Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw 9/30/13 Review (CM Griffin)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today we take a look at WWE Raw 9/30/13. After a week of fighting space aliens from planet beebleblabble with snowballs, it's time to get back to some wrestling. Let's begin. 

We open up the show with CM Punk and how his storyline is predictable. You think for a man who's aware of the predictability would stop falling for these traps, but I guess he does it to add excitement to his life…

Anyway, Mr. Buttkisser arrives to inform Punk he won't get Pauly, Ryback, and Curtis Axel since it isn't good for business. Ever feel the creative staff has been watching way too much 'Pirates of the Caribbean 3' lately? That's seriously what I think every time somebody says 'it's good for business'. Big E arrives to deliver the promo of a century. Ah, it makes my heart flutter. It doesn't take long for a match between Punk and Big E to begin. Big E makes it interesting, but Punk finds a way to fight back and picks up the victory. It was a good victory for Punk to lead into his match against Ryback this Sunday, but maybe it wasn't THAT big considered Big E has been in limbo since not being able to get in AJ's pants. Come on, he's horny and not getting anything else in the meantime. Of course he would be off his game. The build for the Punk/Ryback match has been what I expected. Punk and Heyman continue to add intrigue to the match with their promo while Ryback will just nod his head while thinking about all the lunch money he could get by attending high school once more. It seems like a good balance. 

Oh yeah, the Wyatt family…
After Kofi dances on the remains of Fandango's career, Bray Wyatt arrives after the match to cut a promo. It's difficult to say if the Wyatt family is targeting Kofi, giving out a warning to everybody else or both but it was interesting to say the least. He talks about always having to go through hardships and how he will make others fall around him. I really hope this leads to the Wyatt family doing something since they've done nothing since sending Kane to a movie studio. Don't get me wrong, I like the Wyatt family and I really enjoy listening to Bray's promo, but they need to do more than just beat people up. A new opponent or some type of rivalry would definitely be a positive. There's a ton of potential with the Wyatt family and it's a shame that they've been forgotten since the birth of the corporation, but there's still time to turn his ship around and get the Wyatt family back on the right course. 

Los Matadores finally made their debut/repackage tonight. I'm gonna admit something to you folks. I've actually enjoyed watching the vignettes for Los Matadores. I can't really explain it, but there was something about them that made it charming in it's goofy fashion. Yes, I understand it's a bit ridiculous to have a couple of Puerto Ricans play Spaniards, but if they can be entertaining I don't see the problem. Of course, we haven't even talked about the actual debut yet. I know the internet is gonna s*** all over El Torito and just how silly it looks, but I was laughing my ass off when I saw this. I'll admit that it looks stupid, but the gimmick is already goofy so why the hell not? How was the match? I don't know. I was too distracted by the jumping mascot to pay any attention to it. I wanna see what else that guy can do. Look at him go!! Woo!!! I know the internet is gonna hate me for saying all of this, but I'm just sharing my honest thoughts. It's pro wrestling and is always gonna be over-the-top, so having these three seems like another day in the office. 

Rhodes vs McMahons
Triple H and Stephanie invite the Rhodes family to the ring. I'm surprised that Cody didn't respond by saying he use that Bed, Bath, and Beyond card to wipe his ass. It was a golden opportunity! Anyway, Cody and Goldust have to defeat Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in order to get their jobs back, but the catch is the Rhodes family will never be able to work again if they lose, thus Dusty Rhodes loses his job as well… For about three weeks since wrestling logic has an expiration date. Hey, there's gotta be repercussions now. After the announcement, Shield take out the Rhodes family with a sneak attack. I've really enjoyed this storyline and I look forward to seeing if some type of plot twist could happen with this match. Maybe something along the lines of Cody betraying his family and siding with the corporation? It's always a possibility, but I won't be surprised if Cody and Goldie end up getting their payoff and reclaim their jobs. 

Show's got the crazy eyes
After R-Truth defeated the Tin Man, there's a diva match taking place. Here's a lollipop for sitting through that match… Not sure if Randy threatened Brie Bella by hinting at breaking Daniel Bryan's legs or buying him a segway. I think Brie won the match or something. Still have no idea if the Bellas are playing faces because of DB, but it's best to not think on it too hard. Meanwhile, Heyman is thinking marriage with Ryback. Move over Billy and Chuck, you've got some company! There was also a disturbing scene where Big Show talked about knocking out Triple H since he's been pushed too far. Oh my God, Show's gonna eat me!!! Did you see his face? My God, look at him? He doesn't look like he wants to punch somebody. He looks like he's gonna kill somebody and then proceed to dance on their grave while drinking smoothies made out of their blood. Damn, that was scary. Try hanging that photo in your child's room and see if they find Show to be a gentle giant. 

