Then again, maybe we need to be getting an obstetrician involved? This storyline is like watching a NASCAR race. You just want to see how much more of a mess it can become.  

Winner via pinfall and NEW TNA Tag Champs: Christopher Daniels and Kaz

Overall Impression:
I did find this week's show to be more entertaining. I felt the in-ring quality was better than last week. I also felt that most of the in-ring segments were better…..for the most part. The Claire storyline is still kinda stupid, but you might be able to get an enjoyment out of this if you try not to think about it. It's already silly, so I just want to see what kind of ridiculous crap they can come up with next. Still, I enjoyed Impact this evening and I think some of you might like this if you block out that crazy storyline. I can see a lot of people hating this episode because of the storyline. Well, try not to make ONE segment determine the entire faith of a show. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time. 

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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw Review 6/25/12

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw 6/25/12. How do things go this week? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with the Raw opening glitching out. Not sure if this was my satellite provider, but part of the opening got cut out. It wasn't anything serious, so not sure why I brought it up….MOVING ALONG!!! AJ is backstage and we are led to believe she's talking to CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kane all at one time. She thinks that Bryan still cares for her, but she needs to move on. She likes the wild side Kane brings to the table, but he has a monster…..I mean, he is a monster……Is……IS!!! She also loves being around Punk, but thinks that Punk doesn't care for her in the same way, so maybe it's time to go their separate ways. The camera finally reveals that there are two AJs. Two AJs? Well, now this all makes sense. You know, I was going to suggest this idea…..oh……it's AJ talking to herself in the mirror…..My idea was better. So, I guess she was thinking about what she wanted to say towards the three guys. I think WWE missed a golden opportunity to cash in on AJ's crazy side. She should've been talking to a Yes shirt, a Punk plush toy, and a Kane mask. I think that would've been hilarious. Vickie Guerrero is at the ring and is the interim GM for Raw and SD this week. She announces an Elimination match coming up right now……Excuse me!!!

Match #1: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane; Triple Threat Elimination match
This was not a bad match to open up the show. The finish comes when AJ skips around the ring, thus causing Kane to get distracted. Punk hits the GTS on Kane, thus eliminating him. Seconds later, Bryan comes from behind to hit a kick on Punk's skull. Bryan ends up winning the match. They do build this up as the night continues, but we will get to that when it arrives. 

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Vickie, Alberto Del Rio, and Dolph Ziggler are backstage. Each one wants to be the #1 Contender to the WHC, but she can't make up her mind. It's decided that a #1 Contender match will happen tonight. Now, time to waste $100 worth of roses and throw them against a wall. Why? I have no idea. 

Match #2: Big Show vs Brodus Clay
Brodus starts to do well, but the injured knee is too much. Something about this injured knee seems familiar…

Well, why not? The match is about what you would expect. The finish comes when Brodus lifts Show up, but the knee gives out on him. Show crashes down on Brodus and picks up the victory. With the defeat, it will give Brodus motivation to get healthy and try to get his revenge on Show. It also makes Show to be a very dominate figure at the moment, so at least they are continuing Show's current character. Somebody better call Brodus' mama. Seriously, he's in the hospital. She might want to know about this. We also find out that Brock Lesnar will confront Triple H next week. 

Winner via pinfall: Big Show

Backstage with AJ and Kane. Kane basically breaks it off because he realizes he isn't integral to the plot anymore, so it's best they go their separate ways. Oh, and there was something about Kane wanting to be a monster. I…..I don't know. Once Kane leaves, AJ starts to cry AND laugh at the same time. She really might be Harley Quinn now that I think about it. Her acting is still kinda bad, but I can let it go. Especially when TNA debuts new characters that…….No, I'm not gonna talk about THAT. Therapy sessions are getting expensive. 

Match #3: Santino vs Jack Swagger; US Championship
A short match. Santino wins with the Cobra. Biff Tannen has no management and can't beat a comic relief character? I guess he never got that sports almanac. Still would like to see a change at US Champion. 

Winner via pinfall and still US Champion: Santino

John Cena is in the ring and does a WWE version of Star Wars. Oh…….oh noooooooo. Parts of this were bad, but I will give points for creativity. The best part was the Yoda impression. Before Cena can get started on his Indiana Jones promo, Chris Jericho interrupts. Cena announces that he will take part in Money in the Bank. Really? That was the "historic" announcement? It's a pretty disappointing announcement, but I guess I shouldn't expect much. I imagine they want to keep all the surprises for the 1000th episode. Cena claims that Show is out of control and they cannot allow him to become WWE Champion. That's showing tremendous faith in the current WWE Champion, isn't it? Jericho says Cena is biting off more than he can chew since Cena has never been in MITB. Vickie comes out and doesn't like the idea they are tossing their names in the match, so she announces that the BOD put Cena and Jericho in the WWE Championship MITB ladder match. So, she doesn't like them throwing their names in the hat, but announces they are in the match regardless? Who's idea was that? Vickie also makes it Jericho vs Cena later tonight. At least that part of the interruption made sense…..I guess. I liked Jericho's promo. I thought it was clever and hilarious. For the WWE Championship MITB match, it will feature Jericho, Cena, Kane and Show. I'm not sure how I feel about this match. MITB is usually a concept to elevate up and coming talent, but only former WWE Champions get to compete in this match. Well, let's see how it turns out. 

Match #4: Heath Slater vs Sycho Sid
Time for Slater to get destroyed by an older talent. It's Slater Time, baby!!! Sid looked alright. The guy did seem out of place during the match, but Sid wasn't one of the better wrestlers during his career. Sid wins with the Powerbomb. 

Winner via pinfall: Sycho Sid

Match #5: Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler; Contract on a Pole match, winner is #1 Contender to WHC
The winner of this match would get a WHC match on SD this week. That means you get foreshadowing on top of your foreshadowing. The audience is really pulling for Dolph. I want to see Dolph in more of a tweener role. I think he can pull it off. This was a short match, but it was decent. It could've used more time, but I understood why it happened. The finish comes when Dolph knocks down the contract. Nobody retrieved it, so both guys try to fight to grab it. I like how Del Rio clearly had a shot to win it, but he pushes the contract away. Why? Because the script and the WRESTLING LOGIC told him to do it. Both guys end up taking each other out while trying to grab the contract. Sheamus interrupts and says the world title match on SD will be a Triple Threat match. I guess we have to tune into SD to find out where they are going with this. 

No Contest

Match #6: Summertime Beach Battle Royal
It was announced that Punk vs Bryan will happen at Money in the Bank for the WWE Championship. Punk tried to talk to AJ about the two of them, but AJ seems to be thinking they are more than just friends. Vickie is competing in this match. The finish comes when it's down to AJ and Vickie. Vickie pretty much eliminates herself, so AJ picks up the victory…..

Seriously, she's doing Daniel Bryan's chant during all of this. She might be crazy, but I like her. She really is the most popular diva at the moment. All hail crazy chicks. 

