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WrestlingNerd's Quick Thoughts/Running Diary for TNA Impact Wrestling 6/23/11

Ok, so I am feeling a little better today, but I still feeling a little ill. So, for a second straight time (two times in a row, man), I will be doing some quick thoughts/running diary for this week's edition of Impact Wrestling on 6/23/11. Don't worry, I have no intentions of making this the common format for how I do reviews. Although, I really would like your honest feedback in how you feel about this concept and if you seem to want it, I can try to do a running diary here and there, but will still do the normal full reviews I am customed to bringing you on a weekly basis. Well, let's begin.

-Backstage scene #1: Seconds into the show and Jeff Jarrett is on screen. I thought he was supposed to be in Mexico via last week's stipulation.

-If Eric Bischoff valued Jarrett so much, wouldn't you fight "The Network" to keep him in the States as opposed to sending him to Mexico?

-Bischoff wants Jeff to do to Mexico as he did in TNA. Great, I guess AAA is going out of business then. Well.....they had a good run. Joking aside, he really is in Mexico and I think he is already the world champion there. No joke

-Bischoff is calling out Sting and Sting continues to freak me out. He is crazier than Joker, Carnage, and Deadpool combined.

-It's Batman, starring Sting as the Joker.

-Sting vs Abyss tonight. Sting thanks Bischoff by covering him in the red face paint and beating him up. Is making your opponent look like a red Kirby, Sting's new calling card?

-What? They did some of the BFG Series matches in various house shows? Well, it didn't take long for TNA to screw up a creative idea. This concept should be on free tv or PPV, not in some suburb of Jersey or wherever the hell TNA is doing a house show. I hated when WWE did it, and I don't like it now. In other words, storylines should appear on tv or the main show, end of discussion.

-Vince Russo, the creative killer

-Scott Steiner vs Bully Ray is about what you expect. With a ref distracted, Bully uses the chain on Steiner's neck (Yeah, I know he should have done a head strike, just go with it) and picks the bones to win

-Backstage scene #3: Bischoff "Anderson is a SOB.....ADVIL!!!" No joke, he seriously yelled for some pain reliever. I guess as a Producer, your allowed to scream random words for the hell of it.

-PIKACHU!!! See, I can yell random words too.

-Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher vs ODB and Miss Jacki coming up next. I would make a joke here, but I think I am above that.

-I found out WWE is making up to the fans on Raw next week by giving them the Evan Bourne/Sin Cara match we originally wanted. So, if WWE is finding a way to make it up to the fans, what is TNA's plan to make it up to people who watch Impact?

-Sky totally ripping off the Miz's T-shirt idea with that "Hello" name tag deal.

-The two models are beating up the two trained ladies? The KO Division is turning into the WWE Diva Division more and more every week, and that is NOT a complement.

-What a horrible ending to this match. OBD tried to distract the ref, but she she screwed it up or it was horribly choreographed. The ref just basically fell to the floor on purpose to allow Jacki to kick Sky in to groin and steal this match.  Did Sky magically grow testicals to take a fall like this, or does this creative staff just doesn't care anymore?

-Backstage scene #5: Tara vs Madison Rayne on July 14 edition of Impact. Why not now? Plus, this feud is like a light switch, on and off.

-Backstage scene #12: Steiner confronts Immortal members and Bully tells him to think about joining Immortal and says he will think about it. Wrestling logic, Steiner was working against Immortal earlier in the year, but months later he might join the group for no real reason.

-Matt Morgan and Crimson vs Beer Money up next. A BFG Series match

-I guess "The Network" doesn't care if you have a separated shoulder or not since they didn't force Roode to sit this match out. More wrestling logic.

-This matchup wasn't too bad. Robert Roode was selling the shoulder injury and because of some miscommunication from the tag champs, Roode eats a Carbon Footprint and wins the match.

-What is strange here is only Morgan wins the points because he pinned someone. So, you mean to tell me even though Crimson was on the winning team, he gets no points? My question is what is the point of having tag team matches for this series if only one person is going to get points? The answer, because it's TNA.

-A free trial for the Impact Wrestling Fantasy Game? Does that mean you have to pay to play the full game? What a ripoff and a joke. I understand some fantasy games are either free or you have to pay to play, but on a wrestling show is just insane. Who would want to play this?

-Eric Young is on a beach talking to some guy about Popeye. I am not making this up. In fact, I wish I was.

-AJ Styles wants back in the X Division for the upcoming Dest X PPV and says the six sided ring will make a return for one night. Even though I have expressed my thoughts on the six sided ring (and got slammed by what seemed like the entire world), I am fine with it making a comeback for one night. Plus, the majority of the people involved are lightweights or X Division talent and extra turnbuckles suits them better.

-Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels each make an argument for a match at the PPV. For now, it is Styles vs Daniels and Joe was unhappy about it. This is possible foreshadowing since Joe would have to be involved in this match since their triple threat was a pretty good contest back in the day.

-Backstage scene #28: Joe confronts Kaz and cheap shots him. Why? Better question, do you even care?

-Speaking of X Division, did Brian Kendrick just decide to give up his conquest?

