Friday, June 21, 2013

WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 6/20/13

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling 6/20/13. How did the show do? Let's find out and begin. 

It's brother time!
We open up the show with brother, brother, brother!!! Hulk Hogan comes to the ring and talks about the BFG Series, brother! Wow, Jeff Hardy won the poll? I haven't been this surprised since I found out drinking water is good for you. Seriously, why even make the poll when you knew what you were gonna do? Hardy decides to challenge Bobby Roode since they had a moment last week, so Hardy needs to see if it's worth it….Wait, am I still talking about wrestling at this point? Anyway, this starts a brawl between the 12 BFG competitors to close the segment. I think the most disappointing thing about this segment is Hogan not getting enough 'brothers' in there. He could've fit five more 'brothers' if he tried hard enough. Other than that, it was a pretty traditional opening to the show. It sets the theme of the night right away, so that's a positive. 

Is Vice President of Aces & Eights really that big of a perk?
So, let me get this straight. A countout victory gives you five points, but wrestling to a 15-minute draw only gets you 2 points? That's pretty harsh if you think about it. Then again, what do you expect when this guy makes some of the decisions……

Mr. Anderson calls out overweight Phoenix Wright to a BFG Series match. Thanks to Doc, Anderson steals this match with the Mic Check. Wait a minute, why did Doc help Anderson? The reasoning for this is Anderson and Doc are fighting for the Vice President of Aces & Eights. Why do you even want this power? D'Lo Brown did nothing with it, so it seems like you would be better off without it. At least it shows some minor tension in the group, so it's actually not a bad idea. 

Shouting and blindness 
While Jay Bradley SHOUTS AT YOU, Austin Aries puts him away with the Brainbuster. The match wasn't half-bad, but why the shouting? I don't get that. It's not even over-the-top like Roman Reigns, so what's the purpose? Shouting randomly without any feeling isn't gonna help you grow charisma. Joking aside, I like the idea of the rookie calling out one of the big dogs….or would it be little dogs? Little big dogs? Regardless, it's not a bad move to at least get his characterization started since he has no identity/personality thus far. 

Hernandez calls out Daniels to a match. Due to Earl Hebner being blind and not seeing the low blow---wrestling logic or not, how did he not see that? He was standing right in front of his face while he kicked him. What, did TNA hire Mr. Magoo to officiate? Anyway, Christopher Daniels uses the kick to the balls to hit the BME to steal the 7 points. Kaz challenged Magnus because he's British. Too bad that doesn't pan out for him since Magnus defeats him with the Texas Cloverleaf. Wait, shouldn't we call it the British Cloverleaf? Naw, who cares. Out of the first week of action, Magnus is the leader of the BFG standings. I expect to see Magnus as one of the top four guys, but I don't expect him to win for the time being. I really like Magnus since I've always said he has a ton of potential and the look to go far, but I still prefer him as a heel rather than a face. 

The best part of the show
Since we gotta have that one over-the-top segment of the night, we have Hogan and Bully come across each other in the back. I love how Hogan catches him and tells him you're a dead man. How can you look at this and NOT laugh your ass off? It's like getting a death threat from Santa Claus. How am I supposed to be intimidated by that?

Oh nooooooooooo. The only thing that would top this scene is if Hogan gave some crazy eyes at the end of t--and the hilarity comes full circle! I don't even give a s*** what the scene was talking about. It was Hogan doing what he does best, being hammy. That was some good entertainment right there. 

Brooke's just here to look pretty and nothing else
Brooke Hogan addresses the entire KO division. She tells Eric Young and ODB to hand over the KO tag titles since EY has a penis. No, that's seriously the argument. Why is she only addressing this now? Because the segment was written with a 30-second time limit. I actually like how EY and ODB don't really seem to care about this. Even they know how stupid these titles are, and they were supposed to represent them. That's actually pretty funny if you think about it. Oh, and there's gonna be a ladder match between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell in a ladder match. You think you would get a ladder thrown in another ladder, but we have a different Hogan making the call. So, what are they competing for? Well, we honestly don't know since Brooke failed to explain that. Well, at least she kept one trait from her father. 

Main events
TNA's exercise app? Actually, I'm not even surprised anymore. It was almost inevitable for TNA to get their own app out there. AJ Styles talked before his match with Samoa Joe. He pretty much said the same thing all those months ago about doing what he feels is right for himself and not for the company. Styles claims this is no place for heroes…

Styles and Joe wrestle to a draw. It's a bit unfulfilling, but it's not a bad plan for the sake of storytelling. The Styles/Joe match was actually pretty good. I would even say it's the best match out of the evening. Hardy and Roode is up next and why do I get the feeling Tazz is grabbing his dick while watching Roode? All he did during this match is orgasm over Roode's wrestling skills. Imagine his disappointment when Hardy won the match? For a short match, it was pretty good. I feel sorry for the custodian since he probably has to put away that announce table. Ewwww….

Bully wants to get his sexual aggression out, but Sting decides to use this time to introduce the newest member of the Main Event Mafia. Bully calls his crew to fight him, but it seems they have either gotten beaten up by 1-2 guys or they passed out from alcohol poisoning. For some reason, I believe the second option a little more. It's finally revealed that Kurt Angle is a member of the new MEM. This honestly shouldn't be that surprising of a move considering Angle is one of the few remaining members of the stable. The only other one left is Samoa Joe, who I think will be in the stable for nostalgic feeling. While I may not be big on the stable returning, I don't mind them putting in some of the original members. Still, I would like to see some new names being put into the mix so you can pay homage to the originals, but allow newer names to rise. Just my honest two cents. 

Overall Impression:

I wasn't expecting much out of the evening since TNA was competing against Game 7 of the NBA Finals. While I can't stand basketball, you had to figure this would put a dent in people even bothering with tonight's show. If you were one of the few who skipped basketball to watch this, you honestly didn't miss much. For this being the first official night of the 2013 BFG Series, it felt okay. The matches were okay and so were the segments. Yeah, so it was just an 'okay' evening. There's nothing wrong with 'okay' since that could be considered an average episode, that has to be worth something, right? I honesty think the best part of the show was the Hogan/Bully backstage scene, but that's because Hogan was being over-the-top hilarious. The show does have some qualities that can pull you in, but don't be shocked if you forget about it seconds after you're done watching. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I'll see you guys and girls in the next one. 


  1. I really don't see Magnus making a heel turn any time soon. Mainly because TNA are using him quite a bit to promote the product and upcoming tour here in the UK. He's just starting to get over with the US audience now and I think if they give him more time and the crowd keep getting behind him he'll begin to get much more comfortable with being a face.

  2. They should rename TNA to TNB for "Total Non-stop Brother!".