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WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling Review 9/8/11 (Jeff Hardy returns...*sit back down*..)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling on 9/8/11. How will the "Go Home" edition of Impact fair out with No Surrender this upcoming Sunday? Well, let's take a look and find out.

We open the show with Mr. Anderson. He talks about sleeping like a baby and how he made a bad business decision by agreeing to join Immortal. He actually thanks Bully Ray for giving him the wake up call and he will get his revenge against the strongest stable in TNA. Yeah, a stable so strong that he posses not one championship, but I digress. He wants to cash in his rematch clause tonight, but he knows how Immortal likes to pull off shenanigans, so he called for some reinforcement. Sting arrives and talks about how Immortal failed to kill him and "The Network" gave him the creative power tonight. He says it will be Kurt Angle vs Anderson for the World Title, with Sting as the Special Enforcer. Not a bad way of opening up the show. It sets up the action for tonight and a title match, so I think it was a nice way to kick off the show. One of the things that's odd is Sting and Anderson appear to be on the same page and working together. It was only a few months ago where Anderson was dressing up like Sting and making fun of the guy. Not to mention personal hatred for each other, but now they are all fine without any sort of an apology? Oh TNA, why can't you explain your storylines? I understand what they are going for here, but it would have helped to at least have a scene where Sting and Anderson clear the air. Again, it's TNA, so fill the plotholes yourself. That should be their catchphrase.

Match #1: Pope and Devon vs British Invasion; winner is the #1 Contenders to Tag Titles
Mexican America was on commentary for this match...

Come on, I had to do it considering how Anarquia is nothing more than a Cheech Marin clone. The match was nothing special, but a decent opening contest. Once again, did we get a conclusion to all of this Devon trust/not trust the Pope? The last time we saw these guys, it was when Devon went to save the Pope, but only after his kids kept pleading for their father to do something. Where was the scene where they patch things up? Is there still friction between the two? Were they just randomly put together for this match? Who really knows? Again, plotholes......yourself....yada, yada. The finish comes when Devon hits a slam on one of the Brits and wins the match. To add more insult to this scene, weren't BOTH Devon and Pope "injured" during the BFG Series? So, if they came back from injury, why not try to get one more match for the series? You might be able to snag one of the last spots if you're Devon since he was really close. To be fair, Devon being one of the Final Four members would have been amazingly stupid, but this still doesn't make much sense since TNA wrote themselves into a corner, used Samoa Joe to take out people, but then return after a couple of episodes? Yeah, kinda silly when you break it down. It will be Mex America vs Pope and Devon at the NS PPV. Oh yeah, I will be sure to TiVo THAT!!!

Winner via pinfall and NEW #1 Contenders to Tag Titles: Pope and Devon

Backstage where Kurt Angle talks about dealing with Anderson until MMA fighter Eddie Alvarez arrives. They hug and talk about their upcoming fights. They walk away as if they will create a plan. Well, guess what? Alvarez does make one more appearance for tonight, but it would have nothing to do with Kurt Angle. Obvious pointless scene is pointless.

Back to the ring we go. We find out Bully, Robert Roode, James Storm, and Gunner are the Final Four members in the BFG Series. At NS, it will be Roode vs Gunner and Bully vs Storm. The winners of those matches will face off again that same evening and the overall winner will be the #1 Contender to the World Title. Bully talks about how Beer Money is a great tag team, but they won't win the series and become world champion. Of course, because EVERYONE knows Bully knows EVERYTHING about winning world titles, duh? Want to know the sadder part? David freakin' Arquette has more world titles than Bully. I don't know whether to laugh or cry? Roode goes into a speech in how it has always been both of their goals to be a world champion. They realize one of them won't get the title, but they will be in on their side when they finally grab the brass ring. This pretty much showed it coming down to Bully and Roode at NS. I've been saying for weeks (possibly months) that Roode should win the BFG Series. He seems the most ready to make it big as a singles competitor. Bully has improved, but shouldn't be getting the title. Gunner is nowhere near ready for a title and is just there to add another Immortal member. I would like to see Storm break out and have a big singles career because I have always found Storm to be a tremendously underrated talent in pro wrestling. Still, Roode is the best choice and should be challenging for the title at Bound for Glory. This was a good scene to watch since the promos were well done.

Match #2: Eric Young vs Robbie E for the TV Championship
A pretty big example of wrestling logic, but it's also something I've seen the WWE do at times. One of the "unwritten rules" of pro wrestling is a champion has 30 days to defend his or her title. Outside of Eric's bulls*** title defenses against TNA Road Agents and celebrities working for food, when was the last time Young defended that title INSIDE the ring? Has to be well over 30 days. Then again, it's wrestling logic because the 30 day rule doesn't come into play unless it's written in the script for someone to address it. By the way, remember when I said Alvarez would make one more appearance tonight? Well, his appearance was on commentary for this match. Really, what was the point of that earlier scene with Kurt? Anyway, Tazz told Alvarez to punch Mike Tenay, but it was just a joke. I was kinda hoping he meant it so I don't have to hear Tenay's blandness. Again, say what you will about Michael Cole, but at least the guy has personality on the headset. It can be annoying at times, but he leaves an impression. Tenay is so boring to listen to that be leaves no impression. No wonder Tazz is bored out of his mind while on the headset. The match was ok for what it was worth, but nothing amazing. Robbie would try cheating a bunch of times, but kept getting caught. Eddie Guerrero would be ashamed if he watched this match. The finish comes when Young hits a Piledriver for the clean win. After the match, Rob Terry arrives and attacks Young. He ends the scene by hitting a Last Ride Powerbomb, or as I like to call it, the Wedgie Bomb. So, I guess Robbie is in phase whatever of ripping off Zack Ryder now that he has his own personal Big O. just plain suck.

