Friday, December 30, 2011

WrestlingNerd's Running Diary of TNA Impact Wrestling 12/29/11

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd. Today, I bring back the running diary, as we take a look at TNA Impact Wrestling on 12/29/11. I'm pressed for time, so let's get through this. 

-TNA opens up the show with the Knockouts? I guess they already decided to not try tonight. A new record!!!

-Madison Rayne, "Tara and Tessmacher. Ring now!!!" Madison forgot how to say fluent sentences and now talks like Donkey Kong. Me all confused now. DK need banana!!!

-Madison fires Tara and Tessmacher. Sting arrives and says Madison technically has no power. Umm….where was he last week to address this matter? What, too busy marking out over Jeff Hardy to give two s***s about this? Makes everything that happened with the KOs on last week's show entirely pointless. Hooray for progress?

-Sting makes it Gail Kim vs Mickie James tonight. It will be for the KO title. 

-If CM Punk is responsible for creating the term "pipe bomb", would we have to give credit to Madison for creating the screech bomb? Seriously, stop screaming!!!

-First match of the night is Abyss and Scott Steiner vs AJ Styles and Kaz. This is a continuation of the Wild Card Tag Tournament. Question to the readers…..does anyone care about this tournament?

-Amazing how Styles was able to take the World Champion to the limit, but can't deal with a 52 year old steroid patient. Wrestling logic strikes again.

-The match dragged. Trust me, you aren't missing much.

-The finish comes when Abyss hits Black Hole Slam on Steiner and puts Kaz on top of Steiner to give this one to AJ/Kaz. I love how Earl Hebner sees Abyss attack his own partner and doesn't seem to give a s***. I think Hebner is just hoping the check doesn't bounce. 

-Bully Ray arrives and says this is a load of crap. Is he talking to Abyss' character or the product?

-Abyss wants Bully at Genesis. Monster's Ball match. Does that mean we'll see Halle Berry? 

-You're probably asking yourself what's the difference between a hardcore match and a Monster's Ball match. The answer……not a damn thing.

-Sting and Kurt Angle talk. Sting says through some ancient folklore, Kurt has a history with RVD. Because of Kurt's actions in attacking civilians, he has to go up against RVD tonight. So, is "ancient folklore"  code for WWE? It might as well be.

-Gunner and Ric Flair are backstage. Flair says Gunner is a killer. He's a killer alright….an excitement killer. 

-You know what this show needs…..Mr. Excitement himself….

-Second match of the night is Zema Ion vs Tony Nese in a contract on a pole match. The winner gets to be in the X Division title match. In my opinion, this was the weaker of the Zema/Nese matches. Zema wins. Austin Aries on commentary was the highlight of this entire bit. 

-Douglas Williams vs Gunner up next. 

-The match was a joke. It didn't last long as Gunner would not listen to the referee and get himself DQed. After the match, Gunner hits a DDT on Douglas on top of the concrete. Same old s***. 

-Hmm….I wonder if the injury angle through the concrete is TNA's new method of releasing their talents? Yeah, so Vince McMahon and Roboinaitis aren't so bad now. 

-I know there's no reports of Douglas being released. It's called having a sense of humor and joking around. 

-Robert Roode talks to his friend, Tracy, in the ring. Is Tracy secretly Bruce Willis? Look at him?

-I think I just realized that my biggest enemy on Thursday nights isn't TNA…'s the remote control. Where the hell is it!!!

-Tracy, "Roode, you've become a bad man. I know this is wrestling, but nobody ever taught me about how wrestlers are actors. I NEED HELP!!!"

-In other words, it's getting pretty old, TNA. Enough of Roode's friends and family talking about how Roode has changed. It's basically beating a dead horse at this point. 

-Impact Zone. A Tracy chant? That's freakin' desperate. 

-Robert Roode beats up Bruce Willis in the Impact Zone. Yippee Ki Yay, mother f***er!!!

-The next match is Samoa Joe and Magnus vs Eric Young and ODB. Yes, this is a real match. 

-If you watched this match, you can see about 3 million sharks jumping at this very moment. 

-This match ought to be censored. They went for every innuendo imaginable since ODB was involved in the match. Who wrote this…..don't answer that. 

-This video can pretty much summarize the match…

-Yes, they really did a motorboat scene between OBD and Magnus. I can just smell the ratings.

-TNA stops attempting comedy and has Joe end this with a Muscle Buster to Eric. Why do I get the feeling Young and ODB will be a regular occurrence on this show? By the way, wouldn't the tag champs be interested in this tournament? They've been ghost since Final Resolution. 

-Yes, IWCTNA since they're not explaining things and just want you to assume you check out all the wrestling websites in order to know why certain wrestlers aren't on TV. 

