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2nd Annual WrestlingNerd Awards (Best and Worst of WWE & TNA for 2011) Part III Finale

Well, it's time to end this award show and talk about the final six categories for the best of 2011. Let's begin. 

Gimmick Match of the Year
CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs Miz-TLC match at TLC
Alberto Del Rio vs Christian- Ladder match at Extreme Rules
Randy Orton vs Christian- No Holds Barred match at SummerSlam
Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder match
Undertaker vs Triple H- No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania
Miz vs John Morrison- Falls Count Anywhere match on Raw
Smackdown Elimination Chamber match

Fan's Choice- Undertaker vs Triple H
My Choice- CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs Miz

This poll was very divided. Then again, it was a pretty tough choice since all of these matches were great in their own way. The fans picked Taker vs Trips, but the SD MITB ladder match and the TLC match were a close runner up. I was torn with my selection. I think a lot of people forgot about the Miz/Morrison match and the SD Elimination Chamber match. Mainly because it happened many months ago, but these were some really fun matches. The Christian/Del Rio match at Extreme Rules was an awesome match. It told a great story and the match kept you on the edge of your seat. Plus, it was a great moment to see Christian win his first WHC….despite what would happen a few days later in WWE land. Speaking of Christian, he would show up again when he had the SummerSlam match against Randy Orton. Christian and Orton really put together some great matches. I don't understand why people complained about this rivalry going too long? Amazing. People complain about short build ups, but when then give you lengthy programs, you still complain. Regardless, it was a fun match. The SD MITB ladder match was pretty epic in it's own right. Who would've thought that Daniel Bryan would win the briefcase? Not a lot of people had that prediction, so it was a curveball. This came down to Taker/Trips and the TLC match. I know this is going to seem kinda odd, but the reason I chose the TLC match is because the fans chose the Taker match. Both matches were done very well and they both told a good story. I know a lot of people had Taker winning the match, but here's the thing. It's not if Taker wins his WM match, it's HOW he wins. There's the true magic of the match. If there's one thing I look forward to each year, it's Taker's WM performance. He has lost several steps, but the guy can work with what he has left in the tank. As I said, I felt both matches deserved this award, which is why I voted the other direction. Punk, Miz and Del Rio put on an entertaining TLC match. It might not be considered one of the best TLC matches, but I think it was a worthy edition to the concept. I liked the anti-climatic finish in which CM Punk had to get the wheels turning as he needed to get free from the handcuffs. All around, they were both great matches. There isn't a wrong choice for this award. 

TNA Superstar/Wrestler of the Year
Robert Roode
Kurt Angle
James Storm
Bully Ray

Fan's Choice- Robert Roode
My Choice- Robert Roode

I was so tempted to pick James Storm, but Roode simply had the better year. In the fan voting, it was a two person race between Roode and Storm. Angle has simply had better years. Bully Ray improved quite a bit, but I can't give him this award since other people had a better year. Sting…..I was not impressed by Sting this year. Going into Joker mode? Why? It was silly and stupid, but it wasn't the worst thing TNA has put on TV. If you read my articles, you will know that I am a big James Storm fan. I always found Storm to be a guy loaded with talent, but wouldn't get the recognition he deserved. Well, glad to see TNA actually push both stars as opposed to only pushing Roode and having Storm remain in tag team wrestling. Even though Storm broke out and had a great year, it was Roode who had the better year. He made a heel turn and is currently the world champion. I wasn't the biggest fan of Roode as a face. In fact, I made it known in my reviews that Storm should've gotten the bigger push since he plays face better. Roode just seems more comfortable as a heel. At the moment, Roode and Storm are probably the only things I enjoy when watching TNA. Regardless, Roode is the TNA Superstar of the year, but let's not forget about Storm as well. 