Winner: AJ

Match #7: John Cena vs Chris Jericho
The match wasn't too bad. The finish comes when Show arrives to distract Cena. Jericho is able to lock in the Walls of Jericho, which allows Show to hit a legdrop on Cena. Jericho leaves Cena to get killed. Show hits the Chokeslam on Cena and follows it up with Camel Clutch to end the show. So, the Cena/Show stuff ties in with the WWE MITB ladder match. It makes Jericho and Kane look like filler since Show and Cena are the prime focus. It's common for MITB to have 1-2 guys be the heavy favorites, but I think they've given away too much in a short amount of time. Hopefully, they can throw a curveball to change things up (ie: Jericho or Kane winning MITB). Then again, things have been very predictable lately.

Winner via DQ: John Cena

Overall Impression:
I did find this show better than last week, but it also isn't saying much. I liked parts of tonight's show, but other parts of it were pretty disappointing. Cena's "historic" announcement was nothing historic when you think about it. AJ and her characterization was definitely one of the positives for tonight. Also, some of the matches weren't too bad. At the same time, nothing about the show really stands out or makes an everlasting impression. I would mostly consider this an average episode of Raw, but it leaves you wanting a little more. Some people might enjoy this show, but some might not be interested in this show. I will admit that the show isn't for everyone. At least they made a couple of announcements regarding the MITB PPV, so that's a positive. I hope SD can be better than Raw this week. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time.  

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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 6/22/12

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown 6/22/12. How does the blue brand fair this week? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with Teddy Long. He brags about the Terminator .05 losing his job as the general manager of both Raw and Smackdown, but not before Big Show interrupts. Show says he doesn't care about John Laurinaitis and it's all about him. He admits that John Cena beat him, but Cena needed the help of five people and zero referees to win the match. Show also claims that he will win the Money in the Bank since nobody can match his size. Brodus Clay arrives and attacks Show. Brodus is actually holding his own against Show, but not until David Otunga comes in and does a chop block on Brodus. Funny how Brodus was moving around fine, but one chop block makes him fall down like a wounded bird. Show gets up and…..

Yeah, he pretty much destroys Brodus. Once Show has had his fun, Otunga claims to be a better dancer than Brodus. That's not bad, but this is better….

So, I guess we get some possibly foreshadowing between Brodus and Show. The opening makes you wonder why Teddy even showed up? I get that he's happy that Johnny is fired, but his appearance just seems random. Still, easiest paycheck ever. 

Match #1: Ryback vs jobbers from summer time
Frank Venezia and Jared Wachtler get killed by Ryback with the Double Muscle Buster. Okay, I got to say something. I like Ryback. I think the guy has a good look and he might go far, but can we see something different? We've seen him kill two guys for the past month. Add a third guy or ten guys. I don't care, just do something different because this is getting repetitive. Feed me more…..steak!!!

Winner via pinfall: Ryback

Match #2: Alberto Del Rio vs Christian
We also found out that Vickie Guerrero will be running both Raw and SD next week. This was a good match, but I felt it could've gone on longer. Then again, I probably have to take into account the editing process. The finish comes when Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker for the submission victory. My guess is that Del Rio is still going to get his championship match, so a strong victory here definitely helps him. Oh, and as for the dirt sheet that talked about Del Rio this week, I simply don't give a s***. I wouldn't be surprised if it's complete bs. The puzzling thing was Cody Rhodes attacking Christian after the the match. I don't really see the point in continuing the feud. I'm guessing they haven't quite figured out what to do with Cody and/or Christian yet, so let's milk a few more weeks of this. Kinda disappointing. 

Winner via submission: Alberto Del Rio

Match #3: Daniel Bryan vs Kane
AJ is the special timekeeper for this match. It's official. The WWE is completely insane. Think about it? AJ is bats*** insane and not only do they give her the job of timekeeper, but they give her a hammer. You gave AJ a hammer? What the hell is wrong with you? This again was a decent match. It was given a lot more time than I originally thought. The finish comes when Bryan has the Yes Lock applied, but AJ rings the bell early. While Bryan is celebrating, the referee is explaining the rules to AJ and Bryan. Since the match is technically not over, Kane gets back up and hits a Chokeslam on Bryan for the REAL victory. After the match, Harley Quinn skips away as Mr. K is still puzzled. What a strange storyline, but I kinda like it. Then again, it beats the thing TNA……no, I'm not even gonna talk about that right now. I'll just end up having another nervous breakdown. 

Winner via 95-pound girl: Kane

Match #4: Heath Slater vs Zack Ryder
Mick Foley came out for a cheap pop until Slater interrupted and demanded some respect after the events of Raw. Since his gimmick is to get destroyed by legends on Raw, his gimmick is SD is to get killed by current talent. Zack hits the Rough Ryder for the victory. In a backstage scene, we see Foley and Ryder run into Damien Sandow. Damien  is not amused with Foley and Ryder. He was especially mean towards Ryder. Almost as if he vows to do something about this ignoramus. Well, it appears that Ryder is getting another storyline. This should keep the Ryder fans happy….For about 20 seconds until they realize that Sandow is probably going over in this feud……Your welcome. 

Winner via pinfall: Zack Ryder

Match #5: Prime Time Players vs Usos
Was Booker T barking in the middle of this match? I think Booker just does whatever the hell he wants while on commentary. The finish comes when Titus O'Neil hits a Lifting Sitout Spinebuster for the victory. After the match, the PTP and AW are walking backstage until they are confronted by Primo and Epico. The four guys fight in the back. Again, an actual storyline in tag team wrestling. I like it, but it feels weird since it has been a while since I've seen this. 

Winner via pinfall: Prime Time Players

Santino is looking for signs. He picks a woman who is a Santino fan. She jumps in the ring and makes out with Santino. Why was this on the air? I have no idea. Should I care? Probably not since I imagine that it will never be brought up again. Why did I bring it up? Once again, I have no idea. Am I crazy? Yes!!! BLAHOBBALALBALHABALLBALH!!!

Match #6: Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler
This was a good match, but not as amazing as their match at the PPV. Then again, it's a little unfair to compare a PPV match to free TV. For the most part, the action was pretty decent on SD. The finish comes when Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Dolph. The match was fine, but I really didn't like the fact they put on the same match from this past Sunday. I realize they are trying to make Sheamus into one of the big names, but I would've preferred it done in a different way. Maybe a different opponent or something like that. Eh, I don't know. 

