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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw Review 10/10/11 (There's a new Sheriff in town...)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw on 10/10/11. With the vast majority of the roster walking out, how will the show continue? Well, let's find out and start the review.

We open up the show with no commentators, no ring announcer, and a few camera man (or flying saucers recording the show) working the show. We go to the back and we see nobody around until Triple H comes out of his office and goes to the ring Goldberg style. Seriously, the only thing missing was breathing in the pryo. Trips says the superstars are petitioning in the parking lot. Trips starts to wonder if he should just walk away from this job, but quickly squashes that and says he won't be intimidated. He says he will fight a broomstick if he has to (Hopefully the ones in the Harry Potter/Fantasia universe. At least they could do something) in order to make the show continue. John Cena comes out and says he had a full week to think about this. He got a lot of request from the WWE protesters to join their cause, but the boy scout says he will stand by his boss because he loves the fans. Sheamus comes out next and talks about how he injured Trips a few years ago and thanks him for wanting to settle all of this like men. Sheamus says he respects the Game and he will stand by him. CM Punk comes out next and says he was most likely the cause of this walk out by the superstars. He pointed out that when he walked out, his contract was ending and was trying to prove he's worth a lot more to this company. These guys walked out because they are all being a bunch of babies. Punk says this is professional wrestling, where people solve their problems by fighting, not by being a little bitch. He also says he will stand by Trips through all of this....but wants to know what they will do next. Trips thinks about it and makes it Cena vs Sheamus, Triple H as the special guest referee, with Punk calling the action on commentary. Punk rings the bell and we have a match. A very long opening to say the least. In a lot of ways, this opening isn't quite over yet since we have a lot more to dig into. Up until the first match, this segment went on for about 20 plus minutes. I normally don't like long openings, but you had to figure a long opening was on the way based on last week's events; so I can let the WWE slide with the long opening. All three guys said their very own reasons for not joining the protesters an electing to stay on board with the current COO. All three had a valid reason to stay on the show and it made sense. Cena really is the boyscout on this show, so you had to figure he would stand by him no matter what. It was very interesting how Sheamus was able to stand by him considering how he almost took his head off with that lead pipe, but Sheamus is a good guy now. The interesting one was Punk since he is looked at as the catalyst to all of these angry complaints against Hunter. Some smarks might find it hard to buy this one, but it actually does make sense when you think about it. Another thing I liked was how this show opened up. It really gave it a dark feeling that this show wasn't going to happen tonight and perhaps it was the end. Again, you knew that wasn't the case, but you have to keep in mind they are trying to tell a story. With how the show opened up, I think it was pretty effective. I liked the opening for what it was worth. I found it strange that Randy Orton didn't at least come out and say something to Trips. I didn't really watch SD last week, but I do recall Orton saying he would address Trips face to face. Well, here was the opportunity to do so and yet he wasn't there. In a lot of ways, Orton looked like he was one of the people who walked out, which wasn't the case. Then again, maybe that was a good thing considering how generic Orton is on the mic.

Match #1: John Cena vs Sheamus
Punk was calling the action during this match. One of the very disappointing things about this part was in a matter of minutes, Vince McMahon showed up and immediately called off this match. I thought it would have been interesting to roll with this scene for about 10+ minutes, but this is only a two hour show. Vince sends all the wrestlers to the back because he has something to say towards the Game. This match never got restarted and this was the only time we would see Cena and Sheamus for the rest of the night. Oh, the Cena kiddy fans are ready to riot.

No Contest

Vince and Trips are left in the ring. Vince says he likes what Trips has been doing with the WWE. He thinks he's doing a great job, but the Board of Directors are concerned with this protest. Vince informs Trips that on behalf of the board, Trips is no longer in charge of Raw...

Vince says the BOD is currently searching for a new Raw GM, but since they haven't quite found one yet, they have named an Interim GM. The new Interim Raw GM is John Laurinaitis....

Trips is still the COO of the WWE, but not controlling the day to day operations of the company, which is similar to Vince's role with the company (At least in terms of kayfabe). I don't care what people say about Vince, but the man adds so much into a scene. You had to guess with the way things were going that Johnny Ace would be put in charge of the show. Something I've never brought up about Johnny Ace in the past is the man lacks showing an emotion. Reckon this won't be a long term move and it's only for the purpose of the storyline, but Laurinaitis doesn't give you that much of a reason to tune in. This reminds me a lot of when Mike Adamle was the Raw GM for a short time. Just like the superstars who have to wrestle every night on your TV screen, the on air personalities have to have some sort of charisma to make you care. Vince has it, which is why Vince adds a lot into a scene. Johnny Ace doesn't give you that and just reeks of boredom. Some people are probably thinking I am being too harsh, but just watch the rest of the show and you will show how Johnny Ace doesn't make you care as to what happens. Some of the people who want to work in the professional wrestling business really need to take some acting lessons.