Best Promo(s) of 2011
Rock's first return promo
John Cena/Piper's Pit segment
CM Punk's worked shoot promo
James Storm's promo towards Kurt Angle
Sheamus' storytime
Bully Ray's bully talk

Fan's Choice- CM Punk
My Choice- CM Punk

Cena's better promos had to be the Piper's Pit segment. Leave it to Rowdy Roddy Piper to add so much into a scene. I really like Cena's emotion in all of it. If Cena turns heel or eventually snaps and embraces the hate, it will be this moment we all remember. The Rock promo was really an epic moment. Not many people thought the Rock was going to show up, but he did and cut one hell of a promo. It was a sense of nostalgia. As much as I enjoyed the Rock's promo, I have to give this to CM Punk. Why? Because it was not only a changing moment in the career of Punk, but it was a changing moment in the WWE. THIS was the promo that put Punk on the map and he never left it. It got him in the main event and Punk proved he can be big for this company. Most saw Punk's promo as favoring the IWC, but it was more than that. It worked so well that Punk now has a big fanbase with casual wrestling fans, which is more important than being the IWC's favorite. Sorry IWC, but you only make up 10% of the wrestling fanbase. Yeah, I'll take my chances with the 90%. Punk would also cut some other promos that deserve an honorable mention, but his worked shoot was by far his best. Another promo I liked was the Punk and Cena confrontation/contract signing. Another interesting one is Punk's contract negotiation with Vince McMahon. That would be infamous since WWE ice creams bars are still in high demand. By the way, where the f*** is my ice cream? Punk continues to show how stellar he is on the mic and that's why for a second straight year on my award show, Punk wins the promo of the year. 

Biggest Potential of 2012
Dolph Ziggler
Cody Rhodes
Wade Barrett

Fan's Choice- Dolph Ziggler
My Choice- Sheamus

This was really a difficult choice. Mainly because I think all four of these guys are going to have a good 2012. Dolph won over 45% of the vote for this category. Now, I have praised Dolph a lot lately and I think he will have a great 2012. I guess the main reasons I picked Sheamus is because of Randy Orton's injury. There is an open spot for the top babyface of Smackdown, and Sheamus is the best choice. He's really over with the fans and people seem interested in what he has to say. I realize Sheamus has been beating up a bunch of jobbers lately and hasn't had much going on for the last month and a half, but I think it's because WWE is setting him up for something big. Well, we are nearing WM and I can actually see Sheamus get a WHC title match, just in time for WM. The strange thing is I can also see Wade Barrett in this spot as well. Mainly because of how his build up has been going as of late. I think the reason I can't see Dolph having the best year amongst these talents is because he's on Raw (at least for the time being). There is just a little more pressure to work on the A show as opposed to the blue brand. While Dolph has been doing great on Raw, not sure if he can jump ahead of some of the other talents on that show. Then again, I already see Dolph as the second best heel on Raw, right behind Miz since Del Rio had not done good enough as the 1st or 2nd best heel. In many ways, I think a superstar has less pressure to make it big on SD as opposed to Raw. That's why my pick is Sheamus, but I really think all four of these guys will have a bigger years than 2011. 

Non-Gimmick Match of the Year
CM Punk vs John Cena- Money in the Bank PPV
CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio- Survivor Series
Randy Orton vs Christian- Smackdown and/or OtL (I couldn't pick one, so both deserve praise)
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio- Capitol Punishment
Austin Aries vs Zema Ion vs Low Ki vs Jack Evans- Dest X contract match
Edge vs Dolph Ziggler- Royal Rumble

Fan's Choice- CM Punk vs John Cena- Money in the Bank PPV
My Choice- CM Punk vs John Cena- Money in the Bank PPV

With 74% of the vote, you folks chose the famous WWE title match at MITB. I couldn't counter argue that point, despite the fact there was some great matches that gave this match a run for its money. There was just no way to over match the Punk/Cena match at MITB. The crowd on that night was electric. They were on their feet for that entire match and it was just an amazing experience. This is one of those times I wish I was in the audience when this happened, since I imagine the experience would be one hell of an adrenaline rush since we witnessed history. Punk and Cena were on their game when they put together this match. It was so good that when they did the rematch, it couldn't be matched. It was still a good match, but MITB was much better. I know I didn't talk about the other matches, but this one added so much more than the other matches. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the other matches. The Orton/Christian matches were very good and I think were a close second, but it just couldn't match this performance. The X Division contract match was one of the better matches I saw on TNA this year. It was well done, but it's ashamed that most people are not aware of it.  If you a wrestling fan, I advise checking it out. There isn't much more to say, other than amazing. 

