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WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 10/13/11

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling on 10/13/11. With Bound for Glory set for this Sunday, how would TNA do with the Go Home edition of Impact? Well, let's find out and start the review.

We open up the show with Kurt Angle. He immediately calls out Robert Roode and it's confrontation time. Angle admits Roode has been impressive with passing the test, but he reminds him that he has been the top dog in all of TNA since his arrival. He extends his hand out for a handshake, but thank God Roode isn't a stupid face and doesn't take the bait. Instead, he grabs a mic and talks about how it takes heart to become a world champion and he will make sure he has more heart than Kurt at BFG. Roode purposes a fair match. No Immortal, no 4Tune, just Angle and Roode duking it out in a wrestling match. Angle actually agrees to this and it appears we are done.....BUT WAIT!!! Angle would quickly add in that Roode has one more test to pass tonight. Roode will be going up against Gunner and Jeff Jarrett in a Handicap Match later tonight. I like the idea of these guys to speak their minds going into their title match. In fact, it's pretty common with professional wrestling to do this scene. However, I don't agree with opening up the show with this. I would have preferred this to be the way Impact closed the show.....outside of that little announcement regarding tonight's match. That would have been the best way to close out Impact going into BFG since the Angle/Roode match is looked at as the true main event. Heck, they are competing for the world title. I know others will argue that Sting and Hulk Hogan should close out the show, but do you really think that is wise?

This next part was so stupid that just reeks of bad writing by TNA. RVD, AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, and Christopher Daniels are all brawling in the back. Mike Tenay quickly says they were scheduled to compete in a match. A commercial break later, they are still brawling and are now in the ring. They just magically get themselves into the ring and there just happens to be a referee to ring the bell and thus the match begins. What was the point of all of that? I understand they want to show the tension with the rivalries, but this looks so stupid. By the way, Styles and Daniels will compete in a I Quit match. I am normally not a big fan of this match, but maybe this will be interesting compared to the John Cena Doesn't Quit Match. RVD will go up against Jerry in a Full Metal Mayham match. Couldn't just simply call it a Hardcore match because we need cliche names in wrestling.

Match #1: RVD and AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn and Christopher Daniels
The match was okay for what it was worth, but it goes so fast that you quickly forget it ever happened. If they just....oh, I don't know, dropped the pointless brawl? Anyway, the finish comes when AJ is about to hit the Styles Clash, but Daniels has a chance to break it up. Instead, he walks out on the match and Styles hits the Styles Clash on Jerry to win the match for his team. Daniels is such a terrible heel. He makes no impression to make me give a s*** about his character. They should call this guy The Fallen Boredom.

Winner via pinfall: RVD and AJ Styles

Match #2: Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan
This was even shorter than the previous match. Morgan scores a quick roll up on Joe to steal this match. That had to be the most productive thing TNA has ever aired *rolls eyes*. After the match, Joe continues the attack because he is a sore loser. Crimson limps down to the ring and manages to scare away Joe with a steel chair. Geez, did it have a nail through it? Joe grabs the mic and thinks Crimson and Morgan want to fight each other, but want to gang up against him because he is the King of the Jungle. Yeah, and I'm the King of the Monsters....He books a Triple Threat Match between himself, Crimson, and Morgan to prove who is the best. The thought process by Joe here makes no sense. Both of these guys hate you and you run away like a chicken s*** every time they have the edge. This sort of thing would've worked if Joe was built up to be a bad ass, but he is about as bad ass as Pee Wee Herman. Instead, he looks like an idiot because of how he has to deal with two people at once. Again, I understand what TNA creative was going for here since they had to put doubt in the trust of Morgan and Crimson, but this just comes off as being lazy. I guess Vince Russo fell asleep while writing the script again....or didn't? It's hard to tell....

Winner via pinfall: Matt Morgan

We are back in the ring with Mexican America. They call out Ink Inc. Oh my God, this was a train wreck. Was the goal here to have everyone who can't cut a promo talk in the same scene? All four of these guys are so uncreative on the mic and add nothing to the scene, more of that please. This was the first time I've heard Jesse Neal talk and.....let's just say it was a mistake. The sad part is Jesse might have been the cream of the crop with these group of guys. Funny how Jesse talked about Mex showing up week after week and complain about the United States...even though they show up every 2-3 weeks on this program. Anyway, a fight breaks out between the teams. It appears Mex America has the advantaged because of the Latinas, but then this mysterious punk rock chick shows up and takes out both ladies. She appears to be in trouble when Hernandez gets back up, but Ink Inc helps her out. They want to show off the tattoo they gave Anarquia a few weeks back, but they leave the ring. Ink Inc talks about how they can bring all the women the need, because they got backup in their newest member. I have no idea what TNA plans to call this woman, but I do know this woman's name is Christina Von Eerie. Funny thing is she used to work AAA in Mexico, so most of the talent involved in this match know who this person is. My only thoughts into this possible new KO means that Ink Inc could be around for a while and might get the titles this Sunday. Then again, based on the fact that the Television Champion hasn't shown up in over a month, that doesn't mean jack s***.

