Monday, September 3, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Raw Review 9/3/12 (We all need a WWE Hug)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Raw 9/3/12. Wow, I can't believe I've been doing this for almost two years (Sept. 6 2010). I must really have no life if I'm still doing this…..let's begin. 

We open up the show with CM Punk and Jerry Lawler brawling backstage. Yeah, beat up that old man, Punk. WWE is really trying hard to make people boo Punk, but it's kinda hard to do it since Punk got over in a different style. The guy got big for being edgy and controversial, so attacking a commentator (WWE's previous formula to get heel heat) isn't gonna work for Punk. Especially considering that we are in Chicago tonight. Yeah, best of luck trying to get that negativity on the Straight Edge guy, you will need it…..or will they? Sheamus comes out and says mumbo jumbo, while Punk comes out and gets cheered. Yeah, I told you that plan wouldn't work. Punk talks about the Lawler attack and John Cena. Yeah, the man who has anti-kryptonite up his ass, but I need to stop before I poke the bear. Sheamus tries to counter Punk's argument, but was stuttering like a mad-man. Our WHC, ladies and gentlemen!!! Anyway, Sheamus wants a match against Punk, but Sheamus is only second best with the WHC. Unfortunately, the pecking order goes WHC, WWE Title, and……Cena's hat. AJ comes out and makes two matches, Cena vs Alberto Del Rio and Punk vs Sheamus. I say we are off to a good start. 

Match #1: Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler
To prove nobody watches Smackdown, we get the match that occurred last week. Well, at least this one was better than the match on SD. A good match to get the action portion of the show rolling. The finish comes when Dolph steals this match with a handful of tights. I'm glad to see they will continue with Dolph/Randy. I think it can be a lot of fun. 

Winner via tights: Dolph Ziggler

More anger management classes. YEA!!! Daniel Bryan's anger collage is Yes and No, while Kane has burning desire. This is the worst anger management counselor ever, but I could care less. Later on in the evening, Bryan and Kane catch each other, while Harold falls to his concussion. Hmmm, it appears that Kane and Bryan are beginning to gain a trust for one another. A new bromance? The two had a slight relapse, but now it's time for people to vote. Hey, at least this Raw Active poll was better than some of the previous. Since you can only take in so much Michael Cole in a week, Miz comes out to do commentary. IC Champion? What's that? Miz's commentary was okay, but a hell of an improvement over Lawler. 

Match #2: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Tensai and Cody Rhodes
Oh yeah, Tensai is still on this show. I guess Sakamoto has to get his weekly beatings somehow. The finish comes when Rey hits the 619 on Cody, followed up by a Senton Bomb by Sin for the victory. Possible new tag team? I personally wouldn't mind. 

Winner via pinfall: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

Match #3: Sheamus vs Jack Swagger
Punk decides to take a personal day. It gained a little more heat, but Punk still gets cheered by his hometown people. Yeah, WWE is pulling out all the cliches at full force, but it isn't quite working. If only they would think of…..something different. Hmmm…..what? Since Swagger has nothing to do, time for him to fall victim to Super Irishman. After the match, Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez attack Sheamus. Harness your inner Fruity Pebble and you can defy the odds any day of the week. If you also do this, you can also kill Ricardo in the process. Awww, that makes me sad. 

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

Match #4: Eve vs Kaitlyn
How do you wash out Ricardo getting murdered? With boobies, of course. Layla was on commentary for this match. That English accent is in full force tonight. It's easy to forget about this match with all the arguing between Layla, Cole, and Miz. Diva Division is a figment of your imagination, never forget that. Eve wins with a Neckbreaker. I think they are trying something to make Eve's character more deceiving. This makes the #1 Contender look weak, but that was the idea. Then again, do you really care?

Winner via pinfall: Eve

Swagger leaves Raw to think about his well-being. Either that, or he's moving to NXT. Some time off can be a good thing for the guy. I love how AJ freaks out over people leaving her, while the kayfabe shows it was her fault for Chris Jericho getting the axe. Del Rio is speechless over the loss of Ricardo, but at least he has a new lawyer in David Otunga. Ricardo NOOOOOOO!!!

Match #5: Ryback vs Jinder Mahal
Cut and paste the match that occurred on SD a few weeks back, and there you go. This also proves that WWE isn't sure what to do with Ryback again. How hard can it be to go from one rivalry to another? Shell Shock for the kill. 

Winner via pinfall: Ryback

Time to find out what Bryan and Kane will end up doing. Well, they will have to hug it out. Even though I wanted the tag team, this moment is so ridiculous that it's funny. Bryan and Kane are struggling to show their emotions, but you need to hug it out, man. I'm here for you man. I will never let you go…..I'll never let you go. I will always love you!!! To my shock, they actually did hug, but not even a hug can fix this train wreck of a relationship. Kane and Bryan continue to beat the hell out of each other. Guns don't kill people, WWE Hugs do. Might as well pencil in the rematch.

Match #6: Antonio Cesaro vs Santino; US Championship
Is that a snake in your pocket, or are you just happy to be here? Yeah, I can keep going, but I need to wrap this up. Antonio keeps his title with the Neutralizer. I think Santino and Cobra need a WWE Hug. 

