Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw 4/22/13 Review

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw 4/22/13. What happens this week? Let's find out and begin. 

Antonio's career change
So, why is Antonio Cesaro yodeling? I just find it odd that this has become his thing. You go from US Champion to yodeling champion? Well, gotta take whatever you can get. Tune in next week for Antonio's special appearance on The Price is Right…

He might as well start getting a job on TPIR if he's losing to R-Truth. Oh, and Triple H accepted Brock Lesnar's challenge and hit Paul Heyman with a Pedigree. I've already given my thoughts on this match last week and there isn't much to add. Yeah, I'm being lazy tonight. 

Fat Men can't dance
Damien Sandow utilizes the art of cheating to defeat Brodus Clay. Since WWE wants to continue this pointless rivalry, Tensai/Sweet T goes up against Cody Rhodes later on in the night. Tensai gets the victory on Cody and not a single f*** was given over these two matches. Seriously, what's the point of any of this? The purpose of the storyline is to piss off as many people as possible. Of course! It's makes perfect sense….wait, what? 

Mirror Shield
I kinda wanted to see these diagrams Daniel Bryan created. I think they missed out on a golden opportunity. Earlier in the night, Shield took out Team Hell No unsuccessfully. I honestly don't see the point of teasing a 3-on-1 match when it never happened. Actually, there was one causality to report. It turned out Cameraman #55 did NOT survive the Shield attack. Let's remember Cameraman #55….

The six-man tag match was definitely worth checking out. The match was fun to watch and is probably one of the more intriguing things about tonight's episode. Shield picks up the victory when Ambrose pins Daniel Bryan. You had to figure either Kane or Bryan taking the pinfall in this match. It would've been one hell of a surprise if Taker took the pinfall, but it's in his contract to never lose to a rookie. A match that will probably only happen once, but well worth checking out. We may be getting closer and closer to the end of Team Hell No. I think Shield will end up taking the tag titles really soon. We fight for justice…..and money…and championships…..and women…..We fight for anything BUT justice. 

Duh Duh D---NO!!!
Chris Jericho had the chance to make the WHC match at Extreme Rules a Fatal 4Way, but he needed to defeat Dolph Ziggler tonight. Fandango's musical distraction allows Dolph to pick up the victory. Jericho lose because of the audience chants. That was pretty much all the build you got for the WHC picture. There was no Jack Swagger or Alberto Del Rio tonight…..

….Earlier that night in the WWE boardroom….

Random guy: I got an idea for the WHC. How about we do nothing tonight?
Main guy: GENIUS!!!  

Before I move on, I want to add that the Jericho/Dolph match was very entertaining. I think I just figured out another one of Fandango's gimmicks. He fires the female dancer if she doesn't put out after 30 days. It's actually written in his contract. Since Fandango is up, it's time for WWE to milk everything they can out of Fandangoing until they have completely sucked it dry. If Fandangoing is anything like the Harlem Shake, I will really grow to hate it. In fact, I'm already starting to hate it. In the meantime, WILLIAM REGAL! REGAL!!! F***IN' REGAL!!! HE'S THE MAN'S MAN!!! I don't even care he lost to Fandango worse than a ham sandwich. Regal being involved automatically makes it awesome. Why? Because it's Regal. 

Filler Matches 101
Big E squashed Zack Ryder and AJ becomes the #1 Contender to the Divas Championship. Ohhhhh, jobbin' now….You might as well pencil AJ in as the Divas Champion. I don't really see Kaitlyn being champ for very long. It's funny how I predicted that Kaitlyn would end up dropping the Divas Championship to AJ. Once that happens, AJ will be Divas Champion until it comes time to give the belt to somebody else that ends up become another one of the WWE's pet projects. When was the last time the Divas title meant anything? Like 87 years ago? 

Ryback vs Master of the Cheap Pop
Mick Foley's new job title is to be a John Cena fanboy. Seriously, have you ever noticed that anytime somebody starts being a dick, Foley has to come out to defend Cena? He did that with CM Punk by telling him to accept another match with Cena, and how he's telling Ryback to not be such a dick towards Cena. Well, I suppose Foley has to pay the bills somehow. You officially know Ryback is heel when he starts wearing a beanie cap. It's the design that makes him truly evil. Because of Foley cutting down Ryback, the final segment of the night was a face-off between the two. Foley keeps telling him to be an honorable man, while Ryback is still bitter about SuperCena's reign of merchandise sales. Ryback's promo was once again awkward. I know this is a new role for him and he should improve in good time, but you can't deny Ryback looking very shaky when he has to heel out. It almost seems like he's forcing it. Just as it starts to get physical, here comes Mr. Breakfast Cereal to once again save the day. The Shield comes out and starts to surround the ring. Cena decides to leave Ryback to defend for himself. The Shield start to take down Ryback, but Cena needs to show off….

Cena is able to help clear out the Shield. After the attack, Cena and Ryback stare each other down until Ryback gets distracted by the shiny object in the middle of the ring. Cena hits the AA and that ends the show. What we are getting here is a classic case of each man showing off what the other can do. It was announced that Cena vs Ryback will happen at Extreme Rules. Unless WWE wants Ryback's turn to mean something, he either needs to win the title or something that doesn't allow the man to lose clean. At the same time, you have to be aware that he's facing Cena. You know, the man who pretty much squashes anyone with a fraction of momentum. Well, I wish him luck. He's gonna need it. 

Overall Impression:
While there wasn't anything gigantic or eye-popping about this show, I was still entertained by it. The matches is what really won me over tonight. There might have been some garbage matches, but there was a couple of matches that are definitely worth checking out. The audience also helped make this show stand out, but that's no surprise since this was filmed in the UK. You can always count on the UK to make a show come alive. I would normally consider this an average showing, but the audience makes it jump up a couple of notches. I've always said a good audience can make or break a show. That does it for the review. Tell me what you thought of tonight's show or the review. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. 


  1. how bad was Mick Foley's haircut, it was kinda fitting that he cut a promo about his past mistakes when he is sporting one right now

    and follow the link if you want to see Daniel Bryan's diagrams

    1. This comment officially made my day. You win, good sir.

  2. Are you sure that's Cameraman #55? I've lost count.