Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top 20 Legend of Zelda Theme Songs Part II

Welcome back to my Top 20 Legend of Zelda theme songs.

Before I continue with the countdown, I want to list a few more honorable mentions.

Final Battle with Ganon in Ocarina of Time

The music is very appropriate. You are fighting the beast form of Ganondorf, better known as Ganon. Link has to fight this giant abomination without the Master Sword for most of the battle. Not to mention the ring of fire blocking you from the Master Sword and Princess Zelda. Yeah, I know about the Biggoron Sword, but I like to fight this guy with the Megaton hammer and light arrows. I think it makes the fight more fun and less cheap. Every time Ganon hits you, you can hear Zelda screaming in the background. That's enough motivation to not die. Link can't lose out on all that royalty booty. Time to reveal that green blood and end this fight.

Final Battle with Ganondorf in Wind Waker

I like this music for many reasons. One because of how epic it feels. It really feels like final boss music in any video game. The other thing I like about this music is because this is really the first time Princess Zelda gets involved in the fight. Sure, she helped out in Ocarina of Time, but she has more of an active role here. As you are in a sword battle with Ganondorf, Zelda has to shoot him with light arrows. See, not ALL princesses in video games are completely hopeless...

Even though I found the battle to be a little too easy, it was a great final boss and a good track to fit the mood.

Molgera Battle Theme in Wind Waker

Notice a pattern with today's honorable mentions? Well, the reason for that is I was disappointed that I couldn't get one final boss/main boss theme in the Top 20 list. I know I got a mini boss theme, but I really wanted to get a main boss theme. I also couldn't put them into one category since most of the main boss themes are very different. Then again, this is my countdown and I can do whatever the hell I want with it. Either way, consider the final boss/main boss themes as a #21 slot on the countdown. Why? Because that's how I roll. The Molgera theme in Wind Waker. Some pretty upbeat stuff for a boss fight, don't you think? Still, something about it just fits the mood. In many ways, the music sounds like something you would hear in a desert. Well, you are fighting Molgera in the sand, so it works. A pretty cool tune to listen to as you're fighting a giant worm monster that lives in the sand. Hmm....something about that sounds familiar?

Okay, without further delay, let's begin....again.

#13. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker-Dragon Roost Island

It's no secret that a lot of the Wind Waker songs featured wind instruments. In many ways, it does give it more of a ocean feeling, so I guess it makes sense. I feel a sense of pride when I hear this song. I think some people will be disappointed that this one is so low on the list. I really like this song, but there are just a few more tracks that leave a bigger impression on me as a person, and as a Zelda fan. Either way, it's a very good song to listen to while visiting the Rito tribe. Kinda odd this tribe hasn't appeared in other Zelda games. Some people like to theorize that the Rito tribe is the evolution of the Zora tribe. This theory really comes into place when you interact with the Rito tribe. Heck, if you think about it, Rito sounds a lot like Ruto, who was the water sage in Ocarina of Time. Are you confused yet? I would go into more details on this, but I think you're missing out by not playing the game for yourself.

#12. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening-Tal Tal Heights

My favorite song on Link's Awakening. This song makes you feel like you have to hurry and finish off evil. Well, you hear this tune when you're getting ready to fight the final boss, so I guess it's appropriate. My biggest gripe with this song is that you barely hear it in the game. It would've been great for this song to get more video game time. In fact, it would also help if they decided to bring this back for future Zelda games. Well, it had to leave some sort of impression to gamers, considering a remix version of this song made into into Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Overall, a very epic song to prepare you to fight off your darkest nightmares.

#11.Legend of Zelda (NES)-Main Title Theme 

In many ways, the theme that started it all. This was the first ever tune you heard when you popped that gold cartridge into the original NES. You have a flashing gold triangle and you are told that Princess Zelda has been captured by Ganon, so it is up to Link to save the day. You also get a rundown in the inventory of items you will find while on this quest. Yeah, you really get a sense of nostalgia whenever you hear this tune. While the original is a really nice song to listen to, I really like the version that was featured in Twilight Princess. The Twilight Princess version was used in the opening of the game and boy does it leave an impression. Don't believe me? Well, take a look at this...

The scenery. The atmosphere. Seeing Link riding through Hyrule on Epona. Then to top it off, you see Wolf Link howling just as the title shows up. All around, it's gorgeous and beautiful. This is personally my favorite opening (In terms of visuals) of any Zelda title so far. Still, this scene probably wouldn't have happened without the original tune. There isn't much I can say about it, other than "wow".

#10. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link-Castle Theme

My favorite track on a game that I think gets a lot of hate. Many people complain how this game didn't stick to the classic overhead format that you get with the other Zelda games. Instead, this game is a side scroller. At the same time, this was only the second Zelda game at the time, so it wasn't like there was a format in place. Unlike other Zelda games where you use a wide inventory of weapons, you pretty much attack with your sword. Now, there was a few things that took place in this game that would make it into other Zelda games. This was the first Zelda game that had Link using magic, which would be very common as the series moved forward. Plus, it's the only Zelda game that encouraged prostitution...

