Monday, October 15, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Review

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Bound for Glory 2012. How does TNA's version of WrestleMania fair? Let's find out and start the review. 

Match #1: Zema Ion vs RVD; X Division Title
We open up the show with a match that was literally slapped together at the last moment. Yeah, I knew going into this match that it was gonna feature good wrestling skills, but the lack of a storyline wasn't intriguing me. I liked how Tazz referred to Zema's skills as a video game. He really looks like somebody that would be in Streets of Rage as opposed to being a wrestler. The finish comes when RVD hits the Frog Spash for the victory. Congratulations James Storm on the vict-Oh, I'm sorry. Apparently, RVD won the match. Hmmm, I wonder why I said that? As far as the title change goes, I could care less. It appears that TNA wanted to go in a different direction for the X Division. I know I should care about this, but the X Division is irrelevant. I kinda feel bad for Zema since I didn't think he wasn't doing a bad job with his character. Sure, he's no Austin Aries, but his heel persona isn't too shabby. Well, the only thing I can do is sit back and see what they got planned for both guys. 

Winner via pinfall and NEW X Division Champion: James "RVD" Storm

Match #2: Samoa Joe vs Magnus; TV Championship
This is a match TNA has invested time in building up, but they have been inconsistent with the build. I know you gotta make room for Aces and Eights and world title build, but I think it would've added more intrigue if the two have more physical confrontations. Wait a minute!!! Is that the familiar chant you hear in a TNA event? IT IS!!!

Oh, how we've missed you. And because I have immature moments, I present the TNA Bound for Glory 2012: This is Awesome Counter. At the end of the night, I will try to keep track of the amount of times I heard these words. All will be revealed at the end of the review. Anyway, Joe and Magnus was a really good match. I had no doubt that this would be worth watching, but a little more build-up would've helped. Joe locks in the Chokehold for the submission victory. 

Winner via submission and still TV Champion: Samoa Joe

Match #3: James Storm vs Robert Roode in Street Fight; King Mo as special enforcer
I find it really odd that this match is showing up in the first hour of the show. I love Tazz's explanation for Roode and Storm and breaking bread together. We broke bread together, man!!! How could you? You bitch!!! Sobbing, sniveling, and other sad emotions all for the sake of bread!!! I think the best thing King Mo did during this match was provide facial expressions. Some of these were pretty funny. Anyway, this was a brutal match. Not sure if they planned the blood spot earlier or if it was dumb luck, but damn did it look like a blood bath. Storm was wearing the crimson mask throughout most of the match. It gave me Ric Flair flashbacks. Weapons were all over the place. It was like watching an original ECW match. Geeze!!! Storm wins this match with the Last Call Super kick. If you wanted to see a brutal match, this one's for you. This should finally end things between Roode and Storm. It was a fitting ending. Match of the night territory, but I have another match that I personally enjoyed a little more. Still, this was really good as well because of the story it told. 

Winner via pinfall: James Storm

Match #4: Joey Ryan vs Al Snow
Ron Burgundy/White Goodman is in full force tonight. Did I seriously just hear a "We want head" chant? I don't even know what to make of this. The finish comes when Matt Morgan shows up and hits the Carbon Footprint on Snow. Joey picks the bones and officially joins the roster. After the match, Joey and Morgan shake hands. Hey, I kinda like that. Joey and Morgan joining together to get what they want? I think this has some potential. Joey Ryan is an interesting character to keep track of. By the way, did anyone spot the Sonic Retro sign? That officially made my day. You gotta love the blue blur. Now, THAT was awesome. Did I just feed the counter? Joey is 87% creepy by making out with head. 

Winner via pinfall: Ron Burgundy 

Match #5: Team Appletini vs Nacho Libre vs Flying Eagles; TNA Tag Titles
This was a match that I was strangely looking forward to. I think it had to do with the consistent build-up that they got for the past month. The match was good, but this was really hard to keep track of. With six guys in the ring at once, you are bound to lose your damn mind watching this. The finish comes when Chavo hits the Frog Splash for the victory. Hmmm, two title changes and both changed ended with a frog splash? Sounds suspicious….eh, not really. Daniels and Kaz pretty much ran their course with the tag titles, while Styles and Angle shouldn't be a tag team, so I felt this made the most sense. Like getting a new X Division champion, I don't think that Chavo/Hernandez will be a drastic change with the tag division since there's still a low number of teams. But hey, at least Chavo is a tag champion again. That's something…..right? 

Winner via pinfall and NEW TNA Tag Champs: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Match #6: Tessmacher vs Tara; KO Championship
Wow, I think Tazz had a heart attack over the site of some "celebrity" ringing the bell. Seriously, I've never heard of any of these people until tonight. Hooray for forced reactions. In a short match, Tara hits the Widows Peak for the clean victory. After the match, it's revealed that the Big Brother douchebag is Tara's boyfriend….

Hey, I told you that I would be kicking myself if I got this right. Son of a bitch!!! Well, I really don't have anything else to say about this. It adds something to the division, but I just don't care about this guy. I'm with the audience. Who are you? 

