Saturday, September 15, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 9/14/12 (Plus thoughts on WWE Night of Champions)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look a WWE Smackdown 9/14/12. How does the final show going into Night of Champions fair? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, and David Otunga. Ricardo always finds a way to make me laugh. He starts crying over his injury, his mother, and Chihuahua. Hey, this is coming from the same guy who has Del Rio's face plastered on his ass. Otunga vows that he will recover handsomely….or at least that's what his wife told him. He needs to hold onto that. They have Christian on the titantron to explain how he's been harmed from the EVIL Brogue Kick. You would think the GTS would be more dangerous, but what the hell would I know. Christian is still selling the shoulder injury he got from Antonio Cesaro. While Christian respects Sheamus, he admits that the finisher has effected his career. Yeah, pro wrestling can be quite ridiculous, but that's what makes it fun. Nice seeing you, Christian. See you….Whenever they decide to use you. Daniel Bryan comes out and complains, while Sheamus tries to be funny. Part of me wants to see him sing Danny Boy and have a bottle thrown at him. Too bad I can't show that Futurama clip, but what can you do? Sheamus looks forward to the rematch with Bryan tonight. To celebrate the occasion, he rips off Otunga's neck-brace. That'll show him!!! The opening was fair and continues to progress the removal of the Brogue Kick, but it doesn't seem like Sheamus is bothered by it. He was able to tap into the inner-John Cena. 

Match #1: Sin Cara vs Miz
Miz looses this match because he was captivated by the blue and gold lighting. Ahhh, it burns!!! The match was very forgettable. IC Championship? What the hell is that? I love how you took Miz away from the wrestling scene, only to bring him back, slap a title on him, and continue down the same path that he was going through prior to filming a movie. Oh, that's progression for you. We find out that there will be a Fatal 4Way match for the IC title at NoC, Miz vs Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara. Well, at least it's something. 

Winner via spinning: Sin Cara

Match #2: Kane vs Kofi Kingston
Yes, Kane. Grasp those big balls. You aren't a real man until you can grab your balls ever so tightly….this page has reached a new low. Kane takes out Kofi with ease. After the match, the doctor shows up and wants Kane to show some progress. Awwww, he just wanted a hug. Isn't that cute. Score one for Team Friendship….or is it Team Clusterf***? 

Winner via pinfall: Kane

Match #3: Randy Orton vs Tensai
I kinda feel bad for Tensai. For the most part, he's put together decent matches. The problem is he looks way too similar to his previous gimmicks, which is why I feel this gimmick has completely blown up in their face. At the same time, I felt the gimmick was gonna fail when I heard the name "Lord Tensai". Yeah, I even thought that back then. The match was decent and it ended when Randy hit the RKO for the victory. Tensai has adjusted from Japan-to-American wrestling decently? Someone's lying out of their ass. After the match, Dolph tries some surprise buttsex, but Randy sees it coming. He'll try again this Sunday. 

Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton

Antonio Cesaro will now say "constipated" in five different languages. Tyson Kidd comes out and tries to gain fan-fair, but Brodus Clay wants more spotlight. They were building up the Battle Royal that will happen on the pre-show. Whoever wins the match will get a US Championship match. So, it appears that WWE has shown a couple of early favorites for the match. I don't think it will ultimately matter, since Antonio just barely won the US title. Still, we could get a rivalry for Antonio, which he needs. I'm Wade Barrett……Goodbye, Wade Barrett. Seriously, what the hell was that? I get that you want Wade to go out there and say something regarding "open for business", but this is kinda lazy. Well, at least they're trying something with Wade. 

Match #4: Kaitlyn vs Beth Phoenix
Well, its about time they had Kaitlyn win a match. I get that WWE really is supporting Eve at this place in time, but I think they should focus on Kaitlyn. She's got a good look, isn't too shabby in the ring, and I think is a better role model than some of the other Divas (Mostly Kelly Kelly). Anyway, she wins with an Inverted DDT. 

Winner via pinfall: Kaitlyn

Match #5: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
In a short match, Sheamus wins with the Texas Cloverleaf. Yeah, did you really think Sheamus was gonna have problems with Daniel? Yeah, Sheamus is getting closer and closer to being another John Cena clone….except with pale skin….pale force. 