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

Overall Impression:
SD featured a lot of filler, but they did put on some decent matches. Still, I was hoping for a couple of new storylines to bring to the table. They did tease a couple things like Show/Brodus and Damien/Ryder, but I was hoping for something bigger. Nothing new was brought up regarding the WHC. I figure that Del Rio will still get his match, but it was never implied. Christian and Cody seem to continue their rivalry, which baffles me since they tied that up at No Way Out, so there's no reason for this to continue. It was a show that didn't establish anything new. Part of me felt disappointed with this show. At the same time, the action did keep me entertained. At least for the most part. This probably was the best show out of the week, but it did leave much to be desired. Still, you might want to give this one a look if you're looking in the action department. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 6/21/12 (Open Fight Night = why?)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling 6/21/12. With the third edition of Open Fight Night, how did it fair this time? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with Hulk Hogan. He says Sting's attackers will be on notice. Since this is wrestling, look for those attackers to be hovering around for three months as they completely avoid security. Funny how that happens, but that would be the logic, upon logic of the logic variety……wrestling? Hogan calls out Austin Aries since he wants to know his decision. Aries tells him that he decided to go with the steak for dinner…..oh, and something involving the X Division/World Championship. I'm not sure. Aries says he doesn't want to prestige of the X Title to go to waste, so he has another idea. He will give up the X title, but only if the Destination X is a PPV where the current X Division champion can give up the X title for a shot at the World Championship. Hogan loves the idea, so I guess Aries is no longer the X Division Champion. They never exchanged the championship, but I guess the handshake was implied. Robert Roode interrupts and talks about how the X Division championship is a piece of crap and A Double better watch out. Aries wants to fight now, so time to get a brawling segment. TNA road agents break it up, but not before Mr. Anderson showed up and claims to win the BFG Series. Yeah, unless Anderson buys a cowboy hat and develops a drinking problem, I don't see that happening. Then again, Anderson does walk around that ring in a drunk-like fashion, so maybe he's halfway there? I liked how the show started off. It went decently and I kinda like the idea of giving future X Division champions an opportunity at the world title at one of the PPVs. The PPV is titled Destination X, so why not have them compete in a world title match? Then again, this part of the show didn't blow my mind. What did blow my mind was seeing a kid in the audience wearing a John Cena T-shirt. A kid that watches BOTH WWE and TNA? What is this madness? 

Match #1: Mr. Anderson vs Christopher Daniels; BFG Series
Anderson challenges Daniels because he gets to drink Slimer vomit. Yes, I know it was an appletini. The match lasted about 2-3 minutes. Anderson wins with the Mic Check. With the victory, Anderson wins 7 points. The point system is the same from last year, so nothing has changed there. 

Winner via pinfall: Mr. Anderson

AJ Styles and Dixie Carter are debating if they want to reveal the facts or not. Oh boy, I can't wait for this. This is gonna be the best reveal ever. Yep……the best ever…….RUN AWAY!!! Brooke Hogan is talking to Madison Rayne, ODB, Velvet Sky, and Mickie James about the KO Championship match. Anyway, she eliminates Madison because she's too busy thinking about referee strudel or whatever her crush is this week. 

Match #2: Robbie E vs Kurt Angle; BFG Series
Oh, this is gonna be a good match. I can't wait for this. Let me go get myself a Pepsi and……what? The match is already over? Kurt won via submission? What the hell was that? Then again, it's Robbie E, so I shouldn't be surprised. This makes those Ryback squash matches much more dignified. I ask once again. How did Robbie E get into the BFG Series? 

Winner via submission: Kurt Angle

Match #3: Magnus vs AJ Styles; BFG Series
Magnus challenges AJ because he's a home-wrecker. Funny how the audience is still supporting AJ throughout all these allegations. Then again, it's pro wrestling. AJ is competing, but is still distracted. Oh, can I please reveal what's been troubling AJ? Oh, that's gonna be a doozie. Daniels and Kaz show up with more dirt on AJ. During the distraction, Magnus hits a Falcon Arrow for the victory. Falcon arrow…..Falcon punch…..Falcon kick…..Falcon falcon….Okay, I'm done. 

Winner via pinfall: Magnus

Match #4: Taeler Hendrix vs Tara; Gut Check
Yeah, they actually got a woman to take part in the Gut Check. I did wonder if women wrestlers were going to be open to this, so I guess I got my questioned answered. Tara wins with the Widow's Peak. Hendrix is interesting to say the least. She has a good look and I think it can work for her, but she still needs work in some areas. Her in-ring ability looked about average. Then again, I've seen people with far worse skills that actually became champion (Velvet and Kelly Kelly). I guess we will find out next week if Hendrix gets a contract or not…..Even if the Gut Check is somewhat of a joke at this point. If you search hard enough, maybe you can see Alex Silva sitting in the audience. 

Winner via pinfall: Tara

Match #5: Samoa Joe vs James Storm; BFG Series
Bully Ray ran into Joseph Parks and says if him and his family get in his face, they will disappear. Yeah, I want to see how that would unfold since Abyss has returned twice this year from going missing. This again was a short match. Are you noticing a pattern here? Storm hits the Super Kick for the victory. Storm now has 27 points in the BFG Series. 

Winner via pinfall: James Storm

Match #6: Bully Ray vs Pope; BFG Series
Brooke eliminates ODB from the KO title match. Why? I don't know. I think it was something involving an insane asylum patient. I wasn't paying attention. Bully challenges Pope because he wants the easy points. This was another short match. The finish comes when Abyss shows up in the audience and grabs Bully from the outside of the ring. Umm, how did this not end up being a DQ? Abyss flat out put his hands on Bully in plain referee sight, so what's that all about? You companies and your WRESTLING LOGIC. Abyss tosses Bully back in the ring. Pope hits a quick move and is able to get a quick pinfall. There's a lot of issues with how this match ended, but it did its job. Bully/Joseph/Abyss deal will continue, while the Pope is just there. That seems about right. 

Winner via pinfall: Pope

Match #7: Tessmacher vs Mickie James; KO Championship match
Brooke picks Mickie. Why, you may ask? Because the script told her. Are you ready for an interesting stat? This was the longest match of the night. Yep, I'm not bulls****ing here. The finish comes when Tessmacher does a Kelly Kelly finisher for the victory. After the match, Mickie is pissed off. Oh no. I think I know what's gonna happen….

Well…..that might be a stretch. Still, she's gonna snap. 

Winner via pinfall and still KO Champ: Tessmacher

Match #8: RVD vs Jeff Hardy; BFG Series
Another short match? Okay, I gotta be honest. I knew things were going to be cramped this evening since they had so many matches and development scheduled, but couldn't we get one match that stood out from the pack? All I'm asking for is one decent match. All these matches were rushed. Then again, it's free TV, so maybe I shouldn't expect much? Still, one match couldn't hurt. To be fair, this was the best match of the night, but it was still rushed. The finish comes when Hardy hits Twist of Fate for the victory. I like how Hardy and RVD weren't the ones picked in OFN. Well, that might have to do wit the fact that you could end up in jail being around Hardy or RVD. The only thing the other guys could do is plant money (Pope) or condoms (Styles) on you. Hey, I heard nothing fun about jail. By the way, I'm just f***ing around. 

Winner via pinfall: Jeff Hardy

Time for the final segment of the night. Dixie Carter and AJ are about to reveal the truth, but they are about to chicken out. That's when a mystery woman arrives. I thought it was AJ's wife at first, but it turns out her name is Claire Lynch (I think). AJ isn't having an affair…..he's having affairs. She comes out and says AJ and Dixie are good people and they have been helping her. She's dealing with personal issues and they have been helping her throughout this time….

