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WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 11/1/12 (Open Fight Night = Mask Repellent Failure)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling 11/1/12. How does the first wrestling show in the month of November fair? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with Joseph Park. Joseph claims that even though he isn't a wrestler,  he's still a man. Lawyers are men? This is news to me. Anyway, since Hulk Hogan hasn't answered Joseph's reply, he found a loophole that allows him to challenge anyone on Open Fight Night. What? Well, by that logic, that you mean anybody around the world could walk down there and challenge a member of the TNA roster. Hell, even I could do that. It's wrestling logic, but I just find it unnecessary for Joseph to even mention the loophole. Joseph challenges a member of Aces and Eights and immediately takes cover. So, he wants to be a man, but immediately regrets his words five-seconds later? Do I really have to dig into this? Anyway, Kurt Angle and Sting come by to help him out. We would find out later in the night that Sting's plan was to unmask another member of Card Games so I guess it would explain why you got this opening. Yeah, I wouldn't be bragging if Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco wer--WARNING WARNING!!! DANGER AFOOT!!! Why does that keep happening? Personally, I don't think Joseph Park should ever open a show. He doesn't exactly scream "attention grabber".

Match #1: Magnus vs Samoa Joe
Why are they still doing this rivalry? Joe won cleanly at BFG, thus, this rivalry should be over. Well, not only do we have a match, but Magnus ends this match by using a wrench. Joe wins via DQ, meaning that this will continue. UGH!!! I hate when pro wrestling does this. You pretty much cap the rivalry and even though there's nothing to gain from prolonging the rivalry, creative hasn't figured out what to do with people, so they keep going with the rivalry for another few weeks until something comes up. I talked about this earlier in the week since WWE is doing the same thing with Kofi/Miz. Get them new rivalries/storylines and move forward. And if you want to prolong the rivalry, DO NOT end the match cleanly. If Magnus had cheated to win or cause a DQ at BFG, then this booking would be perfectly fine. Sigh….. Oh, and I really hate that, "Joe's gonna kill you" chant. Every time I hear this, I picture a bunch of a little kids saying this in a very obnoxious voice. Does anyone else picture that as well? 

Winner via DQ: Samoa Joe

Christopher Daniels and Kaz want to face a Mexican tag team, so they call out Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbania. Since Hector gets taken out, surely Chavo will save his uncle….right?…….any day now…….you know, he isn't standing there in pain because it's cool…….where the hell is he? You think for being legit family that he would've been out there quickly, but wrestling logic tells him to wait until his generic intro music plays. Finally, Chavo and Hernandez arrive to make the save. Well, better late than never, I suppose. They have a tag title match at the upcoming PPV. The buildup is basic, but at least it's something. 

Match #2: Christian York vs Zema Ion; Gut Check
Oh no, not the Gut Check. Well, to my surprise, TNA actually put out a decent effort with this one. Christian was actually pretty decent in the ring and he almost got the victory over Zema. At the same time, its the same as before. GC guy comes in and still can't win the match. I think it would add a lot more depth and intrigue if some of these guys actually pulled off the underdog victory. If there's on thing I've learned in life, people love underdogs. Heck, one of my favorite film series of all time is the Rocky series, which is about the underdog making the most out of his or her opportunity. This is part of the reason as to why GC is failing.  Zema wins with a submission. The match is at least worth a watch. Until they do something new with GC, I just won't care about these segments. 

Winner via submission: Zema Ion

Match #3: ODB vs Jesse Douche 
I know. That's not his name, but I would write his real name if I truly gave a s***. As Jesse is getting some skull f***ing from ODB, Tara is freaking out that her man with all that muscle can't seem to fight one drunk person. Actually, that doesn't surprise me. Due to shenanigans, Jesse wins with a rollup. Oh, and there was a scene earlier in the night that proves TNA wants to continue this ODB/Eric Young crap. Why!? Why!? Why!? Oh, and Aces and Eights brawl with TNA guys once again. Why!? Why!? Why!?

Winner via pinfall: Jesse Douche

Match #4: Robbie E vs Jeff Hardy
Since Austin Aries is growing his horns back, he talks Robbie E into challenging Hardy. Wait, this is his brilliant plan? Robbie E? Was there no monkeys available? In a decent match, Hardy wins with the Swanton Bomb. After the match, Aries comes out to talk about how he's a real champion since Hardy carries around the Megatron title. Hardy makes a challenge towards Aries and wants their match at Turning Point to be a ladder match. That actually isn't a bad idea. I really want to see that match. It sounds like fun. 

