Monday, April 8, 2013

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw 4/8/13 Review (Feed Me Fruity Pebbles)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw 4/8/13. What things are in-store now that WrestleMania 29 has passed? Let's find out and begin. 

Rise Above T-shirt Sales
Before I start this review, I want to get this out the way. I will try to avoid talking about WrestleMania 29 since I don't want to repeat myself a ton. I already gave my thoughts on the show and you can visit the link here if you're interested...

With that said, let's review Raw. We open up the show with fans voicing their displeasure. I'm not even sure if they are booing Cena or WM 29 as a whole, but they clearly don't seem happy right now. Cena is whoring himself out and even mocks the idea of doing a heel turn. It's things like this that convince me Cena will NEVER turn heel. I've been saying that for years. Why turn Cena heel when half the audience already boos him? Henry comes out and demands a WWE title match. Why? Because he beat Ryback with the power of his ass, that's why. Booker comes out and claims Rock is still the #1 contender since he gets a rematch. Oh God, just stop. Stop! STOP IT!!!

Just leave it alone, WWE. Hasn't the horse been beaten enough? Booker decides that if Henry can defeat Cena in a match, he will earn a future title match. I don't know if it's sad or a breath of fresh air that I would rather see Henry become champion to Cena. This would be the main event for tonight's show. 

WrestleMania Rewind
Big E defeated Daniel Bryan thanks to all the shenanigans by Dolph Ziggler. I think Kurt Warner just forever joined the IWC's most hated list by putting 'John Cena and comeback' in the same sentence. You barely had enough time to get adjusted to a new IC title since Wade Barrett won the title back tonight. I find this a bit odd since it looks like something got lost in the script, but I kinda like this idea. I know it makes the IC title look even more like a game of 'Hot Potato', but they have done more with this title in these two days than they have for the last year. If this leads to the title actually meaning something, I'm all for it. Then again, I doubt that since WWE will try to make something about it, take some crystal meth, and then go back to their old tricks. Not really gonna give my thoughts on Wade being IC champion since he was literally holding onto the title yesterday and had low stock to begin with.

Alberto Del Rio vs Dick Cheney and Blue Briefcase
You know what I want to see? Zeb Coulter on a hunting trip. That would be hilarious. In hopes of dashing this 'We the People' movement, Del Rio manages to defeat Swagger and Coulter. During the match, Del Rio was selling a knee injury and got medical attention after the match. Well, if that isn't the cue for that blue briefcase to disappear, than I don't know what is. Sure enough, Dolph comes out and cashes in the MITB. In a matter of moments, we have a new WHC. This was a move that should've been done last night, but it's better late than never. Now that the cash-in has finally happened and Dolph is the champ, the bigger question is will Dolph become a legit world champion or will he flop? Will he manage to get over like Edge, CM Punk, or Daniel Bryan after their cash-ins or will he turn into a Jack Swagger? Well, I would like to think Dolph has the talent to get over, but it takes more than skill to make it in this business. This is now the time where we find out if Dolph will go further or drift back into the mid-card months from now. We shall wait and see. Oh, and the IWC had like 20 million orgasms the second Dolph got his hands on the championship. That's definitely a Tout you don't want to see. 

Shield Antics 
Just as Undertaker is about to give his thoughts on going 21-0 at WM, the Shield comes out to surround the ring. Team Hell No comes out to even the score, which is pretty much the Shield's cue to leave. It's amazing how these last 30 minutes of Raw have been more entertaining than a four-hour WrestleMania. I was really curious to see what this is all about. It could be foreshadowing to something, but I hope we find more about this sooner rather than later. It's hard to say since Taker is a part-time performer, but only time will tell.

Random Chants *clap clap clap clap clap*
So, I guess Vickie Guerrero just doesn't give a s*** that the Smackdown GM is making matches on Raw. She also seems to be getting closer with Brad Maddox. Coincidence? I think not! I know there was another match before this particular match, but do you really want me to talk about 3MB? Considering that an early Christmas present. It seems Randy Orton and Sheamus both want to fight Show, but can't seem to figure out who should get the job. WWE did feature a video of Show explaining why he attacked Orton and Sheamus. Apparently, it was because they didn't really show their faith in the guy. It kinda makes you feel sorry for the big guy…

Sheamus and Orton end up having a match against each other. One thing I haven't mentioned is tonight's crowd. It was very vocal throughout the show. This is one thing that may have helped WM 29, but then I realize that this audience was probably at WM 29. The show was so subpar that they didn't even bother to chant. Tonight was their time to wake up and it really showed. The audience added a lot of energy into tonight's show, but some of these random chants were pretty stupid. Still, it was stupid in a funny way. I wish I would get my own chant, but I've pissed too many people off to ever get one. Sheamus and Orton had a pretty decent match. The show ends with Show arriving knocking out Sheamus and Orton with the KO Punch….

