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WrestlingNerd's Running Diary of TNA Impact Wrestling 1/5/12

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another edition of the Running Diary. Today, we talk about TNA Impact Wrestling on 1/5/12. I honestly don't feel like doing a full review, so let's just get this over with. 

-Sting is impressed with Jeff Hardy? It must not take much to impress Sting, does it? 

-Sting is talking about Hardy making the most out of his second chance. Are you sure about that, cuz I'm pretty sure this is Hardy's 3rd-5th chance. 

-Robert Roode interrupts this mark-fest by saying he should be endorsed, not Hardy. Roode is with Kurt Angle and Bully Ray. 

-If Angle is angry at James Storm for taking his world title, why no anger towards Roode? Wrestling logic works in mysterious ways. 

-Did Abyss just chug a beer? Hey, I'm just glad they didn't have Hardy cut a promo. 

-Sting makes it Hardy, Storm, and Abyss vs Roode, Kurt, and Bully for tonight. It will be the main event. 

-Madison Rayne, Gail Kim, Traci Brooks, and Mickie James are fighting in a pool/spa. As if TNA doesn't air enough fan service. If this company could, it would air soft core porn. 

-Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs Mickie James and Traci Brooks for the KO tag titles. 

-I've had it….I've had it with these mother f***ing titles on this mother f***ing show.

-It was a long match. Well, they do show more women's wrestling on this company than WWE. Then again, I don't think that's saying much. 

-Gail hits Eat Da Feet on Traci to end the match, thus retain their titles. I know I should try to care, but I really can't since these titles serve no purpose to the show. Also some rather weak build up between Gail and Mickie, which happens at Genesis. 

-In case you occasionally black out while watching TNA, Genesis is this Sunday. 

-Ric Flair says Gunner is an impact player? Umm….that's too easy. 

-For some reason, I can't buy this team of Gunner and Flair. I'm actually fine with Flair managing Gunner since the guy can't talk his way out of a paper bag, but something about this pairing doesn't really go together. Probably because Gunner looks like a garbage man. 

-Gunner the garbage man? He'll trash you out of here. Hey, it would be better than Mr. Intensity. 

-News flash to Eric Young….YOU'RE NOT FUNNY!!!

-Garett Bischoff returns and wants to be a referee. Sting takes the ref shirt from him and says he's not a referee….he's a wrestler. I don't know if I should laugh or cry?

-How stupid can this show get? Eric Young is still searching for ODB, so he barges into the women's locker room. Gail and Madison are pissed off that he won't get out. Since TNA hasn't thrown enough stupid s***, Eric actually threw Madison into a locker. And TNA fanboys wonder why people can't take TNA seriously?

-Gunner vs RVD is the second match of the night… around the start of the second hour of the program. So, one hour on the air and the only match was a KO match? You know what? Botch it up however you want. 

-This was actually a passable match, but nothing worth a second look.

-This match ends in a double countout. Gunner is about to hit a Piledriver, but RVD fights back. RVD goes for the spin kick into the guardrail, but misses. Gunner gets back up and attempts another Piledriver, but TNA agents arrive to break it up. What was the point of RVD countering the first piledriver if it was going to end with a break up? What, did the TNA agents miss their cue? Probably too busy taking a nap. In fact, that's what I should be doing. 

-Austin Aries and Kid Kash vs Jesse Sorensen and Zema Ion up next. 

-I would buy Jesse bringing the football and letterman jacket if his gimmick was a football player or a jock, but he isn't any of those. It's just a stupid prop for a guy with no charisma. 

-This wasn't a bad match, but it was difficult to keep track of sometimes. Slow it down, guys. 

-Mike Tenay said 2012 is the year of the X Division. Really? Who's saying that? Just more stuff coming out of Tenay's ass. 

-How does Tenay still have a job with his emotionless commentary? 

-Zema Ion and Jesse were consistently trying to get in the match. I can summarize their discussion like this….."No, my dick is bigger. No, MY dick is bigger. Rabble rabble rabble rabble…."

-Jesse hits his finisher on Aries for the victory. I don't really like the story for this entire match. It seems like we should only care about Austin and Zema since they have been featured, but then they give Jesse this victory. It would help if these talents were featured on a more consistent basis as opposed to just putting together a match and hoping for the best. The match at Genesis should be fine, but the storyline can make you lose interest. 

