Thursday, December 13, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: TNA Impact Wrestling 12/13/12 Review (The greatest liar that ever lived)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling 12/13/12. Does Impact deliver or will TNA fans continue to hate my guts? Let's find out and start the review. 

We open up the show with Bobby Roode. He considers himself a good businessman, so he wonders why his deal with Aces and Eights went wrong. Good businessman? You invested in a stable that's been very inconsistent with their matches and motives for the last two months. Was that really a wise business move? Aces and Eights arrive and claim they were offered a better deal by somebody else. So, their motives are now back to money? Make up your damn mind. As soon as they reveal details, they are set to attack Bobby until Jeff Hardy and James Storm make the save….wait, what? I know both guys have some history with Aces and Eights, but just think about it for one moment and you will see the wrestling logic in full swing. We find out later in the evening that Hardy and Storm will go up against Aces and Eights. Yeah, that'll show them!!! The opening was a decent start to the show. It gives off foreshadowing for later in the night, so that's always a nice thing. 

Match #1: Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne
The pigeons are cooped up? You might want to get that looked at. Velvet is ready to compete, so virgins should get their dicks ready. Don't complain if you miss the bus ride. Velvet wins with the In Yo Face. She looks roughly the same in the ring as before, so that's a good sign. It was just a match to easily get Velvet back in the swing of things. Not a whole lot to talk about here. 

Winner via pinfall: Velvet Sky

Match #2: Team Imitation Angle vs Jersey Dicks
Yeah, instead of drinking coffee, have a 5 hour energy drink *thumbs up*. If I want to f*** up my organs, I will definitely take your advice, Kurt. With the Direct Auto Insurance and now this, TNA really has figured out the definition of subtly….

I'm surprised Kurt didn't look in the camera and give off a cheesy smile in the process. Why do I get the feeling this is gonna be the next commercial for the energy drink? The match was just blah. Wes wins the match with a crossbody. I sound so excited for this. Kurt is celebrating until CHEAP SHOT!!! A random member of Aces and Eights (We'll just call him, 'Bat Boy') takes out Angle with a baseball bat. I love how the commentators bring up Kurt going after the TV Title next week. This is the most intrigue I've seen for the TV Title since….

Winner via pinfall: Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff

We get a video of Joseph Park training at OVW. I love how they don't even show the building when Joseph arrives. I honestly was hoping for a gag reel/funny training montage. It had a few funny moments, but it was such a missed opportunity. I was a bit disappointed with this segment. I hope this is better next week. 

Match #3: Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs Aces and Eights
Representing Aces and Eights were Doc and Unimportant Guy #86. This match actually wasn't that bad. I got an enjoyment out of this. The finish comes when Chain Dude and Rolls 'n Lard show up to attack Hardy and Storm, but the good guys take out the Aces and Eights members. Hardy wins this match with the Twist of Fate. After the match, Devon reveals and Austin Aries was the guy who paid them off. Hulk Hogan and Bobby freak out over the reveal. So, here's my question. Why did Aries pay off Aces and Eights? Weren't these the same guys who almost broke his arm a few months back? Plus, why screw over Bobby? Aries has had issues defeating Hardy and has had no problems defeating Roode. With that said, it would've made more sense from Aries' standpoint to let Bobby win the title. So right off the bat, there's plot holes all around. At the same time, I don't really mind this scenario. I can see Aries twirling his mustache and team up with Card Games and it makes him stand out a lot more, so I'm actually somewhat interested in this. 

Winner via pinfall: Jeff Hardy and James Storm

AJ Styles comes out and explains he isn't happy. He's tired of being the company guy and is gonna look out for himself. Screw the rules, I don't have a personality. I love how the fans are cheering for Styles at the end of his speech. I really wonder if the Impact Zone fully watches the show or are just looking at people to cheer or boo them. Listening to promos? What's that? Dixie Carter wonders what has Styles become. After dealing with a sex scandal, a ridiculously long feud, and a bad actress, is that really the appropriate question to ask? I love how Dixie shows up for this very brief moment and has never shown any concern for Aces and Eights invading her company for months. Yeah, even the president of the company doesn't sees Card Games as a threat. I kinda like this progression with Styles. After all the stupid things he has endured this year, it's time for him to get a repackage of some kind. I think what they should do is keep Styles off television for a few months and have him return with a new agenda. It doesn't necessary mean a heel turn. He can still play face if you want him to, but something to change him up.

