Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WrestlingNerd's Quick Thoughts/Running Diary for WWE Raw 6/20/11

This is going to be different to how I normally do things. I am feeling under the weather and can't do a full review of the show. Instead, what I am going to do is give my quick thoughts on the show. It will be kind of a running diary. This will be different to how I do things, so please bare with me.

-CM Punk's promo to open the show was brilliant. I really liked the snow angels bit. Seriously, this guy is a character and WWE better realize what they have in Punk.

-Did the WWE Universe already screw up the first vote of the night?

-Kelly Kelly is your new Divas Champ and the Fabulous Moolah is spinning in her grave. If your gonna make her the Divas Champ, the least you can do is have her win with something a little mroe impressive than a rollup.

-Kelly Kelly is the Megan Fox of the WWE. She is pretty and attractive, but can't act worth s***.

-Damn, who's Corn Flakes did Evan Bourne piss in to get a match against Mason Ryan? The voting has to be off with this one considering that Sin Cara was one of the choices.

-Is there a Batista chant going on during this match?

-It is funny how King is sticking up for Big Show on the Mark Henry attack on SD. It makes no sense because Show is totally at fault for all of this. Wrestling logic, faces stick up for the faces, no matter how stupid their motives are.

-Fans voted for an Arm Wrestling Match? I am starting to think these metrics are bulls***.

-Three votes in so far and "B" is the winner everytime? I am thinking the WWE isn't resetting the results for a new vote.

-I think I hear a "This is stupid" with the live audience.

-Power to the People? More like Power to the Creative Staff.

-I guess a Henry push is on the way or a rivalry between Henry/Show. Yeah.....

-Another themed Raw for next week with Raw Roulette? Can we space out these themed shows since it is starting to become overkill.

-The heels in the WWE are starting to lose their minds...."Really, Really, Randy, Randy, Jimmy, Jimmy".

-Interesting promo by R-Truth, Christian, and Miz to say the least.

-How does Teddy Long get the power to make matches on Raw? Maybe the internet was done wherever the Raw GM is at?

-Another Kofi/Ziggler match? Well, hopefully this one won't end in a botch or screwup like at CP.

-Ziggler retains his title by getting DQed. I kinda hope this ends things between the two because they both need fresh opponents.

-CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio was a pretty good match, but it looked pretty brutal as well. Gotta give it up for all three guys. My personal favorite match of the evening.

-Man, Punk will say anything the WWE doesn't like. Pisses all over the concept of "Sports Entertainment" and referred to himself as a wrestler earlier. Gotta give him props, but he could be swimming with sharks for saying things like that, but I am sure he is well aware of that.

-July 17th will definitely be a historic day. Lots of reports are going on with this one to figure out if it's true or if he is doing the same storyline he did in ROH, but eitherway, I am very invested into what goes on. Sometimes when pro wrestling isn't predictable, that is the best time to tune in. I think even most people would be saying they would be disappointed if Cena still wins the match at MITB.

-A Paper bag match? I don't know what is sadder, the fact this was a choice or the fact that it almost won.

-Daniel Bryan needs a new entrance theme. Anyone on board with the Guile Theme?

-I like how Cole argues against King and Booker when they make mistakes on commentary, but Cole tends to make about as many mistakes as them on the headset.

-It is funny how depressed Cody Rhodes acts, but his paper bags are always smiling.

-A dance contest? If this really was Power to the People, we should get the option if we want to see this or not.

-If Peaches was Vickie's stage name, does that mean Eddie Guerrero met his wife there? Sometimes, kayfabe and wrestling logic can be funny, yet strange.

-I think John Travolta is going to sue somebody?

-A 20 minute time limit. I think the WWE just took a shot at TNA.

-This is a fun little game for you to play at home? How many times can Cole sneak a "vintage" for one match?

-Main even match wasn't too bad, but I almost expected a Punk run in during this match.

Overall, this was a better showing than the one from last week. I would assume this week featured more wrestling than last week. Kofi/Ziggler, the Triple Threat and the main event were all fun matches to watch. Yeah, there is some strange moments like Ryan getting voted in and the fact Kelly is now a champion, but no show is perfect these days. I was a little surprised about Punk's annoucement, but this is a big oppourtunity for Punk to make some things happen. He is pretty much the focus for the whole MITB PPV and depending on the PPV buys, it could determine if the casual fans view Punk as a big asset and thus the WWE should pay him the money or if they don't care and thus will let him walk away. I think Punk has picked up quite a fanbase during his time in the WWE, and it would be a damn shame to see him leave. Even if he is just taking some time off like Chris Jericho, it would still be a big blow to the WWE because he is arguably the best heel in this era of pro wrestling. I wasn't really big on the whole voting concept during the night and can't shake that something was off about the voting. Either the WWE wasn't resetting the votes, the fans went insane, or the voting was rigged. To be fair, some of the choices and outcomes during the last few votes went a lot better and I think the fans did make a couple of good choices with a 2 out of 3 falls for Kofi/Ziggler, a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Triple Threat, and a Elimination Match for the main event. I think this was a Raw worth checking out, but I think it is because Punk got more screen time and I think more Punk equals a better show. I think this week's Raw is a watcher and I had fun watching it, no matter how ill I was feeling. That is going to do it for the review......er, I mean running diary and I hope you enjoyed it. I don't want to make this a staple for how I do reviews, but I had to work with what I was limited on because I still feel sick. Hopefully, I will feel better when it comes time to check out Impact Wrestling, but I could get nausea for a different reason. Tell me what you thought of this little concept and how you felt with tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time and I need to take a nap.

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  1. Power to the People had a voting error during last nights RAW explaining Ryan's victory over Cara and Swagger.