She talks about her substance abuse and waking up in a stranger's……okay, I can't watch this anymore. I'm sorry, but that's all I can take. I was honestly confused when she started talking. I knew that this storyline was either going to get interesting or really stupid. I mean, we are dealing with pro wrestling here. Still, I didn't think it would be this stupid. So, you're telling me that AJ's been screwing up his matches because he's out trying to help a friend? Oh, the humanity. Oh God…..OH GOD……OH GAAAAAAAWWWWWD!!! Not to mention that everything established doesn't add up. The photos, the video, the phone call. My God, the phone call. AJ said he wouldn't miss it for the world. Miss what? A drunken woman lying out in a gutter? Is that really such a spectacle? What's the matter with you? Why is Dixie hiding the fact that she's helping this person from her husband? Does he secretly hate her? Is Serg an asshole who hates free handouts? Why am I even questioning this? I think THAT'S the question of the night. Yeah, so this doesn't make any sense with the established kayfabe. To be fair, when they revealed the affair angle, it didn't make much sense then. So, why did I let that go, but trashing this? Because the affair angle offers a lot of possibilities. It made the storyline somewhat interesting and it was kinda entertaining seeing the emotions of people playing if off. But, how do you follow all of that up with this? This is an example of TNA playing it way too safe. Instead of doing something different with AJ and/or Dixie's character, we have to turn them into saints and make sure there's an explanation to all of this. But it doesn't make any sense? Who cares? This is pro wrestling, it isn't like we have to try. I still can't believe they did this, but part of me isn't that surprised. Way to kill a storyline, TNA. And I was willing to let some of this crap slide, but it only got worse when this Claire character showed up. And when I say that, I'm not referring to the established kayfabe. I'm talking about her character performance. Oh my freakin' God, her acting was horrible. Was this her first day? Couldn't they find someone that can actually give a convincing performance? The storyline already jumped the shark, but it didn't mean we needed someone that rehearsed the scene 20 seconds ago. TNA, you really should be ashamed of yourselves after this. That's it!!! I'm done….

I apologize for my outburst. I'm normally Mr. Silly-Man or the optimistic one, but this one really got to me. We can see how it unfolds, but the damage has been done. The show has broken me……

Overall Impression:
Do I really have to give my overall impressions? I think the ending pretty much summed up the whole show. TNA starts doing well for the past couple of months. Things were looking positive and up for the company, but then they rolled this. Tonight's show was pretty bad. The action was very lacking since it was all completely rushed. Some might enjoy the action, but I feel like the action moved at the pace of a five-year old off a sugar high. Probably my favorite moment of the night was the intro. The show got off to a great start. I loved the interaction between Roode and Aries. I wanna see more of that. They should've ended the show right there, but they wanted to keep going. Some people can argue that everything (minus the ending) was at least decent. That might be true, but I just didn't get an enjoyment out of tonight's show. Raw may have been lackluster in its own right, but I would rather watch that than this. And then there's……No, I'm not gonna talk about that segment anymore. If I talk about it again, I will have another relapse. Let's just end it here. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. What was there to enjoy? As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. Oh, I would LOVE to see how people are going to defend this. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time…….F***!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw Review 6/18/12

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw 6/18/12. After the events of No Way Out, how do things move forward? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with the guy from Long Island, Zack Ryder….

I'm just f***ing with you. We open up with Mick Foley. Yeah, like they would ever open up with Ryder. Foley informs us that for the next several weeks, former GMs will get to run Raw and Smackdown on an interim basis. This will keep going until the B.O.D makes a decision. That or whenever the script says they made a decision. So, former GMs will get to run the shows? Will we get to see Paul Heyman's SD? Mick allows John Laurinaitis to make his farewell address, but the audience is booing the hell out of Johnny. Roboinaitis is pissed off that robots aren't planted in the audience to cheer for him. Johnny is so pissed that he will save his farewell speech for later tonight. Johnny also says that before he was fired, he booked John Cena vs Big Show, David Otunga, and Johnny in a handicap match. Wait? How does that work? If Johnny or Cena were set to be fired, how can they sign off on something like that? I think it's a little soon for the WRESTLING LOGIC to arrive, but nothing I can do about that. The opening does address how things are going to be running since we don't have a current GM on both shows. Still, something about the idea of seeing Mike Adamle in a wrestling ring again is going to give me nightmares. 

Match #1: CM Punk and Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan and Kane
This was a decent match. It was given more time than I projected and it was a decent way to get the action portion of the show rolling. The finish comes when AJ runs out in a Kane get-up and skips around the ring. Kane watches this, so he's obviously thinking with his Red Pitchfork once again. For some reason, I thought AJ looked more like Harley Quinn as opposed to Kane. The only thing missing was the makeup. As Kane is distracted, this allows Punk and Sheamus to hit the GTS and Brogue Kick on Bryan. Daniel got comboed!!! I found out why Kane was upset. Apparently, Kane bought that outfit for AJ and he doesn't appreciate her showing the entire world what he was doing to her last night. Yeah, so Kane's not in a good mood after that. Maybe Kane was able to buy himself a two-night stand with AJ? I guess we will find out since it seems Kane will remain in this storyline for a while. 

Winner via pinfall: CM Punk and Sheamus

In a backstage scene, Dolph Ziggler and Biff Swagger are arguing over the size of their d***s, while Vickie Guerrero interrupts. Girls, girls, you're both pretty. She's tired of them competing against each other, so they are put in a match against each other. The winner gets to shower with Vickie and wins her affection. What, what happened to those managerial services? Johnny, Otunga, and Big Show are in a separate backstage scene. They are laughing at they fact they will embarrass Cena tonight. Yeah, because that went so well last night. Maybe it was a good idea that Johnny lost his power. He's got more gears loose than Bender, but Bender can still be cool after that. 

Match #2: Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger
Swagger was mostly targeting Dolph's knee during this match. It wasn't a long match, but it was decent. The finish comes when Dolph gets out of the Ankle Lock and is able to hit the Zig Zag for the victory. After the match, Dolph and Vickie kiss in the ring. I can see some people being upset with this. Mainly because Dolph is good enough to go out on his own, while Swagger being on his own does nothing for him. That's probably true. I would like to eventually see Dolph go out on his own, but I'm okay with this approach. Now, let's make like a tree and get out of here. 