Yeah, so those guys are dead…At least until WWE decides to revive them for next week's show. I'm not really sure what to make of this. I guess we have a triple threat match between these two since nobody can't seem to trust anybody? I'm not sure how I feel about that, but let's give it a chance.

Clean Up Time
Is the audience singing Fandango's entrance? Th---the-----they----they are singing----they are singing this….

Hey, I may not buy the Fandango hype, but I try to give props to where it's due. His match with Kofi Turkey Sandwich didn't really get started since Chris Jericho beat the crap out of Fanjobber. This might be the meal ticket Fandango needs. I don't have a problem with his character at the end of the day. I just think WWE won't allow the character to go far based on their track record on these overly gimmick wrestlers, but the audience may be the thing that saves him from failing. I guess we will find out about a year from now if this made or break the character. Paul Heyman talks about Brock Lesnar injuring Triple H yet again. He claims Brock was ready to fight tonight, but is at home counting his WM bonus so he isn't available tonight. As for CM Punk, he will do his own talking on next week's show. Based on how tonight's show has gone, I'm very much looking forward to what Punk as to talk about. Oh, and Failed Fatties and crew took out Rhodes Scholars and Bella Whores. If you were one of the two people wondering why this didn't make the WM cut, it's because WWE wanted to make sure Rock and Cena had enough time to confess their love for one another. 

Feed Me Fruity Pebbles!!!
The Cena/Henry match was pretty short and ended in a DQ. After the match, Henry takes out Cena with the World's Strongest Slam. Ryback comes out since I think he's still trying to forget what happened last night. Henry retreats after a couple of punches from Ryback. Cena gets back up and shakes hands with Ryback. The crowd was hot for Ryback, but weren't too happy with Ryback helping out Mr. Breakfast Cereal. Ryback finally caves to the peer pressure and attacks Cena. The show ends with Ryback hitting Shell Shock on Cena and getting a big pop from the audience. So, I find it funny how everybody is assuming Ryback just straight up turned heel with this move. For the time being, it's way too early to tell. Last I checked, Cena claimed he would take all challengers. Maybe Ryback was just sending a message that he wants a title shot as well? Sounds like a solid reason to me. If they are going for a heel turn with Ryback, the commentators were sure trying to build it up. I personally don't care if he's heel or a face. I still enjoyed the moment for what it was worth. It definitely makes the WWE title race more interesting. At the same time, it could become apparent that both Henry and Ryback will end up joining Cena's Breakfast Club of Repetitiveness, but let's wait and see what they got going here. Good ending to the show. 

Overall Impression:
We go from a WM that was very disappointing to an episode of Raw that was amazing. The show had a ton of energy from a very unique audience. The matches were pretty decent and it featured a lot of fun moments. This was very different to their show from last night. While WM 29 is the definition of WWE playing it too safe, it seemed WWE took a couple of chances tonight and I have to thank them for that. I loved this episode of Raw, but it makes me dislike WM 29 even more. I didn't think it was possible for me to get more sad about WM 29, but WWE found a way to do that by making this episode stand out. If you were very angry or disappointed with WM, I highly recommend giving this show a chance. It might make you interested in the product again. Tell me what you thought of tonight's episode or the review. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. 


  1. I think I like this crowd better than last year's crowd in Miami.

  2. The crowd made me laugh more than anything Cena/Rock related in 2 years COMBINED!!!

  3. It's been two years in a row that the Raw after Wrestlemania has been one of their best shows of the year, the audience being amazing both times. Though I think they saved Dolph cashing in for Raw to give it a bigger...pop I guess is the word...than much else on the show.

  4. i only saw 2 goofs on raw. one was big e hitting aj by accident when going down the ramp lol and the miz/barrett botch move. most of the time i could not understand the crowd but i found a youtube video of all the chants that happen and i was like wtf. the show was good but it was the crowd that made it better