Winner via submission: Sheamus

Overall Impression:
I didn't really expect much for tonight's show. While it was mostly filler, I kinda enjoyed it. Still, there was nothing special about it, especially since NoC is this week. This episode is totally skippable. Since I really have nothing else to talk about, I'll give out some predictions for NoC. As always, I don't care if I get my picks right or wrong and I only do them since people seem to enjoy them. Let's a gooooooooo…..*cough*….

Battle Royal: Kinda hard for me to determine who wins this match since there's been no build up towards this AND we aren't sure who gets to compete in this match. Since I expect Antonio to retain his title, I would think they would give Antonio a soft opponent. I will either go with Brodus or Tyson, since those are the two strong candidates after SD. 

Antonio Cesaro vs ????; US Championship: Cut and paste from above. Yeah, now who's' being lazy?

Miz vs Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes; IC Championship: I honestly don't know what to think about this. It was WWE's way of combining past rivalries and just throwing it all into one match. I really feel they aren't fully utilizing the IC title or Miz as the IC champion. To me, this just comes off as lazy. And I know WWE is capable of making an interesting mid-card rivalry. Look what they did with Zack Ryder's climb to the US Championship? That shows me WWE is more than capable of making this division fun and interesting, but I just don't think they want to. I can see Cody stealing this match, but I I'll pick Miz for the time being.

Layla vs Kaitlyn; Divas Championship: This title still exist? I thought they got rid of this? I would rather see Kaitlyn win, but something tells me Eve will get involved, thus resulting in Layla/Eve. If that's the case, booooooooo!!!

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler: Dolph can use this victory more than Randy, but WWE has a habit of giving matches like this to the good guy. I'm gonna pick Dolph, but I can easily get this one wrong. 

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs Team Clusterf***; WWE Tag Team titles: Oh, they have to give these titles to Daniel Bryan and Kane. It would be stupid not to. Bryan and Kane not only for tag champs, but for comedy pairing of the year. 

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio; WHC: Sheamus will win, proving that banning the move was just a waste of time and was just a way of making Sheamus look more overpowered. Oh, the joys of wrestling 101. 

CM Punk vs John Cena; WWE Championship: I know a lot of online reports are saying Cena will win this, but since when do I base everything on dirt sheets? Personally, since Punk's alliance with Paul Heyman is new and still a mystery, it just makes way more sense to have Punk retain the championship. I honestly think it would tell a better story if Punk remained champ AND we get to see the reasons for Punk joining himself with Pauly….Other than being a Paul Heyman guy. I think it would be a mistake to have Cena take the title now. 

Those are the picks, that was the review, so its now time for me to sign off. I hope you enjoyed tonight's article. Tell me what you thought of my review, tonight's show, and what YOU think will happen at NoC. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time. 


  1. I think the doctor should turn heel and turn Kane and Bryan into monsters. It'll be a nice change, after the shtick gets boring.

    Also, I see kofi turning heel after little jimmy costs them the title.

    1. Move of the century, Little Jimmy turns heel.

  2. Big show will probably interfere in the WWE title match, forming a stable with heyman and punk and lesnar when he returns. Possibly Barrett too?

  3. I think ryback will win the battle royale and then the US title match leads to a DQ which leads to a feud at last for Ryback!

  4. Before I get to my NOC predictions, I wanted to point out that in Orton's interview it seemed he spoiled the listing of the PPV matches when he said the World Title match would happen before his. Where is the outrage from the IWC? And Orton saying Ziggler is self-centered? I guess he forgot his days as the cocky member of Evolution.

    Anyhow, here is what I think will go down this Sunday....
    US Title: Cesario since he just won the title and I don't want to see WWE give him the Jack Swagger treatment with titles.
    IC Title: Miz or Rhodes
    Diva's Title: Layla, Kaitlyn still needs some improvement (ironic since this WWE's Women's division) before she becomes a serious contender.
    Tag Titles: Kane and Bryan (or as I call them "The Anger Allies"), not only will comedy ensue with them as champs but it can build up the other teams in the division that want a shot.
    Orton vs. Ziggler: I am going with Orton to finish this feud
    World Title: Sheamus wins only to have Del Rio attack him post-match and Ziggler cashes in his briefcase to win the title. What a TWIST!
    WWE Title: I am prediciting Punk steals the match due to involvment from Heyman or others who have a beef with Cena (everyone?). Then the next night, Punk could rub it in Cena's face how he beat him in Cena's hometown.

