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WrestlingNerd's Running Diary for WWE Smackdown 10/14/11 & TNA Bound for Glory picks

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another edition of the Running Diary. This time around, we take a look at WWE Smackdown on 10/14/11. With this particular episode of SD moving the show into #2 for most episodes in television history (WWE Raw is #1), how did the show measure up? Well, let's find out.

-John Laurinaitis is the only person I know that if he won the lottery, he would still give you the same, bland emotion. In other words.....EXPRESS SOMETHING!!!

-Teddy Long and Laurinaitis announce a 41 man Battle Royal.

-41 men in the ring at the same time? Well, that will be the biggest sausage to ever hit television. It seems WWE is setting all sorts of records this evening...

-No John Cena in the battle royal? Well, at least the IWC won't be talking about how Cena wins everything tonight.

-The strange part is Sin Cara Black is in the match, but no Sin Cara Blue. I guess he was feeling blue this evening?

-Stand back, Internet Cole is on the loose at commentary.

-NXT Redemption is still going on? They must really be running out of ideas if this contest is still going.

-Wrestling logic: NXT rookies are competing for a title match, but these guys compete for WWE contracts in NXT. By that ruling, they shouldn't even be in this match. Oh well....

-Time for another edition of "Who will be Future Endeavored?" Anyone else thinking John Morrison is making a strong case for this award?

-I don't know about you folks, but there should never be another 41 man Battle Royal after tonight. It was just too cluttered and you can easily lose interest until you get to the final guys.

-Hehe...Santino's elimination.

-Jinder Mahal was the second to last competitor to be eliminated. Hey, at least he can tell his kids that he was almost important in the WWE.

-In my book, Sheamus was the most impressive in this battle royal. Really have to think Sheamus is in for something big.

-Final two came down to Randy Orton and Miz. Both guys went over the rope, but no confusion like the WWE normally does with this spot. I have to think Orton was not supposed to fall off the apron and slipped off the ring apron by accident.

-Because he won the Battle Royal, he was allowed to chose any world champion to challenge tonight. He chooses Mark Henry. Orton vs Henry for WHC later tonight.

-Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly up next. Yeah............

-Did Booker just say Kelly makes very few mistakes in the ring? Yeah, and Princess Peach never gets kidnapped...

-Beth picks up the clean win on Kelly with the Glam Slam. Chances are this rivalry is over. Who will challenge Beth next?

-Sin Cara Blue getting ready for a match until he gets attacked by Sin Cara Black. He ends up stealing his mask after the attack and takes his place in the upcoming match. I understand what they were going for here, but it's kinda silly for Sin Cara Black to steal the original's mask considering he was running around like the original for weeks. He already had the original Sin Cara mask. You could've just re-used it again?

-Well, at least Michael Cole gave the story as to what is going on with the two Sin Caras. He is actually telling the truth. The current fake Sin Cara was the first Mistico in Mexico, but then the original Mistico came along and got the bigger fame. The real Mistico would continue to have that name in Mexico while the other one who change his identity. Damn, and you think fan fiction will confuse the s*** out of you?

-So, I guess Sin Cara Black is going up against Justin Gabriel right now. If you are lost, I am sure you aren't the only one.

-Swanton Bomb on Gabriel for the clean win. The world is confused about this, but I am sure Mexico might be enjoying this....I think.

-Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus up next.

-I haven't heard one of Sheamus' stories in a while. Anyone else missing these?

-Thanks to Christian's outside interference, Del Rio steals this match via pinfall. The match was short, but it was okay for what it was worth.

-Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder. Evan Bourne taking the night off. Then again, if you saw the bump he took on Raw this past week, can you really blame him? I just hope it's a minor injury because this Air Boom is kinda growing on me.

-Cole doesn't like working with Booker? Tell me you didn't just say that?

-I gotta be honest. This was a fun little match. I liked it for what it was worth.

-Trouble in Paradise, Kofi puts Ryder on top of Ziggler to pick up the pinfall victory. If they are going to keep giving Ryder these victories, you have to think it will lead to something big, but who knows? Woo woo woo!!!

-Yeah, Story Time with Sheamus returns!!!

-Sheamus, he will kick your arse.

-Orton vs Henry for the WHC up next.

-Cody Rhodes interferes and the match is called off. Imagine winning a 41 man Battle Royal and getting screwed out of a title match via DQ? Yeah, I would turn into a Super Saiyan as well.

-Big Show runs out to even the odds. Chokeslams Henry to end the show.