Winner via pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

Paul Heyman arrives to address Triple H's idea. Paul says NO to dropping the lawsuit and NO to the SummerSlam match. I would like to see a promo battle between Paul and Bryan someday. Paul is getting ready to leave, but Trips interrupts. Trips wants to hear from Brock's words that he declines the match. Trips tries to tempt Brock by putting his face on the SummerSlam poster……$14.95+ shipping and handling. Anyway, Paul and Trips have a disagreement in Brock having an ego or not. Yeah, do you really want me to answer that question? Paul starts to go on a rant in how Trips used to be a fighter, but he's becoming more like a businessman every single day. Umm, did we forget that Trips and Undertaker beat the crap out of each other at WM 28? Yeah, that would be more of that logic……in the wrestling variety. As Paul continues to taunt Trips, the Game gets angry and grabs Paul. He's about to attack Pauly, but he eventually let him go. Paul starts to laugh and brag about how he knows what Trips is gonna do. Is Paul MewTwo?Trips finally punches him and says he still wants Brock at SS. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing this unfold and how the match between Trips and Brock will turn out. I think it can be a lot of fun. Plus, it's great seeing Pauly being the voice of Brock. No offense to Brock, but promos is not his strong suit. 

Match #3: Alberto Del Rio vs Santino
Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker for the submission victory. Yeah, Santino is the greeeeeeeatest US Champion eveeeeer!!! Seriously, they need to get the title off of him. After the match, Ricardo Rodriguez lands a cheap shot on Santino. This match gets two Del Rio underwear out of ten. 

Winner via submission: Alberto Del Rio

We are back in the ring with Cyndi Lauper, Wendi Richter, and Layla. She's talking about the Rock and Wrestling connection back in the day. Heath Slater comes out and sings. I think we finally found someone that sings worse than William Hung….or 80% of rappers. I'm sorry if you're a fan of rap, but I couldn't resist. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper comes out and tells Slater to f*** off and talks about the old days of Captain Lou Albano and how Cyndi did so much more for this business than people realize. He gives Cyndi a golden record as an apology for smashing it over the Captain, but she would us it on Slater's skull. Hey, that costed Piper like $20…..what a waste of money!!! I know people cringe at this segment, but I think some people don't realize that Cyndi played a big roll in pro wrestling going mainstream. Heck, you can possibly make the argument that WM was inspired by the Rock and Wrestling connection. I don't have a problem with paying a little bit of homage to the people who helped this business rise to the top. With that said, look for the internet to do nothing but complain about this spot. I will admit that the segment didn't do anything for anybody, but it wasn't designed to. Either that or this is Slater's new gimmick of getting crushed by former wrestlers. He's 2 for 2. I'm glad they showed some respect to the Captain. In honor of the Captain, there's only one dance we can do……Let's do the Mario….

May you rest in peace, Lou. 

Match #4: Prime Time Players vs Primo and Epico
AW comes out with his new crew, the Prime Time Players. This was a short match. Just as Primo and Epico were about to suicide dive on PTP, AW protects his clients and they walk out of the match. What? A storyline in the tag team division? Who are you and what have you done to the WWE? In all seriousness, I'm just glad to see some type of program in the tag division. It may not last long, but it would be cool to watch. 

Winner via countout: Primo and Epico

Match #5: John Cena vs David Otunga and John Roboinaitis; Handicap match
You're probably wondering what happened to the Big Show. Well, there's a reason for that. As Johnny is talking about how people will regret the end of People Power. I'll miss you, People Power Scooter……I'll miss you the most. Show comes out and says he's moving on to bigger and better things. In other words, the robot is screwed. This match goes about the way you would expect. Cena destroys both Otunga and Johnny. There was a few moments where Cena had to fight back, but he was pretty much in control of this entire thing. The finish comes when Cena hits three AAs on Johnny and follows it up with the STF for the submission victory. Teddy Long was watching this match at ringside and was enjoying it. It was one of those main events designed to give the casual fans what they wanted in Johnny getting destroyed…..again. It wasn't a good match, but it also wasn't designed to look good. Still, I was kinda hoping for something else. I'm not sure what I mean by that. I think I'm referring to a surprise or a return of some kind. That didn't happen, so I can understand why people are upset by this. If you hate Johnny, you might get an enjoyment out of this. Now that Roboinaitis has failed to take over the world, I guess Metal Sonic can always give that another shot. 

Winner via submission: John Cena

Overall Impression:
This show is gonna get a mixed response, no matter what I say. It wasn't a great show, but I don't think it was a terrible show either. I did enjoy the first half of this show, but the second half did struggle a bit. I think the show did fall apart after the Trips/Heyman segment. This isn't the best show to witness after a pretty disappointing PPV. Still, I was able to enjoy a couple of segments here and there. The first two matches were pretty decent, but I think most people were expecting something in terms of a new storylines. That's where tonight's show fell short. Still, there's some decent stuff to witness at the end of the day, but this is definitely a show you can pass on. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time.

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE No Way Out 2012 Review

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE No Way Out 2012. How did the PPV come across? Let's find out and start the review. 

Match #1: Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler; WHC
We open up the PPV with the WHC match, but let's quickly talk about the pre-show. It was Yoshi vs Phoenix Wright in a battle of video game excellence *punch*, it was Brodus Clay vs David Otunga. Compared to the previous Brodus matches, this one actually showed Brodus struggling. At least they tried to utilize the attack on Smackdown this week, but it didn't last long. Brodus starts to get back in the match, so Otunga decides to leave the match. I'm sure Jennifer Hudson wouldn't want her wife to get injured now. Anyway, the match was pretty basic. To be fair, you really shouldn't expect much out of the pre-show matches. We also find out there will be a Fatal 4Way match to determine the #1 Contender to the WWE Tag Team Championships. I'll go into more detail on this when the match arrives. Okay, NOW let's get to the PPV. 

To start off this match, Dolph gets a good luck kiss from Vickie Guerrero. Dolph almost gets hit with the Brogue Kick, but Dolph was able to dodge it. Yeah, I wouldn't think they would be stupid enough to go through with that 18 match again……right……right……RIGHT? Kinda odd that this match was the one that opened up the PPV, but I think it was a great way to start it all. This was a good match. I felt the flow went together rather well and both guys had a chance to show what they can do. This match is a strong candidate for the Match of the Night. Speaking of the Sheamus/Bryan match at WM, this match reminded me a lot of it. Look at it? The crowd was mostly pulling for Dolph in this match. It just seems like non-casual fans will not learn to love Sheamus. The finish comes when after dozen of near falls, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for the victory. If this turns out to be anything like WM 28, Dolph will have a bigger fanbase afterwords while Sheamus continues to remain in the same position. I like Sheamus, but I don't really see "world champion" when I look at Sheamus. I still think he makes for a better chaser for the championship than an actual champion. 

Winner via pinfall and still WHC: Sheamus

Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis were in a backstage scene. Johnny is trying to give Vince advise while Vince doesn't seem to give a s***. Josh Matthews cuts an interview with Roboinaitis, but it leads to an angry outburst from Johnny. I guess Johnny is feeling a little red right now. Wait? A red robot? 


