Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw Review 10/15/12 (Feed Me Champions!!!)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw 10/15/12. Who will face CM Punk for the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell? Let's find out and start the review. 

Match #1: Big Show vs Daniel Bryan
We open up the show with Monday Night Smackdown's main rivalry. Big Show talks about himself or whatnot. Since he's tired of hearing about 45 seconds, he challenges Daniel Bryan to a match. R-Truth….You're still not funny. Bryan tries to get out of this match, but AJ decides to book it anyway. Bryan was hoping for some backup by Kane, but ends up laughing in his face. Bryan gives him a fight, but Show is too much to overcome. If only Bryan was holding onto that WHC. I pretty much think that the world titles are the true repellent to Show. Sheamus has nothing to worry about. After the match, Kane comes out and actually defends Bryan from getting more punishment. Awww, that fruit rollup really does care for that goat face. What a heart-warming story. So, they continue to show friction between Bryan and Kane, but they are trying to get on the same page….Within reason. Their interactions are still funny, but it does make you wonder how much longer this will last. 

Winner via pinfall: Big Show

Punk comes out and claims that everyone in the WWE thinks that Punk is the devil. But I thought he was straight edge?

Punk explains that Ryback and John Cena are the true devils. Well, Ryback's more of a carnivore, while Cena is loading up on My Little Pony. Hmmm, maybe Cena IS evil? Anyway, Punk decides to not reveal his pick until later tonight. FOOLED YOU!!! Vince McMahon didn't get the memo since he arrives to inform Punk that he will pick his opponent. It's a given fact that once you become a heel, your logic goes out of the window and you dig yourself into trouble. Dumbass!!!

Match #2: Alberto Del Rio vs Brodus Clay
Del Rio wins with the Cross Armbreaker. Brodus has been losing a lot lately. What did he do? Eat Vince's dog? Oh well, that's what happens when you're reduced to a comedy character. 

Winner via submission: Alberto Del Rio

Match #3: Prime Time Players vs Comedy Jobbers
Another quick match. After a series of finishers, the match ends when Titus hits the Clash of the Titus for the victory. After the match, Heath Slater's crew arrives to take out Ryder and Santino. They are known as the 3MB. What, were they on a time limit in trying to come up with a new name? Seriously, this came from the "creative" department. It's also kinda weird seeing an Indian playing air guitar, but is it any different from seeing an Indian dancing? Well, I guess we know the reason for this match showing up. The 3MB is on a crusade to eliminate all the comedy characters. Look for Hornswoggle to get kicked in the face really soon. 

Winner via pinfall: Prime Time Players

Match #4: Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler and David Otunga
Dolph talked before the match how he should get a WWE title match. But you already have a date lined up with Super Fella? Otunga comes out and claims he deserves a title match because…..Jennifer Hudson wrote him a letter of recommendation? Well, all the complaining just made Ryback hungry. As the match continues, Dolph decides to get the hell out of there. Ryback hits Shell Shock for the quick victory. I think WWE is trying to see how many 2-3 minute matches they can fit in one episode of Raw. 

Winner via pinfall: Ryback

Earlier in the night, Punk actually wanted to challenge Vince to a match. Yeah, cuz that went SO WELL the first time you did it. That idea goes nowhere. So….What was the point of that? I guess Punk wanted new seats for his car. Matt Striker wanted an apology for the Team Hell No attack, but ends up getting booked. Again, this guy was a school teacher? I think he would be smart enough to complain to someone that isn't completely insane. Then again, maybe he can continue to harp on how Cody Rhodes not wearing knee pads is devastating. AJ books Striker in a match against Kane for later tonight. 

Match #5: Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel
Another short match, but this one actually wasn't too bad. Gabriel actually hit the 450 Splash, but Antonio has his foot on the rope. Antonio hits the Neutralizer for the victory. It's great that they seem to like Antonio, but how about giving him a rival? Is that asking for too much? I think it is. 

Winner via pinfall: Antonio Cesaro

Match #6: Kane vs Matt Striker
I think Chris Jericho found a way to make it on this show. Anyway, Striker claims that nobody wants to see this match, but the audience is apparently pulling for it. So, the audience likes watching squash matches? The two end up hugging…..TO THE DEATH!!! Kane follows it with a Chokeslam and we get yet another short match. Am I gonna get ONE five minute match tonight? 

Winner via pinfall: Kane

Miz TV segment between Miz and Kofi Kingston. Miz claims that Kofi is a mid-card guy at best and will never get any memorable moments. So, the recipe for Kofi escaping the mid-card division is to take the mid-card championship? It's pretty hilarious when you think of it like that. Kofi eventually snaps and attacks Miz. It was also decided that Miz/Kofi will happen tonight. I don't like this idea. The title was gonna get defended on Main Event, so why give some of it away now? Personally, I would've made a different match. 

Match #7: Sheamus vs Wade Barrett
So, FINALLY we get a good match. I really enjoyed this match. Just like last week, the finish comes when Big Show causes an interference. My only problem with this is that it's very similar to the Sheamus/Show events of last week. The only difference is that Sheamus was able to stand tall. In other words, we get more padding. 

Winner via DQ: Sheamus

Match #8: Eve vs Layla; Divas Title
The match was blah and the ending was worse. I think Eve was supposed to kick Layla's leg from under the ropes, but she did it after the match. I look at the replay and I can't help but think she was supposed to do it sooner. It just looks bad. Eve can play her character, but her in-ring awareness can be bad sometimes. 

