Saturday, July 28, 2012

WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 7/27/12 (The Boring Review)

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown 7/27/12. Yeah, anybody remember THIS show after Raw's 1000th episode? Let's take a look at start the review. 

Match #1: Miz vs Christian; IC Championship
We open up the show with the new IC champion, Miz. Before Miz talks, we get a couple of video packages from Raw. This would happen throughout the night. I'm not gonna talk about that stuff since I already talked about it in the Raw review. If you want my thoughts on that show, click the link at the end of the review. You can go there now, but you should read this AWESOME SD review….eh, who am I kidding. Miz talks about becoming IC champion and thanks Christian's fans for screwing him over. Yeah, I still think the metrics for that poll were made up, but I'll stop now before I piss somebody off. Christian comes out and invokes his rematch clause tonight, so we have a match. This was miles better than the match on Raw, but I mostly blame that on time constraints. After all, we had to plug in all the new WWE T-shirts. Money, money, moonnnnneeeeeey…….MONEY!!! Anyway, this was a fun match to watch. The finish comes when Miz does the EYE POKE OF DOOM. Well, at least there's no finger poking….that sounds inappropriate. Miz follows up with a rollup, but not before grabbing a fistful of tights. Yeah, so Miz ends up stealing this match. I personally thought this was a better finish since it shows Miz's cunning and it sets up a rematch. Now that we've seen a good match between Miz and Christian, I want to see them build upon this. I think it could be fun. 

Winner via pinfall and still IC Champion: Miz

Match #2: Ryback vs Jinder Mahal
We actually get a Ryback match where they actually give Ryback a contest. At the same time, I thought that this was the best match I've seen out of Jinder ever. Who says WWE Superstars/NXT is a waste of time? The finish comes when Jinder leaves this match, thus giving Ryback a countout victory. Well, at least they are trying something different with Ryback…..kinda. 

Winner via countout: Ryback

Match #3: Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes
I thought the Bryan/Sheamus backstage scene was hilarious. I know it's beating a dead horse when mentioning Bryan's 18 second lose at WrestleMania, but I thought this one was handled better. Innuendos for the freaking' win. During this match, Dolph Ziggler arrived and watched. Cody did pretty well in this match, but you knew he wasn't gonna win since he's dealing with Cena Irishman. Just to clarify, I don't hate Sheamus. In fact, I like Sheamus, but he really has turned into a Cena clone since winning the Royal Rumble. This was a good match to watch. The finish comes when Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for the victory. After the match, Dolph decides to NOT cash in the MITB. Well, this can be viewed as pointless. Reckon, I realize they want to tease the idea of a cash-in, but I feel they are going a little overboard with it. After all, we don't need to be reminded EVERY SINGLE WEEK that Dolph can cash in the MITB for the WHC. Anyway, Chris Jericho comes out, tosses Dolph back in the ring, and now time for Sheamus to hit another Brogue Kick on Dolph. I'm starting to notice a pattern with SD. I swear that every episode of SD features Dolph getting hit with the Brogue Kick. That's also starting to get old. Friday Night Smackdown: Now with more brain damage to bad guys. 

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

Match #4: Antonio Cesaro vs Santino
This was a short match. The finish comes when Antonio hits the Gotch Style Neutralizer for the victory. With this victory, it can set-up a possible US title feud between Antonio and Santino. Wow, they're actually doing something with Antonio? What is this madness? In all seriousness, it was about damn time they did something with him. Really wish they would find a new entrance theme for Antonio. It's really annoying. 

Winner via pinfall: Antonio Cesaro

Match #5: Damien Sandow vs Yoshi Tatsu
Since Damien got killed by DX, it's time for him to kill somebody that he's already killed previously. Straight Jacket Neckbreaker for the victory. After the match, Damien claims to be your martyr, and follows up with a cartwheel. WHEEEEEE!!!

