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WrestlingNerd's Running Dairy for WWE Smackdown 7/8/11 and TNA Destination X picks

What is up wrestling fans, I am the WrestlingNerd bringing you the Running Diary. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown on 7/8/11. Well, let's being the Running Diary and start the show.

-Josh Matthews interviews the SD MITB participants to open up the show. How exciting....

-Cody Rhodes entrance theme should be this...

-Wade Barrett claims he accomplished more than anyone else in a year. Yeah....I guess he forgot about Kane and Sheamus since they actually won world titles within the last year. Barrett needs to cut more promos and get back to winning matches since his stock has dropped quickly.

-Sheamus interrupted the interviews by chasing everyone away with a chair. I like how one guy scares off seven guys with a chair. You could also do what Moe did and fight off aliens with a board and nail through it.

-Sheamus is angry for the skull kick a few weeks ago by Orton. The Punt of Doom by Randy Orton is kinda lame. So, a foreign object to the skull makes you ok by a week, but a crappy kick to the skull by Orton is like the kiss of death? Wrestling logic, but you already knew that.

-Christian interrupts Sheamus' speech by telling him he can't read. Sheamus gets angry and throws the chair at Christian. Almost his way of say "How dare you insult my grammar.....YOU MUST DIE!!!".

-In tonight's main event, it is Orton vs Sheamus....and this main event will only be featured 10 more times on SD....stay tuned....

-Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase vs Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson up next.

-You know what the sad part is about Zeke? Even though the guy has no personality, low charisma, bad mic skills and below average wrestling ability, he will probably be a world champion by this time next year.

-Zeke's tips to be a successful superstar: Stutter the English language so nobody understands what your saying, go to the gym and work out at 25 Hour Fitness (...For one extra hour....of working out...) and just keep repeating that process until you have muscles up the ass. As long as you look like you took a ton of steroids, you will be a success. Only $24.95 to find out my "secret" tips.

-Has anyone notice Booker T talking about is Fav Five? Does anyone else thinks it changes every five minutes?

-With a distraction, Rhodes and DiBiase double team Zeke and DiBiase hits Dream Street for the win. Not really sure where this is going, but it could lead to Rhodes and DiBiase fighting each other over the IC Championship. Either that or just another person for Zeke to go through.

-Kinda strange they have had Zeke take the pinfall for two straight weeks. Maybe they have already given up on him?

-Matt Striker gives the best interview ever with Mark Henry staring deep into his soul and making him cry.

-Jinder Mahal vs Trent Barreta. I smell a jobber match.

-What the hell was going on with Booker here? First, he was talking about the orgins of Mahal's ring attire, but then he looses his train of thought and completely braing farts. Not only was this happening, but it seemed like none of the commentators had no idea what to say next and were trying to get Khali's headset to work. This scene begs an explaination and Booker needs to jot down some better notes.

-Khali somehow makes more sense on commentary than Booker.

-Mahal wins with the Full Nelson Slam. I still say Mahal isn't doing anything with me at the moment since he is just kinda there. The match also didn't help Mahal because of Khali's commentary and Booker loosing his train of thought.

-Tamina vs AJ up next.

-Matthews, the Xbox or 360 is for pretentious First Person Shooter noobs. Real men play Nintendo Wii or PS3.

-AJ wins with a quick school girl pinfall. Even though she is a work in progress, she is quickly making an impression on me and I kinda like her. Maybe it's a nerd thing? Eitherway, I am more interested with the SD divas than the ones on Raw.

-Kane vs Mark Henry? I guess it is time to take a nap or go to the bathroom...

-Wow, this was a long match. Very boring to say the least, but it was expected. Henry wins cleanly with the WSS. Henry needed the win to keep up the hot streak.

-Um, Booker. You used to be a you shouldn't be THIS scared of Henry. Wrestling logic for the freakin win.

-Lights are blue and gold. I guess that means a Sin Cara match is on the way.

-Tyson Kidd vs Sin Cara was a pretty fun match. Sin did mess up on a move or two, but I felt he covered up his tracks a lot better this week. Sin wins with the Spanish Fly for the clean win. I love that finisher.

-There is an investigation going on in WWE against Henry since he is out of hand, but TNA doesn't seem to call doctors to find out why Sting is a second-rate Joker? ........makes sense to me!!!

-Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel vs the Usos up next.

-The Usos doing some sort of Blue Man Group/River dance before entering the ring? I kinda like it since it FINALLY gives the Usos some charisma, and the audience seemed to like it.

-Booker is right about Samoan-based wrestlers since most of them have some sort of belly. Maybe the Usos can borrow some fat from Samoa Joe?

-Michael Cole sounds like a drunk Mr. Miyagi when he does his "KIA" yell.

