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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Capitol Punishment Review

What is up wrestling fans, I am the WrestlingNerd bringing you another review. Today, we take a look at WWE Capitol Punishment. An iffy card going into the show, but the build up was a lot better than the last PPV WWE did. So, how did it fair out? Well, let's find out and start the review.

Match #1: Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler for the US Championship
This was not a bad opening match by Kofi and Ziggler, but I think the reason I wasn't overly excited about this match is because I have seen it so many times in a span of a year. I would like to find a track record of every match in the last year and I wouldn't be surprised if Kofi/Ziggler have had the most matches. Still, this was a decent contest. Does anyone else Booker T on commentary is like John Madden on commentary? The reason I bring that up is because Madden usually points out the obvious things, and Booker has been doing the same as well. Oh well, I am pretty sure it doesn't matter. Anyway, the finish to this match was strange to say the least. Kofi holds the ropes when Ziggler misses Zig Zag. While the ref is dealing with Ziggler, Vickie did an eye gouge to Kofi. With him blinded, Ziggler locks in the Sleeper Hold. During the submission hold, Ziggler had his feet on the ropes, thus the ref should have broken the hold but didn't. Instead, the ref checks up on Kofi and rings the bell. After a bit of a debate, he awards Ziggler the victory and the title. Yeah, so something was off about the finish. I am not sure if something got lost in the script or there was miscommunication, but whatever the case is, Ziggler is your new US champ. I kinda hope this mini-rivalry between these two is over because they both need fresh opponents. They do put on good matches, but they need to test their abilities on new opponents. Both guys have been trading midcard titles for the last year so much that a title change here is almost irrelevantt. Yeah....when you have questionable finishes in the opening match, it generally isn't the best start to a PPV. Decent match, but a weird finish.

Winner via submission and NEW US Champ: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage where R-Truth arrives in a limo holding the WWE Championship (How nice of John Cena to lend out the title). He comes across Eve and she tells him he doesn't even know who Truth is anymore. Truth responds by saying nobody knew the real Truth and dedicates his future title win to all the Little Jimmys. Truth must be doing pretty well for himself since he came in a limo and considering at the last PPV, he complained about parking where the fans park. Also a backstage scene where Miz says Alex Riley is nothing. Yeah, the typical stuff.

Match #2: Alex Riley vs Miz
I prefer a heel Michael Cole as opposed to being a face, but don't you wish he would shut up sometimes? Seriously, take the Miz cock out of your mouth and just call the freaking match. Miz was pretty much schooling Riley in the match. I think what the WWE was trying to get across was Riley having heart and toughing it out even though he is still the new guy. Apparently, Riley ate his Super Cena Wheaties (Now available at major retails this Tuesday) and survives the Miz's beatdown. He takes charge and pushes him against the annoucer's table. Cole gets in his face, but he tosses him to the ground. Miz takes control for a second. A slight ref distract allows the Miz to attempt to blindside Riley with the briefcase, but he dodges it and hits a DDT for the win. You would think after having the Miz drop the title that you still need him to win some matches to keep his stock up, but losing to Riley isn't really doing him any favors. Then again, I don't think it was ever intended for this rivalry to last long and the best way to go about it is have Riley win and put them both in separate programs afterwords. I also wasn't overly impressed with Riley's in ring ability, but when your on defense the majority of the match, I suppose you don't get much of a chance to show what you can do. If the WWE is having Riley beat the Miz at a PPV, they are definitely preping him for some big things. We will wait and see what he can do. I hope the DDT isn't Riley's permanent finisher because its too basic.

Winner via pinfall: Alex Riley

Backstage scene of Sgt. Slaughter talking with "President Obama" and a buch of Agent Smith look alikes. Vickie Guerrero comes in wanting to sing and secret service attacks her. Mindless comedy for the win?

