Thursday, December 22, 2011

2nd Annual WrestlingNerd Award Show Nomination List (Best and Worst of WWE & TNA for 2011)

Since we are near the end of the year, it's that time where we take a look back and remember some of the best and worst moments of pro wrestling (at least in WWE and TNA). I did this last year and I had a lot of fun putting it together, so decided to do it again. Of course, I need to explain a few things since there was a lot of confusion in last year's nomination list. Then again, it was also my fault for not explaining things better. How this works is people will get a chance to cast their vote for who they feel is worthy of winning the award. I will also list my choices for the winners of these awards in the process. There will basically be two winners, my choices for these awards and the vast majority of what the fans/readers choose. There might be some similarities between me and the vast majority, but there could be some differences, but I also think that's what makes this intriguing. Voting will be opening between now and January 1, 2012. I also ask when you vote, please keep the voting on the page (via the comments) where the categories are listed. When I have to go back and read the results, it would make it easier on myself to get a good compilation. You can also email your votes in case you feel embarrassed listing them in the comment section. It would also be nice for people to explain why they're making their choice. Again, that adds to the fun in all of this since it gets the debate going. Please only vote ONE TIME per category so it can be fair for everyone else who votes. I do post at other locations and realize there can be some people stashing the votes, but please do not or else it takes the fun out of it. I want to try an award show that gets some fan interaction, so people have a chance to launch their opinions and I get to list my choices in the process. When I release the winners of the awards, I will go into detail on why I included so and so in a category and explain my winner, but the fan's choice will also be released at the same time, so that should make it a little more interesting. Anyway, let's have some fun with this award show and let;s hope it does better than last year.

I have created an online survey. This will make it easier for people to vote since it's all done with a click as opposed to listing a bunch of names and stuff. For everyone who has voted, I have already recorded you votes in the poll. Thank you and enjoy.

Mid Carder of the Year
Cody Rhodes 
Dolph Ziggler 
Daniel Bryan
Zack Ryder

Rookie of the Year
Brodus Clay
Sin Cara

WWE Superstar/Wrestler of the Year
CM Punk
Alberto Del Rio
John Cena
Mark Henry
Randy Orton

TNA Superstar/Wrestler of the Year
Robert Roode
Kurt Angle
James Storm
Bully Ray

Diva/Knockout of the Year
Madison Rayne
Beth Phoenix
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Mickie James

Tag Team of the Year
Air Boom
Awesome Truth
Beer Money
Mexican America

Best PPV of the Year
WWE SummerSlam
TNA Destination X
WWE Vengeance
WWE Money in the Bank
WWE Extreme Rules

Worst PPV of the Year
TNA Victory Road
WWE Over the Limit
TNA Turning Point
TNA Hardcore Justice
WWE Capitol Punishment
TNA Against All Odds

Most Underused Talent of 2011 
Drew McIntyre
Austin Aries
Justin Gabriel
Tyson Kidd
Alex Riley

Biggest Potential for 2012
Dolph Ziggler
Cody Rhodes
Wade Barrett

Best Rivalry of 2011
Randy Orton/Christian
CM Punk/John Cena
Dolph Ziggler/Zack Ryder
Triple H/Kevin Nash

Breakout/Comeback Star of the Year
Bully Ray
Dolph Ziggler
Zack Ryder

Worst Rivalry of 2011
Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler
Kurt Angle/Jeff Jarrett
Pope/Samoa Joe
Garett Bischoff/Eric Bischoff
Jinder Mahal/Great Khali

Stupidest Storyline/Segment of the Year
Immortal (the entire thing)
Jeff Hardy's "party" before a PPV match
Michael Cole getting out of control
Jinder Mahal
Abyss' out of the blue face turn

Biggest Disappointment of 2011
Douglas Williams
John Morrison
Sin Cara
Alex Riley
Drew McIntyre

