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WrestlingNerd Presents: WWE Smackdown Review 11/11/11 & TNA Turning Point thoughts

What up wrestling fans, I'm the WrestlingNerd bringing you another written review. Today, we take a look at WWE Smackdown on 11/11/11. Can SD continue with the best wrestling on TV (at least at the moment)? Well, let's find out and start the review.

We open up the show with Randy Orton. It's an Orton promo, so you know what that means. Time for monotone Randy to say basic stuff, but get the biggest reaction of the night. It still kinda baffles me how over Orton is with the crowd, despite the fact he is less than stellar on the mic. He talks about being team captain and not working well with others. He says he can't promise his teammates anything, but he did mention he doesn't like any of Wade Barrett's team members. Do you ever think Orton wasn't loved enough as a child? Anyway, Wade shows up and talks about how he is a natural born leader, while Orton is a predator. Wade also mentions wanting to get the WHC, but he sees Orton as a threat, so he must deal with him. Christian shows up in a neck brace (to "sell" the Big Show attack from last week) and talks about how he was offered the captain position, but he is injured and decided to let Wade handle things. Orton ends up striking them, which starts a 2 on 1 attack. Sheamus arrives to even the odds, but the bad guys retreat. Teddy Long arrives and says it will be Sheamus vs Christian, and Orton vs Wade in the main event. Now we're seeing why Wade was given the captain position as opposed to Christian or Cody Rhodes. They seem really serious with this current push for Wade. In order for Wade's stock to go up, he needs to get some bigger screen time. Being a Survivor Series leader can help, especially if his team wins the match. The opening scene was basic since it shows the tension of the teams. Either way, we are off to a good start.

Match #1: Sheamus vs Christian
Another good match between Christian and Sheamus. These two work very well together. This was a well paced, back and forth match. I can definitely recommend watching this match. The finish comes when there is a bunch of counters between Sheamus and Christian. It finally ends when Sheamus is able to hit High Cross for the clean win. I think after Survivor Series is over, they should end this rivalry between these two. While the two put on great matches, it's completely one-sided and I think it did its job by pushing Sheamus. Not sure where both guys go after this.

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

Backstage where Daniel Bryan is talking to AJ and Kaitlyn. Both ladies seemed really interested in the fact Bryan almost cashed in MITB last week. Bryan admits he wanted to save the cash in for WM, but he got caught up in the moment. Mark Henry arrives, which makes the divas leave. That's either cock blocking or Henry has a diva repellent. Anyway, Henry arrives to talk about how Bryan has no chance of becoming a world champion. Bryan shows some fire in this eyes and says he will become the champ at WM. Henry admits that Bryan has guts, but that won't be enough to take him down. Bryan goes up against Henry in a rematch for later tonight. Two matches in as many weeks against Mark Henry? Did Bryan piss in someone's corn flakes? There was a video package of Ezekiel Jackson. It showed his family side and his domination side. Yeah, Zeke is so dominating that he hasn't shown up in over a month. What is this? Like Zeke's 4-5 repackage? If you're reaching that kind of territory for a superstar, you might want to think of a different career path. Another backstage scene between Teddy and Aksana. She wants to compete in her first match, but Teddy thinks she isn't quite ready for a match. Since Teddy is trying to get somewhere...

Teddy wants Aksana to pay close attention to Alicia Fox (who just happens to be in the scene at this moment in time). Aksana mistakes her for Rihanna and decides to go along with it. As Aksana is walking away, Teddy is paying close attention to her. So, I haven't really talked about this, but where is this all going? Then again, it's a throwaway/comedy attempt, so I don't really care. I have to wonder how Teddy gets all these ladies? Maybe it's the bald head?

Match #2: Ted DiBiase vs Jinder Mahal
You might be a WWE jobber if you get no entrance music. You might be a WWE jobber if you get 2-3 attacks. You just might be a WWE jobber if you lose a match in under two minutes. Do you see a pattern? DiBiase wins this match with Dream Street in a matter of seconds. Mahal might be the top candidate for worst wrestler of 2011.