Match #2: Santino vs Ricardo Rodriguez; Tuxedo match
For those unfamiliar with a Tuxedo match, here are the rules. The idea is to get your opponent out of their tuxedo, thus you are the winner. Its pretty much the males version of a Bra and Panties match……or would this be the female version? Yeah…..Think about that. Did anyone have Dumb and Dumber flashbacks with Santino's tux? For a comedy match, it seemed to be missing something…..the comedy!!! I didn't expect much with this match, but the comedy was really lacking in certain areas. The only moments I chuckled at were the bullfighting schtick and when Ricardo lost. The finish comes when Ricardo threw the Cobra out in the audience. Ricardo starts taking off Santino's shoes and socks until he reveals another Cobra on his legs. He uses the Cobra on it and…….Okay, that was really stupid. What's gonna happen next time? Santino going to literally pull a Cobra out of his ass? I'm fine with the comedy in pro wrestling. In fact, most of you know I laugh and love some of the most over the top moments in pro wrestling, but that Cobra bit was just stupid. With Ricardo down to his underwear, he appears to be wearing Alberto Del Rio underwear. I didn't even know they made those? Maybe that's Del Rio's seal of approval…..or disapproval. If Santino's going continue the comedy act, they really should consider getting the US Championship off of him. At this point, it doesn't do anything for Santino. 

Winner: Santino

Match #3: Christian vs Cody Rhodes; IC Championship
Cody didn't show up on Raw or SD this past week. I guess its because he sent his jacket to the cleaners, but they misplaced his order and he had to wait. This was a pretty good match. Both Cody and Christian got to shine during this match. The finish comes when Rhodes goes for Beautiful Disaster, but misses and walks into a Spear. This should end things between Cody and Christian. They both need new programs. 

Winner via pinfall and still IC Champion: Christian

Match #4: Primo and Epico vs Prime Time Players vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs Usos; Fatal 4Way match to determine #1 Contender to WWE Tag Team Championships
Having this match is kinda baffling. I mean, when was the last time WWE invested a ton of time into the tag team division? Well, I should give them credit for trying. During the pre-show, AW was talking about how this would be Primo and Epico's night to shine. This match wasn't too bad. It can be a bit of a clusterf***, but it wasn't too bad. This is what the tag team division needs more of. King baffled me when he said that Rosa Mendes dominates one of his dreams. I know what he was going for here, but I pictured Rosa with a whip while the King was……I'm just gonna stop right there. That's it, I QUIT!!! The finish comes when AW tosses Primo back in the ring, which allows Darren Young to hit the Gut Check. Yes, that's actually what it's called. Epico tried to save his partner, but AW prevented it. After the match, the Puerto Ricans argue and yell at AW. This makes the PTP and AW join up and attack Primo and Epico. So, it appears that AW has dumped Primo and Epico in favor of PTP. This probably was the best move. I don't know about you, but I always found the pairing of AW/Primo and Epico to be off. AW joining up with PTP can be interesting, but what's AW's obsession with the tag team division? I think the guy wants to secretly team up with The Rock and be known as the Rock-A-Likes. Get it? Get it? I hope you get it. Millions of dollars is on their way…..I think. 

Winner via pinfall and NEW #1 Contender to Tag Team Titles: Prime Time Players

Triple H comes out to address the Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman lawsuits. What it all boiled down to was Trips challenging Brock to match at SummerSlam. Why? Because Trips wants to fight. That, and he was inspired by Undertaker to cut to the chase….

Match #5: Layla vs Beth Phoenix; Divas Championship
Layla wins with the Lay Out. I don't even know what more to say….

Well, that was kinda harsh. I thought the match was fair. 

Winner via pinfall and still Divas Champion: Layla

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention how AJ kept wishing CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kane good luck tonight. She only kisses Punk and Bryan on the cheek, but Kane immediately pulls her in for more. Hey, evil monsters also get lonely. I know people are going to crap on this because Kane said a while back that he no longer has human emotions. Well, these are mostly sexual emotions, so I think you can get away with that. Kane is obviously thinking with a different part of his body. Let's call it his Red Pitchfork. Yeah, I'm terrible and I don't even care. 

Match #6: Sin Cara vs Hunico
Sin Cara wins with La Mistica. It was pretty much the same match the two had a Raw a few weeks back. This really doesn't need to be on PPV. I understand the need of wanting to showcase Sin Cara, but there are better ways to do it. Oh well, I guess we can all use a break. Especially since the previous scene was Kane sticking his tongue down AJ's throat. I bet Kane's saying, "So…… we have time for a quickie?". Anyway, good job Mr. Red Ranger. You have protected the world from the former Black Ranger. I miss my Blue Ranger.

Winner via Morphin' Time: Sin Cara

Match #7: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane; WWE Championship match
This was a good match to watch. I was wondering how it would work out with Kane being involved, but I think it turned out pretty well. The audience was kinda out of it for a while, but got back up during this match. YES! NO! YES! NO! YES! NO!….

What, no MAYBE chant? I was kinda hoping for that. After a bunch of near falls, the finish comes when AJ arrives and ends up getting tackled by Kane on the ring apron. Kane sees what happens, but forgets about Punk. Punk hits the GTS and remains the WWE Champion. I like how Bryan completely disappeared towards the end of the match. What, did Harry Potter wrap his ass out of the building? After the match, Punk celebrates in the ring as Kane carries AJ to the back. As Kane is walking away, AJ gives Punk a wink. What kind of wink was that? Was that the "I'm glad I could help" wink, or was that the "I'm gonna get down with a demon" wink? Regardless, it appears that AJ was playing Kane this entire time…..or was she? I think it was best for Kane to take the defeat. I always figured Kane was just thrown into this rivalry to buy the Punk/Bryan/AJ deal more time. Nothing is resolved between Punk and Bryan, so we will probably get to see a rematch at Money in the Bank. I think it could be interesting. Not only do you get good wrestling quality with Punk and Bryan, but you also get an interesting storyline. I guess we will find out as this continues. Kane better go stock up on his Big Red Trojan Box if this is a one-time offer. 

Winner via pinfall and still WWE Champion: CM Punk

Match #8: Ryback vs jobbers from American Idol
The jobbers were named Dan Delaney and Rob Grymes. Colin Delaney not available? Ryback kills with the Double Muscle Buster. Feed me more……chicken. Yeah, he needs a protein load after that "workout". 