Winner via pinfall and still TV Champ: Eric Young

Backstage where RVD confronts Jerry Lynn. He wants to know why he screwed him over last week. Lynn replies that while Rob got the fame, he never did. He wanted a job in TNA, but they never gave him a job. He had a talk with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and they told him to prove he is better than Rob to earn a job. Rob ends the scene by kicking him and walking away. Odd scene since it seemed like the roles of face and heel switched wrestlers. Something must have gotten lost in the script. Now, Lynn is a good wrestler, but the guy looks like your local plumber. Either way, just more build up for the RVD vs Lynn match once again. Another backstage scene where Mickie James and Velvet Sky are talking. She congratulates Mickie for regaining the title and starts to wonder if she will ever be champion. She stares at the belt, but Mickie snaps her out of it. Karen Jarrett arrives and says Mickie will put her title on the line at NS against Winter. She also says management told Sky to lose some weight because she has a fat ass. Really? Was that the best you could come up with? Again, how can "The Network" be standing back and allowing this menace to run the KO division? Oh well....not like it really matters. I like to think of this scene as possible foreshadowing since I wouldn't be shocked to see Sky beat Mickie at BFG to win her first women's title. I'm calling it.

Match #3: Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson for the World Title; Sting as Special Enforcer
Sting as a Special Enforcer? He should be in Special Treatment with the crap he has pulled this year. Kinda odd they are doing this match at the half way portion of the show. That means Jeff Hardy's segment will be the way they close out the show. It actually makes sense, but I know most people never want to see Hardy again. Anyway, for this being a short match, it was actually pretty entertaining. Good back and forth exchange between Anderson and Angle. The finish comes when there is a slight ref bump. Angle hits a low blow, but Sting sees all of this. He pulls the ref under the ring to stop the three count. The two argue for a while. Angle takes his eyes off the ball and allows Anderson to hit Mic Check. He's about to win until Gunner interferes. Yeah, I wasn't happy with the finish to this match, but I suppose it did its job for the future. After the match, the rest of Immortal shows up and attacks Sting and Anderson. The segment ends with Immortal standing tall. Again, you might as well say Angle is with Immortal if he talks to them, creates plans with them, and they help him out all the time. At this point, I don't even care about the prior Angle/Jeff Jarrett feud. Heck, there was no interaction between Sting and Anderson to work together, so why start now with logic?

Backstage where Immortal is celebrating until Eric Bischoff gets a phone call. He tells the other members to leave so he can talk. He takes the call and starts freakin' out. I will go out on a limb and assume Bischoff got some bad news. Plus, wasn't Hogan and Angle going to murder "The Network"? How did that go?

Winner via DQ: Mr. Anderson

Match #4: Angelina Love and Winter vs Mickie James and Velvet Sky
This was a surprisingly long match. Why do they invest so much time in the KO Division? We could have given more time to the world title match, but you use it on this? Anyway, this was a standard KO match. The finish comes when Winter does the blood/red liquid spit and wins the match. Again, the ref doesn't noticed any of this. What doesn't make sense is how Mickie sells the take. If it's supposed to be blood, shouldn't it burn? We shouldn't be able to see her eyes, but acts as if it's Kool-Aid. Just looks like overdone acting....or possibly lack of acting. Of course, it isn't blood, but based on Winter's character, we have to assume it is "blood". Still, this whole thing is kinda stupid. By the way, can someone feed Angelina a freakin' sandwich? She looks way too thin. That cannot be healthy.

