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WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 10/6/11

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling on 10/6/11. After missing the last episode of Impact and with Bound for Glory in two weeks, how would things go this time around? Well, let's find out and start the review.

We open up the show with Beer Money. Impact is being held in Tennessee this week, which again is a breath of fresh air from the Impact Zone. Again, the set looks pretty nice, but they need to do this every week. James Storm talks about how Hulk Hogan is "retiring" (oh, I'll get to this a little later in the review) and it's time for the new blood to grace TNA. He talks about his match with Robert Roode tonight in how he will do his best to beat Roode so he can prove he is worthy of being a top competitor. Roode agrees and they will go out there and deliver a great match, but he still wants to win. Pretty basic scene. Unlike Sting or AJ Styles last week, Storm wasn't out there to talk about how amazing Roode is. He talked about how he is a competitor, but quickly got back into the wrestling/competition aspect of this show. For weeks, we've been hearing all of these 4Tune members talk about how great Roode is and such, but sometimes you just want them to stop. We get it, what Roode is doing is incredible, but we don't need you blowing him every five minutes. Storm kept it simple, which is why this segment worked. This show needs more Storm on the mic. I still think he is better than Roode, but I will definitely admit Roode is talented and is worthy of this championship shot. This was still a good opening segment despite this little nit pick aspect. All night long, we would get clips of Hogan's career in TNA to keep up this retirement deal. Let the circle jerk fest begin...

Match #1: Gunner vs Kaz
Something I've been realizing about Gunner for a while. This guy can wrestle, but his charisma sucks. I just can't get invested in this character. He needs to go out there and do something to show what he brings to the table and to make you care about him. Some people will argue Crimson falls in the same category, but at least Crimson can cut a promo. Gunner just looks like a CM Punk clone minus Punk's personality and mic skills. Come on, the long hair, facial hair, tattoos. I couldn't have been the only one who thought this? To be fair, he needs to be Gunner as opposed to Punk. However, Punk is a guy you want to pay attention to, while Gunner just comes off as some other guy/generic wrestler #9089. Again, I like Gunner, but he needs to go out there and show something new. This match was okay, but nothing special. Gunner wins with an Armbar submission. After the match, Gunner continues the attack because heels are dicks in professional wrestling. The referee reverses the decision and gives the victory to Kaz. The trainers check up on Kaz, who seems to be selling an arm injury. Gunner gloats about breaking Kaz to end the scene. So, whatever happened to this deal between Kaz and Jeff Jarrett? Reckon, Gunner is with Immortal, but I almost expected some sort of run in by the Jarretts during this match. This is not how you tell a story. You were going somewhere within the last two weeks, but now you do this? It is possible this could lead to an altercation, but I didn't like how this was pulled off. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if TNA already knixed the idea since Jeff Jarrett vs Kaz doesn't really sound appealing.

Winner via referee: Kaz

Mr. Anderson gets in the ring and apologizes to his assholes (Amazing how people cheer to this. Any day now, some new wrestler is going to refer to his fans as f***ers and people will go ape s***). He talks about his Immortal coffee break and how Bully Ray is a douchbag. Bully comes out and they start with the talk about how Bully has a big chain to compensate for something. Yeah, another dick joke.....Come on, you could've said your schwartz was as big as mine, as least that would have been creative. Anderson wants a rematch against Bully, but he declines. Anderson decides to up the anti by making it a Falls Count Anywhere Match in Philly. The scene ends with Bully thinking about it. You might as well pencil this one on the PPV card. You know what the strange thing in all of this is? This would normally be Anderson putting over Bully based on their careers, but it really goes the other way around. Let's face it, Anderson's stock as a main eventer has been shot to death. He hasn't been booked well these past few months and this is one of those things where Bully comes in as the more credible opponent. I don't know, it just seems like Anderson is quickly becoming less and less important on the show, while at the same time, I don't think he is being held back and maybe he isn't as great as he used to be? Anderson was definitely a lot better when he was Mr. Kennedy in the WWE. There was a backstage scene where Eric Bischoff was talking about how Hogan is a great person, blah, blah, blah...

Backstage where Brian Kendrick says more backwards talk. Come on, Kendrick is breaking character so much in this scene. He just looks at the camera and starts to crack a smile while trying to be serious as if he were Jimmy Fallon on SNL. Who is this guy blowing to get another title shot? He also talked negative about Kid Kash. Well, it just so happens that Kash heard all of this and wasn't too fond of Kendrick's words. him one of these.....

