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WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 1/12/12

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling 1/12/12. With Genesis over, how will this company move forward? Let's find out and start the review.

We open up the show with Robert Roode. He says after his "successful" title defense, he is the greatest world champion in TNA history. He gives Jeff Hardy credit for overcoming his habits, but it wasn't good enough. He wants Hardy to come out and give Roode credit for being the better man, but Sting shows up instead. Sting….talks like Tarzan? Not only that, but Roode joined along. Me Boss. Me World Champion. Me getting annoyed. Anyway, Sting says Roode will go up against Hardy for the world title tonight. Why? Because Sting is boss and boss make decision. Personally, I don't have a problem with the world title match. It would make more sense to hold it off until the next PPV with an added stipulation, but things will get plenty interesting after the night was over. We will talk about that when the time comes. 

On location where Crimson and Matt Morgan shamelessly plug Direct Auto Insurance and talk about their match tonight. I'm being serious. You can literally cut this scene off the program and use it as a freaking' commercial for Direct. Why the cheap plug? I realize they are sponsors for TNA, but the Direct plugs are out of control. That logo is everywhere on TNA's program. I wouldn't be surprised TNA didn't read the contract, thus Direct can plug the product everywhere. Oh, and these two have a match. Just in case you forgot…..brought to you by Direct Auto Insurance. It's everywhere…..brace yourself. 

Match #1: Matt Morgan and Crimson vs Robbie E and Robbie T
The match was a joke. Morgan and Crimson destroyed these two. They hit their double team finisher on Robbie E and win the match. I can see the common compliant in how this makes the TV champ look bad, but since when has holding that title meant anything on this show? After the match, Samoa Joe and Magnus attack the tag champs. They actually take down the champs and stand tall. As I expected, Joe and Magnus will remain in the tag race. I think it's for the best since it gives them something to do. Not a great tag team, but I have seen much worse ideas for tag teams. Hey, I'm just glad to see some actual rivalry in the tag division. It desperately needs it. 

Winner via pinfall: Matt Morgan and Crimson

I swear that Hulk Hogan makes more appearances in TNA commercials than the damn show. Why did TNA re-sign Hogan again? Easiest money every. Back in the ring where Eric Bischoff calls out his son. By the way, did you watch the video package for this? If you watch closely, you can see someone wearing a CM Punk shirt. If keep looking, you can tell that person is bored out of his mind. Anyway, Eric talks about how his son isn't cut out for the wrestling business and should just leave now. Garett arrives to confront his father. Here's a tip for Garett. If you want to show anger in your promos, it would usually be a good idea to NOT be smiling throughout the entire promo. Garett need acting lessons. Anyway, Garett says he will not be intimidated by his father and no matter how many times Immortal attacks him, he will keep coming back. Garett also mentions he has a new trainer and they will meet up with him very soon. Garett is about to leave, but Eric doesn't want his son to leave. Garett grows a pair and actually stands up to his father. The scene ends with Garett walking out on his own free will while Eric looks like he just pooped his pants. Nobody go near that guy. Oh no…..this rivalry will indeed continue. Most of you already know that I am not a fan of this storyline. I can't buy Garett as a character on this show while nothing else about the storyline is really standing out. Oh, and special trainer? Considering that Hogan has helped out Garett in the past, that would be my guess. Yeah….I'm not excited if Hogan is returning….again. Then again, this is all speculation. I really hope I'm wrong. 

Match #2: Winter vs ODB
Eric Young and Angelina Love are at ringside for this match. The match wasn't too bad for a woman's match, but all the silly shenanigans does drive down the value. There was a point where Angelina was about to interfere, but Young would get in the ring and do a helicopter to Angelina. This is where he picks her up and spins her around. After that, ODB hit payoff and wins the match. Well, if you hate Young's comedy and hate this pairing, chances are you aren't going to like these segments. I just don't find Eric funny. Yeah, being stupid can be funny, but Young acts so stupid that it's……just dumb. 

Winner via pinfall: ODB

AJ Styles calls out Kaz since he wants answers from last week. Kaz arrives and says he can't explain why he walked out on him. Christopher Daniels interrupts and says the reason Kaz walked out on AJ is because AJ is a lost cause. Daniels continues to talk down to AJ. Throughout this scene, Kaz doesn't seem thrilled that he betrayed AJ. Probably the best acting Kaz has done his entire life, and all he did was stand still. Just as Kaz and Daniels are walking away, AJ throws the mic at Daniels and attacks him. Okay, who goes around throwing microphones? AJ is attacking Daniels, but Kaz comes in to get Daniels out of the ring. They retreat while AJ is pissed off. I have mixed views on this storyline. It's mainly mixed since I am not really a fan of either of these guys talking, but I suppose it can be worse. I will admit that Daniels has improved on his mic skills, but I just don't find it appealing. The story here is Daniels has some power on Kaz, which is preventing Kaz from not explaining himself and siding with the enemy. I will give this storyline a chance and see where they are going. It could be interesting once we find out more details. Then again, TNA probably hasn't thought that far ahead. Meaning when it comes time to reveal the details, it will make no sense.

