Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw 10/28/13 Review (Security? Dafaq is that?)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today we take a look at WWE Raw 10/28/13. Hey, you're late with this review. I swear I didn't do that… I swear… I… Okay, I don't have anything, just start the damn review already!

You IWC rage moment of the night
We open up the show with the return of that s***-eating grin. Only John Cena can pull off that look. So, they make doctors so Cena can compete? I thought doctors helped everybody, but we learn something new each day. The doctor at your local clinic is, 'F*** you, you aren't John Cena! Back of the line, bitch!!!' After some more pandering from Mr. Breakfast Cereal, Damien Sandow comes out and cashes in the MITB after beating the crap out of Cena's elbow. He used the briefcase, the barricade, the ring, a chair. A freakin' chair and despite all of that, Cena shrugs it off because… He's John Cena. You know, the same guy who gets the crapped kicked out of him and somehow miraculously recovers and becomes more overpowered than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in an action movie COMBINED! Yeah, that's exactly what happens. Cena defeats Sandow and the 'smartest' person in the WWE now comes off as the biggest idiot of all time. Intellectual savior, my ass!!! I get it, WWE,  you want us to view Cena as a freakin' God to the masses! I'm just waiting for the day he puts on a cape and starts flying around the ring. It's coming eventually! Okay, let's get back to reality for a bit and talk about this. I know the outcome for this match has been getting a lot of negative attention from the Cena haters/Sandow supporters but I do want to say something… Sandow DID look great in this match and it does feel like THIS could be the defining point of Damien's career. His character has always been entertaining in my eyes, but he had more energy and drive in him on Monday. This could definitely be used to build up Damien and may I remind people that it was less than two years ago when people thought WWE was 'burying' (Seriously, LEARN this word, folks) Daniel Bryan by having him lose in 18-seconds. Yeah, remember that? I still think there's hope for Damien and it could be THIS moment that makes the man's career and becomes something special, but he has to prove it at the end of the day. If he can keep doing what he did on Monday, the future does look bright for Damien. Only time will tell where Damien's career ends up. I mentioned it in the HIAC review and I'll bring it up again, you gotta give these things time and have patience. I know this is coming off as me defending Cena and I've said it many times that while I respect Cena, I'm not a big fan of him because of the predictability of his booking and how he's literally played the same character since winning his first WWE Championship. I'm not trying to defend Cena because that man gets more than enough silver spoons in this industry. I'm just trying to look at the positives and try to look at the bigger picture. Then again, that's just how I like to view things. Okay, WrestlingNerd, get off the soapbox already and move forward with this s***!!!

The devil made me do it
Shield things… something… meh? Anyway, Shawn Michaels comes out and explains himself. He pretty much tells Daniel Bryan sorry for last night because while he wasn't proud of himself, he did it because Triple H wanted it and he will go to the end of the Earth to help out his best friend. He tells him that in this business, you cannot trust anybody and while he's still a DB supporter and continues to defend him, he wants him to shake his hand and accept this 'last lesson'. It's actually a great approach since it keeps Shawn neutral, yet intriguing. Yes, he looks like a douche for helping the bad guys, but gives Bryan helpful advice and still thinks he's has the potential to be an 'A+', but he must rely on only himself to get his goals. Bryan does shake his hand, but wants some revenge for the Sweet Chin Miss and slaps the Yes Lock on HBK. After the refs separate them, Bryan is about to have an interview until the Wyatt family comes out of nowhere and attacks DB. It seems for the time being, they've taken Bryan out. Well, this certainly got interesting. After weeks/months of the Wyatt family doing nothing, they went after some big fish and it really caught my attention. At the moment, it doesn't seem like the Wyatt family is working for the corporation and I honestly hope they're not. The Wyatt family works better by doing their own thing as opposed to taking orders from somebody. Why did they attack him? Because they're freakin' evil and deranged and that's honestly all you need. 

Oh where-o-where has my monster gone? 
It's everybody's favorite tag team match to watch…Los Matadores vs 3MB… Oh… oh… OH… OHHHHHHHH… Yeah, I don't care. The diva match was just there. Who competed in this match? Was it a Bella and Bigger Breasted Bella? That sounds about right. After Kane destroys his 'BFF' (According to the commentary from last night. You silly commentators and you ridiculous claims. You're so silly!), Kane calls out Stephanie and tells her she's on a power trip and it IS best for business. She's free to do whatever she wishes out from the monster, so he gives her his mask and walks away. It's definitely an interesting move on Kane's behalf. In many ways, he pretty much said Steph is allowed to use him in any way she feels like it. It will be interesting to find out what they decide to do moving forward. I kinda hope Kane keeps the mask. I won't be heart-broken if Kane goes mask-less again, but I like the mask. Wow, it does seem coincidental that Kane may have given up his mask close to Halloween. No Trick or Treat for you! Hey, I just thought of something. Stephanie's future quote, 'KANE… Choke him out!!!'