He beats him up and walks away. By the way, nothing else was brought up with this scene tonight. I would only assume it will be Kendrick vs Kash next week, but why? Kendrick is already in a program with Austin Aries, so I don't see the point of trying to start a program with someone else while his first program isn't over yet. To make it even stranger, Kash is still working an angle with Jesse Sorensen. Damn, and you think finding Geno in the Forest Maze will make you snap? Naw, who am I kidding. When you find Geno, it's rewarding, while this just come off as half assed.

Match #2: Mickie James and Velvet Sky vs Winter and Madison Rayne
I just noticed something. Earl Hebner is the referee in just about every KO match. Based on last week's match, you almost think Hebner is a pimp. Well, his job can't be all bad now, right? Anyway, the match was going fine for a while....until the ending. This is the portion where Jeremy Borash should says "Time for you Impact Wrestling Overbooked Match of the Night!!!" Hebner goes on the outside for no real reason while Angelina Love tries to interfere. It fails since she hits Winter by accident, but in her state of confusion, she tags in Madison. She quickly scores a roll up victory on Velvet for the win. If you blinked for a second, you're completely f***ed. I think what will happen is Angelina screwing over Winter down the road....that is the only reason I can think of to book the match the way they did tonight. Other than that, there was NO REASON for this to happen.

Winner via pinfall: Winter and Madison Rayne

Back in the ring where Bischoff calls out Jeff Hardy. He talks about how he has worked with talented people in the wrestling business. He talks about how Hardy is such a talented performer, but also someone who continues to piss it away because of his lifestyle. He says Hardy has dropped the ball on more than one occasion and he wants to see Hardy leave TNA for good after tonight. Hardy gets angry and kicks Bischoff. He tells him "screw you" while Immortal is charging towards the ring. Hardy escapes into the live audience. I am not sure how I feel about all of this. You have Bischoff who is basically saying what many people are saying regarding Hardy (including myself) while Hardy is starting to stand up for himself and says he won't do it again. I would buy this worked shoot a lot more if Hardy really did go to rehab, but this is something that can easily backfire against TNA. I will say Hardy is a good enough performer to help his company.....if he just cleans himself up. I look back on Hardy in his last run in the WWE and remember how big he was in that company. Hardy can do that for TNA, but it's up to him if he wants to do the right thing. Of course, there is things like marketing and booking that will help Hardy in TNA, but if we talked about all of that stuff, we will be here all night. By the way, does Hardy need a 20 mile chain? And you think Bully is trying to compensate for something....

Match #3: Samoa Joe vs Crimson
Oh man, I hate to be this guy, but I have really been thinking this for the past few weeks. Many people talk about how Joe is being held back in TNA and how he is deserving of a much higher role with this company and vica versa, but part if me thinks Samoa Joe is overrated. Don't get me wrong. Joe can wrestle and can be a marketable talent, but I just don't see main event caliber when I look at Joe. Instead, I see a glorified mid card talent when I see Joe, and that is IF Joe works hard and puts a full effort as opposed to half assing a lot of things. I'm sorry, but I have been very bored of Joe's work for the past two years and the highlight of Joe was when he was doing the undefeated streak. I know there is a lot of people who will be very pissed off I said that, but that's my opinion. Samoa Joe is overrated. Even with that said, I expect to get some angry comments. Anyway, Joe targets the injured leg of Crimson during this match, which forced Crimson to be on defense most of this match. The finish comes when Crimson sneaks a small package for a quick win. I really didn't like what they did here. Now, I am aware that the majority of the BFG card has been set because next week's show has already been taped, and you know how I feel about spoilers on this show (ie: A match involving these two has already been made, but not announced. Again, won't say what it is because it would be a spoiler). Part of me wants to see Joe snap and go on that mean streak he was doing when he was eliminating people during the BFG Series. It actually gave him something and that was the most I've seen out of Joe in two years. At the same time, they are developing something here with Crimson and they need to protect their blue chipper. Keep in mind Crimson still holds the undefeated steak. What I would like to see after BFG is TNA push Crimson towards some singles gold that isn't the world title. Oh wait, that mid card title is being hold by a comedian in Eric Young and doesn't seem to be doing anything with it now. Great booking, Russo? Also, more promo time for Crimson would help to give him a better identity. The guy has potential, just a matter of taking baby steps with the guy. Still, the TV Championship?

