Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw Review 10/29/12 (Mick Foley needs a paycheck, so....)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw 10/29/12. With Hell in the Cell over and done with, how does Raw move forward? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with CM Punk. Punk claims that everyone was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, RIGHT, wrong. Punk claims that he had nothing to do with the official siding with him. Of course, nobody believes him because he's a Paul Heyman guy. Mick Foley arrives and says Punk ruined the legacy that was Hell in a Cell. Yeah, I think you are a little late, Foley. HIAC hasn't been what it is for years now and it had nothing to do with Punk. Then again, it's apart of the kayfabe. Punk pitches Team Foley vs Team Punk at Survivor Series. Foley accepts, which pretty much guarantees Punk will have the championship until TLC. Where's Ryback? Oh, there he is!!! You knew that was coming. So, an interesting opening to say the least. This whole thing went right back to Punk/Foley? I think I figured out why they did this. First of all, Ryback isn't a mouthpiece. He isn't bad at promos, but he works better at just being a human wrecking ball who has somebody else doing the talking for him. Also, I've been thinking that ever since Punk and Foley exchanged their promos if a match was in the works. Punk vs Foley in a TLC match at TLC? I think this is what they've been planning since Cena's injury. This might also explain why Cena got a ridiculous storyline in the process. He simply needed something to do. Then again, I'm just pulling this out of my ass and making crazy assumptions. Then again, I could end up being right. 

Match #1: Ryback vs JTG
So, you go from world title match to jobber match all in a matter of 24 hours? I'm not even surprised at this point. I guess Ryback wasn't that hungry tonight and JTG was the equivalent to a bag of potato chips. Ryback wins….

Winner via pinfall: Ryback

Match #2: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
You remember those vignettes they featured to hype up Wade Barrett?…..Me either. To be fair, it doesn't surprise me that Wade lost. Randy is one of the top tier guys, so you had to figure he was gonna win unless some bs came into play. Still, you know creative hasn't thought through on a guy when you hype him up and do nothing afterwords. I already went on this rant in the SD review so go check that out if you're interested. In a decent match, Randy wins with the RKO. 

Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton

Match #3: Team Hell No vs Prime Time Players
Once again, we get a Team Hell No match that ends the same way as the previous matches. Kane does all the work, Bryan tags himself in and ends up picking up the victory to feed his ego. I understand they are probably building up to an implosion between the two, couldn't they try this from a different perspective or write up something different? Don't get me wrong. I like Team Hell No, but I just wish they would try something a little different. You know….Maybe make it a little more fun? Are we are not allowed to have fun anymore? Well, that won't stop me from making something ridiculous. 

Winner via pinfall: Team Hell No

More fall out between John Cena and AJ. Another relationship scandal in this wrestling world this year? Ohhhhhhh noooooooo. Just as Vickie Guerrero mentioned last night, she revealed a couple of images to convince a toddler that Cena managed to dive in the crazy zone. Cena went to dinner in that shirt? I'm convinced that Cena was born while wearing one of his T-shirts. Apparently, it's mandatory for Cena to wear one of his shirts wherever he goes or he'll die. Anyway, Cena still denies any involvement with AJ. The IWC's dick rises when Dolph Ziggler comes out and gloats. Hey, don't get me wrong. I like Dolph, but I swear that the IWC acts like Dolph is the second coming of Jesus. Dolph's presence was exactly the same as when he confronted Cena last night. I guess the plan is for a Cena/Dolph feud. Ehh….I don't like this idea. It gives Dolph something to do, but you know they aren't gonna let Dolph get a heelish victory. It's possible for Dolph to steal this victory, but this is Cena we are talking about. The WWE Universe didn't get their Cena fix last month, so you know they gotta roll out extra Cena for this month. Then again, it's better than doing nothing for another month. As far as the storyline goes, I really don't like it. Part of my reasons for not liking it is because TNA tried the same thing earlier in the year and it got pretty stupid in a hurry. There's a chance it won't be as bad as that storyline, but the scary thought is it has the recipe to be even worse. Chances are that won't happen, but that's enough to make you cautious.  