Gimmick Match of the Year
CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs Miz-TLC match at TLC
Alberto Del Rio vs Christian- Ladder match at Extreme Rules
Randy Orton vs Christian- No Holds Barred match at SummerSlam
Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder match
Undertaker vs Triple H- No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania
Miz vs John Morrison- Falls Count Anywhere match on Raw
Smackdown Elimination Chamber match

Best Promo(s) of the Year
Rock's first return promo
John Cena/Piper's Pit segment
CM Punk's worked shoot promo
James Storm's promo towards Kurt Angle
Sheamus' storytime
Bully Ray's bully talk

Worst match of 2011
John Cena vs Miz- I Quit match at OtL
Big Show vs Mark Henry- Chairs match at TLC
Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler/Jim Ross- pick your choice of match
Sting vs Jeff Hardy- 90 second match at VR
Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle- MMA match at Genesis

Non-Gimmick Match of the Year
CM Punk vs John Cena- Money in the Bank PPV
CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio- Survivor Series
Randy Orton vs Christian- Smackdown and/or OtL (I couldn't pick one, so both deserve praise)
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio- Capitol Punishment
Austin Aries vs Zema Ion vs Low Ki vs Jack Evans- Dest X contract match
Edge vs Dolph Ziggler- Royal Rumble

Best Storyline of the Year
Christian's heel turn/rivalry with Randy Orton
Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler go back and forth
CM Punk leaving WWE with WWE Championship
Robert Roode's heel turn/gets the brass ring

Worst Superstar/Wrestler of the Year
Jinder Mahal
Jeff Hardy
Johnny Curtis
Robbie E
Ezekiel Jackson

Comic Relief Character of the Year
Eric Young
Michael Cole


  1. Correct me if I'm voting the wrong way please.
    - Cody Rhodes ( Cuz, he won at WM27 and really got noticed around that time)
    - Crimson ( Cuz, he has a undefeated streak, Brodus hasn't debuted yet, and Sin Cara had injuries)
    - Alberto Del Rio ( I know a lot of people are gonna vote Cm Punk, but I choose Del Rio, Cuz he won the biggest RR in history, main evented at WM27, won MITB and became WWE Champion in the same year)
    - Robert Roode ( Cuz he became TNA champ, and got noticed,( at least in TNA))
    - Beth Pheonix/ Natalya ( The other divas/KOs haven't done much, but the Divas of Doom, did attract a little attention)
    - AirBoom ( Cuz, they became tag champs, and the other three didn't do much, except for Awesome Truth, but their purpose was outside of the tag team division)
    - WWE Money In The Bank ( Hands down the best PPV of 2011. The MITB matches, WHC match, and definantly the Cena/CM Punk match made this the best PPV)
    - Drew McIntyre ( Definantly Drew, since I only remember seeing him once in 2011 vs Randy Orton not too long ago )
    - Wade Barrett ( I think he's the closest to geting a WHC oppurtunity out of all of them, considering his rivalry with Randy orton)
    - Orton/Christian ( This rivalry lasted the longer than the others and their matches were mostly incredible )
    - R-Truth ( Considering his position before his conspiracy gimmick, definantly R-Truth )
    - Garrett/Eric Bishoff ( pointless waste of time feud, nuff said )
    - Immortal ( Lasting WAY too long, and they're just really boring, same stuff every week, talk sh*t, sneak attack, heel promo, repeat )
    - Drew McIntyre ( same reason above )
    - Undertaker vs. Triple H WM 27
    - CM Punk worked shoot ( This promo had the most impact out of all the other promos )
    - Sting vs. Jeff hardy 90sec match ( HUGE embarassing moment for TNA/Jeff hardy)
    - CM Punk vs. John Cena MITB ( Hands, down the best match of 2011, period)
    - CM Punk leaves WWE w/ WWE Championship ( This storyline interested the most people, and really got people anxious about what was gonna happen next )
    - R-Truth ( the others, were just kinda annoying, and there to waste time, while I found R-Truth actually hilarious )

  2. I didn't include my vote for "worst PPV of 2011", because it's a tie between all the TNA PPV's listed.

  3. That is the appropriate way to vote, but it would help to list the category and then the choice. Then again, I can piece it together by just looking at the nomination list and going down the column. It just makes it easier to track the votes, but this is how I want people to vote.

