Monday, April 15, 2013

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw 4/15/13 Review

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw 4/15/13. What does WWE have in-store for this week? Let's find out and start the review. 

World Wrestling Retcons
I'm just gonna assume that second-rope DDT Randy Orton does is named the 'Vintage Orton'. You've just been Michael Cole'd….

Sheamus and Orton work together to take out Big Show and….That's it. Yeah, that's seriously all they have to offer you. So, what you pretty much witness is WWE retconning everything that happened between Orton and Sheamus a week ago. Why? What was the purpose of any of that build? My only guess for WWE doing this is because they have new ideas on the way for Orton, Sheamus, and/or Show. If they find themselves in something better, than I have no problem with this move. However, if they are doing nothing within the next few weeks, it means WWE got their latest 'shipment'. 

Just as 3MPunching Bag is about to call out the Shield, Brock Lesnar comes out and destroys them. After the attack, Paul Heyman announces that Brock wants another match with Triple H. Jesus tap-dancing-while-riding-on-a-unicorn-with-a-bear-chasing-your-ass Christ! Why are they doing this again? They just can't leave it alone. They just need to milk one more match between these two. I honestly don't see the point of doing it for the third time. It's just silly, but I guess they need to make money somehow. It seems they will be going with a Steel Cage match this go around. I have mixed feelings on this gimmick. It has the recipe to do well, but it can also be disappointing. I'll give it a chance since it can always impress, but this is also coming from somebody who hasn't fully like their first two matches. 

Mid-card Sandwich
Kofi Kingston beats Antonio Cesaro to become the new US Champion. Have we been here before? How many times has Kofi found himself in this position? In fact, he's been here so much that I can predict how this championship run will go. He will start off winning a few matches, then WWE will forget about him and he will make no impression until it comes time to give the championship to somebody else. Once he loses the belt, he will go back into irrelevance until it comes time to start the process yet again. Lather, rinse, and repeat. That's how you create a Kofi Kingston career. As for Antonio, I guess he can learn how to say 'jobber' in five different languages. Antonio Cesaro, now a regular on WWE Main Event! Team Hell No defeated the Prime Time Players in a quick match. The purpose of the tag match was to hype up the six-man tag match for next week. It will be Undertaker, Kane, and Bryan vs Shield. I never imagined Taker competing in a match on Raw, but he is and it's against one of the most dominate pairings in years. I definitely like what I'm hearing. Can't wait until next week…..

Wade Barrett's theme song suits him. He really doesn't care anymore. Hey, I just realized something! Whatever happened to Bo Dallas? I completely forgot about him since he did that one thing and then nobody remembered him. I think I just answered my own question. If you want your wrestling career to go nowhere, just win the IC championship. Nothing wrong can come from that, right? 

WHC Shenanigans 
Ziggler talks about the perks of being WHC, like catching herpes. As Dolph Ziggler is talking, Alberto Del Rio comes out and wants to revoke his rematch for tonight. Despite being banged up, Vickie Guerrero makes the match 'official'. Jack Swagger comes out since he needs to pay off that DUI. Weeeee the people…..That's all I can say. I don't know any other words. Anyway, Swagger attacks Del Rio and the match has been called off. Teddy Long thought it was a great idea to have Swagger vs Ziggler for tonight. What, no tag team match playa? I'm disappointed. In fact, I think that's why Booker T got mad at Teddy. He wasn't living up to his potential. Earlier in the night, Swagger and Dolph had a pretty good match. I know this happened later in the show, but it's just easier to talk about the entire WHC picture in one paragraph. Swagger won with a pothead rollup. Due to Swagger's victory, Booker makes Dolph vs Del Rio vs Swagger at Extreme Rules. This decision doesn't really come off as much of a surprise. I think they will ease Dolph into his first challenger. Should be interesting to watch. 

Let's Get Viral 
It's time for Fandango-ing…..

