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WrestlingNerd's Running Diary for WWE Smackdown 8/12/11 & Summerslam thoughts

What is up wrestling fans, I am the WrestlingNerd bringing you another review. Today, we do a Running Diary for WWE Smackdown on 8/12/11. It has been a while since I have done one of these, so I might be a little rusty. Well, let's give it a shot and begin.

-I like Green Day, but their song just doesn't fit Smackdown. I would like to see a change.

-Triple H says he wants to make Raw and Smackdown unpredictable. I bet the IWC is going to hang on to that sentence for the rest of their lives.

-Christian is suing WWE for putting him in a unsafe working environment? Consider how Randy Orton has excessive mood swings, that actually makes sense.

-Triple H "The choice is yours". Whoa, we almost had a Captain Planet reference on this show. That was a close one WWE.

-Funny how Trips says the audience hates Christian, but I can't help but think there is one guy in the background saying ".....I like Christian...."

-Christian fails to get out of the Summerslam match, so its back on. Well, that was a no brainier considering there is like 4 matches on the card.

-Christian vs Sheamus up next.

-This was an ok match. It makes sense for Christian to leave the match because he gains nothing for continuing the match. With Sheamus, he looks pretty good and continues to get the crowd on his side.

-Funny how Sheamus made a face turn after he basically took out Sin Cara. Yeah......that was weird.

-Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs Kaitlyn and AJ up next.

-A jobber match while Beth and Natalya continue to at least get a reaction. Hey, at least they get a reaction compared to Kelly Kelly. She got crickets on Monday night.

-Hey everybody, its Jessica Rabbit who is trying to get in Teddy Long's pants.

-A stick shift joke. I bet Long is thinking this right about now....

-TV Trash has a Family Guy special for all this month, so check it out. How's that for free advertising?

-Hey, Family Guy manages to get a decent moment here and there.

-Mark Henry tells Johnny Curtis to break a leg. I bet Curtis is thinking "Dang, why didn't I think of that one?".

-It's Tyson Kidd vs Sin Cara.....or Sin Cara #2.

-The rumor going around is FCW talent Hunico was playing Sin this week.

-This was an ok match. Sin wins with a Springboard Moonsault.

-I will say this. If it wasn't Mistico playing Sin this week, they got a pretty good substitute. Or is this the works of a storyline where Sin fights Sin? Who knows? I just hope the Sin character doesn't turn into the Suicide character on TNA. I would hate to see the 20th person play Sin two years from now.

-Aristocrat vs Nerd? Sounds like a Disney special.

-Josh Matthews "I got information that Alberto Del Rio is cashing in MITB tonight". Wow, somebody wasn't thinking things through when he said this line since he is only allowed to cash it in on the WWE Championship. At least Michale Cole and Booker T called him out on this.

-Screw you Cole. I love pancakes

-Del Rio beats Daniel Bryan with the Cross Armbreaker. It makes sense since Del Rio is a little higher on the scale than Bryan. Still, they had Bryan go the distance, so it doesn't make him look too bad.

-Ezekiel Jackson vs Cody Rhodes in a IC Championship Match. Kinda odd this one isn't reserved for the PPV, but I guess that goes to that unpredictability Trips mentioned earlier.

-Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes and we have a new IC Champion. Rematch will probably happen at SS so they can just finally move away from Zeke. Are you really surprised?

-Don't worry Zeke. You can always say you were a former IC Champion when your telling your grandchildren.

-Zeke just killed Ted DiBiase after the match. I think Zeke just found a new profession. Yeah, that was a really bad joke. I apologize.

-Time for the Orton interview in which he talks........v e r y.......s l o w l y.....t o.....s h o w......h e......i s.....t o u g h.......

-Orton's anger management coach is about as successful as Jeff Hardy's rehab coach.

-I think Curtis' entrance walk took longer than the actual match.

-At Summerslam, it will be the Great White vs Shamu? Are narwhals allowed to compete as well?