Match #4: Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro
So, is Antonio making fun of American children for dressing up like Power Rangers or is he talking about some of his co-workers? The match didn't last very long. Miz was on commentary and continued to talk about how he hates Kofi…. 

The finish comes when Miz attacks Kofi, thus resulting in a DQ. You know the creative staff hasn't thought far enough when they close a rivalry last night, but end up continuing it the next evening since they haven't thought of what either guy should do next. R-Truth arrives to even the odds. The idea of Antonio/Truth is nothing that I'm interested in, but I would rather see a rivalry as opposed to seeing him squash people until the next PPV. In other words, I'll take what I can get. One thing I should mention is AJ getting hired by Vickie….Even though she didn't do any of the things she was ordered to do in the interview. What's that? Wrestling logic? Noooo, it can't be.

Winner via DQ: Kofi Kingston

Match #5: 3MB vs Goof Troop
Oh, who am I kidding? Zack Ryder and Santino don't deserve to be named after one of my childhood TV shows. I love how Jinder Mahal claims to be the funny one of group and proceeds to be serious. I love the timing of that joke. Drew McIntyre ends up eating the Cobra for his team. This allows Slater to hit a finisher for the victory. I kinda like 3MB. Sure, Jinder sticks out like a cat amongst a group of dogs, but at least he has something to do. It isn't like he's gonna be with this stable forever. Eventually, he'll get another chance to be a serious singles star, but I'm fine with him playing a wannabe rock star for the time being. Some air-time is better than no exposure. 

Winner via pinfall: 3MB

Match #6: AJ vs Beth Phoenix
AJ ended up getting the victory with a small package. Well, the booking made sense and this was the be-BUT WAIT!!! Vickie comes out and isn't impressed with AJ, so we restart the match. Beth uses this chance to hit Glam Slam for the victory. Well, at least Beth got one last victory before she left the com-ohhhhhhh….I spoiled it. I'm a bad Nerd….

Winner via loud shrieking: Beth Phoenix 

Sheamus and Big Show have their segment. Geeze, you think Sheamus was knocked out like 50 times earlier in the evening since WWE showed that Show/Sheamus clip throughout the night. Sheamus admits that he came up short, but wants his title back. Show comes out and claims Sheamus will never be able to take the WHC away from him since he's on fire. Hold on there, Johnny Cash. I think you need to pace yourself. Sheamus retaliates with White Noise. Just some basic build to set up the rematch. Like I mention after their match last night, it was the first time that I cared about this rivalry. In other words, I was actually looking forward to this segment. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but the title change does add a little more intrigue to the feud. 

Match #7: Rhodes Scholars vs Halloween Costumes
So, it turns out one of the dirt sheets were right. Vickie fires Beth Phoenix because she doesn't like it when you date her kayfabe exes. Yeah, I guess you get one dirt sheet right after failing the first 10-12 tries. I really don't have much to say on the matter. I'm sure some will talk about how this is bad for the divas division, but it isn't like the divas division is that high on the priority list for WWE. That's just the sad state for women wrestlers. It isn't far and it sucks, but it's all about the eye candy for this company. Dammit Mysterio. That was gonna be my Halloween costume. Now I gotta go with plan B. Damien ends this with the Terminus. Rhodes Scholars are still the true #1 Contenders, so it makes perfect sense for them to pick up the victory. 

Winner via pinfall: Rhodes Scholars

Match #8: Alberto Del Rio vs Justin Gabriel
After the WWE acknowledged breast cancer month and all the support, we immediately get back to kayfabe. Just like the last couple of weeks, Gabriel manages to put up a decent fight, but Del Rio is too much. It's over when Del Rio wins with the Cross Armbreaker. Either that or he won because he was raping Gabriel's arm. Seriously, doesn't it look like Del Rio is having a little TOO much fun with Gabriel's arm in between his legs? You're winner, Alberto Del Molester. 