  5. Even though i would like Rhodes to get the IC title, Miz would look like a tough and serious champion after beating 4 guys at once.

    Food for thought: Would anyone object to see a challenge for the IC title by The Undertaker, where he would win and become a Grand Slam Winner before retiring. I'll like to see it at Wrestlemania but thats just wishful thinking.

  6. My predictions: of course they are close to the nerd's predictions.

    1) 10 man Battle Royale:Since it is the US championship and is lower than the IC title the 10 men will feature like 5 jobbers. We do know from experience that a face will win, because Caesro is heel. My prediction is 30% Tyson Kidd 10% Brodius Clay 20% Zack Ryder 10% Santino Marella and 20% random due to unknown entrants, however probability would change if instead of jobbers they put in Ryback, Damien Sandow and Jinder Mahal.

    2) Sheamus vs. Del Rio: Probability Del Rio winning...10%. 30% if interference. Easy...Sheamus for the win by submission. Dolph Ziggler probability of cashing in 20%

    3) Miz vs. Rhodes vs. Sin Cara vs. Mysterio: This is going to be a little hard with many variables. So I will break it down with each character.
    Mysterio has been having many injuries lately and has been in mainstream wrestling since WCW. While he is the most experienced and most favorited, I see a 15% probability of him winning. Also, with him winning it wouldn't be easy to make a storyline with him.
    Sin Cara has been on the rise winning most of his matches, and he is subtle likely to win. I see a 25% chance of him winning...5% if Rhodes takes off the mask. Also if he does win I see him continuing his feud with Rhodes about the mask.
    Cody Rhodes is in need of this championship more than anybody. It has been predicted that Rhodes and Miz will get a feud against each other which will be AWESOME!!!. However, Cody and Sin Cara seems to not be over I give him 20% chance of winning.
    The Miz is not IC title material. He is at most World Championship material. However, until Del Rio and Orton gets settled into new spots, I see Miz keeping the title until either Rhodes steps up or there is an injury in the main event card. Miz is at a 40%.

    4) The exciting team of Bryan and Kane vs. the boring team of R-truth and Kingston: Here is the short version: team friendship: 90%, team boring 10% (only if Kane and Bryan can't work together). If you want a long version then ok you got it. Kofi hasn't and never will be world champion. He is mid-card at best. He has no persona and no mic skills, but does have great in-ring skills which much like Rey Mysterio only goes so far in this business. Since Kofi is reaching boring he won't stick around much longer. Him and R-truth was placed as tag team champs to rebuild the tag team division. R-truth is also a mid card at best, even though he has proved to be funny on the mic. His gimmick is old and doesn't generate enough energy in the arena. He too won't last much longer. Now we got Kane and Bryan. They have proved time and time again that they are better than most on the mic and in-ring. Kane is too old for a major title and Bryan is still a young wrestler. They both can make the crowd laugh, cheer and boo. They can make a decent tag team and make storylines. Personally, I think that they should give it to another tag team.

    5) Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler: This the hardest one. To me they split 50/50 in the probability. If they let Dolph win then WWE has shown much confidence in Orton. If they let Ziggler win then I see them feuding through Survivor Series. If they allow Dolph to cash in the MITB before this match and win, then I see a 70% Orton to 30% Ziggler.

    6) Caesro vs. ???: I see a face winning this, therefore to make a strong rivalry. If the challenger is Ryback or Brodius Clay then they have a 70% of winning. Tyson Kidd or Zack Ryder then 50%. Santino is a strong 20%.

    7) Kaitlyn and Layla: Layla is not generating enough energy and Kaitlyn is winning over the crowd. However, Layla 60% probability of winning.

    8) Punk vs. Cena: In short, Cena 20% if Heyman is involved. I do see Cena losing here only to have a rematch at HITC. This match is more for Punk than it is for Cena. Cena always looks as the champion for WWE. Punk needs this to get rid of Cena once and for all. I like how the build for this is centered around Punk. It would be a huge bonus if Punk makes Cena tap out.