Friday, August 9, 2013

WrestlingNerd's Mini-Reviews: WWE Smackdown 8/9/13 Review

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another edition of mini-reviews. Today's mini-review is WWE Smackdown 8/9/13. Let's begin.

We open up the show with Randy Orton vs RVD, with special guest, whistle-man. Seriously, that guy was really getting into the show. I like the enthusiasm this guy's showing. In fact, this is one of the rare SDs that featured an energetic audience. It was refreshing since this doesn't happen all the time. Orton and RVD put on a great match to open the show. Definitely worth checking out if you have the time. The finish comes when RVD misses the Frog Splash…

Randy follows it up with the RKO to win the match. I know people are wondering why Orton got a heavy amount of applause after his actions on Raw. Keep in mind that the only heelish action he did was abandoned Cena and DB. He hasn't cut a promo or done anything else as of yet. The seeds have been planted for a heel turn, but it isn't officially as of yet. You just have to give it some time. 

Since the general managers of both shows mean nothing, let's have the Miz make a match for SummerSlam while Vickie Guerrero has a coffee break. It will be Dolph and Kaitlyn vs Big E and AJ…

I love how Big E gets in Kaitlyn's face. Calm down… Calm down *Dolph attacks* OW!!! I'm in tremendous pain right now!!! Help me!!!

Summer Rae's action skills cost Kofi Kingston a victory over Flamboyant-o. I'm guessing WWE will use this as a mini-feud for both individuals. Considering Fandango is doing nothing but feeding off his entrance theme and Kofi just returned, you might as well do something with both of them for free TV. Daniel Bryan continued the burial of whatever dignity Wade Barrett has left by destroying Wade's trimmer. To add salt to the wound, that electric shaver came out of Wade's paycheck. Remember when he made Nexus and Corre? Neither do I! 

I like the design of Damien Sandow's new briefcase. It definitely suits his character and I wish more people would customize their cases. They used to do that in the early days of MITB, but have since resorted to the blue/red color. It's just nice to see a touch of the personality reflect the briefcase. So, I guess Cody Rhodes went through the effort of fishing out that old briefcase and stealing that paper all for nothing. Yeah, he didn't think this plan through very well. Who knows how much toxins ended up in his body. For all we know, he didn't pick up a contract and found toilet paper. Ewwwww.

After the 3MB massacre, Bray Wyatt shows on the titantron to talk to Kane. He loves the idea of being in a ring of fire, claims to be a monster, and says he's already dead. So, he's a dead monster? 

Well, not exactly a monster, but it works. I'm still looking forward to this match. 

Since the WHC is looking more and more like a glorified Intercontinental championship these days, let's have Alberto Del Rio vs Christian tonight. To be fair, it wasn't a championship match, but it's a little odd to get this match now considering you're gonna see it again in about a week. This was another good match that made the show stood out, which is what I would expect out of Christian and Del Rio. Christian picks up the victory with a rollup. After a moment of Del Rio acting like a drama queen, Christian hits the Killswitch to shut him up. Damien arrives and is about to cash in the MITB, but Cody Rhodes interrupts the cash-in. Since the bell never rung, the cash-in doesn't count. Well, it wouldn't be WWE if we didn't get a few fake cash-ins. It would've been a hell of a twist if Sandow was actually successful with the cash-in, but I guess it wasn't in the heart of the cards this evening. 

Overall Impression:

SD was really good this evening. The segments were good and most of the matches really stood out. While it is an episode you can afford to skip, this is one I would considering giving a shot since I think you might enjoy it. That does it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. 

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  1. Those toxins might mutate Cody's mustache.