-Usos win with a Super Plex/Snuka Splash combo for the clean win. It is amazing in just a short time how the audience or WWE Universe is really digging the Usos. I hope they keep this up.

-Johnny Curtis literally is going to take the cake.....and that's about it. Man, these aren't even bad puns anymore. They are just plain bad. Plus, why didn't he eat the cake and say he will have his cake and eat it too? That would have made more sense than this crap.

-Curtis also stole the cake from an old man and put his head down in disappointment when Curtis took it. Did anyone else feel bad for the old man? Curtis, your such a douche.

-Orton vs Sheamus next.

-Christian is on commentary and he actually has a point. Orton goes around skull kicking people and the audience cheers him, but when Christian gets bitter, he is now the bad guy. Almost proves the audience will cheer anything Orton says or does.

-Orton wins the match via DQ when Christian gets involved. It really is written in Orton's contract to never lose.

Overall Impression:
This was an average showing of SD, but it wasn't very eventful. It wasn't amazing, but not too terrible and not a bad show to watch if you are bored. The match ups were ok, but nothing amazing. Still, there wasn't a lot in terms new storylines or buildup. There was some buildup, but not really a lot to go around. It was announced that Christian would challenge Orton for the WHC. Not really sure if the title change will happen at this PPV or if this will end the feud. I still can't see the WWE going with Sheamus and Henry to be in SummerSlam WHC match and Christian losing at MITB wouldn't really help things. I think for this storyline to go further, Christian NEEDS to win it. Of course, if the plans is to end the storyline at MITB, than it makes sense for Christian to lose, but they don't seem to have many options for the SS PPV. They could go with Barrett since he can always get the briefcase, I can see Barrett vs Orton at SS, but this was another rivalry we saw last year. To be fair, John Cena was more in the middle of that storyline and it really wasn't about Barrett and Orton, so it would be a slight change. I can also see Rhodes getting the briefcase, but they seem to be setting something up between DiBiase and Jackson, so that might not be the case. Does anyone else think it is odd that the SD Diva division is more interesting than the one on Raw? I think it is. Ok, time to rank the shows for this week. In terms of wrestling quality, I would rank it SD, Raw, and Impact. Really, all three shows were lacking in the action department since there wasn't one match that really stood out, but there was some ok wrestling to be found. In the promos/segment area, I would rank it Raw, SD, and Impact. Moment of the week again goes to Raw for the McMahon/Cena confrontation to bring back CM Punk. This week's MVP is going to be Vince McMahon, for adding a lot of suspense with this current storyline. It can go in many different directions and most of the wrestling world is paying attention to Punk's storyline. Since I couldn't do a Rundown of Destination X, here is my quick picks for the PPV. I still say the card doesn't really do much in terms of storylines on the show and is more of a tribute/filler show. Still, this might be the best PURE wrestling based PPV out there and I guess that is worth something. Even though this is every IWC's wetdream, let's take a quick look....

-Douglas Williams Open Challenge: TNA is so lazy that they didn't even announce this on tv and just expect people to automatically know. This will either bring back some X Division guy from way back when or bring in some Indy guy to give a try out. Can't really see who wins at the moment, so I guess I go with Williams since he is the only choice.

-Ultimate X Match: I think Shelley is the only worthy enough to win this match. Robbie E isn't even a guy who should be competing in the X Division, Shannon Moore is someone nobody cares about, and Amazing Jobber is just bland. I pick Shelley.

-X Division Tournament: Austin Aries vs Low Ki vs Zema Xion vs Jack Evans: Let's be honest. The "winner" is supposed to win a contract with TNA, but I wouldn't be surprised if 2 or 3 of them end up signing some sort of contract with the company. If TNA is smart, they would go with the guy who won NXT. Low Ki is my pick.

-RVD vs Jerry Lynn: Lynn seems he is like 100 years old, but still manages to put forth great matches. For the sake of nostalgia, I pick RVD to win.

-Samoa Joe vs Kaz: Rivalry is so forced at this point. I think Kaz should win so it forces Joe to re-think his career and maybe he can turn it around. Then again, maybe not. I think we have to accept Joe will never reach the level he was at years ago and is basically a midcard player these days.

-Abyss vs Brian Kendrick for the X Division: For an all X Division PPV, how is THIS match NOT the main event considering it involves the championship? Not only that, but it has had less buildup than some of these other matches. A heel needs to win and since the majority of the faces are competing in the Ultimate X match, Abyss needs to win. Then again, this is the same company that has heel vs heel all the time, so who knows?

-AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels: It's slightly bland vs overpowered blandness. I am going with the slightly bland guy in Styles to win. Hey, at least he actually OWNS a personality.

There is the quick Rundown and that is going to do it for the Running Diary. As always, tell me what you thought of the Running Diary and tonight's show. You can also check me out on blogspot/blogger if you search the WrestlingNerd show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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