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WrestlingNerd's Running Diary for WWE Smackdown 9/9/11 & TNA No Surrender picks

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another edition of the Running Diary. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown on 9/9/11. How would the blue brand fair out this week? Well, let's find out and begin.

-Mark Henry talks about the Hall of Pain. I wonder if Matt Hardy is a member? Oh wait, not that kind of pain.

-Ryder interrupts Henry? Is Light Yagami manipulating people's actions with the Death Note again? What a cruel way to kill someone.

-Henry has to put his hands on someone? Umm....I'm above that joke.

-Zack Ryder's thoughts when he took a swing at Henry...

-Michael Cole: "I guess Mark Henry won't be Broski of the Week?". Funny line, and you know it.

-Henry vs Ezekiel Jackson up next. Which will SURELY be a classic. A classic yawn fest....

-Hey Zeke. You might want to get that TNA resume ready if you're losing like this.

-We should play a game I like to call "Who will lose their job by the end of the year". What do you think? Does Zeke still have a job by the end of the year? He is borderline at this moment.

-Does Aksana just come with her own music whenever she shows up?

-Teddy Long....YOU"RE BLOWING IT, MAN!!!

-Tyson Kidd goes up against Sin Cara. Ladies and gentlemen, your Tyson Kidd getting killed match for the evening.

-Cole is giving Josh Matthews Spanish lessons? What's next? Swimming lessons from Bowser?

-Sin speaks fluent English? Do you really need more proof this isn't the real Sin Cara/Mistico?

-Sin Hunico cuts a heelish promo and calls himself the "real" Sin Cara. I wonder how Mistico feels about all of this?

-Daniel Bryan wants a rematch for next week's Smackdown. Sin thanks him by locking in the Le Bell lock. This is getting weird considering Bryan is MITB holder and Sin is almost a total bad guy.

-Did you watch that Cody Rhodes video package? Did Rhodes get possessed by the devil in the last line? Seriously, go back and watch that. That would scare the s*** out of you.

-Randy Orton is the only guy I know that can cut a boring promo, but people cheer for him. It has to be a conspiracy!!! Shut up, R-Truth.

-Kelly Kelly vs Natalya up next.

-How lucky can Kelly get from week to week? It was kinda sad she won this match, but she also needed to get the win since the title defense is next week. Still, pretty bad when all Kelly has to do is do a sh**** roll up and look pretty to get a title. The match was a carbon copy of the Kelly/Beth Phoenix match at Summerslam.

-Do you wonder if Kelly is over with the fans? Just seems like she gets a different reaction wherever she goes, and not sure if that's what you want to see from your face Champion.....unless it's John Cena.

-Christian puts the show on hostage. What's that, like the 3,000,000th time this has happened in professional wrestling? Anyone keeping a tab on that?

-I agree with Sheamus. It is getting a little embarrassing that Christian is ONCE AGAIN asking for another title match. Then again, I wonder how many John Cena title matches have occurred during this? That one makes you think....

-It's storytime with Mr. Sheamus....*cue applause*.

-In all seriousness, I like Sheamus' stories. Do you ever wonder where he gets all of these stories?

-Sheamus vs Wade Barrett under way. Barrett sporting the jacket that hasn't been seen since NXT Season 1.

-Not a bad contest between Sheamus and Wade. Christian interferes and we get a DQ. Sheamus still fights off both guys. Wade goes down with Brogue Kick and Christian runs away. Sheamus is ridiculously over right now. Sheamus quickly becoming my favorite Smackdown wrestler.

-And because you demanded it, Air Boom vs Great Khali and Jinder Mahal one more time. Wait, what?

-To be fair, Mahal isn't that bad in the ring, but the guy leaves no impression.

-Khali cost Mahal the match, Trouble in Paradise for the win.

-Main event of the evening, Orton vs Rhodes.

-Cole and Matthews.....SHUT UP!!!

-You know, the purpose of commentators is to CALL the action. Sometimes, the WWE forgets that.

-Very good match between Rhodes and Orton. Orton wins cleanly with the RKO.

-Henry arrives after the match and destroyes Orton. Stands tall for a second week in a row.

-Oh, come on. The chair isn't even choking Orton. Well, have to give Orton credit for selling the hell out of it. Children shed tears for a man that is a bigger dick than Christian.....something about this scene is off.