Winner via pinfall and still US Champion: Antonio Cesaro

Match #7: Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater
I think Vickie's gimmick is to interrupt unimportant matches. Oh, did I just say that out-loud? Zack hits the Rough Ryder, but Vickie stages a sit-in and wants AJ in the ring. We find out that AJ overstepped her boundaries by slapping Vickie, she has to issue a public apology. Vickie is gonna milk this for all she can. She gloats about it and decides to slap AJ. AJ wants to attack, but isn't allowed to do anything to Vickie. After another Vickie slap, Vickie leaves skipping out of the ring. Vickie skipping should be outlawed. That was creepy. AJ freaks out in the middle of the ring. AJ's acting isn't one of her strong suits, but her acting isn't what got her this far. So, a Vickie/AJ rivalry? Not sure what to think of this. It makes me think they are running out if ideas. Maybe they can prove me wrong….

Winner via Ryder: Vickie Guerrero

Match #8: John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio; Falls Count Anywhere
Punk got his main event last week, but we need to make sure the Cena fanboys get to see their hero in the main event. No wonder Punk wanted a day off…..or did he? Despite my interest for this match being very low, I was entertained by it. I was impressed that WWE made Del Rio look tough. I was sure he was gonna end up like any other Cena bait, but they really showed off his cunning. The finish comes when they fight in the backstage area. Both guys are down, but Punk comes back into the arena and hits a round kick on Cena. He puts Del Rio on top of Cena, thus Del Rio steals the match. After the match, Punk continues to send Cena a message. That's when we finally get an interesting subplot, as Punk ends up driving away with mastermind, Paul Heyman. I already enjoyed the match, but that ending was great. It adds a lot of interesting scenarios for this show. It also shows WWE finding another way to utilize Heyman. Hell, this might effect Brock Lesnar, depending on what they decide to do. This is a great ending. I was hoping they wouldn't throw Punk's heel turn under the bus, but with this partnership with Heyman, it definitely looks like Punk is gonna be getting some mainstream attention. It seems like a match made in heaven, considering Punk is a Paul Heyman guy. 

Winner via Team Heyman: Alberto Del Rio

Overall Impression:
This was one of the better episodes of Raw I've seen as of late. Not only did they have decent matches and silly/over-the-top segments, but the ending was awesome. See, now THAT'S how you get people to tune into the next episode. It opens up so many possibilities that it's hard to NOT check it out. I also wasn't expecting that, considering that it was Labor Day in the United States. I definitely advise checking this episode out. It was silly, exciting, funny, stupid, and awesome all rolled into one show. I definitely have to give WWE some credit for thinking outside the box. Well, that's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time.

PS: I know I tend to be silly with these reviews, but I'm gonna be serious for a moment. I've been writing these reviews for the last two years. I didn't think I would last too long, but the more I enjoyed writing these reviews, the more that people seemed to encourage me to continue. Doing this is fun, but having people enjoy your work makes it that special. I want to thank everyone that has supported me throughout these years, and I want to thank all of you who read these articles. YOU are the ones that have kept the WsNerd going. Thank you for all the comments, pageviews, etc. There is more nerdy stuff to come, so it will only get better….I hope. Thanks for the continuing support/advise and see you in the next review. 


  1. Man if this was an arena, there would be a "Thank you Nerd!" chant.
    Awesome episode of raw today. I can't wait for heyman and punk to work together.

  2. Mate, I enjoy your reviews man! I had a period when I stopped watching wrestling as it became to obvious and after such a golden era like the Attitude one I felt like it had passed its peak.., however it never fully left and so I still kept my eye on it through these blogs. Thanks to you and my brother I casually watch Raw and all PPVs! But I find I always read these even if I don't get chance or can be bothered to watch. They are on point, not over the top or biased and show that you are a true wrestling fan! I salute you WE for your efforts and congratulations on achieving 2 years man! Here's to many o' many o' more :-)

    1. 'mate' that makes you either Australian or British?
      I agree with what you say tho! WNerd is a legend. Btw it's not sad to blog about something you're passionate about! It's good time-pass

  3. I have to agree that they are phoning the Punk heel turn as much as possible and it is getting ridiculous. I think next week he is just gonna stand in the ring and show pictures of him clubbing seals over the weekend. I do like the possibility of Punk working with Paul though. There could be some amazing things the two of them working together could do. We will just have to wait and see I suppose.

  4. Awesome review as usual dude, but there's only one person I want a hug from; and it's her that's small enough to fit into "any carry on luggage" !!!

  5. This was probably one of the better 3 hr RAWS since the change, which I think was mainly due to the crowd interaction. They cheered Punk (the hometown guy), booed Cena and Sheamus (two the biggest faces and I think I heard a faint "boring" chant in Sheamus' match), and they even got in to the hugging segment and AJ/Vickie standoff.

    The show also opened up potential ideas furthur down. Swagger is taking time off to find himself (hopefully get repackaged). Orton and Ziggler are tied with one win so these two will keep fighing. I won't mind seeing Miz give Ryback his first lost and their feud involves the IC title just to keep it relevant. It will probably be a triple threat for the Diva's title with Eve beating the #1 contender. If Mysterio and Cara team up they could be a nice addition to the tag division, maybe the make-shift team of Sandow and Rhodes could be added in. My guess is that Kane and Bryan will continue to feud unless they do the "two rivals pair together" team. Finally, putting Punk and Heyman together could be a incredible. The IWC knows how much of a CM Punk mark Heyman is and these two could deliver some amazing promos prior to Night of Champions and after.

    1. I like the possiblity of miz vs Barrett actually, that's very intriguing.