Alberto Del Rio is making his way for his upcoming match, but Big Show attacks him from behind. Show is still on the attack until Mark Henry shows up for revenge. Henry hit WSS through the Spanish announce table (Remember, it isn't a wrestling PPV until the spanish table is destroyed) and attacks the knee of Show. Once Henry leaves, Del Rio orders the ref to do a ten count. The ref warns Show if he can't get in the ring, he will forfeit the match. Show stupidly accepts and the match finally begins. I always feel bad for the spanish announcers. One of these days, they are just going to open the PPV with the table already broken, and that's not fair.

Match #3: Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show
Del Rio is mainly targeting the knee of Show. He does well for a while, but Show continues to fight back. He hits a CS on Del Rio, but rolls under the ring. Eventually, Del Rio locked in the CAB on Show's injured leg, so I guess it would be the Cross Legbreaker. Show grabs the ropes and Del Rio breaks the hold. Show is having a difficult time standing up and the ref tells him if he can't stand, he is calling for the bell. Show tries to get up, but he finally falls down and the match is over. I personally wasn't a big fan of how this entire segment was designed. I just think the WWE was making Show look too strong by dealing with all this punishment and still not losing via pinfall or submission. I get the fact he is a giant of a man, but Del Rio needs something to get himself over and a "win" like this isn't going to do him any favors. I would have liked for Del Rio to be more jerkish here by getting the ref distracted and maybe using a weapon on Show to KO him. I think it would have made Del Rio get more boos, but this kind of finish will give him the same heat he is normally getting. Overall, not a big fan of how this match was booked.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After we see Truth continue to lose his damn mind, we cut to Wade Barrett with a promo. He talks about how Americans suck and DC is a disgrace because of the National Debt and the US education system (In a lot of ways, he actually has a point here). He is now ready for his match. Barrett's promo quickly reminded me what made Barrett great last year. It seems like ever since the Corre, his stock has fallen pretty fast and you almost forget that he was chasing the world title and was making Cena his slave late last year.

Match #4: Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson for the IC Championship
It is always funny when the USA chants start to happen and yet people forget that BOTH competators aren't from the states. In a way, its almost like the fans are booing both guys. Sometimes, you kinda wish the audience would think of more creative chants insead of asking a same stupid question to heels since 2000. Thanks SCSA.....Anyway, this match was nothing too special, but Barrett was trying to make this fun. I am sorry, but Zeke is really boring. If it weren't for all the muscles, he would already be out of a job. Barrett hit Wasteland, but can only get a two count. The finish comes when 14,325 Scoop Slams by Zeke later, he locks in the Torture Rack and wins the match. I think the WWE is trying to get Wade out of the midcard and thus decided to take the belt off of him tonight. I think the WWE didn't really do their homework when they created the Corre or else Barrett's stock wouldn't have fallen so far. He was getting a lot of heat when he was going up against Cena last year, but lose after lose, the guy is barely doing better than X Pac heat these days. In fact, tonight's promo by Barrett was the most heat he has drawn in a long time. Oh well, sometimes a guy has to have lots of ups and downs in their careers. I agree with Barrett dropping the title, but Zeke would not be my first choice to give the title. I don't really think Zeke is ready for a title like this because there isn't a whole lot engaging about him. Come on dude, grow a personality and maybe I can start caring about you. After the match, King conducted an quick interview with Zeke. The big guy cut this promo as if he had no idea what just happened five seconds ago. Our IC Champion Ladies and Gentlemen....

Winner via submission and NEW IC Champ: Ezekiel Jackson

Backstage of the Obama look alike talking to some divas and Santino. The comic relief wants to show him the Cobra, but the Secret Service attack him and make the President run away. Funny and stupid at the same time. There was a backstage promo with CM Punk. He says he is like a politican, except for the fact they always lie and such. He promises victory over Rey and says he will do something nobody has ever seen before. What would that be, Cena losing to a heel cleanly? Anway, joking aside, good promo by Punk. It is amazing how a little promo by Punk adds so much to the show. I also think Punk took a shot at the WWE during the promo by mocking the phrase "sports entertainment". I think Punk really tries to go out of his way to address himself as a wrestler and not a superstar. I like this guy, he burns politicans and the business he works for at the same time.

