Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw 6/3/13 Review (Sorry for the delay....again....)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today we take a look at WWE Raw 6/3/13. How did the show turn out? Let's find out and begin. 

First of all, sorry this ended up being delayed an extra day. It has been a challenge to cope with this work schedule and I realize this page has taken a drastic hit the last few months. I think things will get better in the next few weeks, but I appreciate the ones that are patient with me as I try to get to this when I have the free time. With that said, let's begin….again….hmmmm….not sure how to get out of this….

Family Protection
Ummm….sure, why not? We open up the show with sh***y pop music, so that only means Stephanie McMahon is in the house. She claims that even though Triple H is ready to compete, she has made the decision to not allow Trips to compete for his well-being. She also tells the fans to not be selfish and not think about themselves. Is she calling out the WWE Universe or the IWC? Vince McMahon arrives and says the same thing while the audience keeps chanting for Trips. Vince claims WWE isn't a bloodsport…

Thus, fans need to be more supportive of the superstars and not be so selfish. While this idea most likely will not be used for storyline purposes, there's a ton of potential with this idea. McMahons vs the audience love for destruction. The idea could definitely work if they ever went through with the idea. This concept could be used, but I expect to see the storyline play out where Trips convinces his family in cliche fashion that he can still do this. Still, I gotta admit and say that I'm intrigued to see where this is headed. Trips arrives in the back and doesn't take kindly to the news. It seems Trips is very angry with Vince for taking him out of the match. How dare you take away my drive for blood and destruction! It's all I can do!

Bryan's Song & Rebirth
The best way to describe the six-man tag match is 'insanity'. What I mean by that is Daniel Bryan has lost his damn mind. Seriously, he's a few notches away from turning into a cartoon character. At the same time, he's putting on some really good matches. His matches are always good, but something about them seems to have some 'extra flavor' to them if you know what I mean. Huh, kinda ironic Bryan's in his predicament considering where he was a year ago. Despite Bryan's craziness, Shield still manages to pull off the victory when Bryan and Randy Orton lose their focus. After the match, Bryan still thinks that Kane and Orton consider him the weak link, so he purposes another match for tonight to prove he isn't weak. I think it's almost impossible to watch a Daniel Bryan segment and NOT laugh your ass off. He's the most unintentional funniest character on this show. 

Yes, the Usos went through a rebirth by putting face-paint on their faces. Yeah, this is apparently a new thing. I guess drunken football fans go through a rebirth from September-February. Who would've thought? Usos pick up a victory over the Prime Time Players. This could be used to further an eventual feud with one of these teams and the Shield, but I honestly consider this a filler match since I doubt they will do anything with it. 

What's this WHC you speak of? 
Aloijsdfloasdjfl;jasdopfjasdlkfjasdjfpoasdjfpoajdfopasdjfpoadsjfopasdijfaspdojfpodsajf……Albertoooooooooooooooooooooo…….Del Riiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooo. Wow, another Del Rio/Big E match? I know they're limited since Dolph Ziggler is still recovering from the concussion, but is this really the only thing you can do to build this up? Hell, how about Ricardo Rodriguez vs AJ? Yes, it sounds stupid but at least it's something different and could be worth a laugh. Del Rio wins this match while Big E doesn't seem to give a s***. I hope this is the last Del Rio/Big E match for a while. With that said, look for next week's Smackdown to be a tribute to all the Del Rio/Big E matches. 

Brains vs Brawn
Out of nowhere, a Sheamus/Damien Sandow rivalry was farted out by the WWE. I guess they figured that they've shown so many matches between them this year that they might as well go through with a rivalry. Sheamus takes out Cody Rhodes in a short match. The match was okay to sit through, but the real highlight was Damien's commentary. It was some funny stuff if you ask me. 

Did Jerry Lawler just say Triple H is hot? Well, I guess that would explain why Lawler doesn't say 'puppies' and instead raves about John Cena's strength. The key is to admit it and then come out of the closet.  Meanwhile, we see Daniel interact with the most cliche bully ever. It just seems uninspiring to watch Ryback try to act like a dick. It's like he literally basing his persona on watching 'The Karate Kid' movies. While those were over-the-top hilarious, it's really bad in Ryback's case. Perhaps some acting classes could help? Ryback claims that instead of the weakest link, you will be the missing link….

Yeah, I gotta boo along with that one too. That was terrible! Booooooooo!!!

The Fandango/Khali and Wade/Miz matches were used to further things for the Fandango/Miz/Wade feud. It seems a triple threat IC match will be taking place in the near future. I honestly think the only reason they are doing this is to give the title to Fandango. Think about it? Fandango got slapped into this rivalry out of nowhere and the storyline is very phoned him from his perspective. Why else would they do it?