Match #4: RVD vs Kenny King
What in the world is that music Kenny comes out to? Can you even classify that as entrance music? Seriously, what is that? I thought this match was better than their match at FR, but I need to not remind myself about FR. Kenny wins this match by having his feet on the ropes to steal this match. I kinda like this move by Kenny. It doesn't necessary mean a complete heel turn, but it shows something that Kenny hasn't done since walking into TNA, which is the presence of a personality. Part of the reason I haven't drank any of the IWC Kool-Aid on Kenny is because I just find his personality beyond boring. After tonight, he showed me more here than he has all year. There's still hope for Kenny, but we'll wait and see. Speaking of the screw job, I love how the ref got kicked by Kenny and didn't even bother to turn and see what he was doing. The wrestling logic is very strong with this show. 

Winner via pinfall: Kenny King

Hogan and Bully curse like crazy while talking about Brooke Hogan. Bully claims he isn't interested in Brooke and she's coming onto him, while Hogan isn't sure what to believe. I'm with Hogan here. I honestly don't know what to think of any of this. I like the tone in the promos, but I just don't like the whole concept of daddy/daughter drama. Funny how this was the storyline that followed after Hogan's sex tape. I'm just tossing that out there and you can take of it whatever you will. 

Match #5: Bully Ray vs Jesse
I was surprised in how long this match lasted. It was only there to boost Bully's confidence or vent out some anger. I'm sure if you're nice enough, you can persuade your wife to have a three-way with Brooke. Bully Cutter for the win. 

Winner via pinfall: Bully Ray

Austin Aries comes out to explain himself. He claims he payed off Aces and Eights because he didn't like how Hogan had him fight his own war and didn't get payed or respected during his world title reign. So, you're angry that you didn't get paid, so you shell out the extra bucks to pay a group of rebels? It's funny if you look at it like that. I'm not really big on Aries' explanation since it doesn't make the most sense, but I'm just glad to see Aries doing something more. Aries explains that he isn't fully working with Aces and Eights. Yeah, even he knows teaming up with them is a bad idea. Aries did mention how his goal is to become world champion again. Again, if he wanted to become champion, wouldn't Bobby winning the title make more sense since he seems to have issues defeating Hardy? I know, we gotta keep the face/heel balance in the wrestling world. Hardy shows up and claims he does whatever the fans tell him. I fight for my friends and fans!!! Anyway, Hardy offers Aries a world title match for next week, but Aries claims he will do things on his own time. The two brawl to end the show. Things are getting crowded with the world title situation. In fact, what I see happening is Bobby getting thrown into the mix to make it a triple threat match at the next PPV. I kinda want to see that. 

Overall Impression:
For some odd reason, I got more enjoyment out of this than I did Final Resolution. That may not be saying much, but I liked the progression of tonight's stuff compared to FR. RVD/Kenny was better this time around. While logic is raped up the ass with Aries' motives for hiring Aces and Eights, Aries being that cunning mastermind is okay with me since he plays that role so well. The match quality wasn't too bad either. I wouldn't call this an amazing show since I would mostly consider it average, but this is the best episode I've seen out of TNA for the past month. It's a good thing, but it's also scary. Impact is at least worth a look tonight, but I'll admit it isn't perfect and isn't for everyone. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls in the next one. 


  1. still think the promos are for a return sting?

  2. Concerning Aces and eights, its amazing they finally got that while there is nothing wrong in putting the "big reveals" on the slowburner, something HAS to happens in the meantime otherwise people will just grow bored... The Austin Aries involvement at least gives them a reason for being there. And the fact the world title situation, as you called it, is getting crowded isnt a bad thing in my book. Pity the same can't be said about the other TNA titles.
    Ohterwise I agree, this was more fun to watch than the pay-per-view, which is rather worrysome when you think about it...
    Thanks for the review.

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