Winner via pinfall and NEW KO Champion: Tara

Match #7: Sting and Bully Ray vs Aces and Eights; No DQ
So, what should I call these guys? I'm gonna refer to them as Dark Pants and Flannel Man. That's something we can get down with. During the match, umm…..Hair Dude arrives with a chair to attack Team TNA. Joseph Parks rips out of his cuffs and attacks As & 8s. Why didn't he do that 3-4 weeks ago? The match was tolerable, but this was something you watched for the sake of storyline and NOT for quality wrestling. The finish comes when another member of As & 8s arrives and sends Bully through a table for the victory. What in the world was Hogan thinking by making this a No DQ match? You know Card Games doesn't play fair, so Hogan basically consummated himself. Why did this happen? Because wrestling logic, that's why. After the match, Hogan arrives and starts to take out Card Games on his own. They finally take off the mask of the guy who screwed over Bully. And it turns out that it's….Vince McMahon…

Naw, I'm just f***ing with you. It turns out to be Devon….

You know, part of me was thinking of the idea that TNA was gonna pull off a swerve BECAUSE of the IWC. I was thinking Bully for a while, but another part of me was thinking that they would pick somebody else because it would be thinking outside the box. The funny thing is while Devon was revealed as a member of the group, he most likely isn't the leader. I think leaving the role of leader up for debate is a good thing. Devon isn't that bad, but he's NO stable leader. He just doesn't look the part. Regardless of what you feel about this (And the internet is gonna trash it because they were wrong about the reveal. Isn't if funny how you get complaints for being simply wrong about the booking), you gotta give TNA credit for thinking of something different. I realize a move like this can spell disaster for this storyline, but I want to be fair and see how this turns out. I'm optimistic about it, but I know this has the recipe to be a train wreck. I hope people try to keep in mind that they only revealed ONE member of the group and nobody else. We'll cross that bridge when it comes, but not for the time being. Funny how Devon fought to get in the building….Considering that he was already in the building prior to all of this. Yeah, I'm in the building again!!! YAHOO!!!

Winner via pinfall: Aces and Eights

Match #8: Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy; TNA World Title
A really good match. I know a lot of people will have Storm/Roode as their match of the night, but this was my personal favorite. I felt the audience participation really made this match for me. The audience was split throughout this contest. One thing I want to bring up is the audience. They were very energetic tonight. This is why you need to leave the Impact Zone. You just get more feeling and emotion with an audience like this. Seriously, this audience helped made this show pop. After a ton of near falls, the finish comes when Hardy hits the Swanton for the final time and we have a new world champion. I love how they're calling this a story of redemption for Hardy. Yeah, where you redeem yourself from drug possession, substance abuse, and previous world title runs. Yeah, Hardy overcame SO much, right? Anyway, I had a feeling a title change was coming. I know Hardy has a bad track record, but he's the most popular guy on their roster. In fact, you can say he's the John Cena of TNA. I have my hiccups with Hardy, but he's their #1 guy and that's something you're gonna have to accept. I expect a rematch between the two at the next PPV. 

Winner via pinfall and NEW TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

Overall Impression:
Despite some of my jokes and whatnot (Which I do in just about EVERY review), I was really entertained with BFG. I thought the matches were well done, a couple of interesting plot twist/surprises were present, and the audience was very energetic throughout most of the evening. I don't love everything about this show moving forward. I'm not really big on Hardy getting the title, but I understand it and can live with it. I was shocked to see Devon aligned with Aces and Eights, but this could turn a storyline that was already showing signs of struggling to a storyline that you want to see die. The X Division and Tag title changes aren't really that big of a deal in my book since both divisions have been on life support for sometime. Again, things can always change because of these moves, but I doubt it. I really liked the Joey Ryan/Morgan pairing. I don't know why, but this grouping has potential in my book. One of the reasons I really liked this show was the progression of certain storylines. Yeah, you can put on a show that features great wrestling matches, but if you have no storyline progression involved, people aren't gonna care….At least with the casual fans. This show had wrestling AND storyline development, which is a big plus for me. I personally think that this was TNA's best PPV out of the year. Yep, even better than Slammiversary and Destination X. If I have to give TNA Bound for Glory 2012 a score on a scale of 1-10, I'm gonna give it a 7 out of 10. I know people are gonna think that the score should be a little higher, but I think this is a great score for this PPV. I think if they had one more defining moment (ie: bigger surprise/name for Aces and Eights), I would've given this an 8. Still, a 7 out of 10 is still a show worth checking out. This review has gone on long enough, so I'm gonna wrap this up. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. If you enjoyed any of my ramblings, check out my other articles at your leisure. I will see you guys and girls in the next article. See you next time. 

Huh? Part of me feels that counter is a little low……Oh well. 

WrestlingNerd's Official Score for TNA Bound for Glory 2012: 7 out of 10


  1. Ric flair will be in the stable

  2. I think Devon is suppose to be the VP while the real leader is Eric Bischoff. I guess being part of As and 8s is a step up for Devon since he was the TV champ prior to this.

  3. How would you rate Storm on the Muta Scale?

    + Very entertaining PPV, last match of the night was excellent

    1. I give it four Ric Flair Crimson mask out of five

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  5. Another great review :)

  6. Jeff Hardy = the worst wrestler ever ???

  7. Yes I am truly agree with you Dtag Sote that Jeff Hardy is the worst wrestler. He was lost so many easy winning matches. But I love John Cena. Nobody can beat Cena easily. He have a great stamina and power. He can lift Big Show so easily like a baby on his shoulders. His biceps or abs are mind blowing. I am going to watch some Smack Down matches live. You can also join me there.

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