Want to know the ironic thing about the Paul Heyman/Chris Jericho segment. Pauly claims Jericho challenging CM Punk is Chicago is the biggest mistake of his career, but Jericho DID challenge Punk in Chicago last year. That one makes you think. Jericho told Heyman to unbutton his jacket? What is up with this show tonight? You got Jerry talking about how hot Trips is and now you have Jericho stuffing things down Heyman's pants? I'm not even sure if I should be watching this right now. 

Bryan's Redemption & Plothole?
We get another video from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre--er, I mean the Wyatt family. Like I said last week, strange but very intriguing. It's time for the Daniel Bryan/Ryback match. Things have gotten so out of control for Bryan that even his boyfriend told him to call him when he gets his head straight. The bromance is over? Nooo--Anyway, the Bryan/Ryback match was really good. They continue to show the gutsiness of Bryan and his character while not dropping his stock with the final decision. The finish comes when Ryback sends Bryan through a table, thus sending a message to Cena. I think this was the best way to book the match. As soon as this match ended, we jump right into the Cena/Curtis Axel match. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how Vince booked this match since he decided to send Triple H home. The difference this week is the match being contested under No DQ rules. One of the goofiest moments of this match is when Paul grabbed one of the tablets the commentators keep at the desk and uses it to help Curtis escape the STF. So, I guess you can say the WWE App just screwed over Cena. My God, is there nothing the WWE App can't do….

Ryback comes out to interrupt the match, thus resulting in Curtis picking up the countout victory--WAIT A MINUTE!!! A No DQ match ends in a countout? That's makes absolutely, positively, easily, conclusively, no shadow of a doubt, literally, de facto, spank my ass and call me silly, no sense at all! Wow, the writers were digging pretty deep for this one. This might be the smelliest version of wrestling logic ever….Well, for 2013 that is. And I guess you can bring up the argument that 'No Countout' wasn't part of the stipulation. While in theory you have a point, it's still stupid. Seriously, if that's your argument, you're digging pretty deep to find this plausible. It's obvious what they were going for here. Give another cheap victory to Curtis while protecting Cena. That's all fine and I have no problem with it, but something about this being No DQ and getting a countout victory is funny for all the wrong reasons. You know what? I'm not even mad about this. Some would claim that I'm angry, but that's not the case at all. I've grown to expect these things from time to time and this is nothing new to the table. I'm actually laughing at how ridiculous this look. Oh, this has been a fun day of activity. Thank you pro wrestling for your over-the-top antics and plotholes. 

Overall Impression:

The show featured some fun matches with a mixture of some fun storyline development for the week. With all things considered, I thought this was a pretty good episode of Raw. There was a couple of wrestling logic moments, but they entertain me. Yeah, so I enjoy cheesy moments in professional wresting. Spare me. I would say this is a show worth checking out if you haven't watched it yet. If you didn't like it, well there's nothing I can tell you. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Well, it's time to wrap up this review since this needed to be out since yesterday. Tell me what you thought of the review or tonight's show. See you guys and girls in the next one. 


  1. yeah the countount in the no dq match made little sense. They gave themselves an easy out with the no dq and then not use it like they should. The countout victory was a bad decision unless this wiki entry was true

    And did you notice how they kept saying that Kofi went in for surgery on Thursday for the injuries he suffered on Friday night Smackdown? While I know they tape Smackdown on a Tuesday I just thought it was funny that WWE kept saying how Kofi was beat so bad he needed surgery the day before he was meant to have been attacked.

    And I'm still of the opinion that CM Punk will no show Payback. The way Heyman tried to talk Jericho out of the match further reinforced that belief

    1. I am sensing this too, Brownie...Heyman pulls a switch at Payback and out comes Curtis Axel instead of Punk, as Jericho's opponent.

      Unless they are building to Triple H vs. Axel at Payback, in which case Jericho wrestles Punk after all. (Or he wrestles his printout of his list of 1,004 holds.)

  2. As R-Truth would say, "I don't know if that's PG."

  3. No worries on the lateness, your review is worth the wait. Always fun and good for laughs.

    Besides, if we demand your Raw reviews be on time every week, in spite of your work schedule, we might be turning this blog into some sort of blood sport.

  4. I'M begging any deity that is listening to let Triple H have one more heel turn before his dwindling career starts to resemble Ric Flairs. Trips has never completely gone over as a good guy most notably in the Wrestlemania match with Jericho where the crowd woke up for the pedigree.
    One theory about Punk could be a face turn involving Heyman and Jericho actually working together as Punks stock as a heel without a belt has not historically been a success. Without any clear ideas about what Brock will be doing at payback I can see Heyman jumping ship to Jericho which will allow Punk to become the second city saviour again....actually brock and sheamus could have a 'who burns quickest in the sun' match.