There will be no mention of popular videos on this page. I forbid it!!! Everybody who talks about Fandango-ing in the comments is forever banned….Naw, I really don't care. You can talk about it if you want. It seems logical for WWE to exploit the hell out of this concept until people get sick of it. 

I've lost my sense of Punk
CM Punk comes out and explains how he wants to be the very best, like no one ever waaaaaaas. To catch them is my real test. To train them is my caaaaaaause. What the f*** am I doing? Just as Punk starts talking about his match with Taker, he is speechless and leaves the ring. Based on how Punk has portrayed his character the last few months, this is very uncharacteristic. Not really sure what to make out of this. I think what they are planning is having Punk take some time off. Once he returns, he could possibly come back as a face based off of WWE's track record with these type of things. I kinda wish he would come back as anti-hero Punk since that's the best version of Punk. Punk takes a few months off to heal up nagging injuries and should come back better than ever. We will await his return. 

Hunger vs Fruity Pebbles
Mark Henry took out Sheamus and not a single f*** was given that day. Alright, time to get to the final segment of the night. Earlier in the night, Ryback cut a video promo talking about how he's tired of being in John Cena's shadow and no longer considers him a friend since he never looked out for him. The funny thing is Ryback was on the ball. Cena probably was too busy coming up with his next T-shirt design as Ryback was being attacked by the Shield. Speaking of which, that white T-shirt Cena plugged last week has to be the laziest T-shirt design ever. I guess WWE wants to spend as little money as possible since they know they're getting a net profit from Cena's merchandise. Ryback is officially a bad guy since he's surrounded by dark lighting. The nerve! The two finally have a discussion in the ring. What it boiled down to was Cena telling Ryback he isn't good enough to win a world championship. The Shield comes in to attack Cena. Ryback could help out easily, but he decides to let Mr. Breakfast Cereal handle this one on his own. After Cena has been taken out, Ryback walks away. So, what I pretty much get out of this is Ryback is officially a bad guy and he'll most likely get a WWE title match against Cena in the near future. It probably was best for Ryback to go heel. Maybe all those defeats at PPVs is what Ryback was working towards? I doubt it, but it's possible. Ryback seemed a bit out of place playing the heel. He looked out of place during that promo. Hopefully, he'll adjust to the role. 

Overall Impression:
I honestly don't know what to think of this episode. It wasn't what I would call great, but I don't consider it a bad show. There was some fair moments, but also some moments that could be considered boring. There wasn't a whole lot to really check out with this episode, but there was a couple of moments worth checking out. I would definitely consider this an average episode. It was apparent this episode wasn't gonna be anything close to what happened last week. You would have to be crazy to expect the same type of audience on a weekly basis. Tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls in the next one.

PS: My heart goes out to anyone effect by the bombings at the Boston Marathon. You have my thoughts and prayers. 


  1. I'll pull off a Michael Cole and say "Vintage WrestlingNerd".

  2. Fandango will rape you in your dreams.

  3. Undertaker next week will face the shield on smackdown in the uk I have tickets for it hes due to be in a 6 man tag team with orton and sheamus vs shield they advertised it all over the uk as the first time in 4 years undertaker returns to the uk but not advertised for uk raw though. I got ticlets for both but I doubt taker will wrestle on both I can see them scrapping sheamus and orton and having brothers of destruction and bryan vs shield instead and have taker attacked backstage before the match. Its very odd lol im upset no cm punk next week I bought the tickets to see him mainly fml :( hope he cuts a promo atleast.

  4. "You have my thoughts and prayers." .... But aren't you an Atheist ???

  5. I think i understand why they are having HHH vs. Brock again. It's to keep the people who loves the attitude era like me. I stopped watching wrestling after Summerslam. just for fun watched, the slammy's and it said Taker is returning. so started watching again and thought to stop after WM. Now this and taker is back against sheild. I'll watch till taker and HHH retire. Only man I'm interested in this new age is CM Punk

  6. "I'll watch till taker and HHH retire. Only man I'm interested in this new age is CM Punk" << My thoughts exactly !!!