James Storm is in the ring and calls out Kurt Angle. He wants a rematch since Kurt took the easy road. Kurt says he has nothing more to prove and he's done with Storm. Sting arrives and says it will be Storm vs Angle tonight, but with a catch. The winner will be the #1 Contender to the World title. Kurt makes an excuse in how he isn't ready to compete, but Sting says he will either do it or Storm will get the free victory. I would think they would wait until PPV to do this match, but no matter. 

Match #3: James Storm vs Kurt Angle; #1 Contenders match
The match started off with Kurt missing his curtain call. The ref starts to make the 10 count, but Angle makes it to the ring in time. I didn't really see the point of this scene. Of course, Kurt's character can use this as an excuse. Why? Because all heels in pro wrestling have to come up with a million different excuses for losing a match. If Kurt doesn't bring it up, the whole ten count was just pointless. Then again, this is TNA. Anyway, this was a great match. I found it a lot better than the match they had at Genesis. It was a good back and forth match between Angle and Storm. Both guys were given a fair amount of time. Something worth checking out. After a dozen near falls, the finish comes when Storm hits the Last Call Super Kick and wins the match. With the victory, Storm is now the new #1 Contender. I am sure there will be no drawbacks after this….none at all. 

Winner via pinfall and NEW #1 Contender to World title: James Storm

Backstage with Sting and Madison Rayne. She is once again trying to get the VP of the KO position, but Sting has another idea. It will be Madison vs Mickie James in a steel cage match for next week. By the way, what in the world was TNA thinking with the camera shots during this scene? You have a cameraman there, so he records the scene by looking into another camera. What the hell? I don't even want to know what they were thinking when designing this scene. Other than that, there isn't a whole lot to say. 

Match #4: Robert Roode vs Jeff Hardy; TNA World Championship
I forgot to add that during the Sting announcement for the Storm/Angle match, he also mentioned that Roode can't get himself intentionally DQed or he will lose the world title. There was also an earlier backstage scene in which Roode was talking with Bully Ray. Both seemed to have worked on a plan in case things got a little too crazy. Aw yes, the man with a plan. Like the Storm/Angle match, I felt this match was better than the one they had at Genesis. Seeing these two matches really diminishes the values of Genesis, which wasn't that high to begin with if you read my Genesis review. Both Roode and Hardy go back and forth for a while. Both guys came close to winning the match, but no one wanted to give it up. The finish comes when Hardy finally hits the Swanton Bomb. He has the match, but Bully arrives and pulls the referee under the ring. Bully kicked the ref in the head, thus sticking with his deal that he has big calves. They are calves of death. The show ends with the match ending in a no contest and Hardy being pissed off that he got screwed out of the title yet again. Interesting ending to the show. I am fine with the ending since it puts the world title situation in a predicament. You have Hardy, who has gotten screwed out of the title. You also have Storm, who just won a match that said he would get a title match. Hey, WWE has done things like this, so TNA can get away with it. In fact, it's wrestling 101 booking. So, who ends up being the true #1 Contender? Well, it's possible that Roode ends up defending the title against both guys in a triple threat match at the PPV. While I can see some people not liking this since everything was rushed (they probably could have waited until the next PPV to do all these changes), but I like it since it gets Storm back in the world title hunt…..or at least I hope. Then again, there is still the offbeat chance TNA can still screw this up. Nothing has been announced regarding the world title situation, so I am sure these things will be addressed in the next few weeks. What I hope happens is a triple threat match between Roode, Hardy, and Storm. I hope they get Hardy out of the title picture afterwords since it would come down to Roode and Storm, which is where we originally started. That would actually make for some decent storytelling….but it all depends if that's the direction they are headed. In a way, a triple threat match can be looked at as padding, but who says filler can't be entertaining? Hey, I'm trying to be optimistic. I realize there's the chance they can screw this up, but I hope they can do this right. In fact, I want to remain in suspense, so I have avoided the spoilers. I do know that TNA has filmed the next few weeks of Impact, but I won't be checking it out. I also tell the people to NOT POST SPOILERS in the comments. I don't like it when people post spoilers, so please respect it. I hope TNA can get this right, but we will wait and see. I guess my only problem with the finish is that it makes Roode look weak, but that's pretty common with heel world champions. 

No Contest

Overall Impression:
I know people are going to get pissy with me since bashing TNA seems like the "cool" thing to do (at least in the internet world), but I liked Impact tonight. I really didn't like the first hour of the show, but the second hour was great. We saw two good wrestling matches and they both told a great story. They even left it so you are left with more questions than answers, thus grabbing your attention for next week. It just goes to show that TNA can put forth good entertainment when they get their thumbs out of their asses. Still, this was a pretty good night for TNA. This was probably one of the better Impacts I have seen as of late. This is actually one I can recommend watching. I still advise skipping the first hour since it was nothing special (and pretty dumb at times), but the second hour is where it's at. See, who says I don't give TNA any praise? That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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