Winner via pinfall: Crimson

Match #4: James Storm vs Robert Roode
Anybody else think Michael Buffer is going to sue Borash? They are basically billing Roode going into this title match as if he were Rocky Balboa. Then again, BFG is being held in Philly, so almost seems like a match made in heaven, right? Anyway, this was a great match. Definitely the best one of the night. Storm continues to show he should be main eventing on this program while Roode is showing that this title opportunity is something he has earned. The finish on the other hand was.....strange. There was a ref bump in which all three guys went down. Kurt Angle showed up and attacked....James Storm? He smashed his head against the steel steps and throws him back in the ring. Roode is about to win, but Storm kicks out. Storm almost hits the Super Kick, but falls down to sell the head injury. Roode hits a Fisherman Suplex for the three count. I think everyone is wondering why Angle attacked Storm as opposed to Roode? It just doesn't seem to make much sense. I think this could be one of those things they build up over time with Storm's character, but if that isn't the case, there really was no point in Angle showing up. Either way, it keeps Roode's momentum while making Storm not look weak, so I guess it did its some weird way.

Winner via pinfall: Robert Roode

Time for the final segment of the night where Hogan is going to be retiring. He talks about how it has been a hell of a ride and appreciates all the fans feedback and support over the years. The audience is eating this up, so I guess they did their job. Hogan is about to start the retirement party until Sting Ledger arrives. He says this is all a complete load and he has proof. He shows a hidden camera where Hogan and Bischoff are basically admitting the retirement deal was just a scam. Fans immediately turn on Hogan while the Hulkster completely looses it. He says he will fight Sting at BFG and if he loses, he will give the company back to Dixie Carter. Sting walks away happy. The show ends with Hogan quickly realizing he got caught up in the moment. First of all, how can Hogan be retiring when he technically is already retired? That would be like Michael Jordan announcing a retirement to retire. Oh man, don't tell Brett Favre about that or else we will have that going for another 20 years. Second, why did Hogan and Bischoff put this plan together? Was this a cheap way of getting out of the match with Sting? Well, if that was the case, why is it that Hogan and Bischoff were mocking the fans as if they were just playing them to make a quick buck? This sort of thing would have worked out a lot better if there was a ton of advertisement for it, but there wasn't to go on, which makes it fall flat. And third, how can Hogan be so stupid? He basically put this plan together to get out of the match against Sting, but somehow suckers himself in the match AND puts the company back on the line where he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. You have to be insane to do something like that. That would be like winning the lottery and then spending all of your money to play the lottery again. Of course, I understand what is going on here. At the time of this taping, Hogan hadn't resigned a deal with TNA (although that changed in the middle of the week) and this was written up so they could write Hogan off the show. However, I would have done something a little different. What I would have done is say something like "The Network" is tired of Hogan and Bischoff's crap and they want somebody else in charge, so they have a winner take all match between Hogan and Sting. It sounds stupid, yeah, but at least Hogan doesn't come off as a totally idiot for wagering his company. This kind of wagering makes me think if Bill Gates gambles his fortune to complete strangers for the hell of it? Probably not. Anyway, the match is now a go for BFG. Again, I just wish for the safety of both people because we know it ain't going to be a good match.

Overall Impression:
Not really a great showing by Impact. I did like the main event match between Roode and Storm. Outside of the strange interference, I felt it was pretty good to watch. There was also a ton of build up for BFG, which is a good thing considering the PPV is next week. There was a lot of moments I didn't care for throughout the night. Outside of the main event match, the other matches were just average or very skippable. I liked the opening segment of the night, and I will be fair and say the ending was passable, but everything else was nothing I would basically say is worth watching. Can't really recommend this showing, but watching the final half hour will get you to the best parts. Then again, this is nowhere near the worst Impact. In fact, I would say this falls in the category of average for Impact. Then again, average is something this company should be shooting for. Again, I want to see TNA do well and challenge the WWE, but they need to fix a lot of things. The show looked pretty good outside the Impact Zone, but they should be doing that every week. The booking is also something that should be addressed. Russo isn't getting the job done in this day in age. He likes those pointless face and heel turns and there is still a lot of stuff that happens that doesn't make much sense. I realize it is wrestling and wrestling logic will always come into play, but there is a lot more plotholes with TNA's storylines compared to WWE. I am not saying the WWE isn't guilty of putting stuff that doesn't make sense at times because that isn't the case. I'm just saying these things happen a lot more often on TNA than WWE. Still, this was a pretty harmless episode of Impact compared to previous showings (believe me, Impact has done MUCH worse in the past). That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Not really sure about a SD review for this week, but we will see. Tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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