Saturday, May 5, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 5/4/12 (Filler galore)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown 5/4/12. How does the blue brand move forward after Extreme Rules? Let's find out and start the review. 

Match #1: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
We open up the show with Sheamus. He talks about how he loves to fight and how he wants to fight Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes out for his match, but Sheamus keeps saying "Yes". Hey, you don't copyright Daniel Bryan. Nobody copyrights Daniel Bryan!!! I find it really odd that Sheamus is fighting Bryan. I understand they had a rivalry, but Bryan recently became the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship. Why not give him a night off and allow someone else to fight Sheamus? I realize Bryan is one of the hottest things in professional wrestling, but that's no reason to throw him in a situation where he will probably end up losing. Yeah, so I'm not really for this idea. The match didn't last long. The finish comes when Ricardo Rodriguez did a crossbody and Alberto Del Rio did……wait, what? Ricardo doing a crossbody? That's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I thought it was Bubsy the Bobcat for a moment there. Give Ricardo a raise. He totally deserves it. Anyway, Del Rio arrives and locks in the Cross Armbreaker on Sheamus. Bryan gets back in the ring to apply the YES Lock. So, the heels stand tall…..somewhat. Bryan and Del Rio are arguing since Bryan wasn't happy about Del Rio getting in the middle of his business. We would get more on this later in the show. 

No Contest

Match #2: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs Hunico and Camacho
Primo, Epico, Rosa Mendes, and AW were watching this match on the entrance ramp. We were also told that AW signed Primo and Epico. How is AW funding this "organization"? That makes you wonder. Anyway, this was a fair match. The finish comes when Truth hits the Little Jimmy on Camacho. So, how much longer until Hunico and Camacho are given the pink slip? Seriously, they've done nothing for months. As I said in the Raw review, I have to wait and see where they are going with this whole Primo/Epico/AW thing. It might turn into a good thing, but who really knows. 

Winner via pinfall: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston

Match #3: Brodus Clay vs Jack Swagger
This question keeps going through my mind every time I watch SD. What is the origins of "Shucky ducky quack quack"? Where did Booker T come up with this? This is what happens when you smoke weed? Anyway, Brodus is pretty much controlling this match. He's about to hit Funk It, but Swagger rolls under the ring and walks away. Brodus wins the match via countout. After the match, Brodus danced with some kids in the audience. I know I should talk about the match, but I want to know the backstory of "Shucky ducky quack quack". The world must know!!!

Winner via countout: Brodus Clay

John Laurinaitis is so concerned about the actions of Raw that he's taking a personal day. Whoa, slow down, Hank Hill. Since Johnny isn't here, Eve is running the show. Whatever happened to David Otunga? Is he taking a personal day too? Anyway, Bryan and Del Rio are arguing over who should fight Sheamus. She will talk to Sheamus and see if he will compete against Bryan later tonight. At this point, I would rather see Ricardo get a world title match against Sheamus than Del Rio. Mexico isn't gonna be happy with me after that. 

Damien Sandow makes his debut…..sort of. He comes out to Hallelujah. He was scheduled to go up against Derrick Bateman, but Sandow isn't impressed. He dislikes the audience since they are ignorant people who have said the same thing since 2001. He also refuses to go up this "miscreant" and leaves. I like what Damien did, but something about his look seems familiar? I think I just figured it out. It's Ask That Guy. He's got the robe and everything. I think I just blew my mind. Derrick demands to get a match, so it's time for him to meet Ryback. Derrick: Umm….is it too late to veto this match? 

Match #4: Ryback vs Derrick Bateman
Just like every Ryback match thus far, he kills his opponent. Ryback wins with a Muscle Buster. The commentators try to justify that Derrick is way more accomplished than the jobbing guys.That may be true, but it doesn't make much of a difference. Good luck in your NXT endeavors, Derrick. See what I did there? 

Winner via pinfall: Ryback

Match #5: Kane and Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton and Big Show
This was a decent match. It wasn't amazing, but it was fair. The finish comes when there is an orgy of finishers. Show finally gets the last one by hitting the Falcon Punch on Rhodes. Yeah, not a whole lot to talk about here. In fact, you can say that for the majority of tonight's show. And people say Dragonball Z had tons of filler. 

