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WrestlingNerd's Quick Thoughts/Running Diary for WWE Smackdown 7/1/11

What is up wrestling fans, I am the WrestlingNerd returning with the Running Diary. Today, we talk about WWE Smackdown on 7/1/11. I might make the Running Diary the format for how I review SD since I am pressed for time on Fridays, but we will see how it goes. Well, let's begin.

-Christian demanding a world title match and Teddy Long refusing. Christian looked like he was about to snap but maybe it was a good thing he didn't. Or else people would be calling for a hate crime.

-Randy Orton vs Mark Henry to start off the show? I smell shenangians on the way.

-Orton going for the CM Punk look with the beard.

-Henry has the same anger issues as Clubber Lang.

-Match is ok for what it is. Finish comes when Big Show's music hits and Henry gets distracted. Orton hits an RKO, runs back in the ring, and wins via countout. Finish was a little cheap, but they have to keep both guys strong, so its understandable.

-Damn, nothing can stop Orton. Not even Chuck Norris.

-Henry gets angry at the sound crew. He destroyes their equipment and kills the sound guy.


-Daniel Bryan vs Ted DiBiase up next. Both come out to no entrace music to keep up with the establised kayfabe.

-Ted DiBiase promo: blandness.

-I am still for Danielson changing his theme to the Guile Theme from Street Fighter.

-Epic fail moment where Michael Cole tries a fat joke towards Tony Chimmel. And soon to be ripped off by Carlos Mencia.

-Booker claims it was a good move by the referee to separate the wrestlers after a rope break? Dude, that's a rule. Booker is a little out there at times on commentary.....let me tell you something.....

-Cole, nerds are awesome because I am a nerd and I am awesome....right?.......RIGHT?.......oh well....

-Pretty decent contest, but I think Danielson was the one who shined. Danielson wins with the Guillotine Choke for the submission win. I think if WWE wants to pass Danielson off as a submissions wrestler, he should use other moves besides the LeBell Lock. And I know Danielson has a lot more in his technique.

-Cody Rhodes is a cross between the Emperor from Star Wars and the Organization members from Kingdom Hearts. He acts like he has no soul and no heart, and yet continues to influence DiBiase to embrace his darkside.

-So, let me get this straight? Jinder Mahal married the Great Khali's sister, and if Khali doesn't do what Mahal says, he will divorce her. Not to mention she married Mahal because of money troubles? Damn, you would think Khali would mail her a check every now and then, right? What a bizarre storyline, but I suppose anything can happen in pro wrestling.

-Christian vs Sin Cara up next. I was somewhat disappointed with this match since I felt a good chunk of this match was edited off of tv. I wonder if Sin made a botch or two or if I am just overanalyzing it?

-Line of the night belongs to Christian during this match: I can't see with these lights. Seriously, the blue and gold lighting is a bit distracting.

-Christian wins cleanly with a Spear. I believe this was Sin's first lose in a WWE ring.

-Rhodes vs Ezekiel Jackson is up next.

-Zeke: I can do a body slam and.....that's about it...*does s*** eating grin*...

-With a distraction, Rhodes wins with a CrossRhodes. It appears DiBiase is letting the hate flow through him.

-Johnny Curtis is literally painting himself into a corner. I am going to keep calling him the Master of Bad Puns until he does something else. And I am still waiting for him to "Reach for the Stars" and him literally climbing a ladder to grab a star.

-Punk's promo was shown on SD in edited format. This proves that it is a worked shoot because if it was a complete shoot, Punk would be getting the Chris Benoit treatment. Can't say I told you so, but I told you so.

-Wade Barrett vs Kane was a pretty lenghty match. Nothing too exciting, but for their sizes, it was ok.

-Kane wins with a CS. I wasn't big on the booking here since Wade needs to get himself back on track and a win would have helped out here. Plus, Kane gains nothing for winning this match. Hard to believe Wade a bunch of NXT rookies made a big splash when they attacked the WWE one year ago. Man, how time flies?

-Contract signing between Christian and Orton is up next.

-I am sure Orton can say he murders puppies and eats small children and people will still cheer for him.

-The contract had been signed, but Sheamus shows up to take out both guys and rips up the contract. Possible triple threat match at the PPV? Who knows.

Overall Impression:
Not a terrific showing of SD, but it was watchable and it was ok. I would consider this an average showing without much going on with the current storylines. Almost feels like filler, but there was some development so I can't say it was ALL filler. Really the only matchup that stood out on its own was the Danielson match, but even I wouldn't consider that a must see contest. The Orton/Christian rivalry is getting a little drawn out and I feel the only way to spike it up would be to add another competator and do a title change. I can't really see the WWE going into SummerSlam with Orton defending the title against Henry. I don't think I can see him going up against Sheamus because that happened at last years SS, so my early guess is Christian either cheats or Sheamus gets thrown into this match and Christian pins Sheamus to steal the title. The whole rivalry between Rhodes/DiBase and Bryan is kinda strange and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It is possible that Rhodes will go after the IC Championship, and I would rather see him with the belt than Zeke because Zeke is just boring the hell out of me and all he can do is a bicep curl. They did announce the 8 people for the SD MITB Ladder Match, but Sheamus was included and I can see this being changed. Henry wasn't in the ladder match and I can see him being Sheamus' replacement. I am aware that SD did a double taping this week just like Raw did, but I actually did NOT read the spoilers. I also ask you to NOT post any spoilers in the comments so people can watch it without ruining it for them. Ok, time to rank this week's shows. In terms of wrestling quality, I would rank it Impact, Raw, and SD. Impact had some decent action this week, and the only match that shined on Raw was the Tornado Tag Match. In terms of promos/segments, I would rank it Raw, SD, and Impact. Overall, not a bad week for wrestling, but nothing overly amazing about it either.....of course that is IF you take out CM Punk's promo. This was hands down the moment of the week. Heck, it might be the moment of the year. I am starting up a new concept to name an mvp for the week of pro wrestling, and who better to take this week's honor than Punk. He made the biggest splash, stirred up the pot, and really got people invested in what the WWE will be doing next and if he is out the door, is playing the world, or he can become champion in his hometown. The PPV itself is very interesting, but I think it's because it is centered around Punk. That is going to do it for the Running Diary and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I can also be seen on blogspot/blogger if you search the WrestlingNerd Show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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