Winner via pinfall: Jeff Hardy

So, Bobby Roode comes out and demands a title match. AJ Styles comes out and stutters his promo while taking a shot at the WWE for copying their idea. Somewhere out there, some people are creaming in their pants and thinking about how badly TNA burned the WWE. Well, what they will never tell you is all the previous ideas that TNA ripped off from WWE in all that time. Yeah, you really have nothing to gloat about since TNA is guilty of copying ideas as well. Then again, all pro wrestling ideas have been done before, so if you think about it, most of the ideas on pro wrestling these days were ripped off from back in the day. Now that I'm still on this soap box, I want to get this out of the way. I respect what Kurt Angle has done as a performer, but he really needs to shut the hell up on Twitter with all these shots he's taking at WWE. All you're doing is making yourself look bad since it sounds like you have such a vendetta for the WWE. He sounds like such a drama queen with some of his responses and that's completely unnecessary. How about focus on making TNA strive and not care about what the other company is doing? Apparently, that idea just makes way too much sense. I'm sorry for my rant since I don't like talking about this kind of crap, but its been something that I've been wanting to say for a while now. So, we find out that it will be James Storm vs Styles vs Roode in a #1 Contender match at Turning Point. If you end up taking the pinfall in this match, you don't get a world title match for another year….

Ehem….sorry about that. I like this idea for a #1 Contender match. I also like the idea of somebody not getting a world title match for a year…..IF Hogan isn't talking out of his ass, but we'll talk about for another day. 

Match #5: Joey Ryan vs RVD
Earlier in the night, they showed Matt Morgan invading Hogan's pornographic shop and steals his robe because….he was cold? Seriously, why did he steal the robe? All he did was wear it and nothing more. It just seemed pointless. Maybe Morgan has a thing for shiny objects. Morgan claims that he will eat through the roster. He will EAT through the roster? What does THAT remind you of? I can keep going, but I'm just gonna move along and nod my head politely. Joey and RVD had a pretty short match. The finish comes when Morgan pulls Joey out of the way for the Frog Splash. Referees? What are those? Joey ends up picking up a rollup victory. After the match, RVD doesn't sell any of that and immediately ends up getting killed by Morgan. I mentioned last week that I like the idea of Joey going after the X Division title. Hopefully, they will make this fun and interesting. 

Winner via pinfall: Joey Ryan

Match #6: Bully Ray vs Devon
Anyone notice a pattern here? The opening of the show started off with a brawl between TNA roster and Aces and Eights. In the mid-way point of the show, the exact same thing happened. And what happened here? The same exact thing. The match gets thrown out the window and another brawl beaks out. Three brawls in one night? Are you even trying? The only difference is TNA succeeded in their goal to unmask a member of Aces and Eights. Oh look, it's Luke Gallows/Festus/Impostor Kane. Yeah, the guy has had a lot of roles in the business. It figures that Gallows would be one of the early reveals for the stable. It's kinda cool, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. Personally, I'm just waiting to see who will be the person in charge of this entire operation. I know I've talked about how slow buildups are good for the industry, but they can also be bad if you don't plan them right. The same could be said for any storyline but….well, let's move on. What I'm trying to say here is this Aces and Eights deal is starting to get pretty bad. It has been showing those signs for the last couple months, but I feel it hasn't improved since Devon was revealed as one of the members. They need to do something to get people talking about Aces and Eights and I don't think Luke Gallows is it. No offense to Gallows. I think he has some potential, but he isn't exactly one of the best free agents out there. You know what would be a shock? John Morrison as a member of Aces and Eights. Now, THAT'S an attention grabber. 

No Contest

Overall Impression:
Impact was okay this week, but nothing that great. As I mentioned earlier, one of my problems with the show was the unoriginal brawls. Why did they find it necessary to do the same brawl three times? To me, that just seems like creative isn't sure what else to do, so they do the same shot three times to fill out the show. Outside of that, I was fine with just about everything else. Yeah, there was couple of mediocre storylines and some pointless matches, but it was at least tolerable. They did make a couple announcements regarding the PPV, which is a really good thing. As of right now, the PPV is looking like something worth checking out. I really hope that's the case since Turning Point hasn't been one of the TNA's better PPV showings out of the year. This show is better than last week, so it might be worth checking out. Nothing groundbreaking, but nothing overly bad for tonight's show. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of the show and--you know the rest. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. See you next time. 

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  1. I guess the Jekyll/Hyde angle with Joseph Parks/Abyss is no more (or on hold). Pretty much at this point, you can say the Abyss character should be laid to rest.

    So until Luke Gallows gets a name that isn't owned by WWE, will he just be called "Him", "That Guy", "The Enforcer", etc.