Match #5: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
A good overall match. I know people have been complaining about how many Punk/Rey matches have been going on lately, but this one was pretty good. The two work very well together and usually find a way to make a match fun. This was almost my vote for Match of the Night, but this is definitely my second favorite. Lots of submission holds during the match. I like it when the Bow and Arrow submission makes an appearance since it looks cool. There was a moment where Punk seemed to be favoring one of his arms. He might have gotten a stinger, but he eventually started using it towards the end so I would hope he is ok. The finish comes when after a ton of counters by both guys, Rey is going for the 619, but Punk ducks and grabs Rey onto his shoulders. He then hits the GTS for the win. I really liked the finish to this match since it was pretty creative. Yeah, definitely more exciting than seen an RKO out of nowhere, don't you think? Anyway, with Punk getting the win, I think it shows the WWE is trying their hardest to keep Punk around. I would make a prediction as to what will happen with Punk, but I need to save that for later in the review.

Winner via pinfall: CM Punk

Match #6: Randy Orton vs Christian for the WHC
Randy's concussion has been cleared, so the match is a go. Also, its wrestling logic how a concussion turns one guy into a flapping idiot in TNA while the other concussion makes the guy remain the same. Orton was selling the head shots in certain spots while the commentators were taking it a little too far. Booker was stuttering like a madman while on commentary during this match. It is like he chewed up like 4-5 different sentences all at once....just like Madden. Hey, as long as he doesn't start talking about Brett Favre, I am fine with it. This was a pretty damn good match. This wasn't as great as their OtL match, but still pretty good. This was my vote for Match of the Night. Lots of counters and in ring action, definitely a match worth checking out. I really liked the spot where Orton dodged the Spear and attempted an RKO, but Christian counters and hits a Spear, but only gets a two count. My God, not even the Light Arrows can defeat Orton based on this performance. The finish comes when Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere (see what I mean?) and he wins the match....BUT WAIT!!! Christian's foot was clearly underneath the rope, but the ref didn't see it and still gives Orton the win. Christian is still complaining towards the ref and Orton greets him with hitting him in the face with the title. First thing I want to address is the wrestling logic. The referees where like Sherlock Holmes during those Miz/Cena matches, but here they don't seem to care or even bother to look at the instant replay, which also happened during the Miz/Cena feud. I am not complaining about the logic here, but it is just something I like to point out since I have been watching wrestling a long time. So, I guess WWE found a loop hole to make this feud continue, but still have Orton as champion. I still feel with Christian's current turn, he needs to cheat to get the title and I was surprised he didn't try a heelish trick AT ALL during this match. I guess what happens now is Christian completely snaps and starts cheating in order to win and become a full fledged heel, or steal a page of out Edge's playbook.

Winner via pinfall and still WHC: Randy Orton

Match #7: Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne
This was announced as a bonus match.....or a match to fill out the three hours. What is funny here is the PPV ended about 10 minutes early anyway. The Bellas were shown to be at ringside with Keith Stone. Who the f*** is Keith Stone? Oh, he is that guy who does those stupid commercials for Keystone Light or whatever. I guess alcoholics would care about this character more than myself. Also, this part served no purpose because they did nothing with it. It's like they were saying "Here are the Bellas and product placement........what more do you want?". Anyway, after a Michael Bay experiment gone horribly wrong, let's get back to the match. The match was nothing special and a carbon copy of the Miz/Riley match. Swagger was schooling Bourne while the little guy was on defense for the majority of the contest. I like the crowd reaction to this match since they literally didn't seem to give a s***. I think this was as close to a bathroom break match as you were gonna get this evening. The finish comes when Bourne counters the Ankle Lock and gets a rollup victory. Interesting that Bourne ended up winning the match. Maybe they are trying something with him? Then again, this was mainly a filler match, so I wouldn't make anything out of it.