-Orton vs Great Khali? I wonder how this will turn out?

-Is Jinder Mahal a manager now? Then again, a better question would be do I give a crap?

-Orton "Giants can't defeat me".

-Orton is angry one second, but smiling a second later. I don't think parents should let their kids get near this guy with his bipolar moments. Just seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

-Christian says things will change at SS and he can't wait to face Orton. So, who did Christian hire to back him up this time around?

Overall Impression:
I thought this was an ok show worth watching. There was some ok in-ring action and more buildup towards SS, but I do have some concerns or hangups after tonight. I was really expecting for WWE to announce a few more matches for the PPVMiz vs Rey Mysterio, maybe Del Rio gets a match, and a IC title match between the new champ Cody and Zeke. I thought it was kinda odd that there was a few instances where the WWE did some of their SS matches on free tv this week with the R-Truth/John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler/Alex Riley matches. I think the reason they did this was to hold true to what Triple H said in wanting to make the WWE unpredictable. That leads me to believe they might have a trick or two up their sleeve and/or will be really busy on Saturday morning. Still, I think with only five matches announced as of Friday night, it might hurt buy rates. Then again, maybe not since this PPV seems to be relying on the CM Punk vs John Cena match to get people to order it. With how the buildup has gone towards the WWE Championship match, I think the PPV will do just fine. It also helps that SS is one of the Big Four PPVs for the WWE. I know most people will complain about Rhodes winning the title tonight when they could have done that at SS. I bet what is going on here is they wanted to do the title switch tonight so they can get the rematch done at SS and officially move away from Zeke because he has done nothing to make the IC Championship look good. Zeke is still getting basic face pop when he shows up. When you've had the title for a few months and are still getting cheap pop, that's a problem. It will be interesting to see what Christian meant by saying things will change at SS. It's possible Christian hired another bodyguard to do his dirty work and thus the Christian/Orton rivalry can continue. When I first saw this match on the card, I figured this would be the blow off feud. As of late, I can actually see Christian/Orton go into another PPV or two after SS. I actually don't have a problem with this since its an interesting rivalry and they have some great matches. I still think Christian/Orton is a candidate for Rivalry of the Year. I would like to see a title change in the Kelly/Phoenix match, but I have a feeling they will be holding out until NoC to do a title change. Sheamus continues to get over nicely with the WWE Universe. I really like this face turn by Sheamus and I think he is doing a pretty good job. Ok, time to rank the shows for this week. In terms of wrestling quality, I rank it Raw, SD, and Impact. In terms of promos/segments, I rank it Raw, SD, and Impact once again. What really stole wrestling for his week was the contract signing between Punk and Cena. The less we talk about Kurt Angle's heel turn that makes no sense, the better. The MVP for this week, hmmm? I am going to give it to both Punk and Cena since they were the ones who stole the show for this week and the unbelievable mic work. Again, this is my show and I can have a co-MVP if I want to. Since I am sure a few of you want to know my SS predictions, I will do that right now. Again, my picks don't mean anything and I don't care if I get them wrong...

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett: Bryan needs this match to really get himself over with the WWE Universe. I say Bryan wins with a submission move.
Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix: I want to see Beth win, but I think Kelly escapes with a rollup to set up a rematch.
Sheamus vs Mark Henry: This will be interesting. I think Sheamus pulls off the upset and wins this match.
Christian vs Randy Orton for the WHC: I had Orton winning this one, but I can see the rivalry continuing. Feeling gutsy and picking Christian to cheat and retain.
CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE Undisputed Championship: Again, I wonder what Chris Jericho feels about all of this? Anyway, this match can go either way as I discussed with past Raw reviews. I am picking Punk to win, but a certain Mexican wrestler might be stealing the title on that night....

That is going to do it for the quick picks and the running diary. I hope you enjoyed it. As always, tell me what you thought of my review and tonight's show. I will see you guys and girls on the next WrestlingNerd show, see you next time and what about the narwhals?

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