Winner via massacre: Ryback

Match #9: John Cena vs Big Show; Steel Cage match
I get the feeling I've seen this match before. Show is dominating a good chunk of the match. Cena is down and out, but Show makes one mistake and Cena is able to summon the powers of a God as is able to defy the odds. I can see why people think the WWE Championship isn't important as of late. Especially considering that Cena has been the main event for five PPVs in a row. I understand that he's the face of the company and is always going to be a main attraction, but you can lay off of the Cena cock once in a great while. Time for Show to do a move that gets Cena back in it. What will it be this time around? I got it!!! CANNONBALL….F***!!! Show crashes and burns on the elbow drop, which allows Cena to hulk up. Cena gets a door smashed in his face and a Chokeslam and is still able to kick out at two. Nuclear bombs can't even kill Cena, so what made you think Show was gonna take him out with a Chokeslam. Johnny and Vince ended up taking each other out, along with a referee. The referee in the ring was also taken out. There is no referee and the match continues. Remember that for later. Show hits the KO punch on Cena, so decides to walk as slow as possible to the door. This allows Brodus to show up with a steel chair and stand by the door. Brodus summons Santino, Alex Riley, and Zack Ryder to help out, but they all get killed by Show. As Show starts to climb the cage, Kofi Kingston shows up and is able to kick Show back to the ring. The finish comes when Cena gets back up and climbs over the cage for the victory. Seconds later, Show is seen outside of the cage, so he just missed victory. Remember what I said about the referees? If the refs are taken out, how did they determine who won the match? Vince was out, so does the timekeeper get to be the referee in this situation? I'm just going to write WRESTLING LOGIC on this one. After the match, Cena hits the AA on Johnny through the Spanish Announce table,, but not before Vince fires Roboinaitis. So, the robot empire is over after all these months. It did seem like Johnny was going to be removed from the GM position really soon. Johnny has been in-charge since October, so I think they were due for a change. Still, I think my biggest issue with the match was resorting to the same, Cena formula you are used to seeing. I know I'm beating a dead horse when I talk about this, but the Cena formula is getting really old. If you've seen one match were Cena was up against a wall, you have pretty much seen every other match done in this style. I guess it's a good thing that Johnny is no longer in control. I can admit that I am curious to know in who they will pick to run Raw and SD. Plus, a one month reign of terror by Show is kinda silly when you think about it. You build him as a wrecking machine, but only to get crushed by the Cena machine. Nothing can kill the Cena machine. As for Show, I don't think it matters what happens next. He will beat up smaller guys, but might end up having issues against bigger names. 

Winner via timekeeper: John Cena

Overall Impression:
There were moments where the PPV looked great, but there was a few moments where things just fell apart. What helped this PPV stand out was the two world title matches and the IC championship match. The Tag match and the Divas match were passable. Yes, I just said that. I think one of the main issues I had with tonight's PPV was how it looked. It didn't really feel like a PPV. They certainly had quality-style PPV matches, but the overall show didn't feel like PPV quality. It mostly felt like a glorified episode of Raw. There's nothing wrong with a glorified episode of Raw, but this isn't Raw. This is PPV and people generally want to see some type of plot twist, a swerve, or something big for PPV quality. Yeah, Johnny just lost his job, but that isn't a big enough of a swerve. And the sad part was this PPV had a ton of potential to pull off a swerve. Both world title matches and the main event had swerve written all over them, but the WWE didn't want to take a gamble on it and decided to play it safe tonight. There's nothing wrong with playing it safe, but I think most people were expecting something more from this PPV. The show can also be pretty predictable, but this also falls in the boat of not going with a plot twist. Kinda ironic I said it was predictable since I actually got two picks wrong, but since when do I care about my predictions? On a scale of 1-10 and 5 is considered average on here, I'm gonna give WWE No Way Out 2012 a 6 out of 10. I would consider this a slightly above average show and nothing more. The PPV did feature some really good wrestling matches and some interesting moments, but this PPV does feel like a letdown in the PPV department. I liked parts of it, but I also feel disappointed with this PPV. You might want to give this PPV a look at, but this show isn't for everyone, so don't say I didn't warn you. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. If you enjoyed any of my nonsense, you can check out some of the other articles I've written. Also, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time. 

WrestlingNerd's Official Score of WWE No Way Out 2012: 6 out of 10

Saturday, June 16, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 6/15/12 (Plus Quick Thoughts on WWE No Way Out 2012)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown 6/15/12. With No Way Out set for this week, how can the blue brand add intrigue to the PPV? Let's find out and start the review.

We open up the show with crrrrrrrraaaaaaaaazy AJ. She is about to give her reasons for kissing Kane, but Vickie Guerrero interrupts. In my theory, I would say the reason AJ kissed Kane is because she has a fire fetish, but what the hell would I know? Vickie introduces Dolph Ziggler and both claim that nobody cares about what AJ is doing. While Dolph is confident in winning the match, he says like 500 words in a matter of three-seconds. What the hell happened to him? Regardless, you got to give him some credit for at least memorizing it…..or was it not? Anyway, AJ thinks Dolph is delusional and Vickie is a grandmother……BITCH SLAP!!! As AJ is recovering from the slap, CM Punk interrupts. Punk says that Dolph will choke in trying to win the big one. I guess Lebron James can relate. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. Daniel Bryan interrupts and does what you would think….

Sheamus interrupts and…..what's with all these interruptions? We started off on why AJ kissed the Big Red Love Machine, and then we went off on 50 different tangents. What a strange world. Sheamus says the typical stuff……fella…..arse……….and there's something in there about fighting. Yeah, that pretty much sums up 90% of Sheamus' promos. I miss the stories Sheamus tells. I want story time, dammit. They are ready to start the match, but not before AJ is kicking her legs in the air as she attempts to smack Vickie. This was a long opening, at least for SD standards. We technically aren't done with the opening since the match begins next. In my opinion, Dolph's promo was probably the best promo amongst the group. Now, if only we can get a translator for him? Seriously, slow down.

Match #1: CM Punk and Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler
I've noticed this on Raw, but I didn't take much from it until now. I notice how WWE brings up how Dolph became world champion, but under controversy. I also liked how they brought up Dolph's past failures in trying to get the big prize. Even though most people have Sheamus winning the match this Sunday, I think it's very possible for WWE to actually give it to Dolph this time around. I think it would be a nice change of pace if they decided to go down this direction. As for the match, it wasn't too bad. It was probably the best match of the night. It makes you wonder why this wasn't the main event. Well, you will understand as we continue with the show. The finish comes when AJ tosses Vickie in the ring. Sheamus starts to have that, "I'm gonna rape you" look on his face, which allows Dolph to get a rollup victory on Sheamus. After the match, Sheamus chases after Dolph. In the ring, AJ and Vickie are pretending to fight. Vickie ends up pushing AJ towards the ring and she's down. Once Vickie leaves, Kane arrives. No……No…..NOOO!!! Kane picks up AJ and is going to walk to the back, but Punk comes in to make the save. Umm, what was Kane gonna do to her? I think we all know what Kane was gonna do to AJ……this is why they call him the Big Red Machine. Kane, Punk, and Bryan are all in the ring fighting. Kane takes out Bryan and Punk with the Chokeslam. The segment ends with Kane staring at AJ, while AJ drops to her knees. Uhhhhhhhhh…..What is going on here? What's going through AJ's head at this moment? It's because of AJ that adds intrigue to the WWE Championship match. They can go down multiple paths involving the three competitors this Sunday. I think it will be interesting to see where this is all going. Not too bad for crrrrrrraaaaaaazy AJ. Even though she's crazy, she's still adorable. 