Winner via pinfall and still Divas Champion: Eve

Match #9: Rhodes Scholars vs Puerto Rican Express
Ryback's heartless? Did we just get a spoiler for Kingdom Hearts 3? Meanwhile, 3MB appears to have gotten kicked out of Karaoke Night. There's something strange YET amusing with seeing Jinder in a biker get-up while wearing that hat. The finals of the tag tournament were scheduled for tonight, but Rey Mysterio seems to be feeling sick, so it will have to wait another week. To my delight, this match was pretty good. Sandow ends this match by hitting the Terminus. 

Winner via pinfall: Rhodes Scholars

Match #10: Kofi Kingston vs Miz
Jesus Christ, WWE. Ten matches? Was that really necessary? It looks bad when only 2-3 of them are even worth checking out, while the others were squash matches. I know squash matches are done to make somebody look strong, but do we really need this many of them in one show? Kofi wins this match quickly with the Trouble in Paradise. At the time that I'm writing this, I'm aware of a particular spoiler regarding this. I don't believe in releasing spoilers, but I'll just say this. This match shouldn't have even happened tonight. Who's idea was this? What happened during the thought process of tonight's show? I don't know why, but it looks like they were writing the whole show DURING the filming of the show. It just feels like a gigantic clusterf***. I apologize for that, but I just had to get that out there. 

Winner via pinfall: Kofi Kingston

Time for the contract signing. Punk signs the contract. Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk TALK!!! Let's see how many times we can squeeze the word "talk" in one segment. Cena goes on a speech that Punk needs to get beaten up, so he recommends Ryback since Ryback just wants to hurt people. Cena leads a Ryback chant and just like that, Punk vs Ryback will happen at HIAC. The show ends with Ryback hitting Shell Shock on Punk. I was personally hoping they would go with a triple threat match, but it appears Cena's injury is gonna take a little more time to heal. I've talked enough of how I feel about this. I like the Punk/Ryback idea, but this is an idea you do months from now. Then again, what other choice was there? Since this match is gonna happen, I would have to think that shenanigans are gonna take place that prevent Ryback from winning the title. Ryback isn't quite ready for the world title. Ryback will eventually be ready for the world title, but his time isn't now. In fact, I'm thinking that Punk will drop his title at Survivor Series against Cena. He won the title over there, so it seems like a fitting end. 

Overall Impression:
I don't know about you, but did anyone else feel that tonight's show had no flow to it whatsoever? It felt like Raw was all over the place tonight. I think they crammed the show way too much and I don't like that. I know they got to make room for other things, but I don't like it when they try to do this much since it can be hard to digest all of this at once. With all the crammed segments, the show dragged quite a bit. It felt like WWE was doing improv the whole evening. They can usually cover it up, but I think it was noticeable tonight. If that wasn't the case, I don't even want to know what happened during the writing process of this show. Most of the show revolved around the WWE title and nothing else. Yeah, there was some development with Show/Sheamus and Kofi/Miz, but it just felt…..blah. I can't recommend this episode of Raw since I felt you didn't miss much out of the evening. Good thing this review was delayed a day. Who knows how this would've turned out if I reviewed this last night. Once again, I apologize for not updating on time, but I do have other things to do in my personal life. I try to keep this to a minimum, but I make no promises. Well, that's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review and all that other stuff. I will see you in the next review. See you next time. 


  1. having Miz and Kofi have a match tonight made no sense what so ever, they had a great talking segment together, during which the Miz managed to sum up my feelings on Kofi perfectly, and they put them in a pointless match which ends with Miz damn near getting his head kicked off. All they needed to do was a quick brawl at the end of Miz TV and have Kofi standing tall and they would have been set for the match on Main Event.

    And I'm still not quite sure how to feel about Punk vs Ryback, while I'm glad they are giving someone that isn't named John Cena a shot at the title, Ryback is not ready for this spot yet. Either Cena's elbow is worst than they've let on or they are planning on making it a triple threat match but wanted to see how the fan base react to the Punk/Ryback match before making that announcement. If possible I'd much rather see a triple threat match with Cena added in since that gives themselves plenty of outs without making anyone looking bad.

    1. Yeah, I'll give credit to where it's due. The promo between Miz and Kofi was really good, but it appears we both agree that the match shouldn't have even happened. Maybe the theme of the night was to have no flow to the entire evening.

  2. I felt lost and a little bored with Monday Night Raw this week, as you said WSNerd "there was no flow".

    Brownie_the_3rd, i'm right with you on the Miz/Kofi freud and i only wish that creative has the sense to switch the heel role with the two as it would add some dynamic to their characters. Imagine Miz as a face!

    Who should challenge for the US title? And with Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) on NXT, will we see a Kings of Wrestling reunion for the wwe tag team championship.

  3. I heard some chats of "this is awesome" during the diva's match but I doubt they were serious since the last diva's match that had any praise was Eve vs. Beth at Vengeance 2011.

    Since it looked like Miz missed the timing to keep from getting the full force of the kick to head, I hope he isn't seriously injured and Kofi is not punished for it.

    While everyone is talking about how having Ryback in the WWE title match is a bad decision, I don't think he will win the championship for a number of reasons. One, it looks like an obvious set up for Brock to return and cost Ryback the match so he can talk about how he is the true beast of the WWE and Ryback is a phony. Two, it seems Punk will be champion all the way to RR for his match with The Rock. Imagine the interaction between the two as the event draws near.

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