-Dakota Darsow vs Federico Palacios vs Zema Xion in progress. Every Indy fanboy/IWC members wet dream.

-I have to be honest. I don't really pay attention to the Indys that much and I have never heard of these guys. And now I am going to be slammed by the IWC thinking I am not a legit wrestling fan. Hey, at least I enjoy wrestling as opposed to complain about wrestling 99% of the time.

-The match was ok, but I wasn't totally blown away from either of them. I think Austin Aries last week really raised the bar.

-Zema wins with a 450 Splash. The odd thing here is Dakota got the on screen entrance walk while the other two got it off screen. I guess that is what happens when you have so many backstage scenes on a show.

-Backstage scene #????: RVD is talking X Division until Jerry Lynn shows up and says he agrees with Rob. Second time Lynn has just shown up on TNA to say like four words and then walk away. Is it a joke or does Lynn think the Impact Zone taste bad?

-Winter and Mickie James fighting backstage. At first, I thought this was a brawl, but it turns out it was a match. Either I am feeling lightheaded or something is wrong because I never heard a bell ring to make this match official. T H A N K S.......

-It turns out it was a Street Fight, but based on how the ref was acting, I almost thought it was an I Quit match because he keeps asking them how they are doing. Do the referees even know the rules to the matches anymore?

-The match was nothing special, but had a conclusion that made no sense. Winter distracts the ref and Angelina Love attacks Mickie from behind and Winter picks the bones. Here is my question. What the f*** is the point of doing a ref distraction or hidding the interference in a Street Fight? I thought a Street Fight had no rules, thus run-ins are fair play. Come on Russo, try better. Heck, just TRY!!!

-Impact Wrestling on Twitter. Yes, because THIS is what was missing in my life.

-I just realized no Hulk Hogan this week. I guess he had his pudding early tonight.

-Sting vs Abyss set to begin.

-Do we have to do the Michael Buffer thing for every single IW main event? Besides, this main event is nothing to brag home about.

-Where Wrestling Matters and where we pad out the time so you get less wrestling.

-Sting continues to lose his damn mind. He must be on some sort of illegal substance to make him this bats*** insane.

-Taz's logic for agreeing with the heels makes no sense half the time and notice he never has a legit reason for going to their side. I think Taz is happy that is still gets paid. Taz was never great on commentary, but he was at least funny. It almost feels like he doesn't care anymore since the comedy is really lacking with his commentary.

-A barbed wired glove? Was that found in OJ's house?

-Sting intercepts the glove and uses it on Abyss. Ref calls for the bell. Match was boring.

-Anderson stares into Sting's eyes and wonders to himself....."Why so serious?"

Overall, this week's episode was nothing to brag home about and I found it quite boring. There was some ok matches with the Morgan match and the X Division match, but it was nothing that was a watcher or something you just had to see. One of the more disappointing things about this week's Impact was their BFG Series. I thought it was an interesting concept and I would be interested to see how it goes, but there are flaws that are starting to show up. I think my main issue with it is some of these matches aren't being shown to us and are instead going on during a house show, which is bs because it literally means TNA is going to overload this concept and it might end up turning into something we can't stand when September comes. Not to mention the scoring for this is going to get ridiculous. Also, I think some of these guys have already performed in 2-3 matches while some of them haven't even competed yet. I know it's wrestling, but if they are going to make a tournament and say it will be fair, they can at least follow their own rules and not give someone extra matches. Also, you would think there would be a story or confrontation involving Anderson and Gunner since that happened last week, but this week it almost seems like TNA is trying to forget that ever happened since no one ever talked about it again. I am also not too fond of Sting's crazy gimmick at the moment. I think it is because pro wrestling has been going overboard with this lately when you have Cody Rhodes and R-Truth doing some variations of a disturbed character. Also, there is no possible way to take Sting seriously right now, but maybe that is the point. You can say the same about Truth at the moment, so I guess they got me there. In a lot of ways, Sting is almost pulling a Tim Curry/Clown from IT deal with this current character, and nobody could take that performance seriously. It was just too funny and it seems Sting is doing the same. Also, these shows have so many backstage scenes. Do we really need a ton of backstage scenes at every moment? Some people think the WWE goes overboard with backstage scenes, but I think TNA is doing 2 or 3 times as many backstage scenes as an episode of Raw. This show also featured two KO matches, which is going overboard with the fanservice. Plus, neither one of them were that good and both had questionable or botched endings. Again, this show is taped. Why can't they just do a second take? That almost proves they just don't care anymore since they don't do second takes nor do some fancy editing. I really want TNA to do well and challenge the WWE, but this isn't gonna get the job done. When you have concussion guys talking about cartoon characters, rivalries going and coming, faces fighting faces, heels fighting heels, and a bunch of other things that make no sense, this isn't gonna work. This wasn't a terrible episode of Impact and I will say it was tolerable, but nothing worth checking out and the whole show almost felt like a filler show. Filler shows are generally shows you pass up on, so maybe that is the case for Impact this week. Well, that is going to do it for the running diary and I hope you enjoyed it. Please, tell me what you thought of the running diary concept and it might inspire me to try this more often, but I will still do the full reviews. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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