There was a quick backstage scene of Johnny Ace welcoming back the protesters. John Morrison confronts him and says while Trips had an ego, Laurinaitis is an even worse solution (Wrestling Logic: Morrison disagrees with Johnny Ace, but doesn't elect to continue the protest because we need conflict). Johnny Ace decides to book Morrison in a match right away. He sees Christian and they seem happy about the new interim GM. He books Christian to go up against Morrison right away. Christian goes with it and orders his troops to follow him. Well, it appears Johnny Ace is trying NOT to be biased, but do you really think that's going to last long? Well, let's just see.

Match #2: John Morrison vs Christian
Both guys were competing in street clothes. I have been saying how Morrison is a glorified jobber in the WWE these days. A guy who will pull off some cool moves, but will end up losing the match. Funny, since this used to be Evan Bourne's role with the company. My, have times have changed? The finish comes when Morrison walks into a Spear. After the match, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger each hit their finishers on Morrison to show they mean business. I don't see main event stock in Morrison at the moment, but four finishers is quite a bit to take in. I wondering if Johnny Ace will allow better medical coverage? Oh, and JR, King, and Michael Cole are back on commentary. Cole referred to himself as Gandhi for "starting this change". Cole can really be full of it sometimes, but at least he's playing the part.

Winner via pinfall: Christian

Backstage where Trips confronts Johnny Ace. Laurinaitis again claims he didn't want this job, but he will make sure he does a better job than Hunter. Trips makes death threats towards the guy. I'd say Trips is handling the news in a good way *wink, wink*. I just think Trips is more disappointed in the fact he didn't get to fight this....

Match #3: Mark Henry vs Randy Orton
Remember what I was saying earlier about Orton not being part of the walk out? Well, Orton comes out and we are informed by the commentators he was not part of the walk out. Again, still feel Orton should have said something in the earlier scene. Henry shows the clips of the Big Show attack from last week's SD. That was another person who didn't speak up earlier in the evening. In fact, Show didn't show up at all tonight (no pun intended). Henry talks about how he took all that punishment and is still standing. It definitely appears Show will be the next to challenge Henry for the title. The match was okay, but nothing special. The finish comes when Cody Rhodes interferes in the match and the bell is called. Orton does okay for a while, but Henry gets back up and hits World's Strongest Slam on Orton. He leaves the ring in anger. Rhodes gets back in the ring to finish off Orton with the Cross Rhodes and gives him the paper bag treatment. Rhodes gives a speech in how he has embarrassed Orton and gives a very disturbing laugh. The laugh was so forced, but his character is physiologically twisted, so it fits. Hey, at least there are no wrestlers playing the role of drug addicts.....that's what Jeff Hardy is for. I apologize for that one since I know TNA fans will complain.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

Match #4: Kelly Kelly and Eve vs Tamina and Rosa Mendes
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Solid Gold Dancers!!! Come on, look at Kelly and Eve's ring attire. If you add one more to the mix, we would have the Triforce of Disappointment. Anyway, Kelly once again snaps. As I said last week, I still can't buy this mean streak by Kelly. I remember when WWE would do this with Maria Kanellis when she was working with the company and it didn't work. These women just don't look like they would get angry. The finish comes when Eve hits the Moonsault for the clean win. After the match, Beth Phoenix and Natalya are in the back watching this and weren't too happy about this outcome. It makes you think they would.....oh, I don't know, do something...

Winner via pinfall: Kelly Kelly and Eve

Johnny Ace comes out after the match and invites JR to the ring. He reminds JR that he was hired by Trips and shows his "loyalty" by walking out on him. He decides to fire JR. Remember what I said about Laurinaitis not adding an emotion? Well, here's a scene that calls for him to be a total dick, but it just looks like bad acting. I know a lot of people will feel bad for JR, but how many times has JR been fired on screen? JR has been fired more than Peter Griffin and George Jetson combined. Not to mention that Johnny Ace should technically fire the whole roster based on the fact JR walked out. This is one of those things where we need to show how much of a dick Johnny Ace really is so he can get some heat. I hope JR does eventually come back on screen down the road. The guy is just too talented at what he does best. By the way, Cole was gloating this entire time and apparently doesn't know the difference between a trumpet and a trombone. Groundbreaking reporting by Cole, once again.

Match #5: Mason Ryan and Air Boom vs Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, and David Otunga
Ryan and Air Boom came out to new entrance themes. For the most part, I kinda like it. The match was nothing special. It seems WWE is trying something with Mason. The guy has a good look and I kinda like him, but he is still very rusty in the ring. Just seems like he is lost at times during a match. The finish comes when Mason hits a finisher on Ziggler for the clean win. I am starting to think the Zack Ryder moments for two straight weeks was just added in for comic relief. Then again, Ryder is a comic relief character in a lot of ways. Somewhere out there, the Ryder fans are complaining once again.