Winner via pinfall: Angelina Love and Winter

Back in the ring with Austin Aries. He talks about winning the X Division title and how Brian Kendrick is a hypocrite since he is suppose to be a peaceful guy, but he actually does sneak attacks. Kendrick arrives in....a business suit? Yeah, that was strange to say the least. So, the.....Brian Jericho says he is "dressed for success". He talks about how this world is about materialistic things and he considers the belt a materialistic thing. Are you serious? So, your X Division champ is basically saying he doesn't really care he's the champ and considers the belt to be junk? Oh yeah, I am totally moved by your X Division champ.....Anyway, he talks down to Aries since Aries is all about fame and money and that isn't the right motive. He rips off his suit (which I assumed he was able to afford by selling his Price is Right winnings) and attacks Aries. He's about to hit Slice Bread, but Aries gets out of the ring. Kendrick really isn't suited for the promo department. Not to mention he comes off as a terrible champion by calling the belt a "thing" as opposed to a champion. This is the kind of action you would see out of a heel. What's wrong with this picture? Backstage where Hogan busts into the scene spazzing out. What the hell was Hogan on? He came busting in with all of this charisma. It was so odd to see this. Maybe Hogan took his vitamins this week.....or got a double dose of pudding pops. It was so strange seeing Hogan act like this was hilarious. Hogan is doing the flexing and has so much energy that you can't help but burst out laughing. Hogan is happy that all of this "Network" stuff is dealt with, but Bischoff tells him the bad news. Because of Immortals tricks, Angle will defend the title against Sting AND Anderson in a Triple Threat Match at NS. Hogan immediately has a heart attack over the situation. Bischoff tells Hogan they only have three days to figure out what to do. ONLY THREE DAYS!!!!

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! What will they ever do? Somebody, call the cops. Get Chuck Norris on speed dial. Resurrect Bruce Lee. WE ONLY HAVE THREE DAYS!!! Sorry for going overboard, but this was one of this hilariously bad scenes. There was so much overdone acting in this scene, but it was funny as hell. Hogan might have been on a different planet when he cut this scene, but I don't really care since I enjoyed it. Hogan basically turned into a cartoon character in this scene. In fact, it's stuff like that which could lead to Hogan being the MVP of the Week. And I'm not even joking when I say that.

Match #5: Bully Ray vs Gunner vs Robert Roode vs James Storm in a Four Corners Match
Why was this advertised as a four corners match? A four corners match is when you tag in and out. This operated more like a Fatal 4Way match since it was a free for all between all four competitors. Who's idea was this? In the early going of the match, Joe arrives to take out more BFG competitors, but Matt Morgan showed up. TNA security shows up and actually does something RIGHT and separates the action and sends them to the back. It was also announced it would be Joe vs Morgan at NS. I guess that means Morgan's injury is least that's what I hope. This was an ok match, but there was a lot of stuff going on at one time, so it was hard to keep track. The finish comes when Gunner hits a Running Knee on Bully and pins him. In the earlier promo between the BFG competition, Bully said Gunner would do anything to help HIM win the title. This shows friction between the competition, but also problems between Immortal members. Since Gunner has almost no chance of winning this Series, it was nice to give him the win tonight.

Winner via pinfall: Gunner

Time for the last scene of the night. Jeff Hardy arrives and says he was pathetic at that Victory Road PPV. He embarrassed himself, the company, and the fans. He knows he doesn't deserve a second chance, but wants the audience to give him a second chance. The show ends with Hardy thinking is own words in the middle of the ring. So, Hardy wants a second chance?

In all seriousness, I'm not sure what to make out of this scene. It's no question Jeff has problems and needs to deal with them. At the same time, he has to understand what he did was wrong, but I don't think he's making it up in the best way possible. If Hardy wanted to take this problem seriously, he would have agreed to the rehab, but he declined. It's also bad timing since in real life, Jeff plead guilty to the drug charges. Hardy will have to serve ten days in prison, pay $100,000 and is on probation for the next 30 months. If he gets caught again, he will have to serve a lot more time in prison. I realize this particular episode of Impact was filmed a few weeks ago, but TNA should have waited until Hardy's court room was over as opposed to rushing Hardy back on screen since it's really bad timing. It does sound like Hardy got off pretty easily with the charges, considering this case has been going on since 2009. Only time will tell if Hardy is really serious about trying to remain clean or at least perform at a higher level. We also know Hardy will be playing the face based of his words tonight. Just like Matt Hardy, I've lost a lot of respect for Jeff Hardy over the years, so he's going to have to prove he's worth all of this support to get my respect once again. The crowd did seem to love him tonight, which is pretty surprising since I would think a name like Jeff Hardy would draw in a mixed reaction. I guess we will wait until the distant future to see what Hardy decides to do with this second chance. Second chance? Really? Isn't this like Hardy's 4th or 5th chance? Then again, who's counting?

Overall Impression:
I actually thought Impact was okay for this week. There was some flaws, but I actually enjoyed elements of tonight's show. I like the opening, the BFG confrontation, the world title match and I really liked it when Hogan went bats*** crazy. The matches weren't really that good since this was a heavy promo night for TNA. Still, TNA actually got my attention with their words. This is where the WWE excels the best, but TNA actually had a lot of tolerable promos tonight. In fact, most of the show was tolerable. This was not a bad show going into the PPV. Not sure I can recommend it, but I thought it was pretty entertaining considering most of the stuff TNA puts on Thursday nights. Trust me. I've seen TNA do much....MUCH worse. There was a lot of buildup for the PPV, which is this Sunday. They announced a few matches for the card. Overall, the card at least looks somewhat promising. This could be a decent PPV, but we will have to wait until Sunday to see if TNA will deliver a good PPV or pull another Victory Road. That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. Yeah, a tolerable Impact? Believe me, those don't come around often. Not really sure if I will do a Smackdown full review or the return of the Running Diary. Really, it depends on what SD brings to the table. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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