Love is in the air
So the marriage proposal from Heyman to Ryback was to become a Paul Heyman guy, but it surely seemed like there was more to it than meets the eye. Just look at Ryback's face when he hears this news and tell me he isn't thinking of something different? CM Punk is about to crash the party, but…

Of course, it was nothing more than a ploy to get Heyman and Ryback to drop their guard as Punk would utilize a kendo stick to gain the upper hand. That clever bastard! I'll admit that was a pretty good fake out. 

The Shield vs Dolph/Usos match wasn't too shabby. It ended when Reigns hit the Spear on Dolph the normal Shield antics. As Show prepares to get ready to knock out Trips, the police is about to arrest Show for threatening an employee. We have a police? Steph uses this excuse to get Show to not do something rash and talk about how he isn't man enough to please his wife. You're a spineless, pale pathetic lot and you haven't got a clue. Somehow I'll make a man out of you! You had to figure Show wouldn't follow through with knocking out Trips yet, but it's certainly on the way. FREEZE TIME!!! In other news, it's time for another edition of Spin the Santino…

It's sometimes the little things that make you happy. The final segment of the night was Daniel Bryan confronting Randy Orton. Just like earlier in the night, Randy continues to take shots at DB and Brie since he thinks of himself as superior manliness. Isn't this the same guy who cried like a girl a few weeks ago? After some insults from the two, they start to fight. Brie shows up to check up on her fiancee, but that might've done more harm than good for DB. The show ends when Randy sends Bryan through an announce table with an RKO. I really have nothing more to say about this match since I've pretty much said the same thing over and over again. Not sure who wins this match so that's one positive going into Battleground. 

Overall Impression:

This episode was okay. It wasn't great but I also wouldn't call it horrible. I will admit that this episode didn't do the best job in building up Battleground. In fact, I've felt the build going into this PPV seems very forgettable. I almost forgot there was a PPV coming up this week. It does seem like the major storyline of WWE has lost some of its flavor in the last few weeks, but all it takes is one night to change that around. At the same time, I wouldn't be surprised to see nothing that grand out of Battleground since there's another PPV coming up in another three weeks. I just hope this PPV does better than Night of Champions. Hey, I can at least hope. That does it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. 


  1. I thought this was a pretty decent episode of Raw, CM Punk vs Big E was relatively quick, yet was also fast paced and exciting to watch, and it also made Big E look like a beast.

    Los Matadores debut earned them boring chants from the crowd, but if you liked them, more power to you.

    Wyatt's promo on Kofi was rather intriguing to me, and makes me wonder if we might see Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston in a match at Battleground, could be fun, if it happens.

    I don't give diddly di DAMN, about either of the Bella sluts, but it's at least nice to see Orton go back to the sinister, calculating, bloodthirsty b***** he used to be, before he turned babyface.

    Of course, Shield vs The Usos and Dolph Ziggler stole the show as I would expect them to, not that they had much work "cut out" for them exactly.

    If I had to rate this Raw, I'd give it 6.5 out of 10, decent matches and entertaining segments made it worth sitting through IMO, but not the best go home show I've ever seen.

  2. Hey, glad to have you back - I missed you!!!

    NO marriage prospal in the works though!

    Anyway, enough with the jokes - I thought Dusty cut a darn goooood promo on Triple H - highlight of the show for me - loved the hand in Stephanie's face and her response!

    Take it easy -

  3. I agree; it was an okay show.

    Speaking of shows, we're nearing the one year anniversary of WWE's Main Event.

    What are your thoughts about that show thus far, if you have watched any of it? Has it exceeded your expectations or has the show become what you thought it would be?

  4. Loved the Mulan reference in the review :) By the way, I wanna see Randy go even more insane and DDT or RKO Brie Bella...just like he did to Stephanie McMahon back in the day. It was a decent episode, though I must admit, I'm a little disappointed with how they are handling the Wyatt Family. They had such a big build up, and then they got pushed to the side after Kane. Hopefully once Kane comes back, more happens...plus, Kofi vs. Bray will be interesting, though we all know Kofi is gonna get his ass handed to him by the entire Family. It'll be fun to watch though :)