Winner via pinfall: Ted DiBiase

Match #3: Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan
Bryan came out to a new entrance theme. It's a rock version of Flight of the Valkyrie. I'm not sure about this one. It just seems way too generic. Anyway, Bryan is trying to put up a fight to the big man, but it was just impossible. Bryan even got to a point where he almost had the Le Bell Lock, but Henry was able to counter it. Henry went into killing mode as soon as he countered the submission move. Henry hits World's Strongest Slam, but pulls Bryan up to punish him some more. Bryan is stumbling to his feet at one point and encourages Henry to continue. Henry hits WSS again and finally wins the match. After the match, Henry is about to take out Bryan with a steel chair. Bryan actually gets up at one point and actually took a chair shot towards Henry. Henry didn't like this, thus Henry hits WSS again...

How many times have I used that clip? Either way, Bryan is getting the s*** kicked out of him.  Anyway, Henry is about ready to use the chair on Bryan's leg, but Big Show runs out for the save. Show actually punches the chair out of Henry's hand, thus he retreats. Well, I like the fact they showed that Bryan is tough, despite the fact he got killed out there tonight. This might be WWE finally trying something with Bryan, but who really knows at the end of the day? Guess we have to wait and see where they are going with Bryan. On the other side of the coin, Henry and Show continue their build up. It will be interesting to see how things go this time around between the two giants.

Winner via pinfall: Mark Henry

Match #4: Big Show vs Three Random Guys
You know you are jobbing if they don't even bother giving you a name. That's even lower than normal jobbers. Makes you feel bad for them. The three random guys did manage to knock down Show, but it goes nowhere. The match ends with Show hits Chokeslam on two of the random guys, and punches the other one to win this match. After the match, Henry cut a promo in how Show doesn't stand a chance of beating him. I really didn't like Show going up against three random guys, but I guess it beats having to see Tyson Kidd be the whipping boy yet again. Consider him lucky....for now.

Winner via pinfall: Big Show

Match #5: Tamina vs Alicia Fox
Natalya was on commentary for this match. Aksana and Rosa Mendes were at ringside. They definitely seem hell bent on building up Alicia. Want to know the odd thing? She is making more of an impression than Kelly Kelly. The finish comes when Alicia hits a rollthough legdrop. It looks like they got rid of the Scissors Kick. I for one am happy about that. Wouldn't be surprised if somebody got a concussion since Alicia was out of control with that kick.

Winner via pinfall: Alica Fox

Match #6: Hunico and Epico vs Usos
Primo joined Hunico and Epico. It seems there is a new stable on SD. Some people are going to say it's a Mexican America rip off. Keep in mind that before there was Mexican America, there was Los Guerreros, the Mexican NWO, Mexicools, and a few others,'s just a recycled concept. Funny thing is they are kinda looking to set this up as a Mexican stable, but 2/3 of the stable is Puerto Rican. Talk about false advertising if they go down that route. I really like the Usos battle dance before matches. They should be using the Usos more often. The match was very basic. The finish comes when Hunico hits a Swanton Bomb and wins the match cleanly. After the match, all thee guys take out the other Uso. They hit Code Breaker, Back Stabber, and a Swanton on the same guy. GANG RAPE!!! Well, I guess this whole Sin Cara/Hunico deal is starting to make some sense......I think.

Winner via pinfall: Hunico and Epico

Match #7: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
This was a pretty decent brawlers match. It was very physical and both guys looked okay. The finish comes when Orton is setting up for the RKO, but Wade pokes Orton in the eye (A That 70s Show clip would be perfect for this part) and rolls him up for the victory. If you look at the thumb to the eye, you can tell that Wade threw more of a punch as opposed to a eye poke. Hey, at least it wasn't the eye poke of doom. A win like this really does a lot of good for Wade. I think WWE has finally picked a path for Wade and they seem hell bent on pushing him towards bigger and better things. Keep in mind that Cody Rhodes never got a victory over Orton, but Wade did. While I like Rhodes, he should try to be the best IC champion possible. I think that can do wonders for him. I think most people are upset that Wade is getting the better push as opposed to Cody. I like both guys and I think they can really make it far in the business. Either way, the Barrett Barrage continues.