Match #3: Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen vs Austin Aries and Kid Kash
Again, what was the point of that altercation between Kendrick and Kash last week? It was never addressed in this match and it was just a waste of time. What the hell were they thinking? The match was okay, but it leaves no impression. The finish comes when the ref gets distracted by Kash and Sorensen on the outside. Aries grabs the X Division title and is about to use it as a weapon. He misses him (D'oh, I missed) and Kendrick is able to take advantage. He hits the Sliced Bread and gets the victory. This moment would've meant a lot more if Kendrick wasn't celebrating to porn music.

Winner via pinfall: Brian Kendrick and Jesse Sorensen

We open up the second hour of Impact with the KOs. Velvet Sky, Mickie James, Winter, Angelina Love, Karen Jarrett, Madison Rayne, and Traci Brooks are in the ring. Karen talks about fighting to put the KOs on the card because nobody wanted to see them and consider them all street corner workers. So, your president or whatever that is in charge of the KOs doesn't even want to try to get her talent on the show? Yeah, that's the marks of a brilliant leader. Donald Trump should take this in as a lesson. She calls out Velvet in particular and calls her a piece of trash. Velvet says she will eventually make her shut up and she will win the KO title. Velvet pushes Karen to the ground with the help of Traci. This starts a brawl between all the KOs while Karen tells Traci how she will be scrubbing toilets after all of this. Karen is like the John Laurinaitis version of the KO division. She doesn't really add a whole lot of emotion and doesn't make the biggest impression. Then again, at least she's trying? I have been saying it for a while, I think Velvet will win the title at BFG. They have given her a lot of screen time this year and it seems they will do the pay off this Sunday. To people who will complain, keep in mind we had to sit through a Kelly Kelly championship reign. Yeah, Velvet as champion all of the sudden doesn't sound so bad.

Match #4: Scott Steiner vs Mr. Anderson with Bully Ray as the Special Enforcer
Anderson is out there, time for his assholes to rejoice...

Bully taunts Anderson on the outside. The match sucked, plain and simple. The finish comes when Anderson takes out Bully on the outside. Abyss shows up and grabs Bully's chain to use it on Anderson. He accidentally misses and hits Steiner. By the way, referee sees all of this and doesn't bother to ring the bell. How stupid does TNA think people watching this are? It's crap like this that gives TNA such a bad name. Anderson quickly knocks down Abyss, picks up a pin on Steiner, and runs away. After the match is when things got really dumb. Immortal shows up and they yell at Abyss for screwing up....even though he hasn't screw up in weeks, possibly months. Eventually, Abyss fights back, but Immortal takes him down since they have the numbers game. They get a table set up to punish Abyss, but then Anderson comes BACK in to fight Immortal. Since Anderson is a freakin' idiot and just jumped into the lion's den without a plan or a weapon, he gets his ass kicked as well. Bully Powerbombs Anderson though the table, which ends the scene. I have no idea what TNA was thinking here. You don't build up anything regarding Abyss turning face for months. They have been teasing this since Destination X PPV, which was back in July. Here we are in October and this storyline has barely been advertised or mentioned on the program since then. Here is TNA just throwing it in your face and just expecting you to remember that little scuffle that happened to Abyss. Not only that, but you finally make Abyss stand up for himself and it leads to nothing? When people retaliate against their stables, it usually means something. Oh, and let's not forget Anderson running away after all of this and then showing up again. This whole thing was just stupid and just reeks of Vince Russo. The only thing you are missing with this scene is clown shoes. It's stupid s*** like this that makes you stop watching. Again, I want TNA to do well and succeed, but this is beyond stupid. Too add to their stupid stuff, we have a backstage scene in which Kurt Angle is using reverse psychology on James Storm so he can think about attacking his best friend. TNA, if you have any ounce of dignity left, you will not have Storm turn heel this Sunday because of Angle's bulls***. The speech didn't make any sense. He screwed him out of the match last week and expects him to work for him based on this? Angle is looking more and more like a moron as a heel. Angle's plan would work a lot better if he shoved a broomstick up his ass and sing the alphabet backwards. Hmm....that actually sounds more entertaining than this piece of crap. This is the part of the show where you just shut off the TV, but I keep going. Why? Because, I am insane and people enjoy watching me torture myself.