We have done 21 categories, but there's only one left. Before we dig into WWE Superstar/Wrestler of the year, let's give a quick recap of the previous awards. 

Comic Relief character of the year- R-Truth

Worst Wrestler/Superstar of the year- Ezekiel Jackson and Jinder Mahal

Rookie of the Year- Crimson

Diva/Knockout of the year- Beth Phoenix

Best PPV of the year- WWE Money in the Bank

Worst PPV of the year- TNA Victory Road

Tag Team of the year- Beer Money and Awesome Truth

Mid Carder of the year- Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes

Worst match of the year- Jeff Hardy vs Sting 

Most Underused talent of 2011- Austin Aries and Drew McIntyre

Worst Rivalry of 2011- Garett and Eric Bischoff; Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Best Rivalry of 2011- CM Punk/John Cena

Biggest Disappointment of 2011- John Morrison and Sin Cara

Best Storyline of 2011- CM Punk leaves with WWE Championship

Stupidest Segment/Storyline of 2011- Immortal and Jinder Mahal

Breakout/Comeback star of 2011- Zack Ryder

Gimmick match of the year- CM Punk/Alberto Del Rio/Miz TLC match & Undertaker vs Triple H No Holds Barred match

TNA Superstar/Wrestler of the year- Robert Roode

Best Promo(s) of the year- CM Punk's worked shoot

Biggest Potential of 2012- Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler

Non-Gimmick match of the year- CM Punk vs John Cena MITB PPV

Now we are all caught up, let's reveal the final award of 2011. 

WWE Superstar/Wrestler of the year
CM Punk
Alberto Del Rio
John Cena
Mark Henry
Randy Orton

Fan's Choice- CM Punk
My Choice- CM Punk

I should call Part III of this award show the CM Punk edition. I know people are probably getting irritated that Punk won this much hardware (even though there is no actual hardware), but that's the type of year Punk had. The voting for this award wasn't even close. Punk won over 91% of the vote. Yeah, not much of a contest. In fact, Del Rio was second in the voting….with 5%. Reaching for the stars there, aren't you Del Rio? Miz and Mark Henry didn't get any votes. Then again, it was almost expected. They had great years, but this was a no contest. I'm kinda embarrassed that I didn't include Christian in the voting. He had a great year and he deserved to be on the ballot. Then again, I don't think it would've made that much of a difference. This was no race since it was CM Punk. He cut some of the more memorable promos. He competed in some of the best matches. He took part in some of the most interesting moments of the show. His T-shirt sales are through the roof and topped Cena's t-shirt sales, which hasn't happened in years. This was just Punk's year, and I think the majority of casual fans realized it as well. He also won the Slammy for WWE Superstar of the year, so I think that has to mean something….I hope. There isn't much to talk about since I've talked enough about Punk on this award show and I would just be repeating myself. CM Punk, your WWE Wrestler of the year. 

That will finally do it for the 2nd Annual WrestlingNerd awards. I really enjoyed putting this together, but kinda glad it's over since it took a while to put together. I want to thank everyone who participated in the survey for this year. It was a pretty decent turnout. Even if you didn't vote, I appreciate anyone and everyone who checks out my articles. If you're a weekly fan or just come by once in a while, I appreciate the support. YOU are the reason that I am still doing this and I appreciate all the comments and feedback…..even if it's negative. 2011 was a pretty good year for the Nerd, so I hope 2012 can be even better. Thank you for the feedback and I will see you on the next article. 

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