Overall Impression:
For this being a record breaking edition of SD, it was a little underwhelming. You almost expected more out of SD with the milestone, but maybe they didn't want to do anything too special and just treat this as a normal showing. Outside of the Battle Royal, nothing else about the show really gave it that special feeling. To be fair, if you look at this particular episode of SD without something epic, this wasn't too bad of a showing. I don't really consider this an episode worth checking out, but it wasn't that bad. The problem is there wasn't anything major to keep you invested. Then again, isn't average wrestling better than terrible wrestling? As I mentioned before, the Battle Royal was a mess. If this operated like the Royal Rumble, that would have been okay. However, when you have that many bodies in the ring at the same time, it can easily lose your interest until you get to the final 10 or whatever. We saw the further development between Sheamus and Christian. Realistically, the rivalry should've ended at HIAC. I guess WWE decided to drag it out for one more PPV. I feel that once this rivalry is over, Sheamus could really be going for a big program. I have to think Sheamus is a very early candidate to win the Royal Rumble. What do you guys and girls think? Hey, don't call me crazy if Sheamus vs Henry at WM 28 happens. The Sin Caras continue to have their heated rivalry and it seems they are finally explaining the storyline. Still, this would make a bigger impression if the storyline was broadcast in the ring, not by the commentators. Then again, I think part of the reason there hasn't been much in terms of promos by these guys is because original Sin Cara's English is a little rusty. They really should get a third party guy to do the translations for these guys so people who don't live in Mexico or are the IWC have a clearer idea of what's going on. I think this is part of the reason the match at HIAC between these two didn't get much of a response, because casual fans are confused as to what's going on. Then again, maybe this is one of those things WWE is airing for the Mexican citizens since this is almost their exclusive rivalry. Some people don't realize how big Mistico is in Mexico. Seriously, he is almost like a God there, but that isn't any reason to leave the other WWE fans in the dark with this rivalry. Well, at least the facial expressions and the way both men have carried themselves have told part of the story. If Kelly is out of the running for title shots, I have no idea who will be challenging Beth next. If I had to guess, I wouldn't be surprised it if ended up being Eve. I really hope that isn't the case. Then again, if not here, who? Yeah, that's a bit of a problem. Anyone really missing Kharma right about now? Orton and Rhodes continue their build up. This is a big deal for Cody since this is his chance to move up the ladder. Cody has been impressive, but he still needs a little more work until we start thinking of him as a main eventer. Hopefully, things don't go too badly with his current rivalry. There wasn't much in terms of Vengeance announcements, but a lot of storylines got on the air this week and you can already get an idea of what will be appearing on the card. I imagine Orton vs Rhodes, Sheamus vs Christian, and Vickie Guerrero's Crew vs Air Boom might be a lock. Hell, there might even be a chance for Ryder to show up on PPV? The action was okay, for the most part. Nothing amazing, but nothing terrible either. Time to rank the shows. In terms of wrestling quality, I rank it SD, Raw, and Impact. Really, all three shows did lack in this department for the week. In terms of promos/segments, I rank it Raw, SD, Impact. When looking at the MVP of the Week, only one person made a big enough impression to win it for this week. Over on the side of TNA, the MVP of the Week goes to Robert Roode. He really has been impressive lately and his match is definitely the most intriguing part of this Sunday's PPV. Ok, time for the TNA Bound for Glory predictions. Again, I was planning a BFG Rundown for this week, but the damn thing was so boring to write that I just cancelled the whole thing. Anyway, here we go.

Austin Aries vs Brian Kendrick for the X Division Title: Why in the world is Kendrick getting another title shot? Well, he does come out to porn music, so maybe he's doing something behind the scenes? Aries has to win.

Winter vs Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne vs Mickie James for the KO Title: With all the extra screen time Velvet has gotten this year, I think they will do the payoff at BFG. Then again, I'd rather watch a Velvet title reign than a Kelly Kelly one any day of the week.

Mexican America vs Ink Inc for the Tag Titles:..........oh, I'm sorry. I fell asleep. Time for a coin flip.......Mexican America cheats to keep titles. Have I expressed enough in how I don't really care about this match yet?

RVD vs Jerry Lynn in a Full Metal Mayham Match: This might not be a bad match to watch, but this one could get brutal. RVD to win.

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels in a I Quit match: Ugh....this match again. This rivalry plays out the same every single time with AJ winning. Do you think we will get a change this time around? Well, it's possible, but I still have AJ winning.

Crimson vs Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan: Sorry Morgan, but your match is in another castle. Since Crimson is still undefeated and it would be insanely stupid to have his steak end in this match, he has to win.

Mr. Anderson vs Bully Ray in a Falls Count Anywhere Match: Can you believe Bully Ray is possibly the top heel in this company? Seriously, I have to give him credit. These types of matches tend to have the face winning, but so far we have a lot of faces winning in the PPV. I will most likely get this one wrong, but I'm going to pick Bully to win this match.

Sting vs Hulk Hogan: Is this a Pacemaker on a Pole Match or are they fighting for a lifetime supply of pudding? Joking aside, I know this is going to be a disaster of a wrestling match in which there is shenanigans left and right. I just hope nothing bad happens. Hogan just resigned a new deal with TNA, so the door is open for him to win this match. Then again, I was almost positive Sting would win and I don't plan on changing it now. Besides, TNA will make up some bulls*** in how Hogan will still remain with the company. Maybe he turns face....again?

Kurt Angle vs Robert Roode for the World Championship: The true main event and the match I'm the most interested in seeing. If TNA was smart, they would have Roode win because they invested a lot of time and energy to get Roode's stock up and in the BFG Series. Then again, you know how TNA likes to take a piss all over their creations. With that said, I still have Roode winning to become the new world champion.

Those are the quick picks/thoughts for BFG and that's finally going to do it for the review. I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review, tonight's show, or what you think will happen at BFG. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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