The devil made me do it… Again… He's very demanding
After the CM Punk/Ryback match (Which honestly didn't need to happen), the Wyatt family set their sights on Punk. Cult of Personality tries to fight them off, but it was too much to overcome. The segment ends when Bray finishes off Punk with Sister Abigail. Bray does say the same thing (The devil made me do it) when taking out DB earlier in the night, so that was certainly something. Geeze, we go from weeks of the Wyatt family doing nothing to them doing a lot of things this evening. Needless to say, it was about time they did something. Not sure where this is all headed but it certainly has my interest. If anything, I think it gets DB and Punk away from the WWE title picture for a bit. After all, if Bryan is the favorite to win the Royal Rumble and finally get his moment at WrestleMania, he should take a break from the world title matches. Regardless of such, it will be interesting to find out where this is all headed. 

Es mi destine para perder (It's my destiny to lose)
In a fun match, Almost Real Americans defeated Golden Rhodes (Copyrighting that s***) via submission. I don't mind the champs losing here since it sets up a future title match between the two teams. One of the things you do to make the tag division more interesting is by building story and developing the personas of the tag teams, which they have done with both of these teams. I look forward to what they can do with this future rivalry. Meanwhile, Alberto Del Rio talks about his rematch. This is hilarious since Del Rio won't mean anything in a few weeks after Cena has raped him some more. By the way, I know that graphics aren't everything in a video game (Hell, I enjoy playing 8 and 16-bit games just as much as current games), but the WWE2K14 graphics look really bad. In fact, the last few WWE games have looked lazily done in this department. Then again, sports games in general don't really do it for me. I'm more of a platformer/adventurer type of gamer. It's literally the same thing from last year but with THREE NEW CHARACTERS!!!

After all, it was either pay game developers more or give Cena another car and cuts have to be made at the end of the day… Life's a bitch! 

Big Lawsuit
The final segment of the night is Randy Orton's WWE title celebration. Oh great, it isn't like they did this two months ago or whatever. After Randy strokes his own cock, Big Show arrives to crash the party. WWE has the worse security ever. How does he keep showing up and appearing on the titantron? Show knocks out Randy and the program ends with WWE teasing Trips/Show. I guess I should mention Show has filed a 'lawsuit' against the WWE and will take whatever he can get since he has nothing to lose. He may have lost everything, but he still found a way to make a new T-shirt design. Maybe somebody was just generous? Anyway, it did seem Show/Trips was on the way after everything that's happened. The ending to the show wasn't too shabby. It wasn't great, but not bad. 

Overall Impression:

I really enjoyed tonight's episode of Raw. In fact, I think I enjoyed this more than Hell in a Cell, which was a slightly above average show at best. While most people won't say that after witnessing the first match, I try to find the bright side in things like this and don't want to assume things until the storyline stretches out. Some new things happened like the Wyatt family targeting DB and Punk and while we don't know why the attack was done, the curiosity alone makes it worth witnessing. Also, Kane's a giant question mark at the moment and I kinda like it. I think this episode is worth checking out. That does it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. See you guys and girls in the next one and Happy Halloween.


  1. Good review, worth the wait.

    My snap reaction was disappointment in Sandow being defeated by Mr. Super Against All Odds Never Give Up Cena, even to the point where I was thinking this from both a mark's perspective (I just REALLY like Sandow and wanted him to win) and also even thinking Sandow, along with the MITB briefcase, just got minimized by this decision (I refrained from using the B-word there, and I don't mean Biatch.)

    But with a couple days to think about it, and supported by your review, I don't mind the loss so much now. Sandow had an excellent match with Cena - I think they went for almost a half-hour at high intensity - and this may lead to an extended Sandow-Cena feud which can only be good for both of them. Sandow for the exposure, and Cena for having a new opponent since he's beaten everyone else.

    And I'm really looking forward to what they do with Kane too.

    1. Oh, and how great was it when they were fighting on the outside, and Sandow said "Rise above THIS!" before throwing Cena into the barrier.

  2. Kane will probably be used to choke out Big Show.