Winner via pinfall: Evan Bourne

Time for "Obama" to speak. He talks about how great it is to be here while the crowd doesn't seem to care about him, Cena, or Truth. In fact, this audience might have been more interested in Truth than Cena. Just as he is about to leave, Booker calls him to the ring and wants him to do a Barack-o-roonie. Booker does one while the Obama character actually pulled off something decent to a spin-a-roonie. This was just more comedy being thrown at you, but it was decent comedy since I have seen the WWE do much worse with comedy (Hornswoggle doing....just about anything if you think about it).

Match #8: John Cena vs R-Truth for the WWE Championship
There was definitely some interesting crowd response for this match. The match wasn't anything too special, but it is amazing how a crowd reaction can get you invested in a match. Of course, Truth hits the Scissors Kick and the Facebuster, but still can get only two counts. You can rip Cena's heart out of his chest in the middle of the ring and he will STILL find a way to win a match. The finish comes when Truth comes over to a "little Jimmy" and takes his hat and drinks water or something. The kid then splashes Truth in the face with the beverage (Maybe it is the actual water that is the ultimate weapon as opposed to the bottle that holds the water?). Cena takes advantage of this. He gets a couple of strikes on him, hits AA, and he retains the title. I like the Truth character, but he is not ready for the title. He has really grown on me and he is making tremendous strides, but he needs to do some other things before getting the world title. In fact, another way to pursue the whole "conspiracy" thing would be for Truth to win the match, but then the Raw GM restarts the match based on some bs and then Cena scores the win. Back to what I was saying earlier with Punk, I think the WWE was using Truth for this mini-feud/deal thing with Cena so they can start something again with Punk and Cena. The feud they had at the beginning of the year never had a conclusion and with Punk out the door, now is the time to restart that and I think the WWE gives the title to Punk to try to persuade him to resign a contract. Not really sure where Truth goes after this. He can keep talking about conspiracy until John Morrison is ready to go again to restart that feud. I think that is the best possible route since there are no others faces for the heel to go up against. I just don't want to see Truth fade away after tonight, because his heel character is insane, but funny at the same time. He is so crazy to the point where you just got to see what he does next, so hopefully they give him something after this.

Winner via pinfall and still WWE Champ: John Cena

Overall Impression:
Definitely a better performance than OtL. This was a decent performance with some good in ring action and some title changes to go around, but there was some flaws. This was by no stretch of the imagination a great PPV, but I think it was at least a good PPV and not the worst way to spend an evening. This PPV is not worth the cost of the full amount, but I think all the PPVs are overpriced these days. I would basically hold out watching this showing on something like Netflix or a DVD rental. I am not sure if this is worth a purchase on DVD, but only time will tell. There was some silly comedy bits, but they weren't overly terrible and at least tolerable. Christian/Orton and Punk/Rey made it a worthwhile evening, but I also felt the main flaw with this PPV is how memoriable it will end up being. We had title changes, but the major titles still remain in place and not sure if we are going to be thinking of this PPV when looking back on Ziggler or Jackson's championship wins. Also, there wasn't much in terms of a shocking moment or a plot twist, so that hurts the score as well. Then again, there wasn't any gimmick matches and based on the fact all of these matches were just one fall matches, this was enjoyable and watchable. If I were to give this PPV a score on a scale of 1-10 and 5 being average, I would have to give this a 5 out of 10. That means this was right around an average PPV, but I was split between giving it a 5 or a 6, and I don't do decimal points on this show. There was some decent wrestling to watch, but nothing overly exciting and you can end up getting bored with this one. I enjoyed it for what it was worth, but realize others will not like either the matches or the outcomes, so take of that what you will. I thought for being one of those lower end PPVs, this was ok. If you are looking for some decent in ring action from the WWE but without something completely leaping out at you, this is not a bad show to pass up, but it is also a pretty skippable evening. It will be interesting to see where things go now. I would like to see Barrett do bigger things, and I would like to see how much more they can pad out the Christian/Orton deal. I am also interested to see what Truth does after tonight and what Punk meant by his promo earlier tonight. That is going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I can also be seen on blogspot/blogger, which is titled the WrestlingNerd Show. Anyway, I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time.

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