Winner via pinfall: Damien Sandow

Match #6: Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane; winner is #1 Contender to WHC
Once again, we get another good match. SD really did deliver in the action department, which is more than what I can say about Raw. Still, that isn't a bad thing. Raw was focused on nostalgia, while SD was more about the action. This match wasn't as strong as the IC or Sheamus match from earlier, but this wasn't too bad. The finish comes when Mysterio hits the 619 on Bryan and Del Rio. Mysterio hits the dime on Bryan, but Ricardo pulls Mysterio under the ring. Del Rio picks the bones and Del Rio is the new #1 Contender……again. This kinda puzzles me. I thought Del Rio and Rey were gonna have a feud. Plus, Sheamus and Del Rio just happened, so this is a little weird. Now, I would think that since there's still a month until SummerSlam, I would imagine Rey getting in the middle of this and making it a triple threat match for the WHC. I think that would be a better idea, especially since Sheamus and Del Rio already had their match and they tied that up at MITB. To be fair, Dolph is still waiting in the wings to steal the title, so you could factor him into the equation. I thought for a moment that Kane was gonna get the next title match. I know it wouldn't make much sense, but I wouldn't mind seeing Kane get a title match. After all, the man has to be depressed, now that his jailbait is running Raw. Something tells me that this WHC picture isn't absolute, especially since a certain suspension from a snake is about to expire. 

Winner via pinfall and NEW #1 Contender: Alberto Del Rio

Overall Impression:
I was mostly expecting a filler evening, but SD did introduce a couple of things…..somewhat. I think people need to realize that WWE put a lot of investment into Raw's 1000th episode, so for SD to turn out as good as it did is amazing on its own. I really enjoyed tonight's action, and I might even go future to say that SD featured the best wrestling out of the week. If you want a show with some decent action, check out this episode. They did establish a couple of things, but I wouldn't exactly say this show is a watcher. I enjoyed it for what it was worth, but I admit that I didn't have much to say. I like it when the reviews are short, but……nevermind. That's gonna do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show. See you next time......GOD, THIS IS BORING!!!


  1. Summerslam card:

    HHH vs Lesnar (Last Man Standing)

    Cena vs Punk (c) vs Show - WWE Title

    Orton vs Barrett (Steel Cage Match)

    Rey vs Del Rio vs Sheamus (c) - WHC Title

    Miz vs Christian - IC Title

    Jericho vs Ziggler (Ladder match for the briefcase)

    Primo & Epico vs R truth & Kofi (c) vs PTP - Tag titles

    Pre-show: D bry vs Kane

    What do you think? Would you pay for that?

    1. I'd defo pay for that! but they'll probably throw in a divas match and maybe a ryback squash match so i doubt all those matches can happen.

      Can't wait for Randy's return on mon!

    2. Great card!

      Lesnar will Clean in an epic fight.

      Show will help punk and form a new NWO stable, with heyman, lesnar and a few returning stars with people like Cody Rhodes.

      Orton will win and get into feud with del rio.

      Del rio will win the title in a twist.

      Miz will beat Christian again.

      PTP will win via help from AW

      Jericho will put over Ziggler

    3. That isn't too bad of a card, but I think a Ryback match, Daniel Bryan confronting Charlie Sheen, and a diva match will end up taking up a few of those slots. Plus, not really sure how you have Randy vs Wade. I know the two had a rivalry, but they pretty much stopped that, whatever.

  2. Third time maybe the charm for Del Rio winning the World title but I don't that it is set in stone yet.

    This guy is starting to take Christian's One More Match shtick with all these title shots.

  3. Santino might be usa champ til september since they are touring Australia in that time and it will be Santino Vs David Otanga for the us title ... The More You Knowwwww

    Cody was looking good against Sheamus. He needs a major rivalry or maybe lead a stable.

    Peace out Yo

    1. Who'd you think Cody should feud with? I'm with the creative team, I can't think of anything for him or clay!

    2. Cody Rhodes V Randy Orton. Still Mysterio and Orton should be demoted to US/IC matches considering they're druggies an' all.