Winner via pinfall: Wade Barrett

Overall Impression:
I thought SD was pretty entertaining this week. There wasn't as much filler as there was last week. They definitely focused on the Survivor Series style match, establishing a new stable, and something involving Daniel Bryan, so there was a couple of new things this week. There was a lot of action for this week's SD and I really enjoyed some of the matches. The opening match was awesome, while the main event was fair to watch. I once again see SD as the best wrestling show of the week. It isn't perfect, but I find it to be very entertaining at the moment. Not a groundbreaking episode or a must see, but an entertaining evening for the blue brand. Time to rank the shows. In terms of wrestling quality, I rank it SD, Raw, and Impact. TNA did have a lot of matches for this week, but a lot of them weren't very interesting or worth a second look. In terms of promos/segments, I rank it Raw, SD, and Impact. Kevin Nash and CM Punk's promos is what made Raw stand out this week. The MVP of the Week......that's a tough one. Nobody really had that breakthrough type of week...unless you look at the bare knuckle fighter. Yeah, I'm gonna give it to Wade Barrett. I thought about Punk and Nash, but I think Wade had the bigger week. He was able to pick up a victory over Randy Orton and seems to be on the rise in SD. Since I didn't do a Turning Point Rundown, here's some quick thoughts on this week's PPV. Yes, there is a PPV this week. Honestly, I feel like I do more advertising for TNA's PPVs than TNA.

Austin Aries vs Kid Kash vs Jesse Sorensen for the X Division Title: Jesse isn't ready, while Kash just seems there to make things interesting. I think Aries will retain.

Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim for the KO Title: This is a tricky one. While Gail has looked good on the show, Velvet just won the title and it would be kinda stupid to finally crown Velvet and have it end so abruptly. I think Velvet gets a miracle roll up (or a Kelly Kelly finisher) to take this match. Rematch should definitely happen.

Mexican America vs Ink Inc; Mixed Tag match for TNA Tag Team Titles: What a bizarre concept. They decide to throw in Rosita and Toxxin for this match. Then again, me analyzing it means I am showing interest in this match.....which I don't. Since Sarita is the wild card, Mex cheats in typical fashion.

Eric Young vs Robbie E for the TV Championship: How many times is Robbie E going to get a TV title match? Robbie E must really know how to "pleasure" the creative staff to keep getting these chances. I see Young retaining, but I really want to see this belt used as a serious mid card title and not for comedic purposes.

RVD vs Christopher Daniels: A freakin' screwdriver started this whole rivalry? I'm sure there have been equally stupid reasons to start a rivalry in the history of wrestling, but this one is up there. I'll go with RVD, but the lack of story really loses my interest for what could be a good wrestling match.

Bully Ray and Scott Steiner vs Mr. Anderson and Abyss: Wow, this is the definition of putting a match together at the last minute. There should be more intrigue in this match, but TNA is spending more time on the Bischoffs than they are with their wrestlers. Anyway, I got the heels winning for now, but this one can go either way.

Crimson vs Matt Morgan: I really wish the build up to this match was done a lot better. You think for an undefeated streak that you would want to talk about it every week. TNA really needs to get rid of some of their storylines. Then we wouldn't have matches where it should be interesting, but a lack of story doesn't grab your attention. I have Crimson winning.

Jeff Jarrett vs Jeff Hardy: Well, at least this match has a proper story going into it. I personally want to see Hardy win since Jarrett bores the crap out of me, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this go for a while. I will go with Jarrett for the time being.

Robert Roode vs AJ Styles for the TNA World Title: What? No more free world title matches on TV? Roode just won the title, so it would be overly stupid for TNA to crown AJ as the new champion. If AJ wins, TNA basically takes a s*** all over their most intriguing storyline. Roode needs to win. I'll repeat, Roode NEEDS to win.

Those are my quick thoughts for Turning Point and that's finally gonna do it for the review. I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review or tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd see, see you next time.


  1. Yeah, you'd think with the amount of time TNA has been putting into Garrett Bischoff that he would be headlining this PPV instead of, well, not having anything to do with it apparently.

    Oh and inb4 Styles is world champ.

  2. The more I think about it, the new stable of Hunico, Epico, and Primo could be more of LAX-recycled concept since you said two of them are Puerto Rican and one is Mexican (Just hope they don't call them the "O" gang or something stupid like that). I do like having what seems to be a "real" heel tag team/stable as oppose to two heels put together.
    Hope the WWE keeps up with reviving the tag division.

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for changing the background!!!