Winner via pinfall: Big Show and Randy Orton

Match #6: Layla vs Natalya
We end up finding out that Sheamus will compete because he love to fight. Again, I can swear I've heard that before. Oh well, it's probably not important. For a divas match, this wasn't too bad. It was short, but it flowed together rather well. I know people are always going to point towards Natalya when it comes to in-ring ability, but Layla isn't a slouch. She really has improved and I said that quite a bit last year. Even with that said, I expect the internet to crap all over Layla here since Natalya shouldn't be losing like this. Keep in mind that her stock is completely gone, but I know that's not gonna stop the complaints. Still, it's kinda odd that Natalya was a little hellish in this match and she turned face a while back. I'm guessing creative just didn't give a s*** anymore. The finish comes when Layla hits the Lay Out for the clean victory. 

Winner via pinfall: Layla

There is a photo shoot going on between Antonio Cesaro and Aksana. So, Claudio not only gets to debut with Aksana, but he gets to make out with her AND take photos with her? BEST  JOB   EVER!!! Eve thinks something is missing, so she gets Teddy Long to rub oil all over Antonio. What, no 70s porn music here? Anyway, Teddy does his job and feels ashamed. We go from Antonio having the best job to Teddy having the worst job. Remember, he's doing this for his grandkids……at least in the realms of kayfabe. We get another backstage scene. AJ and Kaitlyn are talking. AJ is apologizing for what happened last week. Yeah, this would probably help if I had watched it, but it isn't hard to figure out what happened. AJ went to go ride a pony and she didn't ask Kaitlyn to come along, so they got into an argument. I mean, what else could it possibly be? Anyway, Kaitlyn accepts AJ's apology, but says AJ needs to stop this pity party for losing Bryan. Yeah, I'm sure this won't end badly for Kaitlyn…..

Umm…..never mind. AJ is an emotional roller coaster at the moment. 

Match #7: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
The main event is the opening match from earlier tonight. Del Rio is on commentary for this match. Man, even his commentary is boring. Put Ricardo on there. Sheamus has his injured shoulder taped up. Despite the audience sounding split, Bryan is still gaining support. This was a decent match, but of course it wasn't gonna compete with the match they put on at ER. The finish comes when Del Rio tries to get involved. Shenanigans take place……Bryan goes off the top rope? What are you gonna accomplish by jumping off the top rope like that? Would you like some eggs with your wrestling logic? As Bryan jumps off the top rope, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick and gets the victory. Sheamus loves to fight? I just figured it out!!! Sheamus is referring to…….to…..TO……..Zero from Mega Man X. Well, I'm glad I got that out of my head. That would've been hovering over my head all weekend long, wooo. As I said earlier, I wasn't big on Bryan having to face Sheamus. Even thought both guys have made the rivalry worked, Bryan just became the #1 Contender to the WWE Title. It kinda looks bad that during his #1 Contendership, he already lost a match. To be fair, it was to the WHC, so that won't dent his stock too much, but they should've used somebody else. Then again, Bryan did do his job decently tonight, but I would've like to see something a little different. 

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

Overall Impression:
Talk about a filler show. There was a lot of a filler tonight. I expected to see some new rivalries brought about tonight, but there was very little thrown in the mix. I know they brought fourth Sheamus and Del Rio, but we knew that would be the rivalry after ER, so this isn't anything new. They did pad up a couple of things like AJ's transgression and Antonio, but it was a show playing it too safe. I would've liked to see a couple of new storylines being thrown around. In fact, that's what I was looking forward to all week by the WWE. Especially after the events of ER. Instead, they only did a couple of new things and went on cruise control for the rest of the week. My guess is the creative staff is still contemplating on what they want to do with the undercard talents, but I hope they figure something out by next week. Now, was this a bad episode of SD? I wouldn't go that far. There were times where I found the show enjoyable and funny. In fact, there was a couple of funny moments during tonight's show, but that can only get you so far. Yeah, this is definitely a show that's gonna get a mixed opinion, and I'm stuck in the middle of it. What, I can't vote a "maybe"? Well, this is my page and I can do whatever I want. Why? Because that's how I roll. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed this VERY BORING review. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time. 


  1. Just to let you know, the reason Otunga hasn't be on WWE lately is because he and Jennifer Saunders are going through a court case over her family's murderer. He's taking some time off now.

    1. The more you know....

      In all seriousness, I didn't know that information. Thank you.

  2. *Jennifer Hudson I meant. Sorry lol