-Kaz is thinking to himself as AJ Styles gives him a Goldberg-esque curtain call. It turns out he was having a private conservation with Christopher Daniels….

-Young and ODB kissing? And you wonder why I didn't do a full TNA review this week?

-Vegeta, what does the scouter say about the number of TNA's backstage scenes?

-Seriously, film some stuff in the damn ring. There was a point where we had 5-7 backstage scenes in a row. Do you think that's enough? 

-Samoa Joe and Magnus vs AJ Styles and Kaz; winner gets a tag team title shot at Genesis.

-Daniels arrives during match. Kaz leaves AJ, but doesn't seem happy about it. Joe and Magnus win the match.

-The Kaz, AJ/Daniels/AJ deal is obviously a new storyline in the works. It's up in the air on where the are going with it, so it might be entertaining…..I hope. 

-Wow, so NOW we get an appearance by Crimson and Matt Morgan? For a second straight PPV, the tag champs aren't the main focus going into the tag title defense. If TNA wants to restore the tag team division, it would help if you made your tag champions care that they are the champs as opposed to being at Six Flags for 3-4 weeks and then show up. 

-Crimson and Morgan at Six Flags: "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

-Robert Roode, Kurt Angle, and Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy, James Storm, and Abyss up next. 

-The match was okay. It ends when the referee issues a Double DQ/No Contest for not listening to the ref. The show ends with the heels taking out the faces. Roode had a Crossface on Hardy. Angle had the Ankle Lock on Storm, and Bully was choking out Abyss with his chain. He used the chain as a noose. 

-In TNA, we punish our wrestlers medieval style. 

Overall Impression:
This was an improved episode of Impact, but I found it underwhelming at times. There was a ton of backstage scenes tonight. I know that's pretty common with TNA, but they went insane with it. I think the reason this happens is so they could put in more matches for the PPV. I also heard that RVD vs Gunner will happen at the PPV. Why? It's not a PPV match since the rivalry just got started this week (if that's what you would consider to be a real rivalry). I wouldn't mind the match at the PPV if there was more of a story, but this is one of those matches that is added there to waste time. Then again, maybe it can lead to something interesting. Garett Bischoff being back on TV is almost enough to make me sick. I just can't get interested in this guy because he lacks basic human emotion and his generic as hell. Plus, this probably means the Bischoff rivalry will continue on this show. If you looked at my best and worst moments of 2011, you already know how I feel about this rivalry. I liked the opening for the most part since it set up the show decently, but not an great performance tonight. I would consider this average, at least for TNA standards. I was glad they didn't have Hardy talk since that's something he can't do. It's pretty bad when Abyss can cut a better promo than you. For the most part, the matches and promos were improved than they have been for the last few weeks, but it was nothing amazing. Still, I would consider this an average episode for TNA. A lot of what TNA aired tonight was build up/hype for Genesis, which happens to be this Sunday. I don't find myself totally interested in this card. I enjoy what Roode is doing as champion, but I don't like the idea of Hardy becoming the champion. It's possible Roode retains his title, but they have been doing this storyline of Hardy fighting his way to the top. I just feel it's too rushed if they crown Hardy after only coming back in September. I think it sends the wrong message to younger viewers if you crown Hardy after everything he has gone through. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time they gave something to Hardy that he mostly didn't deserve. I know people are getting sick of me cutting down Hardy, but I lost a lot of respect for this guy with all the bulls*** he has done. I know people will say he deserves a second chance, but Hardy has had multiple second chances and he keeps doing stupid stuff. If he's ready to take this seriously, then go it for. I really want to see TNA rise, but it would be another blow if Hardy pulled another stupid stunt. I don't want to think that negatively about it, but don't say I didn't warn you if Hardy makes the news for another drug bust or some other bs. Whoa, I kinda got off track there, but I have been thinking this ever since Hardy got put into the championship match. I personally hope that they are using this to build up Roode, but I think they are ready to give the title back to Hardy. Anyway, I need to wrap this up. That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of this edition of the running diary or the show itself. Part I and II of the 2nd Annual WrestlingNerd awards are available now, in case you haven't checked it out. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time. 

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