Winner via pinfall: Mason Ryan and Air Boom

Match #6: CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
Oh, Laurinaitis did announce it would be Del Rio vs Cena for the WWE Title at Vengeance. This is the part of the show where you cue the angry IWC comments for Cena getting his 9 millionth title match. Do you ever think Cole is the equivalent of an internet troll? All he does is bitch and moan about things. Call the damn match!!! Johnny Ace arrives and cancels this match because he has just hired back two talents, Miz and R-Truth. So, he makes a match only to cancel it? Your interim GM, ladies and gentlemen....

No Contest

Match #7: CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio vs Miz and R-Truth
Miz and Truth showing up is almost the biggest example of wrestling logic ever. How did Laurinaitis in a matter of an hour and a half manage to contact Miz and Truth and fly them out there? Did they just happen to be in the area? Whatever. The match might have been the best one of the night, but it isn't really saying much. The action was really lacking tonight. Del Rio at first is working pretty hard to take care of Miz and Truth considering the fact these guys attacked him at the HIAC PPV. At some point, Del Rio sells an injury and has to leave this match, leaving Punk to fly solo. Miz and Truth start to pick apart Punk, but with his new good guy powers, he manages to fight out of this predicament. The finish comes when Punk is about to hit the GTS on Miz, but Truth interferes and doesn't listen to the referee, thus calling for the bell. A lot of DQs/No Contest tonight, wouldn't you say? After the match, Awesome Truth continues the assault until Trips arrives to even the odds. Punk and Triple H chase away Miz and Truth. Laurinaitis and Otunga are watching this in a back and the interim GM gets an idea. He wants to talk to the board to approve of Hunter being able to compete. At Vengeance, it will be Triple H and CM Punk vs Miz and R-Truth. The show ends with Hunter and Punk posing in front of the live crowd. I have to admit, that actually sounds like a good idea for a match. Both guys have some beef with Awesome Truth because it was their firing which lead to the series of events in which Johnny Ace is now calling the shots. Del Rio walking out of the match makes total sense considering heels like to be cowards and walk away from a fair fight. Never thought I would see Punk and Trips working together as a team, but everything is strange these days.

No Contest

Overall Impression:
This was a very mixed bag sort of evening. I will definitely admit the action was really lacking tonight. There was too many DQs/No Contest. Reckon, it is free TV, but this was pushing it a bit. I felt a lot of things were rushed in the early going (Miz and Truth showing up on the same night as Johnny Ace being named the interim GM seems a little much), but I guess they really wanted to push the Vengeance PPV hard since it will be next week. They made a couple of announcements regarding the PPV and they seem to be setting up a few other matches in the process, so they definitely had the evening planned to get geared up towards the PPV. The promos/segments is what helped the show, but there was some flaws. Johnny Ace manages to draw in heat, but its the same kind of heat that Del Rio is drawing in at the moment. I think the reason they made the decision to "fire" JR was to generate more heat for Johnny Ace, but it really didn't work in the best way possible. I think if they had "fired" the King as well, things might have gotten a little out of hand and Johnny Ace would've gotten the right reaction. Then again, there is only so much of Michael Cole a person can take in for one evening. Of course, I bet most of the complaints are how JR has been fired, but Cole keeps his job? Yeah, I'm aware people will continue to hate Cole no matter what. I really don't see the big deal since JR's character has been fired plenty of times, so I like to think he is just taking a short break and will be back on screen before you know it (woo woo woo). I will admit that Cole went a little overboard with the insults once JR got "fired". They really need to tell Cole to tone down the insults because it really becomes distracting. The strange part is I felt the best part of the show was when it was only Trips, Sheamus, Cena, and Punk doing the entire thing. In fact, maybe Triple H vs a broomstick wasn't such a bad pitch? Joking aside, there was moments where I felt kinda bored with the showing. I would try to pay attention to what Johnny Ace had to say, but the guy makes as much of an impression when Mike Adamle was the coffee break GM for a while. And I'm not sure that's what you want to get out of your jerkish GM. This was nowhere near a perfect show since it had its flaws, but I did enjoy parts of this show. Take of that whatever you will. I can't really recommend watching the entire show, but I think watching the opening, Trips being relieved, Johnny Ace firing JR, and the final match will give you the abridged version of tonight. This episode will definitely get a mixed reaction since I know of people who disliked this showing, but some people were satisfied with what they saw tonight. Things might be getting interesting now that there's a new sheriff in town, so there is some interesting TV on the way....despite Laurinaitis' lack of giving a s***. That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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  1. Cole=troll, they even rhyme.

    I like how sometimes, he'll come out and be 'normal' at first, but then halfway through the show suddenly revert to dick mode.