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WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 11/8/12 (Hammer Time!!!)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling 11/8/12. How does the "go home" episode of Impact fair? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with The Idiot's Court, starring Aces and Eights. They lash out at Luke Gallows /Bald Dude for loosing his mask last week. In order to trust Bald Dude once more, he needs to prove himself and team up with Devon to deal with Sting and Kurt Angle. Court is adjourned. This opening doesn't really surprise me. I love how they get angry when Bald Dude looses his mask, but didn't seem to care when Devon lost his mask. Maybe this is the new quota? With all things considered, you had to figure Gallows was gonna have to prove himself in order to stick with these band of idiots. 

Match #1: Bobby Roode vs AJ Styles
James Storm was on commentary for this match. I think Storm added something to the commentary. It's still weird having to hear Borash and Todd do the commentary for the first hour of the show. Well, it's at least a break from Tenay and Tazz. This was a great match to start off the show. It really is a nice welcome when you get a good FREE match on the week of a PPV. The finish comes when Bobby trips AJ off the top ropes. Bobby is able to steal with a quick three count. Some decent build for their #1 Contender match this Sunday. It should be a really fun match to watch.

Winner via stealing: Bobby Roode

An ancient evil awakens? What in the world was that? It's the rise of the dead. Ohh nooooooooooo!!! I wouldn't be surprised if this connects to Abyss. Yeah, anybody remember that character? I'm guessing he finally made another potion to turn himself into a monster once more. Speaking of which, Joseph Park is here to talk. Once again, Joseph demands his match with Card Games. Hulk Hogan arrives and has to do his showboating before talking about the issues. Funny how that happens every single week on this show. Hogan understands his issue, but can't approve the thought of Dr. Jekyll getting into another match. Bully Ray comes out and actually defends Joseph. The bully is being a nice guy? Oh Bully Ray….You don't even know who you are anymore. After the Impact Zone copyrights Daniel Bryan, Hogan gives Joseph his match at the PPV. I smell shenanigans. Call it my boyish intuition. By the way, you gotta be the laughing stock of Aces and Eights when lawyer boy manages to rip off your mask. 

Match #2: ODB vs Tara and Jesse; Handicap match
ODB actually manages to take down both competitors by herself. That's a good way to make the KO title look like a meaningless prop. After the match, the two actually work together and take out ODB. Why didn't they do that beforehand? Apparently, ODB carries Kool-Aid in that flask. I'm actually surprised since I thought water would fall out of the damn thing. In a backstage scene, she calls Eric Young and begs him to show up at the PPV to do a tag team match at Turning Point. In other words, look for EY to disappoint once more and not arrive to the PPV. What a role model!!!

Winner via pinfall: ODB

Match #3: Sting and Kurt Angle vs Devon and Doc
Gallows' TNA name is Doc? It stands for director of chaos, but you realize how stupid 'Doc' sounds? Is Dopey and Grumpy also in this stable? Come on, I couldn't have been the only one thinking that. The match ends when Aces and Eights uses a bat to end up with a DQ. Every match with Card Games should be a no dq match. You think Hogan and crew would wise up and do something about this, but they just continue to take it in the ass. I know it's wrestling logic, but you know they are just taking it at this point. A couple of Aces and Eights members arrive to hit Sting with a hammer. It's hammer time, asshole. After they send Sting through a table, Doc goes insane with the hammer….

I can be an immature punk sometimes. After the attack, the medics check up on Sting to see how he's doing. He just got a hammer strike to the stomach and wrist. How do you think he's feeling? We find out later in the evening that Sting is very questionable to fight at the PPV. Instead of finding a replacement, they don't really say anything else about it going forward. I guess we will find out more at the PPV. I see what you did there, TNA. 

Winner via DQ: Sting and Kurt Angle

Gut Check time. So, Christian York (AKA: Tyler Reks' brother) is given a contract with two consecutive yes votes. Only two votes to get a contract? Don't tell Mitt Romney about this. So, I'm glad to see Christian get a contract, but it doesn't change what I've said about the Gut Check. They need to start using these talents because I find it to be a waste of time to take up air-time on these segments if we aren't gonna see the talents get used immediately. Speaking of which, how are those 2011 Tough Enough contestants fairing out? What's that? Only one of them is there and she's a dancer, while the winner is no longer with WWE? Oh, that's some tremendous progress. Yeah, I went off on a tangent. That's how it works on the WrestlingNerd page. 

Match #4: Christopher Daniels, Kaz, and Magnus vs Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, and Samoa Joe
How does a "non-patched" member of Aces and Eights get the title of 'director'? Yeah, think about that one. Hogan and Matt Morgan continue to drive up their sexual tension. Seriously, it looks like Hogan is simply getting off on Morgan's rage. Did Daniels just go Gangnam style? Hooray for utilizing internet memes. That's so bizarre AND funny at the same time. This was a pretty decent match to build up the rivalries. The finish comes when Kaz and Daniels hit the High/Low on Joe. Magnus follows it up with an elbow drop to pick up the victory. At least Magnus has something to brag about going into this Sunday….somewhat. 

Winner via pinfall: Magnus and Team Appletini

Austin Aries mocks the 'what' chant as he talks down to Jeff Hardy. I really hate the 'what' chant. Come on people. At least try to be somewhat original. Aries also wants to burn down the Megatron Title into a belt buckle. If only Aries realized the Megatron title is indestructible. Seriously, it was taken away once and it came back with a new strap color. It simply cannot die. Hardy comes out and takes out Aries. In typical face fashion, he poses in front of the crowd. He didn't bother to check if he took out Aries since Austin got back up and pushed Hardy off the top of the ladder. Jeff's a smart boy. NOW the show ends with Aries posing on top of the ladder. Just like going into BFG, this match doesn't feel like a world title situation. It has taken a backseat to Aces and Eights in more ways than one. They're still trying to make this seem important, but there's a piece or two that's missing from making this the main storyline. Oh well. It isn't the main storyline, so it doesn't matter. 

Overall Impression:
Personally, I thought impact was pretty good this week. It wasn't great, but I think they did all the necessary things to hype up the PPV. They talked about most of the matches going into the PPV (At least the big matches) and the action was pretty good considering it's normal for the booking to keep the action to a minimum since they want to save something for Sunday. I thought TNA did a fair job tonight. It wasn't great, but it isn't the worst wrestling show I saw throughout the week. I think Impact is at least worth a watch this week. It didn't add a lot going forward, but the goal of the night was to address the PPV matches. I felt they accomplished that with all things considered. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. See you next time. 

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