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WrestlingNerd's Mini-Reviews: WWE Smackdown 6/28/13 Review

Time is of essence in mini-reviews, so let's dive into the 6/28/13 episode of WWE Smackdown. 

So, Sheamus is reminded of home by the surroundings of the Dublin Street Fight? I didn't know the streets of Dublin had wrestling rings, cameras, and colorful lights. It must be a private area of the neighborhood. The match goes about the way would you expect it. Since Sheamus doesn't need a filler feud anymore, he does what should've happened weeks ago and kicks Sandow's head off. Sheamus wins the match, Sandow loses the match, and the order of the world doesn't change in the slightest. It's funny how a year ago we were talking about the potential of Damien Sandow. When all else fails, it's time to create an online show. 'Trump the Sandow' begins next week. 

I take your threats very…….very……..Ummm--very……Ummm…..Uhhh….LINE!!! Personally!! Yeah, I take your threats very, very……personally! And this is why Paul Heyman is the voice for Curtis Axel…..*whispering* he's not very good at it. Miz was pretty lame with those Star Wars joke…

Other than that, this was basic build towards the Miz/Curtis rivalry. It wasn't that bad, but not the most engaging scene created this evening. 

Vince on Smackdown? This must mean something. Since Booker is still absent due to surgery, Mr. Tag Team Playa makes the MITB match for the WHC. This match will consist of Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Dean Ambrose, Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, and Faaaaaaaandaaaaaaaannnnngoooooooooooooo. So, we have one MITB match that only has faces, but another one that only has heels? Actually, I kinda like that idea, but it does give away possible events for the future. Since the WHC MITB only has heels, that has to mean Dolph Ziggler will get back the WHC, only to eventually lose it to the winner of this match. It's possible that won't be the case, but I feel there's a bit of a connection with all of this. What I like about this match is that it's more unpredictable to determine the winner as opposed to the other MITB match. There's 3-4 guys I can see winning the WHC MITB match for the time being. I'll talk more about this in the Raw review next week. 

Debate of the week: could Randy Orton lose cleanly twice in one week? Okay, it wasn't really the main debate, but… could've…..maybe…..shut up! Daniel screwed over his former tag partner by rushing him back in the ring too soon, thus resulting in Randy hitting the RKO for the victory. Uh oh, spaghettios. Bryan was sorry for his actions, but he didn't seem that sincere with his apology. Bryan is nuttier than squirrel poop at the moment. Look forward to seeing how this plays out on Raw next week. Even though Team Hell No is no more, this pairing is still funny. I want a sit-com based around these guys. 

It's funny how the Shield was undefeated when they had no gold, but put some gold on them and they become fragile. The victory for the Usos and Christian does help them out since the Usos have a tag opportunity, so that has to be worth something. Yeah, people will argue that Shield losing cleanly to these guys makes them look weak, but where is this written rule saying the Shield must win all the time? All three members of the Shield have gold, so them losing and being somewhat vulnerable is okay just as long as they don't get this dramatic drop of stock. To me, the sign WWE has given up on the Shield is when 3MB manages to defeat them. That hasn't happened yet, so I think WWE still wants to see this last a little longer. This also gives Ambrose more motive since he was the one who took the defeat, thus I can see this being used to build some stock towards Ambrose getting the briefcase…..Okay, it's a longshot, but it could happen. 

It's time for Del Rio's fiesta….

Dolph Ziggler interrupts the party and takes his frustrations out on Del Rio and Ricardo. I'll admit that the ending to the show was pretty funny. It was entertaining to see Ziggles play along with the mariachi band. Ricardo better get a renewal on that life insurance policy or else he's screwed. 

Overall Impression:

While not the most engaging episode, there was a few things out there that make it interesting. I love seeing the progression on Daniel's character. I know I've gone on and on about this, but he's really one the best characters to watch because of his over-the-top reactions and insane antics. The matches were also fair this evening. This is a show where you honestly won't miss much if you skip, but you might find something if you're looking for a distraction. That does it for the mini-review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of this and I will see you guys and girls in the next one. 

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