  4. Man, you really must hate Jinder Mahal. He's up for three of the negative categories, LOL!!!. Can people vote for someone/segment that's not listed?

  5. Yeah, I probably went a little overboard with Jinder Mahal, but the guy really made no impact this year and it should be noted.

    As far as voting for someone that I didn't list, I am okay with that. I am aware that I might have missed a thing or two, but there was a lot of stuff to go through in order to break it down. Just as long as you keep in between WWE and TNA and make a strong argument for a particular nomination, I might go back and include it on the list. You're free to vote for something I may have overlooked or forgot about, but I hope there's not too much change since I think I got a good chunk of the good/bad stuff for this year lol.

  6. Mid Carder: Cody Rhodes
    Rookie: Crimson
    WWE Wrestler: CM Punk
    TNA Wrestler: Robert Roode
    Diva/Knockout: Beth Phoenix
    Tag Team: Air Boom
    Best PPV: Money In The Bank
    Worst PPV: Victory Road
    Most Underused: Drew McIntyre
    Biggest Potential: Dolph Ziggler
    Best Rivalry: CM Punk/John Cena
    Comeback: Christian
    Worst Rivalry: Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler
    Stupidest Storyline: Michael Cole
    Biggest Disappointment: Sin Cara
    Gimmick Match: Del Rio vs. Christian
    Best Promo: CM Punk
    Worst Match: Hardy vs. Sting
    Non-Gimmick Match: Cena vs. CM Punk
    Best Storyline: Christian's feud with Randy Orton
    Worst Wrestler: Jindar Mahal
    Comic Relief: R-Truth

  7. Random Funny StorytellerDecember 23, 2011 at 11:30 AM

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  8. Mid Carder: Daniel Bryan(went from zero to WHC, awesome)
    Rookie:Crimson(WWE has yet to prove that Brodus exists, the whole sin cara thing was one HUGE Botch all together)
    WWE Superstar: CM Punk(obvious)
    TNA Superstar: Roode(weird booking, bit still champ)
    Diva: Beth Phoenix(i always skip the womans matches, but she posted pictures of her face after alicia botched is to pieces)
    Tag team: Air Boom(i liked them back in the days when they had a storyline)
    Best PPV: MITB(was really a great show)
    Worst PPV: saw none of these unfortunately
    Underused: Alex Riley(where was he while miz was pwning guys during PPVs?)
    Biggest Potential: Wade Barrett(im a wade barrett fanboy, and if you think potential = possible gain, he can gain the most out of these since he has nothing right now)
    Rivalry: Punk/Cena(nothing to add here)
    Breakout: Ryder(dont like him but he too went from 0 to 100)
    Worst rivalry: G/E Bischoff(WTF is this still on the air?!)
    Stupidest storyline: Immortal(nothing to add here, too)
    Disappointment: Sin Cara(superstar straight to mid-carder with the aftertaste of being forcibly injected into the show because he doesnt fit into it at all)
    Gimmick-Match: Smackdown MITB(great match)
    Promo of the year: Punk shoot(obviously)
    Worst match: Cole/Lawler/JR(No divas match in here? really?)
    non-Gimmick MOTY: Punk/Cena(more because of the buildup than because of the wrestling)
    story of the year: Punk(obviously)
    worst superstar: Jinder Mahal(who?)
    comic relief: R-truth(his promos were golden)

  9. See, I knew people were gonna vote CM Punk for WWE superstar of 2011 a lot, but that's cool :) BTW that "italian Man who went to Malta" story is hilarious!!!

  10. Jinder Mahal is the reason i watch wrestling every week. The man is absolute class, the complete wrestler and cuts the best promo's. The most eloquent professional in wrestling today. The best of all time.