Saturday, February 2, 2013

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown 2/1/13 Review

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown 2/1/13. Was the show worth checking out this week? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with Booker T. Since WWE wants to have a bunch of rematches for the biggest show of the year, Book announces an Elimination Chamber match to determine who will be the #1 Contender to the WHC. That way, we might get some variety for the WM card. Just as Booker is about to make some matches, Jack Swagger interrupts and wants to be in the EC match. Oh no, he has even less personality than before. I'm sorry, but it appears that Swagger hasn't learned anything from getting that time off. That doesn't bode well for Swagger. Booker decides to make some qualifying matches. Might want to pay attention to that detail. 

Match #1: Team Hell No vs Mysterious Mask
Looks like Sin Cara is heating up….

I guess not. The finish comes when Bryan has the No Lock applied, but Sin comes to the rescue. Mysterio uses this chance to follow things up with the 619/Splash combo. So, does that mean Mysterio and Sin earn a shot in the EC? I thought this was a qualifying match? Apparently, Booker meant he was looking for people to impress him enough to punch their ticket in the EC match. Way to make up the rules as the show is progressing, WWE. They should've made qualifying matches with all things considered. 

Winner via pinfall: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Match #2: Khali vs Jinder Mahal
I know this is the part where I talk about the match, but do you honestly care who won this match? What I'm gonna do during this time is mention how Khali will be competing in the EC match. Before we get the whiny IWC members talking about how much they hate this move, let me bring up a fact. It's pretty common to have an 'injury' take place at EC, thus somebody ends up replacing Khali. Who that will be? I really don't know, but I'm almost expecting this to happen. An early guess would be Mark Henry or Christian. 

Winner via something: Some guy

Rhodes Scholars decide to disband and go back to their single careers, but not before having a moment. This would be the moment where I would play 'My heart will go on', but that's the sacrifice I pay for being a text reviewer. We also find out that Vince McMahon received a 'broken hip'. I guess the rule is you have to deal with a kayfabe injury when dealing with Brock Lesnar….Unless your name is John Cena. Damn 'face of the company' immunity!!!

Match #3: Sheamus vs Damien Sandow
Jesus Christ!!! Wasn't I just talking this past week about how WWE has gone overboard with Sheamus/Sandow matches? Luckily, this doesn't last long as Shield decides to make their presences felt. The segment ends when they take out Sheamus. The injustice was for not getting a tan. I can see Sheamus dealing with Shield from now until WM. It at least gives him something to do for the big event. 

Winner via DQ: Sheamus

Match #4: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
I think Wade wins the Duuuuuuuummmmmmmb Asssssssssss Award. What the hell were you thinking in attempting the Bullhammer near a ring post? I'm sorry, but he deserved to lose after that. After the match, Wade takes his frustrations on Bo Dallas. The IC title: The cigarette butt of the WWE. Remember when this title meant something? 

Winner via non-thinking: Randy Orton

Match #5: Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston
Kofi's the wildcat? He's not even a three-day old kitten at this point. His stock has plummeted in such a short time. Well, I'll at least be fair and say this was a pretty good match. I found it to be entertaining because of the sea-saw battle. The finish comes when Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise. Swagger is able to take advantage with the Ankle Lock. Kofi's will get down on his knees after this match. I know, I know….BOOOOOOO!!!

Winner via submission: Jack Swagger

Throughout the night, Alberto Del Rio was waiting for Big Show to arrive in the building. Once he finally does, Del Rio goes ape s*** with a lead pipe. I don't know about you, but I thought the choreography for this scene was terrible. Show looked like he didn't know where to go during this whole thing. Why is he standing on top of the car? What do you hope to accomplish by standing there? You can barely understand what Del Rio is saying. It sounded like a bunch of mumbling. They probably should've done a second take, but you only get one take when you're destroying a car. I got an enjoyment out of this scene, but for all the wrong reasons. 

Match #6: Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler
Del Rio tells Ricardo to stay backstage since he'll be safe. Are you sure about that? You have pissed off Brits and boring Americans back there. I'm sure he'd be safer in the ring, but I digress. In a fair match, Del Rio wins with the Cross Armbreaker. I think this is the cue where the Dolph fanboys argue how WWE is screwing up yet again. Last I checked, he still has the MITB. He'll be fine, so don't overreact. After the match, Del Rio immediately regrets his decision when Show comes back to the building and takes out Ricardo. Yeah, Ricardo was TOTALLY safe backstage. So far, I have really enjoyed Del Rio/Show. Something about it just seems to click. 

Overall Impression:
For the most part, I thought tonight's SD was decently entertaining. It wasn't anything special, but I found an enjoyment for what it was worth. Not really sure what the deal is with the EC match, but that's what next week is for. I bet I could find the answers online, but I'll wait until I see something on my television screen. Most of the matches were at least fair and the show did progress a few of the storylines. You aren't missing much by skipping this episode, but it's at nice distraction. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. 


  1. It's sad to see Rhodes Scholars break up after the short time they had (though Cody's injury may have set the team back a bit) cause they looked to be the only guys who could win the belts from Team Hell No. Now the division looks to be back where it was after Air Boom lost the titles. Rey & Sin could be the top contenders if neither of them end up injured, Epico & Primo have lost stock, PTPs lost momentum after the AW incident, the "comedy" teams like 3MB and the, apparently, new team of Tensai and Brodus Clay (I'll call them Big Dancing Men or BDM) have no chance of be champs, and The Usos haven't given any screen time to make an impact.

    Unless The Shield plans on doing more than just run-ins and have two guys win the titles but play the Freebird Rule, WWE needs a credible heel tag team to be a threat to Team Hell No. They could bring up some tag teams from their NXT branch, which now has tag belts of its own.

  2. lol sin cara looked like a watermelon with the green striped mask

  3. Since Team Rhodes Scholars disbanded, I guess this means that the Cody Rhodes/Goldust match at WM will finally happen, right?