Winner via crazy AJ: Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan

Match #2: Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater
Oh, come on. Slater couldn't even beat a fat guy in the 90s. What makes you think he has a chance against a fat guy from this generation? Brodus hits the Funk It for the victory. After the match, David Otunga got in the ring and attacked Brodus. He mostly targets Brodus' knee. After the attack, the medics check up on Brodus. I guess the story here is…….Brodus didn't file his taxes, so the lawyer decided to take revenge on the big guy. Best storyline ever. Yes, I know the two have a match at No Way Out……just calm down. 

Winner via pinfall: Brodus Clay

Match #3: Beth Phoenix vs Alicia Fox
It's kinda funny how they are NOW talking about the Divas Championship, considering that it has been transparent for the last three weeks. Then again, AJ was the replacement during that time, so all is forgiven. Beth wins with the Glam Slam. Layla was on commentary for this match. I really don't know what else to say here……BLEPOBABABABALAOLAOALAOALOALAOA

Winner via pinfall: Beth Phoenix

John Laurinaitis comes out and talks about what happened to Vince McMahon on Raw this past week. Johnny is confident in his job status since he knows Big Show can get the job done. Isn't this the same guy who lost to a 130 pound boxer? Yeah, I don't know his actual weight. So sue me. Anyway, Show arrives and goes on a speech how WCW would never allow him to be the giant that we could be because of guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Well, sorry to hear the bad news, brother!!! Show also says that Vince wanted him to be an entertainer and never a giant. It was pretty much the same promo from Raw this past week, but it did go into a little more detail. I think Show delivered a fine promo. Show did seem to increase his vocabulary tonight. Did he talk to Damien Sandow before cutting this promo? Michael Cole interrupts and says John Cena is on his way to the building. Yeah, I'm sure that's a prank. Cena doesn't even know what a Smackdown is…….Let's move on. 

Match #4: Christian vs Jack Swagger
In a short match, Christian won with the Frog Splash. Why was there no interaction between Christian and Cody Rhodes this week? I can't help but think that this was a missed opportunity…

Winner via pinfall: Christian

Match #5: Ryback vs jobbers from the underground
The jobbers are called Ari Cohen and Mike Testa. Nope…..Chuck Testa. Anyway, Ryback kills the jobbers with a double Muscle Buster. I loved Booker T's line after Ryback killed them. Somebody call child protective service. Good job, Booker. Feed me more…..cornbread!!! What? He thought he was Skip Sheffield again…….don't judge me!!!

Winner via squash: Ryback

Match #6: Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd
I love Tyson's reaction to being called an ignoramus. Just keep smiling away you poor bastard. Damien destroys Tyson with the Straight Jacket Neckbreaker. That was an intellectual beat down. What, you didn't know? 

Winner via pinfall: Damien Sandow

Cena actually shows up? Cena's on SD? What's this green ranger doing on my SD? Cena is in the ring and calls out Show. Johnny comes out and says because he wants to protect Cena, he sent Show home. Cena thinks about attacking Johnny, but Johnny says nobody is allowed to touch him. Well, Johnny forgot that he said the Show/Cena match will go on as scheduled, so Cena can technically attack Johnny. Wait, are you sure about that? That would be the WRESTLING LOGIC kicking in. Johnny says that if Cena attacks him and Show wins on Sunday, he will fire Cena. Cena says regardless of what happens, somebody is getting fired. He decks Johnny across the face. Look at the way Johnny falls. I don't know why, but it looked funny. Johnny's gonna fire Cena? Please. The last time somebody tried to fire Cena, Vince ended up crying in the middle of that ring. Joking aside, it adds a little more intrigue to the Cena/Show match at the PPV. Still, Cena got to close out both Raw and Smackdown this week? WWE and WHC? What's that? 

Overall Impression:
Compared to the last couple weeks for SD, this was a step backwards. With that said, I still enjoyed a good portion of the show. I liked the first half of this show. It focused on both world title matches and I think it added a decent amount of intrigue for those matches. That's good, considering that Dolph was literally a last-minute replacement for Alberto Del Rio. The show started to lose its flavor when the Show/Cena thing started. I didn't feel it was necessary to talk about them tonight. Look back on Raw this past week. You had all of them and Vince in the middle of the ring and it ended with Vince getting Falcon Punched in the face. I think they should've capped it at that, but they roll with this tonight and it just feels forced. To be fair, they did add a new stipulation to this match, but they didn't need to eat up this much time. The other problem I saw was no new matches announced. They barely mentioned the Divas Championship match for the PPV, and I'm looking on the website in order to find out about a Tuxedo Match between Santino and Ricardo Rodriguez. It would've been nice to hear that announcement on SD, but there was nothing. The PPV has potential to be good, but this isn't one of the best cards going into the PPV. Still, I think what can help this PPV is the unpredictable factor. I can see a swerve or two for this PPV…..At least, that's what I'm hoping for. Anyway, here's some thoughts on the matches for No Way Out? Why? I don't know….I was hoping you would-

Brodus vs Otunga: Lawyers can't beat dinosaurs. I got Brodus winning. 

Layla vs Beth; Divas Championship: Layla wins and I got nothing. 

Santino vs Ricardo; Tuxedo match: You have to go to the company website in order to find out about this one. I expect lots of comedy and for Santino to win. I just want to see what shenanigans Ricardo call pull this time around. Maybe he reveals his Hannah Montana poster?

Christian vs Cody Rhodes; IC Title: Christian retains while Cody wonders where he left his breakfast.

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler; WHC: I know most people are thinking Sheamus is gonna win, but I look at how WWE has built Ziggler this week and I think they might do a title switch and keep this going. At the same time, Money in the Bank is the next PPV and I can see Dolph being a strong contender for the briefcase. I'm considering being gutsy and picking Dolph to steal the title, but I think they will go with Sheamus and eventually do that Sheamus/Del Rio feud. Gooooooooooood. For now, I got Sheamus, but I can easily change my mind on this one. 

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane; WWE Championship: If a title change or a swerve involving AJ doesn't happen here, I think it will be considered a misfire. As this storyline continues to unfold, I see a couple of options. Either AJ helps Punk and everything can get strange. AJ helps Kane win, which will be even stranger. Or, she will help Bryan win and reveal that they got back together and played both Punk and Kane in order for the WWE Championship to go to Mr. Yes. Hmmm……this is a tough one, but I'm gonna say the last option will happen. Bryan steals the WWE Championship with the help of AJ. YES YES YES or NO NO NO?

John Cena vs Big Show; Steel Cage Match: With the added stipulations, it makes this a little harder to predict. For some reason, I keep thinking that Cena will get "fired" so he can get some rest and deal with some personal issues. WRESTLING LOGIC can figure out how to re-hire Cena, so I think they will end up going down that direction. Plus, they probably want Johnny to be calling the shots for a bit longer. Why? Because robots are taking over the world. James Cameron wasn't f***ing around. 

That's gonna do it for the quick thoughts/predictions of No Way Out. As always, I don't give a s*** if I get my picks right or wrong. That's also gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. Also, tell me what YOU think will happen at the PPV. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time.