Match #5: Robert Roode vs Jeff Jarrett and Gunner
You might as well refer to Roode as Robert Balboa with the way TNA is pushing this entire thing. The match was nothing special. The finish comes when Roode locks in the Crossface on Gunner and he taps out. So, you show the toughness in Immortal by being able to handle one guy in the last scene, but can't deal with Roode? You know what? I actually don't have a problem with Immortal looking bad here since Roode is the guy who needs to look strong. He has to. He is the one competing for the world title this Sunday. Still, continuity can be a bitch, don't you think? Then again, explain that one to John Cena? What the hell am I talking about? ANYWAY....after the match, Immortal shows up and again does the group attack on Roode. Storm arrives for the save, but it doesn't work. Angle arrives and is ready to hit a punch on Roode until Jeff Hardy arrives. Angle runs away, Gunner just magically falls to the ground without taking a hit, and Hardy takes out the others. So, a cowboy, an asshole, and a monster can't take out Immortal, but a drug addict can? Most illogical....let's move on. Hardy clears house and Immortal retreats. Storm isn't happy about Hardy showing up and Roode is a little put off by all of this. He eventually decides to trust Hardy and shakes his hand. Hardy is about to leave, but Storm won't let him. He makes him stay in the ring only for Beer Money to.....raise Hardy's hand to end the scene. It made sense for Beer Money to be a little taken back by accepting Hardy considering everything that has happened, so that keeps up the worked shoot style storyline regarding Hardy. Not sure how I feel about this scene, but I guess it was harmless. It did show how strong Roode is going into his title match against Angle. Up to this point, we haven't seen Angle and Roode face each other in a match, not even a tag team match (referring to storyline, not the entire history of wrestling) and I like how they haven't spoiled anything for the true main event at BFG. This should be an exciting match. The build up between Roode and Angle hasn't been perfect, but it did its job and I am very interested in this match.

Winner via submission: Robert Roode

There was a quick backstage scene where Jarrett was yelling at Hardy and saying how he doesn't want to see him in Philly. Hardy says he is going to book his flight for Philly....but not until he serves a ten day sentence in jail. You might think I was going for a joke here, but this is true. Hardy already served his jail time and should be there for this Sunday. I'm going to give Hardy a free pass. By that, I mean not making another least for the rest of tonight.

Time for Hogan and Sting to sign their final, I mean the contract for their match at BFG. Sting signs it. Hogan eventually signs it and it is finally a go. Hogan flips over the table in the most lazy way possible. Man, even that looked like it took a lot out of Hulk. Not a good sign. Hogan talks about how the TNA originals failed to bring this company up and that was what he wanted to do when he arrived (Yeah, how's that working for you, Hulk?). He talked about how Sting did everything imaginable to get this match and he is going to get the real Hulk at BFG. Eric Bischoff interrupts and says he will be dealing with Sting at the PPV once Hulk is done with him. With his back turned, Hogan uses a steel chair on Sting. The show ends with Hogan continuing the attack on Sting. That's right, they didn't even show the rest of the attack, but maybe that was a blessing. I know this isn't going to be a good wrestling match, but I just hope it is tolerable for their age and nothing bad happens to either of them. I can only pray. By the way, Hogan talking about wanting to do this man on man? With those allegations a few months back, bad choice of words, brother!!!

Overall Impression:
For this being the Go Home edition of BFG, their version of WrestleMania, it was a pretty big letdown. TNA did address every match on the card, but it just wasn't engaging. I don't walk away from this showing wanting to see BFG, so TNA kinda failed in this department. Still, one of the positives after tonight is the Angle/Roode storyline. It hasn't been perfect, but I find this to be the most intriguing match going into BFG. The nostalgia fan inside me wants to see Hogan/Sting, but I realize that these guys aren't in the best physical conditioning going into this match. These men are battered and bruised and this might be one of the worst matches possible. Then again, there is still hope that the match can be passable, but its only a glimmer. I cannot recommend watching this show. The evening was just a drag and a disappointment. I expected the action to be lacking since they want to save their stuff for BFG, but I didn't expect the show to be so much like a Looney Toons cartoon. Again, I want to be the guy who likes TNA and tells you to watch this show, but I just can't get invested in a lot of the things TNA does. That doesn't mean the WWE is perfect, because that isn't true. The WWE has its fair share of problems and is far from perfect, but compared to TNA, you can notice the difference quite a bit. As long as Russo is still working for this company, TNA won't really move forward. That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. I was planning on doing a BFG Rundown. I talked about five of the matches and it was very boring. I decided to cancel it since there wasn't a lot to work with. That should be a clue into how this card is going into BFG. There are some worthwhile, but a lot of these matches don't make me want to watch the event. Either way, I will still throw some quick thoughts when I take a look at SD this week. Tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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