Winner via submission: Alberto Del Rio

So, Pauly and Foley announce their SS teams. It will be Punk, Miz, Rhodes Scholars, and Del Rio vs Foley, Kofi, Team Hell No, and Randy….. 

Yeah, it turns out Foley had something else in mind. Ryback ends up being the final team member for Team Foley. If my hypothesis is correct, it would make perfect sense for Foley to not compete in this match since you want to save the Punk/Foley confrontation for a future date. As far as the teams go, I'm fine with the selections. I personally think it would've been better to substitute Miz with Barrett, but it isn't that big of a deal. It isn't gonna matter at the end of the day since I personally think Punk's team will lose since Ryback will finally get to feast. 

Overall Impression:
So, why was there two announce tables for tonight's show? I thought they were gonna destroy one of them, but nothing happened. I don't get that LOL…..I'm losing my mind. I personally thought this was a better episode than the last couple of Raws. There was also a couple of fair matches to watch and Sheamus/Show delivered a pretty decent segment. Punk/Foley wasn't too bad to start off the show either. While this week's show was better than the past couple weeks, I didn't think it was that great and this show is pretty skippable. While there was 2-3 matches worth a second look, some of these matches weren't really that necessary. I'm already getting sick of Vickie as the GM since its been done before and her shrieking is making me go insane. And yes, I said GM and not that stupid title they made up last week. I'm not interested in Cena's storyline and for a show that was gonna start the Survivor Series build, I don't think it was handled the best way possible. Then again, I kinda want to see the Survivor Series tag match, but I was hoping for some new rivalries. After all, you gotta have multiple matches for the PPV. Outside of the Cena/Dolph and Antonio/Truth teasers, there wasn't a whole lot of new things. In fact, those feuds are okay, but they aren't peaking my interest that much. I felt the creative staff decided to take a day off and wait until next week to build up other matches. This week may have been better than the last couple of weeks, but I personally think you aren't missing much with this episode. Well, I better call it an evening or else I will continue to poke people's buttons. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of the article and yada yada. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. See you next time. If I don't see you until the next wrestling article (hint hint!!!), I wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween. 


  1. Tell me what you think and vica verca? Meaning you'll tell me what you think of me?
    Other then that statement I liked your review dude. Easy to read and some good points. Bar the Foley vs punk thing I agree with you on everything. Good job man. Look forward to next weeks!

    1. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking when writing that last bit. I think my brain wanted to take a nap. Then again, I assure you this won't be the last time this happens. I actually went out of my way to fix it, but my dumbass will still get a chance to shine somewhere else.

      Regardless of my countless screw ups, I appreciate it when people are calm and collective in pointing out my mistakes. It's the only way I'm gonna learn.

  2. Well I guess the tag and IC title may be defended prior to SS on either RAW or Smackdown if the WWE wants to spice things up for the PPV main event. And chances are they finally are giving a proper US title feud along with a potential WHC rematch and Cena vs. Ziggler (either as a single match or another SS elimination tag match but I think the former will be the chosen type). Be on the look out for the Glamazon possibly debuting in the Impact Zone.

    Finally, I'm sorry Punk but the wrong gig was done by Edge in 2006 and it was much more humorous.

  3. I have one minor but contrustive critism. You tend to write "Then again" a lot. It's like your fill in word. Just kind of irritates me. Other than that, you better get with the program on Ziggler. He's the man.

  4. you know what could have been a good SS match, have Daniel Bryan and Kane captain their own teams against each other to prove they are the superior member of the team. They could have even had a comedy angle where no one wants to team with Bryan since they don't want to be with the weak link and he gets stuck with either comedy characters or random jobbers.

    1. Team Hell: Kane, Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, Satan, and Death
      Team No: Daniel Bryan, Bozo the Clown, Ronald McDonald, Toad from Super Mario Bros., and Smackdown's #1 announcer, Funaki.