Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 11/6/12 (William f***ing Regal!!!)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown 11/6/12. Was Super Smackdown worth watching? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with Sheamus. Apparently, Sheamus and William Regal got into a fight with Big Show offscreen….kinda. Show just went from behind and decked him in the head. What a dick move. Sheamus says Show made a big mistake in attacking the man, the legend, William Regal. Show appears on the titantron and the two exchange words. After a while, Wade Barrett arrives and claims he will embarrass him at Main Event. Sheamus is begging for a fight, but Wade needs to piss off his countrymen, so he walks away in heel fashion. A decent way to start off the show. We would find out that it would be Show and Wade vs Sheamus and Regal. Not only does Wade go out there and gets to finally cut a promo, but we also get a Regal match. This could be the best day ever. 

Match #1: Kofi Kingston vs Miz; IC Championship
Sigh, are you kidding me? How many times are you gonna show this match? Don't get me wrong. They're good matches (This one is no exception), but this rivalry is over. Move on and get them new programs. Sometimes, you gotta know when to just pull the plug. This happens a lot in the wrestling industry and it bugs me that the biggest issue seems to be moving from one rivalry to the next. The finish comes when Kofi wins this match with a crossbody. After the match, Miz extends out his hand and…..Okay, timeout for a second here. Did anyone look at Miz's face when extending out his hand? He had the look of somebody that was so full of himself AND constipated at the same time. Yeah, that's totally the face of a guy you would trust. I would scale the entire world with a guy who looked like that. Seriously, that made my day right there. LOLZ….It's the little things that make you laugh. Kofi doesn't trust the offering, so he dropkicks Miz. Can you really blame him? We better have a new agenda for these two starting soon.

Winner via pinfall and still IC Champ: Kofi Kingston

Match #2: Masked Men vs Prime Time Players
Didn't I just talk about the importance of new rivalries? For some reason, I'm a little more lenient with these matches than I am Miz/Kofi. Eventually, I want to see them go up against others, but you can maybe get away with one more match between these two….MAYBE. Titus pins Rey with the Clash of the Titus. After the match, the PTP hijack Matt Striker's interview. Striker's gimmick is for everybody to hate him. Seriously, faces and heels unite in their hatred for Striker. 

Winner via pinfall: Prime Time Players

Match #3: Big Show and Wade Barrett vs Sheamus and William Regal
Regal can play face and heel on a whim. That's how awesome he is. Unfortunately, you knew the Regal rush wasn't gonna last long. In a fair match, the finish comes when Show hits the KO punch on Regal for the victory. He may have gotten the lose, but at least he got to perform for his countrymen. 

Winner via pinfall: Big Show and Wade Barrett

Match #4: Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio; Falls Count Anywhere
So, a couple of things I should mention. Rosa Mendes has put herself out towards Del Rio the last couple of episodes. Yeah, we gotta have that forced, romantic/jailbait storyline in a wrestling show. There also seems to be a new character that's set to debut soon. It's a character called Fandango. The whole gimmick behind this guy is that he likes to dance. Do we really need another dancing character on this show? Geeze, one of these days, you will have enough dancers on this show to create WWE: The Musical. Yeah, that would be a trainwreck worth witnessing. So, the match between Randy and Del Rio was pretty much what I expected. It was the match of the night, utilized the gimmick, and was done decently. Hell, there was even a moment where Ricardo Rodriguez ended up in the phone booth…

You get your cocky heel when Del Rio literally calls his shot in the middle of the match. Doing that would ultimately be his downfall. It's like watching a James Bond villain monologue instead of pulling the damn trigger. Randy fights his way out of the Cross Armbreaker and finally hits the RKO on the steel steps to pick up the victory. Randy winning the match is no surprise. The Randy/Del Rio rivalry really has no reason to continue after Survivor Series. With that said, look for WWE to have it continue until next year. D'oh!!!

Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton

Overall Impression:
This week's show wasn't bad. The audience made the show stand out and the match quality was pretty good. My only issue with it is that like previous episodes of SD, this was mostly a filler show. There was basically no new developments with storylines. If SD had more development to offer, I would say this is an amazing show; in terms of being a good wrestling show, this week's SD was at least that. This is filler, but filler that's done right. At the same time, you really aren't missing much by skipping out on this episode. That's the positives and negatives of filler. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. See you next time….REGAL REGAL REGAL REGAL REGAL REGAL REGAL REGAL REGAL REGAL!!! What, you thought I forgot?


  1. I fondly share the same birthday as Regal. If he were to team up with JBL on commentary, well, that would be sweet.

  2. That does sound like a good commentary team, but then you have nobody playing the face role since JBL is heel while Regal is a tweener.