Overall Impression:
Even though this was a very filler episode of Smackdown, this was an okay show to watch. I felt this was a vast improvement from the Super SD a week ago. A lot of the storylines saw development this week. I like how Henry stood tall for two straight weeks. They really should be making Henry look dominate, since that's the way he has looked during this push. Plus, this puts Orton against a wall, so he will have to be crafty in how he goes about dealing with the World's Strongest Man. They actually had Sin Cara talk this week.....or at least a guy wearing his mask that's doing the taking for the character. I still feel a Sin Cara vs Sin Cara rivalry is on the way based on how the current Sin is developing a bit of an ego, while the original Sin Cara is "taking a break". It's getting a little ridiculous how Christian keeps begging for a rematch. Of course, heels can act like babies at times, but this is pushing it. As I predicted in my Raw review, we saw insight for a Christian/Sheamus rivalry. Right away, I am already interested in this feud. I have no idea where Sheamus keeps getting these stories, but I love them. They always seem to start serious, but always end up being funny. I see Sheamus winning this rivalry, which mean another step backwards for Christian. Then again, Christian got a large amount of time in the main event scene and he needs to take a break for a while. Not really sure what they are doing with Wade....again. They keep falling into this habit where they seem to be going somewhere with Wade, but then he starts going on a losing streak and there you go. I still think Wade can be a main eventer in the WWE, but they need to build him up in a consistent way as opposed to bar hopping with the guy since it doesn't get the audience invested in the character. Pick a storyline with Wade and stick with it, but we haven't seen that with Wade's character since the original Nexus. There was even insight to this whole Khali/Mahal storyline, which is easily the least interesting storyline in the WWE. I'm still not very interested in this storyline, but they might be ready to end it with Khali attacking Mahal. I really have to think WWE didn't do their homework when they created this storyline. Think about it? Khali was already playing face, but then Mahal shows up and they make up this bulls*** about Khali's sister. A few months after that, Khali separates from Mahal? Just seems really rushed since there was no investment or momentum for people to latch onto. Then again, there has to be one storyline that really sticks out like a sore thumb. I thought Rhodes looked really good tonight. Despite the fact I am getting a little tired of his character, the guy has potential to go far, but the goofy mask has to eventually go. Still, if they continue down the route Rhodes is going, he could be a world champion by next year. This is a pretty skippable episode of SD since it was mainly filler, but an entertaining evening if you're really bored. Ok, time to rank the shows. Really, all the shows weren't watchers this week, but as long as there's entertainment, then we are good. In terms of wrestling quality, I rank the shows SD, Raw, and Impact. Rhodes/Orton was probably the best match of the week, but that's just my opinion. In terms of promos/segments, I rank it Raw, Impact, and SD. Really, all three shows were tolerable in this department. As for the MVP of the Week. It came down to three choices. I thought about Mark Henry because of his dominance and also thought about Sheamus once again. I know this is completely insane, but I am giving it to Hulk Hogan. The man was talking about getting his toes tanned. What does that have to do with anything? Then again, I don't care because the scene was so over the top that it deserves recognition. The only reason I give it to Hulk is because he was completely insane. Plus, this is the first time I've given this award to someone from TNA, so better now than never. I also feel this was the only time Hogan will even be considered for his award, so better strike while it's hot. Since I didn't do a No Surrender Rundown, here are my quick picks for the PPV.

Jesse Sorensen vs Kid Kash; winner is #1 Contender to X Title: They really could've done this match on free tv, but whatever. Based on who I have winning the X Division title match, I'm going to pick Sorensen. Not really big on this guy and also don't think he's ready for this type of screen time, but TNA seems to like him.
Brian Kendrick vs Austin Aries for X Title: Aries is by far the superior choice. With BFG being the next PPV, might as well go with your best X Division guy.
Mexican America vs Pope and Devon for Tag Titles: Mex is still early in their tag title reign. Yeah, they don't really deserve the titles and the tag division is taking a lot of strides backwards in TNA, but I still think Mex cheats to win.
Matt Mogan vs Samoa Joe: What I see happening is Crimson gunning for revenge against Joe at BFG. Since that's what I think will happen, the logical thing would be to have Joe win. Then again, TNA and logic is always iffy.
Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson vs Sting: Oh no.....WE ONLY HAVE ONE MORE DAY!!! Ok, enough of the Majora's Mask crap. Immortal will cheat to help their guy in Angle win.
Robert Roode vs Gunner; BFG Semi #1: My overall pick to win the BFG Series is Roode, so I have to go with him to win this match.
Bully Ray vs James Storm; BFG Semi #2: This one can go either way since I can see TNA put Roode's tag partner or do yet another 4Tune vs Immortal deal. Would rather have Storm win, but I pick Bully.
BFG winner #1 vs BFG winner #2: Again, Roode is my pick and the best choice. Gotta go with Roode to take this one and maybe....just maybe, he might grab the brass ring at BFG.

Those are my picks and that will finally do it for the Running Diary. I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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