Oh, I'm sure there was many others who thought of that. Hey, Zelda is in a deep sleep. Link has to get his fixens somewhere. Zelda II might be considered the black sheep of the bunch, but I really liked this game growing up and it gets more hate than it should. I do admit the difficulty is up there with this game, but just because the game is hard doesn't make it a bad game. The castle theme is my favorite theme in this game. It fits the mood perfectly. Link is running around in these dungeons slashing enemies, collecting keys, picking up new items, and encounter a giant boss. And that's why this song is so rad.

#9. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-Hidden Village

One of my favorite scenes from Twilight Princess, but why is that? If you play this part of the game, we're not even in a Zelda game anymore. It sounds like we have jumped ship into a John Wayne movie. The music gives off a very western, gunfight, sort of picture. What's even stranger is this style of music fits the scene perfectly. You have Link fighting off 20 Bulbins with their fire arrows. You can use your sword if you want to, but with this type of music playing, there's just something satisfying of shooting an arrow through their skull. Screw Cowboys and Aliens, all you need is the Hero of Time.

#8. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-Hyrule Field Theme

The music gives you sense of running through a field since you have to accomplish something quickly. Still, the song can make you feel upbeat and somehow make you think you can finish your quest, no matter how challenging it gets. I really feel this comes into play when the music hits 3:19 (at least for this video). That's probably my favorite part of the track. Unlike the Hyrule Field theme in Ocarina of Time, this tune changes a lot depending on the situation (In battle, with Epona, running around, etc), so you're not listening to the same thing all the time. It's like discovering a new part of your favorite song that you didn't know existed. There is a different tune that happens during nightfall. I'm personally not the biggest fan of it, but it just makes me want to anticipate those daytime levels a lot more. The only thing that ruins this theme. The damn postman yelling HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!! Seriously, what the hell is his problem? There was also a different version that makes you feel intirely different. This happens when you rescue a certain someone in the game...

I know this will sound corny, but isn't that touching? Such a moving piece of music here. It gives you a sense of doing the right thing, which is appropriate with the scene. I still like the upbeat version best, but this slower version really made me see the beauty of this tune. Regardless of which version you prefer, a theme song that is worthy enough of holding the #8 spot on this countdown.

#7. Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past-Death Mountain Theme

This music gives you a sense that you are nearing enemy territory. Which makes perfect sense considering Ganon's castle at the top of Death Mountain. As you are marching you way up the mountain, you can hear the wind going insane with thunderstorms all around the area. This is more or less a tune for the bad guys. You can picture any evil doer using this type of music. I can totally picture the Imperial Army marching to this. Either way, a very fitting tune to listen to as you defeat Ganon....for the second time......or more.

And that's gonna do it for Part II of this countdown. There's only six more to go. Check in on Saturday or Sunday as we talk about the remaining six theme songs. See you then.


  1. Thank you for doing this. Ahhhhh, those tracks bring back so many great memories. Especially the Twilight Princess ones. I honestly think Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess are THE best single players, Adventure, and arguably the best games if all time. I would buy a gamecube just to play twilight Princess, and ocarina of time, again, no BS. Sadly,gamecubes aren't in stores anymore. It's BULLS*IT!!!! ( Can you please make a Mortal Kombat thing similar to this, Thanks. )

  2. What you think of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Mortal Kombat 9 ( EXTREMELY DISTURBING FATALITIES), WWE'12, Battlefield 3, The CM Punk Show: The Video Game, Batman Arkhum City, Assasins Creed, Gears of War 3, PS Vita, And The CM Punk Show 2: Cena's Revenge?

  3. I am not the biggest fan of Mortal Kombat. I think Street Fighter makes more of an impression on me than Mortal Kombat. Then again, I have never been much for fighting games.

    I don't care at all about the COD franchise. I personally think it's the most overrated video game franchise at the moment. And that's saying something since I think Halo is up there in that department. For the most part, I am not at all a fan of FPS games. I find them to be boring in about 10 seconds. I am curious about the recent Batman games, but I don't own a PS3.

    In terms of video games, I generally stick to Nintendo. The only modern day console I own is a Nintendo Wii. Well, I have a Nintendo DS, but that's handheld. Also, you can play gamecube games on the Wii. Twilight Princess is available on both GC and Wii. OoT is on the virtual console, so you can download it into the Wii.

  4. What about WWE'12, and the CM Punk Show: The Video Game? Also the sequel, The CM Punk Show 2: Cena's Revenge?

  5. I kinda understand what you mean about COD. About it being overrated. But I think the campaign modes are sick. The multiplayer ( which 90% of people buy it for ) Is pointless, and a waste of time. All you do is kill each other, respawn, repeat.

  6. Are you watching TNA? WTF!!! I don't know if you're watching it now, if you're not don't read the rest of this comment, but the've done this " who did it " storyline THREE TIMES in 2010-2011 and are doing it again. the KO's division are getting shit*ier, You hit right on the head about Crimson and Morgan forming a Tag Team, proving the show is predictable. D-Von, BK, and ODB made random appearances, and another Jarrett/ Hardy Brawl.Garrett is set to take out Immortal, and James Storm is wearing a Spike TV hat, instead of his Cowboy hat. WTF is this?