Thursday, October 18, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 10/18/12 (Megatron returns!!!)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling 10/18/12. After the events of Bound for Glory, what happens next in TNA Land? Let's find out and begin. 

We open up the show with Aces and Eights. The stable gives a toast to their NON-LEADER…Devon. Devon talks about how As & 8s helped him out and how he hasn't forgotten about what Bully Ray did to him and his family. Based on that, Devon totally has a point. I love how Devon thinks the Impact Zone is crap. Well, it isn't like they are paying to watch this show. Anyway, the TNA roster comes out to attack Card Games. Hogan comes out and….We go to a commercial. You know, it's amazing how EVERY commercial break in the history of pro wrestling is timed perfectly. I'm sorry, but I thought you asked for some extra wrestling logic. Hogan books Sting vs Devon for later tonight. You know, it's so weird seeing Bully Ray on the good guy side of this. I'm sorry, but I look at this and can't help but think it should be the other way around. The intro is about what I expected. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. 

Match #1: Samoa Joe vs Robbie E; TV Championship
I love how Joseph Parks looks 100% fine after 3-4 weeks of torture. Get those cameras out, we gotta talk bulls*** and my sex tape, brother!!! Robbie E still works here? I thought he was doing cafeteria duty now. Joe wins with the Chokehold. He also chokes out Robbie T because….Of his sweater? Yeah, I got nothing.  

Winner via submission and still TV Champ: Samoa Joe

Match #2: Tara vs ODB
Anybody noticed the glazed ham with that TNA commercial? That was just hilariously bad. I like how Jesse from Big Brother considers himself a big star….And that's the joke. So far, I haven't been impressed with Jesse's acting. He looks the part, but he isn't really playing the part to the fullest. Anyway, ODB spits beer in Jesse's face and hits a finisher for the victory. Tessmacher seems amused by all of this. Umm, didn't you lose your match cleanly? You don't have much to gloat about. Their rematch is set for Championship Thursday. Also on Championship Thursday, Hardy will defend his championship against either Storm, Mr. Anderson (Why?), Bully, and one more person to be named tonight. I think this means that TNA has either moved Open Fight Night to a different week or got rid of it completely. It doesn't really matter. OFN didn't fair that well and they basically took part of OFN and put it on Championship Thursday, so is this really a big deal? 

Winner via pinfall: ODB

Match #3: Team Texas vs Garbage Galore 
Does anyone even care about Gunner and Kid Kash as a tag team? Chavo hits Frog Splash for the victory. Woooooo….zzzzzzzz. I think I just found the cure of insomnia. Just watch Gunner and you're cured. 

Winner via pinfall: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Were they celebrating Jeff Hardy's world title win or were they prepping for Chavo's future world title run? Seriously, who thought those confetti colors went with Hardy? Wait a minute!!! What do I see here? The spawn of Satan is back….Megatron title is back. Why in the world would they bring this…THING back? I thought we were pass this? Hardy has to have the worst taste possible. Seriously, he dresses like a bum, does terrible art, and that face-paint. What's with this guy? It's you and me, Megatron. NOOO, it's just me, PRIME!!! Sorry, I got distracted. Anyway, Austin Aries comes bearing cookies…

And that's why Hardy is a dick. How dare you turn down cookies. Aries spits on Megatron, which makes Hardy angry. Aries is able to retreat before getting the Twist of Fate. Just more build up for the rematch. I'm sure the match will be just fine, but Hardy cutting a promo is a sad sight to behold. Remember when people thought he was getting better at this department? It seems like he's getting worse. Then again, promos isn't what made him popular. 

Match #4: AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle vs Christopher Daniels
Apparently, the winner of this match MIGHT get an opportunity for a world title match, which will be decided by Hogan. This match wasn't too bad. It was the best match out of the night. The finish comes when Kurt hits the Angle Slam on Daniels for the victory. Styles doesn't seem happy about losing the match. Looks like a new storyline in the works. Anything to get us out of this Styles/Daniels deal. 

Winner via pinfall: Kurt Angle

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are talking. So, I guess Morgan is back under contract. What? I thought he was invading the show? Either EXPLAIN the damn story or don't even attempt it. Anyway, here's your shoot promo of the night. Hogan and Morgan talk backstage politics.  It's okay to bring up politics once in a while, but I don't like it when TNA does it. I think its because TNA was going through a faze of doing this every week and I just grew to cringe when TNA does it. Anyway, it appears that Morgan is pissed off that he never got fame, so now he's a dick. Once they leave, Hogan seems very pleased. Either he liked what he saw out of Morgan or he was thinking of the next wife he will bang. This is why Hogan STILL takes his vitamins. 

James Storm comes out and talks about his war with Bobby Roode. Roode interrupts and claims that Storm's victory will finally give Storm the fame that he wanted, but Bobby is still the better man. Storm hits a super kick on him and…..that's it. I'm sorry, but was there any point to this scene? I know you want to get a follow-up with Storm, but Bobby showing up to stroke his ego just seemed kinda pointless. I know that's Bobby's character, but it should at least mean something. Right now, it just looks like they are trying to drown out the clock while Hogan is counting his money. 

Match #5: Sting vs Devon
Oh, the match of the century. This is the match EVERYONE wanted to see….pssssshhhhh. I'm just lying out of the ass. Nobody wanted to see this matchup. Why the hell are they calling Devon the Sergeant of Arms? I know it's a title from the stable, but it just sounds retarded. Just as Sting's about to win the match, Aces and Eights attacks. After the match, TNA guys show up to fight the stable. That's also how the show ends. So, we reveal that Devon is apart of the stable and you end the show the same way you've ended it for the past 2-3 months? Why am I not surprised? Creative staff? What's that? 

Winner via DQ: Sting

Overall Impression:
If you didn't watch BFG, than this show would be acceptable for you. Then again, if you did watch BFG, than this whole episode was nothing more than filler. Most of the matches didn't really grab my attention and I was expecting more development with some of the storylines or the introduction of new conflicts. Other than the possibility of Styles/Angle, nothing new was introduced tonight. I understand that you gotta get people up to speed that didn't watch the PPV, but it doesn't excuse the bland evening. This was NOT a good way to keep people invested in the product. BFG did a lot of things right to bring you in, but I think they failed to do a decent follow up. As far as the promos went….eh. They were okay, but nothing great. I expected a lot of talking since we are just getting out of a PPV, but I really wasn't impressed with this show. I can't recommend it, but I can't stop you from wanting to check it out. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of tonight's article or the show. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. See you next time. 


  1. I had a pretty bad feeling Hardy was going to bring back that Megatron belt once he won at BFG. It's only a matter of time before he shows up to another PPV Main Event stoned off his ass. I swear that belt is cursed.

    1. the worst thing about it is that you cant use it for anyone but hardy, because hardy literally is the inspiration for the megatron face on it.
      makes me wonder how stupid they can be to use this on their WORLD TITLE, i would have understood if it was the tv title or something. this is just ridiculous.

    2. If that's the case, I guess we better prep two years from now when Jeff Hardy overcomes his habits and wins the big one....again.....for the 400th time. Something's wrong with this picture.

  2. No RVD appearance tonight. X-divsion? Whats that?

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