-Kurt Angle vs RVD up next.

-Probably the best match of the night, but I don't think its saying much. James Storm arrives and hits Angle with the Last Call Super Kick. Ref calls for the bell, so Kurt wins via DQ. 

-RVD is backstage and talks about how he wanted to win this match. Why? His presences/thoughts aren't important since this is between James and Kurt. What were they thinking in adding this scene?

-Kurt just said the Last Call Super Kick isn't a wrestling move. Oh, I'm sure Shawn Michaels would say otherwise. TNA makes Kurt say some really stupid stuff sometimes. 

-The main event is Gail Kim vs Mickie James. That's not a mistake. That's really what happened….

-I'm all for the women getting featured better on wrestling shows, but this isn't going to get you more casual fans. Hell, I don't think the IWC is really high on this either. It wasn't a good move by TNA. This is also not the first time TNA has done this. This is more TNA stuff where they're trying to show the WWE THIS is how you feature women wrestlers. Guess what, TNA? WWE doesn't care, so STOP caring about what they think and focus on making YOUR show better. 

-To be fair, Gail and Mickie did deliver a pretty good match, but that all went to s*** when Madison would interfere at the end of this match. Gail steals this match after Madison's attack. What's even more ridiculous is this match will happen again at Genesis. Almost makes this match a waste of time since this was  a re-hash of their Final Resolution match. TNA is intentionally trying to piss you off now. 

-Has Madison been hanging out with Jeff Hardy? Was the make-up really necessary? Whoever wrote this was on drugs. 

Overall Impression:
This might've been worse than last week's show. It's custom for a wrestling show to lead off with one of their bigger storylines or a big star, but to open up with the KOs was TNA's way of saying they were taking the week off for the holidays. I think TNA took advantage of the holiday week a little too much since they really didn't put on that great of a show. The best parts of the evening where the Robert Roode bit and the Angle/RVD match. Listening to Storm cut a short promo backstage was also pretty good. Despite the fact we didn't know much about this Tracy person, the guy managed to make the scene work. He was rusty on the mic, but you also don't expect much with people not in the wrestling business. It was at least tolerable. While the KOs delivered a good match, it won't get people talking about their product or get more interest for the show. I know it isn't fair, but pro wrestling as always been about the male performers while the females are subjected to eye candy. I don't like it either since many of these ladies can do wonders in the ring, but that's the way the business is and it doesn't look like it will change anytime soon. With that said, I would still like to diva/KOs to be featured better on both shows and be presented better. Half the time, the storylines are very lackluster while the matches aren't very intriguing. WWE has been running low on ideas in the diva division, which is why things are on repeat. That's why it feels like they've been doing the same thing for the last six months. The KO match quality is better, but there is so much interference in these matches that it can take out out of it. Shenanigans are always going to happen, but at least change it up and make it interesting as opposed to doing wrestling cliché #492. Plus, the interferences TNA comes up with are just ridiculous. I'm in a tough spot since this was a holiday week and I shouldn't expect much out of the shows. Then again, look at the week WWE put together this week? They put on a pretty good show, despite the fact it was a holiday week. TNA on the other hand didn't seem like they were trying, which is why the show felt very boring and stale at times. TNA at least put more matches together for Genesis, but some of the matches on this card aren't that intriguing. I can't get into this X Division match. Simply for the fact that we haven't gotten any mention of Austin Aries, Kid Kash, or Jesse Sorensen, whom are already in this match. The entire focus has been on Zema, but something about it doesn't make much sense. Zema comes off as a heel, so that's three heels in this match. I just haven't liked the writing for this bit. I like they are trying to build up other stars in the company, but the last thing the X Division need is more heels. It's always possible they will go a different direction with this rivalry, but who really knows. A Monster's Ball match could be interesting, but I don't have high expectations for it. I can't recommend Impact this week. Just more of the same stuff you see that doesn't help this company grow. That's going to do it for the running diary and I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me what you thought of this edition of the Running Diary. I have a special article for this week. I have put off the discussion of the "It Begins" videos, but I will finally give my thoughts on the subject. Look for that article to show up either Saturday or Sunday of this week. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time. 

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  1. I agree with you that this was a really bad Impact. Also it is rumored that Melina was the one that interfered in the Gail Kim vs. Mickie James match.

  2. WTF?!
    why was this tits spot in a wrestling match?????!?!??!?
    why is this woman who is 75% tits a pro wrestler???!
    WHATS GOING ON? someone help me!!!!!!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. It seems like TNA has hit an all-time low, lower than what hey already were before. Their shows seems to be getting worse by the week and Storm/Angle and Roode are the only guys keeping the company alive.